Ed Sheeran at the Steamboat 19/09/09

This is a new song he’s been working on, enjoy.

ONE NIGHT! from the Loose Change EP

I just have to share this one. Check out “harry souter” on YouTube for other videos of Ed from 2009

It’s just I want her but I’m too shy to as her. She means the world to me so I tell her I love and she’s all I need.

I love her, I need her. She’s more than a one night stand.


Ed Sheeran

I fell in love next to you
Burning fires in this room
It just fits
Light and smooth
Like my feet in my shoes
Little one, lie with me
Sew you heart to my sleeve
We’ll stay quiet 
Underneath shooting stars
If it helps you sleep
And hold me tight
Don’t let me breathe
Feeling like
You won’t believe

There’s a firefly 
Loose tonight
Better catch it
Before it burns this place down
And I lie
If I don’t feel so right
But the world looks better
Through your eyes

Teach my skin 
Those new tricks
Warm me up 
With your lips
Heart to heart
Melt me down
It’s too cold
In this town
Close your eyes
Lean on me
Face to mouth
Lips to cheek
Feeling numb
In my feet
You’re the one
To help me
Get to sleep

haha, I was just going through some of my old messages and I found this one…we were talking about the line of Homeless that both of our urls are based on. omg.

update: I actually did make a poster that said that and I held it up from the second row.  he made kind of a funny face at it and took a second picture–separate from his instagram one–towards where I was…so…I dunno..hahaha I’d love to look at the pictures on that boy’s phone….

I’m from a city where the rain won’t cease
Pollution in the air matches that on the street
The black smoke gets you head into a muddle, like
Walking into elephant syringes in the puddle, like
I was a country boy when I moved out
Grew up too fast for my family to find out
Now I try to stop my music running into nosedives
Can’t resort to arrogance with white lies
This city won’t erase me
But I can’t help to see how this dark city changed me
It’s all the same scene, music is my life
But now I try to fight whatever I need to hide from
North, South, East, West, London’s my home now
Knees weak, but we never slow down
Now I start to do my music properly
And stay from all the negative shit that will follow me
—  “The City (Live at Sticky Studios)” - Ed Sheeran