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Diamonds aren't sister. Ignore me if you like.

I actually don’t mind ppl claiming the diamonds as sister, I’m alright with that. Though I always get harassed by many of them for shipping them.

Anyway I have some opinions about that diamonds aren’t sister at all. And this might not make sense because my English suck.

-let’s say that Ruby and Sapphire have the same chemical composition and crystal structure, they’re same gem type but different and they’re together as lovers. Yellow and Blue diamond are same type of Diamonds but they’re different just like Ruby and Sapphire having same gem type. Even we don’t know much about the diamonds, but so far we know that it was confirmed that Blue have deep love for the diamonds. (I think as she care for them.)

I know they’re not together as lovers (well I wish they were. Hoping so.) but I enjoy drawing them together as couples.

-here another reason gems can’t be sister unless they would like claim them as sister just like amethyst calling Jasper as sis. Though Gems aren’t still humans nor have blood related. They all are aliens with mass hologram body. (They’re bunch of talking rocks.)

Also here another that Garnet once said about “family doesn’t exist in homeworld” if I recall.


Once again if you claim the diamonds as sister, that’s alright. I actually like that even though I also ship them as none related sister. I hope I didn’t got anyone mad or anything over this. And sorry for my bad English, I did my best.


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bts reaction: You come from a bad(abusive) home. (ot7)

-potentionial trigger warning (i tried to keep it as PG as possible, and non-specific to situations♡.)

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Jin would be shocked to hear you come from a bad home, he wouldn’t be able to understand why anyone would treat his partner badly, he loved you so much and would dedicate as much time as he could, to make sure you knew that. 

‘I’ll show you how much you mean to me, I love you so much, never forget that baby.’

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Although Yoongi can be a man of very few words, hearing you describe your childhood, brought him to tears. He would hold you close and whisper sweet nothings into your ears. Making sure he cherished every moment with you, to ensure that you felt special.

‘I love you forever and always, your past doesnt define you. Just remember how important you are Y/N.’

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Namjoon had suspected a poor family history, considering his intelligence, but actually hearing it come from you, brought the situation to reality. He would feel awful for you, wanting to ensure you of how much you meant to him, and how he never wanted to leave you.

‘You’re so imporant to me Y/N, they clearly never deserved you. They were awful people, who would want to loose and mistreat a diamond like you.’

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Hoseok is a sweet man, but when he learnt the truth behind your family, he was beyond furious. Not at you, but rather because he couldn’t fathom anyone being so cruel to the person he loves. He most likely would shout - at no-one in particular - but once he calmed down, would sit down and discuss with you, just how much he loved you.

‘I’m sorry for shouting like that Y/N, but I just don’t get it… You’re so perfect, and anything you need, or want to discuss, I’m here, always.’

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It’s been said that Jimin can be scary when he’s mad, this would be no different. Jimin loved you from the bottom of his heart, and just like Hoseok, wouldn’t understand why anyone would mistreat you. He would be angry, furious, but would put that aside to comfort you, and would probably take it upon himself to deal with his anger later.


‘Jimin, please calm down!’

‘I’m sorry baby, it’s just.. how could anyone do that, to someone so perfect as you?’

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Like been said before, Tae is a family man. So hearing such a thing would shock him, he would want you to feel that you could see a family in him. And that you were never alone, he wouldn’t let you.

‘That’s, that’s okay baby. You have me, I’ll be the family you need, we can be a family, I’ll treat you how you should be treated, your so brave, I’m never going to hurt you, in any way. I love you Y/N.’

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Jungkook would listen intently, cherishing every word that left your mouth, before pulling you into a hug, never wanting to let go. It would be a moment like this, that he would realise how much he loved you. How happy he wanted you to be, and he was determined for you to find that happiness in him.

‘Shh baby, it’s okay. I’ve got you now, I’ll never let anyone hurt you again, you’ve seen my muscles right? No one will come against me!’

‘You ruined the moment babe..’

‘Shh, you’re talking nonsense, you love me.’

‘I know I do Kookie.’

- - - - - - - - - -

I DO NOT mean to romantise traumatic events, writing these things helps me cope with my own triggers, please do not think I mean harm by these. My messages are always open if you need someone to talk too EVER. you are loved.

(all gif creds go to owners. please let me know feedback on this, always feel free message me too!i hope you have/are having a good day ♡ )

Variety of natural fancy color diamonds. Clockwise from top: 0.23 ct Fancy Vivid Green Yellow, strong green fluor; 0.26 ct Fancy Intense Green; 0.16 ct Fancy Intense Green Blue; 0.08 ct Fancy Intense Greenish Blue; 0.12 ct Fancy Grayish Violet; 0.27 Fancy Deep Purplish Pink; 0.19 Fancy Vivid Orange-Yellow.

Lapis Lazuli: wears loose, flowing clothes. Hair is somewhat messy. Water wings are loose. Diamond is bisected by her clothes. Has a barefoot, bohemian, hippie look to her. Is blue.

Aquamarine: Wears neat clothes that give the impression of being starched. Hair looks shellacked. Water wings are precise. Diamond is complete, looking like a tie. Has a conservative schoolgirl fairy gangster look to her. Is blue.

SU Critical: Ugh, Aquamarine looks exactly like Lapis Lazuli. The Crewniverse has gotten really lazy.

Everyone kept asking for their sign via ask so here you go, signs in a mob

Aries - Thinks they are the kingpin. Everyone lets them think they are the kingpin. Insists on driving in the flashy kingpin car. Wears an actual name tag. Constant assassination attempts on their life so sag/libra are always right behind them but it makes sense to let the aries have a good time since it deflects suspicion. Makes all the media appearances, also has the bar fights with Leo

Taurus - Permanently done with everyone’s shit. Handles everything that isn’t being handled and does it efficiently. Insists on combing over any contracts anyone drafts or signs with a magnifying glass. Creates organized hitlists and shitlists so everyone knows what’s up. Also caters the mob meetings since they take up stress cooking to deal with it

Gemini - The one that does a lot of the planning. You’re not actually sure where the loyalty is or if they do this because it’s fun for now. This makes them an asset. They spend a lot of time tinkering with poisons & they speak too many languages to be who they say they are.

Cancer - Probably mob matriarch. Rules through the family lineage and thus commands a lot of inherent respect from the entire clan. Involved in making big decisions for the future due to being a sort of historian. Nobody tolerates anyone disrespecting the cancer

Leo - The actual kingpin. The one you send out for making all the deals/negotiations happen because leo will handle it other ways if it’s not happening the diplomatic way. Hates that politics get in the way of how much shit COULD be getting done if everyone could stop being babies for 5 minutes yet reminds everyone constantly they are the actual power of this organization and says “come at me bro” an awful lot

Virgo - Cleaning crew. Knows one-hundred-and-ten ways to make a body disappear. Everyone lives in fear because you know if something happened to you nobody would ever know because virgo is an expert at their craft. Knows the names of a lot of acids just by heart

Libra - The one you send into fancy events to infiltrate, spy and bring back information. Disturbingly good at robbery & pickpocketing. Plays a suspicious number of strange instruments for someone from a “small town out west”. Probably has an actual version of the mona lisa even though they tell you it’s a copy

Scorpio - Tangentially so close to the kingpin they’re pulling a lot of strings so might as well be dual running the place. The advisor with ulterior motives.The one you don’t actually want to send out because it’ll get too messy.

Sagittarius - The one you send in with the Libra so someone can remind the Libra it’s a mission for a job, not for pleasure. Probably the explosives expert. Brilliant, but you have suspicions there’s an important screw loose. Internationally wanted diamond thief, banned from several countries.

Capricorn - Rules the entire thing from the bottom because of an iron fist on the accounting. Nobody realizes this unless the capricorn decides to pull it out from under them. Could honestly end the cash-flow to several mobs in the area with one phone call

Aquarius - The inventor of the weird gadgets for the mob. Has literally no horses in this race loyalty wise but these people gave them a nice lab & test subjects & that was very nice of them because it aligns with their aims to revolutionize the world.

Pisces - The one that probably signed the contract without reading the fine print and is now stuck in a mob. Tries to be useful by making informational pamphlets. Nobody has the heart to tell them that’s not how the mob really works. Probably ends up in the lab w/ the Aquarius and develops a fascination with how many ways you can mix a colorless odorless poison into alcohol

I just had the craziest idea

What if Pink Diamond shattered herself? Out of spite?

Like, after centuries of being undermined, patronized and generally treated differently by the other diamonds, she developed this hatred for them. 

Then, when they finally decided to test her by giving her a planet to colonize, she goes overzealous with her greed and develops the human zoo, produces Rose Quartzes to take care of the zoo, but fucks it all up because one Rose Quartz gets too attached and starts a Rebellion, the first time a Gem shows any sign of disorder and disrespect for the Diamonds and succeeds. 

The Diamonds go and revoke the Earth from Pink, and try to settle the on-going Rebellion that eventually leads to a war, and Pink Diamond is blamed for it. Any possible gratitude she felt for the Diamonds vanishes and she orchestrates a plan to shatter herself out of spite.

Before, it seemed weird that she would be willing to kill herself, but now seeing how drastically greedy and ‘bratty’ she is, I feel like all the piled-up mistreatment for others, plus any possible self-loathing from that, would make her very derranged, to the point where she would just want to take revenge on everyone, especifically the Diamonds. 

She knows she’s an important figure despite all odds, her image is on the core symbol of Homeworld, and she also knows the chaos that would originate from her death. A Diamond being shattered? Unseen. During a war, that’s an incredibly worrisome idea for the Diamonds to tackle, the affirmation it gives to the rebels, the doubts it causes in the courts, and with the Rebellion as a disguise, it stirs everything up. 

Homeworld has never been the same after her death. Millions of Gems were reassigned, one of the Diamonds has practically been lost in the grieving process, and the other one’s lack of rationality after the event is sure to be her demise, and while the reason is not confirmed yet, Homeworld has been sitting in a depression of resources (possibly caused by all the reassignment and the now less-resiliant and functioning Diamonds). Once one thing went wrong, Homeworld’s flawed system of perceived perfection caused it to spiral down into rot.

Pink knew all this, and her pride and greed took over and developed in quite terrifying ways. Seeing her punch herself in the mirror reminds me of kids who will hurt themselves on purpose to make their parents feel bad, or look bad (usually due to mistreated mental-issues by the parent’s part). 

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Plus, even if the twist of the victim being the killer is not a new concept, Pink is still the most shocking of all the four Diamonds, since two of them are already super-obvious. Plus, she could’ve still been in cahoots with Rose or Pearl or other theorized killers. Rose in specific would benefit, if the Rebellion was seen to such a scale where a diamond has been killed by it. Pink would also most likely benefit from the success of the Rebellion.

In general, Pink hated the Diamonds for their mistreatment, and decided the best way to take revenge was to destroy Homeworld as a whole. Killing herself spirals Homeworld into chaos and depression, all because of their ideals of perfection and regularity, that once challenged by the death of a Diamond, lead to Homeworld’s demise. Pink Diamond’s poetic justice.

- after all, she was mistreated for (allegedly) not being perfect and ‘right’-

The only flaw I can see is that I don’t see Pink being sympathetic of Rose, as the one who caused the Diamonds to loose trust in her, but maybe that justifies why she chose Rose as the killer (dependant on wheather it really is her or someone in disguise).


Ok, yo, I want to share a theory about the diamonds I came up with while talking with my friends about Steven Universe.

Right now we’ve only had screen time for yellow and blue but both of their personalities seem to be a bit different from what the diamonds represent in real life.

Most noticeably, yellow diamonds represent joy and happiness. The character however is quite the opposite and this has been noted in the wiki as well. 

Blue diamonds represent peace, spirituality and good health. The character is not shown to be unhealthy or lacking spirituality, but what I have noticed is that Blue Diamond isn’t particularly calm or peaceful. She is grieving, and she is mad. I would go as far as saying that she is hysterical at some points.

Now before we touch on Pink Diamond, I want to tackle a bit of the diamond that we haven’t got that much info about in the show. We haven’t seen any of White Diamonds court and no gem has talked about her. 

White diamonds represent strength, clarity and truth. When we go back and take a look at the diamonds we already know, I think it’s only natural to assume that she would be delusional. A gem gone mad. 

If we take all this as a base, we would also need to think that Pink Diamond is the cruelest of diamonds, since pink diamonds represent love and romance, but there’s a twist. I imagine that all the diamonds were actually once like their representations. 

“But how come they’ve changed?” you ask.

Pink Diamonds shattering is the turning point. The death of their sister leaves them completely heartbroken. The once cheerful Yellow Diamond turns cold, Blue Diamond looses her calmness and composure, and White Diamond grows paranoid, delusional, wanting to destroy what caused the harm, ordering to destroy earth instead of keeping it as a colony. 

Going even further (and assuming that Padparadscha was Pink’s sapphire), it gives reason for homeworld to be so uptight about off color gems. Pinks court was imperfect and look at where that led her. And there’s probably a big amount of guilt that they feel for letting Pink have a defective court. As Yellow Diamond sings in “What’s the use of feeling (blue)?” 

“ How can you stand to be here with it all
Drowning in all this regret “

And going into the territory of theories that don’t have a lot of stable evidence, this could be the answer to what corruption is. The corrupting light that we see when centipeetle talks about her past, is in three specific colours, and with Jasper, we’ve seen that it’s grief that corrupts a gem. Specifically the grief about Pink Diamond. We have also seen that Blue Diamond has a power that manipulates gems emotional state and this power produces blue light.

If all the Diamonds have this power, then a blow from three of them at the same time could easily be enough to, corrupt a full planet of gems. Gems that cared about her in the first place, gems that were already filled with grief. Corruption is the mix of emotions from the diamonds.

taekook rec: march 2017

if this is what you want, i’ll get closer to you by bambambams (phanjessmagoria)

“You’re almost exactly how you seemed, hyung.”

Taehyung laughed, slinging an arm over Jungkook’s shoulders and tugging him close. Perhaps it was too intimate a gesture for the two of them, since they weren’t actually friends, but they’d known each other for the months they’d been taking dance classes together, so Jungkook didn’t shrug it off. “Then, should we get to know each other a bit better, Jungkook-ah?”

feel it coming by aeterisks

When Taehyung phoned the plumber he wasn’t expecting to have the embodiment of hot sent to his home, but he’s not about to complain.

(Or, Jeongguk is a plumber and Taehyung gets much more than his shower fixed.)

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Massive fan of your fics. Any chance of sanvers one proposing to the other. Love from not sunny at all cos it always rains Scotland

Thank you! Are you as big a fan of my fics as I am of the rain in Scotland? I loved the rain there! Granted, I was there in June/July though.

Alex has been the instigator of a lot of their most important moments. She was the one brave enough to come out, and to kiss Maggie first, even if Maggie wasn’t ready. Alex was the one who tried to say “I love you,” and Maggie wouldn’t let her. When she was safe and sound, Maggie waited until Alex said it first, she wanted to make sure that Alex really meant it, that she wasn’t just saying it to make Maggie feel better about “having loved and lost.” Alex is the one that sneaks her key onto Maggie’s ring, who does Maggie’s laundry at her place so she doesn’t have to leave, until Maggie goes home one night and realizes the only clothes she has there are three orphaned socks and her period panties.

Alex has been responsible for a lot of their major milestones.

Sure, Maggie has had the speeches. “We should kiss the girls we want to kiss.” “It’s not gonna end, not for a long time.”

But Alex has the actions.

And two years and three months in, Maggie thinks maybe it’s time that she make the important move.

Because they’d discussed it, before, like responsible adults. Kind of. They’d discussed Maggie’s fear of committment, her feelings of worthlessness, her tendency to torpedo her relationships and how much it scared her that she would do that to them- to Alex- the way she had to Emily. They had a very adult conversation about boundaries and taking things slow and not running away.

At least until Maggie got tired of talking about feelings and started taking her clothes off.

But that was months ago, and sometimes Alex would sigh a little at those stupid heteronormative ring commercials. And Maggie was pretty sure that Zillow and Realtor.com were bookmarked on Alex’s computer at work, because sometimes email alerts on Alex’s phone would pop up while Alex was in the bathroom, and Maggie knew those addresses, knew they were all in neighborhoods with good schools and parks.

She couldn’t bring Kara ring shopping; as much as she’d like to involve Little Danvers, she’d also like to surprise Alex. Winn was out for similar reasons. Neither of them could keep a secret at the best of times, both would probably spontaneously word vomit the next time they saw Alex if she tried to involve them.

She briefly thought about J’onn, but he’s psychic, and every time Maggie thinks about a ring on Alex’s finger, she starts thinking about Alex in nothing but the ring, so he’s out.

James it is.

Except James has all these ideas for classically beautiful rings with big stones and intricate metalwork, which while all beautiful, none of them screamed “Alex.”

She was taking notes on a robbery involving suspected alien weaponry when she spotted it at a pawn shop. It took her another week to close the case before she could come back and see if it was still there. It was.

A thicker band, with the stones inset, meant that Alex might be able to wear it to work, if she wanted to. None of the stones were loose, even the bigger diamond in the center was locked down tight. It was too big for Maggie’s finger, but the sizing guide Mr. Montenegro had said it would fit Alex. It was gorgeous, but simple, just like she thought Alex would prefer. And it might even come in handy the next time her girl needed to punch someone.

Matteo gives her 30% off the asking price because she wasn’t an asshole while investigating the robbery.

It takes another three months before she actually gets the chance to propose. Not that she was planning something big and elaborate- that was a Valentine’s Day tradition and out of the norm. Not to say Alex didn’t deserve it, she did, but they were usually much more Netflix and chill than 5-Star starving and opera. Maggie did, though, want to clear the air with Eliza, warn her it was coming and get warning herself if she thought Eliza was going to cause trouble for Alex.

She was pleasantly surprised at Eliza’s excitement, though she wished that the first comment out of the older woman’s mouth hadn’t been, “Oh, Maggie, this is amazing, I was thinking she’d never get married, I almost forgot it was legal now.”

Maggie might actually punch her future mother-in-law in the face if she says that to Alex.

In the end though, she planned a nice dinner at home and a hetero trope of the ring in a cupcake, since Alex wasn’t Kara and actually ate them with a fork instead of shoving them into her mouth whole and risking death by confectionery treat.

That plan was, of course, derailed by an ill-timed standoff at a bank and Kara’s breakup necessitating a sister night. The next three plans were similarly thrown off by a hellgrammite, Winn’s breakup, and Vasquez’s baby announcement.

Which is why the next time they curled up on the couch, Maggie forewent all the speeches. She pulled the little box from between the cushions while Alex was focused on the Netflix menu, flicked it open, and waited for Alex to turn back, like she always did, to check for Maggie’s opinion.

When she did, her eyes went as wide as they day Maggie accused her of angling for a date. Those beautiful, expressive brown eyes flicked back and forth between Maggie and the ring and she didn’t say a word.

Maggie cleared her throat. “Well, what do you say, Danvers? Ride or die?”

She probably should have left the window open, considering how hard it was to get someone to fix it at 10pm on a Friday, especially when you couldn’t admit that it was shattered when Supergirl heard her sister accept Maggie’s proposal.