loose souls

The Day After The Election I Did Not Go Outside by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

BUT for a moment, to drive to the soul
food spot on Congress ave. where utensils,
large & made for the hands of no one living among
us, hang on the walls & where the woman behind

the counter yells out my order before my second
foot makes it in the door & where her laugh is like
my sister’s or where her laugh is like my mother’s or
where her laugh is like my grandmother’s or where her laugh

is like the laugh of a black woman who knows where the devil
is hiding & knows how to shake him loose & in the soul food
spot there are no devils but there is plenty sin & where you look
at the sweet tea & your dentist gets a chill from miles away &

where, if the gossip is good enough, the smoke from the kitchen
puffs into black halos & someone ain’t getting the catfish they
ordered & where all is forgiven & where forgiveness is always
dressed in something fried or sweet & where, around a circle

of spent plates, men with their full bellies & thin gold chains slap
cards on a wooden table & where those men ignore the yelling
& the marching on the television & where I imagine those men
have seen this movie before & know its ending & yet are still

here to watch it again & where the plates rattle when one of the men shows
his hand & says his partner ain’t shit & where I laugh because these men
could be my father & around the right table, I am everyone’s child &
where the stereo is from the 90s & so is everything that crawls out of it

& where Lauryn sings how you gon’ win if you ain’t right within & I am
oh, I am right within for this small and shrinking moment. I am right
within for this newborn praise, because the rain stopped & the clouds
gave way earlier & yes, the darkness arrives sooner now & yes,

the streets were still slick, but on this day, the children were in
them, dodging the streetlights on their small bikes & the girls
leapt & whipped their long ponytails through the open mouths
of two jump ropes & this is the only country they know & it is nothing

to get free when your only country is freedom & so I say, then:
make a border around any place you are loved & call it yours.
make a border around those who hold you up & build what
you must to keep the devils out. I say, then: I know, I know

the burning cannot be unseen & on this night I claimed a new
& fleeting empire, governed by soul food & loud black children &
no one telling them to be quiet. governed by men who lose
card games. governed by men who know they ain’t shit & the women

who know it better but have loved them for too long to stop
now. oh country, my new and brief country. how I walk from you
full & into the wreckage. how I wish you everywhere now.
how I try to taste you in the air instead of blood.

Permanent Ink

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Soulmate AU; Sixth Year Hogwarts

1,420 words

Draco is sixteen when it happens.

The inescapable, the invariable, the inevitable.

A strange, searing, effervescent kind of pain spikes through the tangled nerve ending of his wrist halfway through a potions lesson. Ink bleeding through veins into skin.

And he knows, is the thing. Understands that he’s been given a clue to decipher and a puzzle to solve and a loose-threaded soul that will somehow match the stitches in his chest.

He spares a glance across the room. At the girl seated beside the pearlescent, seething cauldrons of Amortentia that he had failed to smell any scent from just a month earlier. Before a mark, a soulmate blossomed across his wrist and -

Her fingers are knotted together as she stares up at Snape. He can see the shadow of her profile - all parted lips and sloping cheeks, a sharp nose and delicate eyebrows - thrown against the floor in a swath of dust cluttered sunlight.

He allows himself a scrape of hope that its her, spelled out across his skin. That he’ll have an irrefutable, undeniable excuse as to any he wants her so desperately.

After all, the magic never lies.

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I know now that I love you more than anything. That the moment I should think about how I would survive, the only thing I could think about was you. And if I would meet you again. And I am so afraid of loosing you and never seeing you again. And I know it’s difficult for us now and no one of us knows if we will ever have a chance but what I want most right now, what I wish from the bottom of my heart is to have a chance to tell you how I feel, how much I love you and how wonderful person you are.
God, I miss you, I miss you so so much. I don’t wanna lose you. But only a miracle can save our love right now. Only a miracle.
—  moonstone-girl

انا اليوم لست كما كنت امس. وغدا ساكون على غير حالي اليوم. لا يجمد الانسان الا اذا مات.. والحي يموت اذا نزعت روحة او تجمد عقلة..
I am today not what i was yesterday, and tomorrow ill be different than today.
A person stays still when dead. And the living die when they loose there soul or there mind becomes still.


Here we have the 4 most common monster soul states.

A strong, a normal, a weak and a very weak soul.

Strong souls
Normally only boss monster have these, though it can happen that other monsters have strong souls too, when they are more determined than others.
Strong souls are more solid and glow brightly. The “strings” around them are clearly visible.

Normal souls
The most common soul-state.
They are rather misty and foggy, instead of solid. Like a soft, lightly loose, ball of yarn or wool. The “strings” around it are clearly visible, but not as prominent as on strong souls.

Weak souls
Monsters which lose hope and/or haven’t got much hope have weak souls. Sometimes also monster with little determination and many insecurities can have these.
They are more foggy and misty and much more loose than normal souls. Their glow is rather weak.  The “strings” around it are more foggy and are a bit harder to see.

Very weak souls
Very weak souls are rare. Normally only fallen down monsters have their soul in this state. A living monster with such a soul would be very weak with very low stats, maybe even sick.
They are very misty, foggy and very loose. Their glow is near none-existent. The “strings” around it are very weak and don’t glow anymore. 

This art is so choice I’m in love. Anyway this thing wants Jack devoured asap. Maybe it recognises the threat that he is?

Gorgeous, if horrifying.

HAH! He’s force-controlling his sword! Hell yes I called that! Admittedly he can only do it in a spiritual form but you know what I’ll take it. Also, big pointer: even after having his soul devoured, Jack still had a spiritual copy of his sword on him and it responds to his own mind. I am NOT wrong about the depth of magic in and in-between both him and that blade.

Samurai Jack, loose in the soul pit. Begun the party-times have.

save the prayers that silent your eyes with white foals

is this the cost of breaking?

nothing is rare

save my tenderness

keep your dark lathe

the worlds you need exist only

in the devisement of pages

history contests

a case made for detachment

I was beaten into submission

by your return for nothing

down your old halls

where no one was pulled

from the sea

but left, like clockwork

from the loose wrapped soul

flickering in the dark

eternal deliverance

the wings of my throat

something hovering

gathering wool

the clouds of fates

the loose-gold sea

nothing, hidden for later

the obvious world

an elaboration of grief


I am a blue scene in winter

Let loose once in a while. Stay up too late, drink until you drop, order the dirtiest, fattiest, most delicious item on the menu. You cannot live your whole life restricting yourself only to what is good and healthy for the body. Sometimes, you have got to do what is good and healthy for the soul.
—  Beau Taplin, Healthy Eating
Can’t you just imagine it...

Owen: “Alex you don’t understand, she said she wanted kids, 5 of them actually, and then out of the blue she yells at me that she doesn’t want to have a baby, after she had expressed concern for our future children and we had started trying. I just don’t get it…”

Alex: “Dude come on, you know her first kid died! You remember she told you that right? I work in Paeds and seeing parents loose their kid is soul destroying, she’s probably scared beyond either of us can understand that she will loose another kid. Think about it…”

Owen: “Oh crap! I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks Alex!”

Alex: “Now go and get you woman back! And by the way she’s been living in my room, I want it back now!”