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Hurt Ankle

while on a run, you bust your ankle and none other than captain america is there to help

As much as running sucked, it kept you in shape. Which was very important considering your job, being an avenger, isn’t for the lazy person who eats pizza every night. (which you still do, but no one has to know) But being cramped up in the Avengers tower sucked, so you got out whenever you could. You took the same route that Cap did, but he wasn’t anywhere in sight so you figured he took the day off. After putting one earbud in, you started at a light jog. By light jog, you were actually doing the normal person’s sprint. After about a half hour of running, you decided to slow down a little bit.

But of course, that’s when it happened.

Your foot caught on the loose shoelace, that you had no idea was loose, and your ankle twisted in a sickening direction. The first word that came out of your mouth was definitely not appropriate for the few pedestrians strolling by. The cement was slightly cold on your hands as you sat, and tried to rest for a second to think of your options. Only a few seconds later, Captain America came sprinting by, but he slowed when he saw you on the ground. He took his headphones out and leaned down to the ground in front of you, with a look of concern on his face. “Y/n, you okay?”

“No I’m pretty sure my ankle is sprained, can you call Tasha and tell her to come get me?” You whimpered a little as you spoke, so Steve decided to evaluate the situation. He started with rolling up your yoga pant off of the ankle, and up around your knee, and took off your shoe. All the avengers had some medical training, after it was made mandatory due to… well some things happened on a mission that no one was too proud of.

Steve then grimaced, “It’s pretty bad already, there’s a lot of swelling.” He also commented on the gnarly bruises that were forming as well, but he was only saying all this to make sure you didn’t try to stand up. “I will bring you home, i was almost done anyway.” Steve stood and then put his hands out for you to be helped up. You placed your smaller hands in his, and tried to lift yourself up, but your ankle wasn’t having it.

All of your weight went onto the left leg, and you muttered to Steve while putting your hood up, trying to balance, “I can’t.”

His eyes scanned around, and then he did the most unexpected thing ever, his hands went to your hips and he lifted you right up into his arms. A little noise escaped your mouth, and then you quickly laughed to cover it up. Steve’s right arm went under your knees, and his left around your back. Your hands shot up to lift his hood to cover his face, especially since the area had become slightly populated at that point. “You have a car to get us back?” finally the question came out of your mouth as he carried you towards the curb.  

Steve smiled, “Yeah, sort of. But my apartment is about 2 blocks away, so i can just carry you until we get there.”

And carry you he did.


Once you finally arrived at the parking garage of his apartment building, your eyes fell upon his motorcycle that he was walking in the direction of. “I am gonna fall off of that thing, I can’t even use my ankle to balance.” you whined, and he laughed.

“Just hold onto me.” Steve smirked, and you swung your swollen right ankle over the motorcycle. He handed you his amy green helmet, then he joined you on the bike. After lifting his arms into the air, you got the message to wrap your arms around his waist. Then, you rested your right cheek on his back. Steve revved the engine, and you were off. The neighbors waived to him as he pulled out of the garage, and you thought about the life outside the tower. It just wasn’t for you. There was no way you could live without a big family environment being around constantly.

Steve parked out front of the Avengers Tower, and helped you off the bike before he swung you back up into his arms and brought you into the building. “You know Steve, i can limp up to medical from here.” You laughed a little as you saw some agents giving funny glances in your direction, especially since they knew no one was on a mission that day.

“Its my pleasure, y/n. Plus i would never let a lady limp all the way to medical.” He shrugged slightly, and had you press the button for the medical floor. Such a gentleman, he is. But before you could finish the thought, or even the doors closing, Tony stepped into the elevator as well. Despite Tony paying for everything, and letting everyone live in the tower, he still was one of the biggest pains you knew.

Tony had his sunglasses on for some unknown reason, and he raised his eyebrows while he looked at the two of you over them, “What’d you two get married or something?” There was something in his voice that told you he was waiting for a clap-back.

“You still hung over or something?” You bit back at his sunglasses and hat, indoors. This was when he stepped closer, and decided to poke your ankle asking if something attacked it. After you yelped, Steve stepped away from him and gave him the bitch face. A ding signified that you’d reached the medical floor, and he quickly stepped off. The nurse up front quickly recognized that you were a hurt avenger, and rushed to get a wheelchair. The nurse returned, and she patted the seat.

Steve looked like he was going to run off, but you stopped him, “Hey, come here for a second.” Once he reached you, you tugged on his jacket a little which forced him to bend over to the height of your face. You have him a quick kiss on the cheek, but his face still bloomed red like a tomato. “Thank you for everything.”

He looked shocked, but then he gained the courage to finally do what he had been thinking about the whole time, “Maybe we can go to that pizza place we passed tonight once you get all this situated.” Steve smirked, “You know my number.”

and damn did that walk away look hot.

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"But enough about me and Insomnia," says Noctis. "Tell me where YOU come from this time."

Slate green eyes looking up with surprise at his request, she blinked briefly before her expression shifted into a somber smile.
  “Where I come from, huh? Fair enough,” she replied, hand lifting to twist a loose curl as she thought back to her homeland.

  “My home is– Was in Valyn, Danassia. The land was beautiful, with trees that sounded off like hundreds of whispered songs when the wind picked up, toadstools that would hide away when you rode by, rivers and lakes so clear you could see straight through to the bottom…”

Looking down to her hands as they fidgeted, twisting that same curl, her eyes misted over. Thinking about her past was hard; it hurt to remember. And it wasn’t something she was accustomed to doing. Nobody had ever bothered to ask.

  “…and the sea was the same way. That’s where I lived; Valyn was a port town. My home was a beautiful estate, with a high wall around the courtyard. The servant girls and I would take turns climbing on each other’s shoulders to see over it. I never really got to go past it often, but I remember, one time, my mother rode out with me. We went to some neighboring town that I’m forgetting the name of, and I don’t even remember why we went, but I remember thinking how beautiful it all was, and how I would just live in the forest if I could.”

Cellophane Wings Tutorial

Hello everyone! I was asked to show how I made my wings for my friend, Tia *I’m not sure if she has a Tumblr*

So, the materials you’ll need are:


-Tape (preferrably duck/duct or electrical)


-Wire Hangers


-Spray Adhesive

-Clothing Iron

-Towel + Sturdy surface

**Copper/Malleable Wiring**

First thing you want to do is untwist the hanger and get it as straight as possible. From there, you’re going to shape it to the basic frame or silhouette that you desire for your character.

After shaping it, you’re going to twist the loose ends together and tape it to hold their shape, as shown above. **If you have any over hanging wire after untwisting, use your pliers and hundred power to to cut it off**

Next, You can decide whether you want your inner details to be out of wire or cellophane. I suggest using wire for wings that look veiny, like Tinkerbell’s, and cellophane for more mythical wings like in Winx Club.

I used copper wire because it was much easier to shape than the spare hanger wire. To keep everything together, I wrapped the frame in duck tape, making sure to lock in the detail wire. I also attached the inner wires to themselves the same way, but without wrapping all the way around. (Does that make sense???)

Next, cut out two sheets (or more depending on detail)of cellophane in any colour. (I used iridescent here). Make sure they are the same size or that one is bigger than another. Spray some adhesive on one sheet and put your wing frame on to it, *DON’T PRESS DOWN YET, your fingers will get sticky and it’s annoying.** 

Spray more adhesive on the wire frame and also the second sheet of cellophane. Place the second sheet glue side down onto the wire frame and press well, but not too hard. You want the cellophane to get into the curves and corners of the wings, but you don’t want it to tear.

**That jumbled mess up there is all four wings glued down**

Then, heat up your clothing iron. I had mine set on Linen/Cotton, which is the highest setting for mine, I believe, but i did have it on the lower end of High. Lay down a towel on your sturdy surface and place your wing on it. Lay another, thinner (not TOO thin) towel upon it. Then, take your iron and just run over the towel where you know your wings are (I like to spray the steam from my iron before I do this). 

Go over absolutely every area. Leave no stone unturned and pay special attention to the areas that the cellophane was restricted from adhereing to. I think I did this for about 5-7 minutes, lifting up the iron and towel occasionally to check the status.

Once the cellophane is heated up, it’ll look like the wire frame has been vacuum sealed. At this point, let the whole thing cool down and cut off the excess plastic.

Now, go into a well ventilated area or open some windows, because we’re going to be burning some plastic.

Using a lighter, run the flame gently over the trimmed edges to close up any gaps that may have appeared. BE CAREFUL, if you leave the flame there too long, the platic will burn away, creating a hole that may travel.

**NOTE: If you want to create burn patterns, quickly and I mean QUICKLY bring the the flame to the areas you want to burn out. You have to be fast so that a giant hole isn’t created.

Once that’s over with, pick your favourite way of securing wings to your back and you’re finished! I embedded my wings into the back plate of my armor using styrofoam. But you could also make them like corsetwear or affix them to be like a back pack of sorts.

**Me as Tatl from Majora’s Mask**

**Photo by @crossroadimages**

Happy cosplaying!

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Car seat anon.. it's regarding how fred is strapped in the seat the straps are either twisted or loose all the time when hes with her..which combined with her driving is deadly for him

for you anon

The Little Things Matter

Solas brushing Lavellans hair as she sits on the floor at his feet reading reports and attempting to get everything in order for the next day.

Solas kissing her ears whenever she becomes self conscious.

Solas tracing the lines of her vallaslin as she rests her head on his lap venting about the day. 

Solas adjusting her clothing if it ever becomes out of place or twisted, brushing loose strands of hair out of her eyes, wiping a smudge off of her face.

Solas mildly jealous of Cullen.

Solas continuously performing small little mundane acts for his love because he so desperately craves that feeling of normalcy.

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RAZZMATAZZ: I wouldn’t mind trying it. Food is A+

FALLOW: You wish to run barefoot with me through northern wilderness with me? 

I am admit I am not too fast on my own too feet. You might loose me the twisting darkness of the forests. 

But thank you for the interesting sentiment. 

Mayu: Homework Help

[Things to remember: Mayu has ADHD, meaning she has trouble focusing on her work, and (in the case of a friend of mine who has it at least) is more emotional than most. She gets angry and frustrated easily, and needs to be talked down when she’s overwhelmed.]

Curly hair in a high bun, school clothes switched to sweatpants, Mayu sat at her desk, her homework and books covering the entire surface, propped at various angles so that she could see them all. She had exams coming up, and she had nearly sprained her shoulder lugging her books home.

She twisted a loose curl around her finger with one hand as she copied down her math problems, glancing back and forth from that and an open history book. She knew that multitasking would confuse her, but she’d barely made any progress on homework that was going to take her hours, and she felt her frustration building.

Her pencil snapped as she pushed it too hard on the paper, as did her patience. Grabbing the closest thing she could reach, she threw her calculator against the wall, throwing her bedroom door open and half-running, half-stomping down the stairs.

“Mayu!” her mother called from the kitchen, “Have you finished your homework?”

“I’m taking a break!” Mayu snapped, “I’ll be back in a bit,” and she slammed the front door behind her.

It occurred to her, once she was out on the street, that she was still in her sweatpants, and her hair was still tied loosely up, so that half was falling out, tickling her shoulders.

Anything to avoid going back to her room.

She headed toward the community center, hoping that the ballet teacher was still there, and that she’d let her in to practice. 

Anything for my best student, she always said.

Though there was a small problem, she realized with a start. She didn’t have her bag, with all of her stuff in it.

Whatever. At least I have my wallet. I’ll head to the Center’s snack bar, and see if Ms. Young will let me practice like this.

Ms. Young, always a stickler for proper attire, would probably not have let her, she realized with a sigh.

Oh well! It’s worth a shot.

She was still extremely frustrated as she sat outside the Center she’d been denied access to, so she put her efforts into sulking. She knew it wouldn’t get her anything, but hey, sulking is fun sometimes. Now was not one of those times. 

Her annoyance was simply building, and building, and building. 

The snack bar sat across the lobby, teasing her, but she wouldn’t give the man at the counter the satisfaction of seeing her stop her sulking. 

Stupid homework, stupid mom, stupid Ms. Young, stupid snack bar guy, stupid Mayu, stupid, stupid stupid!


She snapped upright. She knew that voice, all too well. Turning, she saw Karma, in all his redheaded glory, fresh from basketball practice, and slightly breathless, backpack over one shoulder.

She found herself slightly breathless as well. 

“Oh. Hey, Karma. I forgot, it’s a Wednesday today isn’t it?”

He nodded, shooting her a smile.

“Best I remember, you don’t have ballet on Wednesdays.”

“I needed a break. All the homework from today is insane.”

“Sure is. My dad tried to get me to skip practice to stay home and do it, but Mom wouldn’t allow it.”

“Prepare yourself then. I was working for hours before I left the house.”

“You came here without permission?”

“I never said that.”

“I know you.”

“Fine. I left without permission. I may have also broken my calculator when I threw it against the wall, I didn’t stop to check.”

“Such a rebel,” he teased with a smile.

“Nah. My mom’s gonna be peeved when I get home.”

“Nice sweatpants by the way.”


The lapsed into comfortable silence, until he asked, “Why’d you throw your calculator?”

“I got frustrated. I’m not good at school stuff. ADHD thing, I think.”

“Ah. I guess that makes sense. Do you want some help?”

“Um… I guess…?”

“Don’t look so hesitant. I’m not a genius, but I’m pretty good in school.”

“Alright. If you want to.”

“Your house is over on Main Street, right?”

“Center, actually. It’s near Main, though.”

“Alright. Let me text my mom, and then we can walk over there.”

Mayu felt like protesting, but she knew from the look in Karma’s eyes that there was no changing his mind.

“If you insist.”

“I do.”

Her mother was in the living room when they got there, arms crossed irritably.

“We’ve talked about this Mayu,” she said before Mayu even had time to open her mouth, “You can’t storm out willy-nilly whenever you get frustrated. And besides that, there’s a dent in your bedroom wall. We’re not made of money.”

Mayu felt like pointing out that her father was the richest demon in the country, but instead she said, “Look who I found.”

Her mother finally noticed Karma, grinning as he watched the situation unfold, and her expression softened.

“Oh, hi Karma. I don’t think you’ve been over before, have you? Are you staying for dinner?”

“My mom says I can if it’s alright with you.”

“That sounds wonderful. Now normally I’m all for visitors, but I’m afraid Mayu has some homework to finish up on. Would you like something to drink while you wait for her?”

“The drink sounds nice Mrs. Yamanashi, but I’m actually here to help her with the homework.”

“So can we go now?” Mayu interjected.

“Alright, just remember the rules, Mayu, door stays open.”

“I get it, Mom.”

She grabbed Karma’s wrist and lead him down the hall, stopping in Chiyoko’s room to steal her desk chair- “Hey!” “I’ll give it back later!”- before flopping down in her own chair again. 

Karma glanced around, taking in the unmade bed, messy desk, and the makeup spread out across the vanity in the corner, clearly unused.

“That’s a pretty big dent in the wall,” he commented, picking her calculator up off the floor and handing it to her.

“Shut up.”

Karma shoved some of her books to the side and opened his notebook, keeping his textbook in his lap.

“Math first?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Remind me again why I have to factor the equation first? I can solve it without that.”

“Because,” Karma said distractedly, his eyes on his own paper, “We’re being graded on our knowledge of the procedure, not our mental math skills.”

Groaning, Mayu wrote out the equation again.

“What now?”

“X- and Y-intercepts.”

“This is boring.”

“You have to do it, though. It’s important.”

“Why would graphing quadratic equations ever be useful to me?”

“I don’t know. Find the vertex.”

“I hate this.”

“So do I. Make the graph and put all the points on.”

She did, following the lines on her graph paper and adding all of the points she’d found earlier. 

“And anyway, I don’t see why she had to give us so much homework. Just because she doesn’t have a life…”

Karma snorted, his eyes on his paper, “You only have one more problem, then you can move on to the history. I’ll let you copy my notes.”


She didn’t want to admit it, but she was working much faster than usual.

“When did your mom say dinner was going to be ready? I’m starving.”

“She’ll probably have it done by around seven. She likes to make it late so that we can finish everything beforehand.”

“Smart in theory, but I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

“You haven’t? Jesus! I’ll go grab you something. You like apples? Peanut butter?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to-”

“I’ll be back.”

He sighed, looking back at his homework. Even working slowly, she’d had hours more than he had to do his work, so at least this time might give him a minute to catch up.

“Here,” she said, coming back in, “Apples with peanut butter.”

He thanked her absently, dipping a slice in and taking a bite.

“How would you do number thirty?”

“Factor out what’s in common.”

“Which is?”

“Figure it out yourself.”

“Ugh. Math.”

There was a knock on the open door, and Sayuri entered before Mayu could answer. The eleven-year-old flopped onto the unmade bed and propped her head up with one hand, assuming a draw-me-like-one-of-your-french-girls pose.

“What are you doing Say?”

“I don’t know,” she replied, sitting up, “I was bored, and I watched Titanic.”

“You poor child,” Karma muttered.

“Why not just move over? There was room for them both!”

“Say, was there a reason you’re in here?”

“Nope. I’m just bored.”

“Could you be bored somewhere else?”

“Why? So you can have time alone with your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my-”

Sayuri laughed, “I’m kidding. But seriously though, I’m not supposed to tell you, but Nori and Ryota sent me in here to be overprotective.”

Nori’s voice, muffled by the wall, cried indignantly, “Sayuri!” and was cut off by someone, Ryota probably, hitting him, because the next thing they heard was an annoyed, “Ow!”

Karma laughed, golden eyes glittering with amusement, while Mayu muttered something that shouldn’t be put into writing.

“You can stay in here if you want, but you have to be quiet. We have work to do.”

“Mm,” Sayuri responded vaguely, grabbing the book from Mayu’s bedside table and opening it to a random page.

Mayu and Karma turned their attention back to their homework, while Sayuri skimmed the pages of the book. All was silent for a moment, before realization slowly dawned on Mayu’s face, and she turned in her seat, crying, “Say, put that book down!” right as Sayuri shouted, “What have you been reading?!”

“I took it from Mom’s bookshelf, now put it down! That’s not what it’s about. It’s a romance novel, you just turned to a bad page. You saw nothing!”

“I saw nothing,” Sayuri agreed, tossing the book aside and burying her flaming face in the pillow, while Karma was crying from laughing so hard.

Things slowly calmed down, and the first one to break the silence was Mayu.

“I finished my math homework.”

As Mayu had predicted, dinner was exactly at seven, and by the time the had been called they had finished their math, history, science, language arts, and writing, and all they had left was their biology homework, which was relatively simple.

Luckily, the family had a large table, because there was company often, and Yagura and Hotaru had asked to stay for dinner as well.

“Did you finish your homework, Mayu?” Kagome her asked, her voice giving away her slight annoyance over the calculator incident earlier.

“I just have Biology left.”

“That’s good. Chiyoko, Hotaru, did you two finish that project?”


“Yagura, Ryota, who won that art contest?”

“I did,” Yagura replied.

“Say, did you finish cleaning your room like I asked?”

“Almost. I just have to pick up the corner.”


“I did absolutely nothing.”

“Sesshomaru, how was work?”

“The same as usual.”

As was plain to see, Kagome did most of the talking at dinner.

“The food is wonderful, Mrs. Yamanashi,” Karma said softly between bites. 

Mayu became instantly wary. He was never so polite, or so mature. He was planning something. She just had to make sure it wasn’t going to affect her, her father, or Sayuri. 

Her father would not react well to a prank, though there was absolutely no chance that he would fall for it. Sayuri was too young and innocent to realize what was happening. 

The rest of her siblings were thus unknown to Karma, and even he wouldn’t have pranked Kagome.

Crap, Mayu thought, That means it’ll be me.

The rest of dinner passed without any events, and Mayu had been so paranoid that she’d barely touched her food.

“Alright,” she said as they sat back down at her desk, “What’s up with you?”


“You’re being suspicious.”

“Am I?”

“Yes. You were way too polite earlier.”

“Too polite? I believe in good first impressions, Mayu.”

“You rigged our classroom door to spill flour on the teacher on our first day of school. You introduced yourself to people and shocked them with a hand buzzer, literally minutes after the flour incident. When we met, you twanged my bra strap and I punched you in the face. Need I continue?”

“That’s different.”


“Because, I wasn’t trying to make anyone like me in those examples you listed, I was having fun. Your parents… us being friends would be a bit difficult if they didn’t like me.”

Mayu stayed silent for a moment, listening to his pencil move across the paper, before she commented, “My mom likes you. I can tell.”

“Does she?”

“She’s easy to read, once you know her better. It’s all in her eyes. She looks at you the way she looks at me. Or how my uncle looks at Ramen.”

“How does she look at people she doesn’t like?”

“You don’t want to know. I saw her absolutely furious only once, a few years ago. Some low ranking demon took Say as a hostage to get some cash from my dad when she was only five, waiting outside the school. Mom annihilated him before the rest of us could even draw our weapons,” Mayu shuddered, “I had nightmares for weeks.”

Karma whistled to himself, “So she’s not just a human? I thought I sensed an unfamiliar aura around her. Your little sister too.”

“Ryota and I have it too, we’re just better at hiding it. It’s purifying energy, or reiki. Mom’s a priestess, though she is a bit out of practice. If you’re ever around Nori’s friend Risa, you’ll notice she is too.”

“So you can’t use yoki?”


“Huh. That’s interesting. I’ll have to ask you explain in detail another time.”

“Some other time?”

“I have to be home in forty-five minutes, but I’ll have to leave in a half-hour if I want to get there on time. It’s a bit of a walk.”

“We can give you a ride home.”


“I don’t see why not. Besides, my mom will insist.”

“Okay then. Now finish this homework. I’m not gonna let you get a bad grade on it.”

“Thanks again for the ride, Mrs. Yamanashi,” Karma said as he climbed out of the car.

“No problem Karma. Have a good night.”

Mayu climbed over the center divider and flopped into the passenger’s seat, buckling in as her mom waited to make sure Karma went through the door.

As Karma’s front door closed Kagome pulled out into the street, eyes going back to the road.

“You like him, don’t you?” Kagome asked, a teasing smile on her face.

Mayu thought about denying it, but from her mother’s tone, it was clear she already knew.

“Is it that obvious?”

“Yes. But to be honest, Chiyoko told me two weeks ago.”

“She did?!”

Kagome laughed, “It wasn’t on purpose, if that makes you feel better.”

“Did you tell Dad?”

“You know that we don’t keep secrets from each other.”

“So that’s why he was using the death glare.”

“No, that’s not why. He was using the death glare because it’s just as obvious that Karma likes you.”

Mayu felt her face flaming, and she looked away, “No he doesn’t.”

“He does. I just hope he has the guts to tell you.”


“You’re my mom. You have to say that.”

“Keep telling yourself that, kiddo.”

imagine post-valentine’s day with michael with the faint rays of light shining between the cracks of the curtains and cascading across your bare bodies intertwined with one another with loose, rumpled sheets twisted between your fists and legs and doing little to cover your bodies from the world whilst two near-empty pizza boxes stack atop the other rested at the foot of your bed and the cab’s symphony soldier album playing on a constant loop in the background with your head lulling beneath his shoulder and fingers curled on his naked, pale chest - marked with crooked scarlet scratches and prominently purpled bruises left behind from the night before - and his voice a raspy, full of sleep, as he swung his leg over yours and peppered your cheeks and neck with wet kisses - him licking his bright red lips before latching his mouth against your tender skin - with a quiet mumbling “wake up, babe”, although he never intended to leave you or this bed any time soon.

A Harry Imagine: Reading

Laying in the crisp, white, sheets you feel the side of you body press against his. His hand runs softly up and down your side and his free hand finds your hair, a loose strand twisted around his finger. You turn the page of your book and feel his lips press against your neck.

“Are you done reading yet?” Harry whispers breathily in your ear. You shiver at the feel of his breath on your sensitive skin.

“Hmmmm? Not quite. One more page.” Your words are mumbled and distracted, as the story grips you. You’re fingers ruffle the edge of the page, eager to get to the next.

Harry fidgets impatiently next to you. The sun light has gone now and your lamp is the only illumination. Your eyes feel a little heavy. Finally you reach the end of the chapter and close the book triumphantly, with a dramatic flourish.

“Done!” You turn to him and discard your book, and it slides to the floor. Your faces are just inches apart. His wide eyes catch yours.

“You’re sexy when you read,” he says softly, his accent thicker with tiredness.

“You’re sexy all the time,” you reply and kiss the end of his nose. He smiles at you and you feel your insides melt. Tiredness fights it’s way in, but as soon as you feel yourself against his body and his arms wrap around you, pulling you close, you feel like you don’t want to sleep just yet. Your legs wrap together and you feel him kiss the top of your head. He smells of soap and toothpaste.

“I love you y/n,” he whispers in to your neck. Your heart flutters as it always does when he says those words and you feel like you’ve never been more content.

“I love you too Harry. Always.”


bracelets yo

1. select your string
2. measure it. (i did 15inch)
3. make sure your string is aroundabout the same length
4. tie a knot at each end (i did the knot 1 and a half inches to 2inches in)
5. make sure your string is able to reach around your wrist loosely and touch at the knots
6. twist the string to however you desire, loose twists, tight twists, whatever your preference!
7. tie it on your wrist (or get a family member/friend to help you if you cant do it yourself)
8. boom. theres ur sick bracelet.

remember: you want the string to wrap around your wrist slightly loose because when you twist it, the length will get shorter! and you dont want any blood circulation to get cut off from your arm to your wrist!