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Jughead Jones x Reader: Stick With Me


Hey 😊 Can I request a Jughead x Reader, where Reggie is picking on Jughead and the reader is standing up for him and Reggie is confused, because he and the reader used to be very close and after the incident Jughead thanks her for doing this for him which leads to both of them confessing their feelings for each other and fluffy fluff and aaaw! Thanks in advance 


A/N: Sorry not posting for a while having a bit of writers block, hope you guys like it. Hope I lived up to the requestors vison, I’m finally having some breathing time from uni so I hope to upload more requests this week also update my masterlist and tag list.

Words: 1065

Summary: Reggie and reader had a falling out and now you are best friends with Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Jughead. Reader has a crush on Jughead.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Pretty sure it has like one curse word.

Growing up in Riverdale wasn’t easy, but you couldn’t complain. You had loyal friends and hard working parents that provided for you.

Being from Riverdale meant you knew everyone from the small town and they knew you.

These days were a bit drama filled only because you were a high school student.

You used to part of the River Vixens Cheryl’s cheerleading squad. You recently quit when you had a falling out with one of your best friends Reggie Mantle. He was the only reason you joined the squad. Being in the squad gave you an excuse to go see your best friend Reggie play knowing your overprotective parents would never let you go to every single game unless you actually had to go.

You thought about staying to keep supporting him, but it just didn’t feel the same so the last game you cheered was the memorial pep rally game for Jason Blossom and you broke the news to Cheryl.

Days passed, you went on with your normal life. Riverdale a bit gloomier since the tragic murder of Jason. With a murderer on the loose your parents accepted your resignation of the team as you lied that you just didn’t feel safe out there. A bit of that was true, but now you no longer had Reggie to protect you either.

You told Betty about your falling out with Reggie since she was your other best friend and she introduced you to her friends. You knew them, but they weren’t big fans of Reggie so you didn’t gain their friendship quickly unlike the new girl Veronica who quickly accepted you.

Time passed and they became like your second family. You were close to them, you could tell them anything, you even helped Jughead with his novel.

Maybe that’s why people say “you win some you lose some.”

They were amazing company and you even became super close with Jughead. Which you were kind of hoping to hit off with him because you secretly had a crush on the brooding novelist.

You’d spend endless nights with him at Pops Diner, and you felt a different safeness with him. He made the butterflies in your stomach do flips and you couldn’t help but smile whenever he was so into his typing he wouldn’t notice your excessive stares. Although you never have the guts to tell him, this was perfect for now.


“So do you think you’ll ever join the squad again?” Betty asked linked in arms with Veronica.

“Yeah, from what I heard you were amazing” Veronica added

“Sorry guys it’s just not a passion anymore” you stated with a small smile.

They gave you smiles and you made your way to an empty hallway.

As you turned you saw though, that it wasn’t empty at all.

Reggie and his Goonies had Jughead pinned to the lockers.

You couldn’t believe your eyes, it was the end of the school day, so there were no teachers to call to put Reggie in his place.

You knew you had to do something, Jughead was your friend.

Although Veronica and Betty weren’t much help, they stood at the end of the hall frozen as you made your way to Reggie.

“Reggie what the fuck!” you yelled anger burning inside of you “put Jug down”

“Why do you care?” Chuck claimed with a devilish smirk.

“He’s my friend and I bet he didn’t do anything to you guys” you spat back as Moose fist was still holding Jughead’s shirt in a fist as Jughead kept his eyes on the floor.

“And you’re so sure?” Reggie finally spoke up.

“Yes, I believe in my friends” you said coldly trying to get a reaction out him, but he just got his guys and walked away.

Jughead fixed himself up as Betty and Veronica came to check up on him.

“You okay Jug?” Betty chimed in as he nodded and you followed Reggie to talk to him about his comment.

“Hey Reg!” you called as he turned your way.

“What now (Y/N)?” Reggie answered.

“Um can we talk?” you pled as he waved off his posse.

“Did Jughead do anything?” you questioned the tall football player.

“Why would you ask me?”

“You were my friend once too, I want to hear your side”

“No he didn’t do anything. Chuck wanted to bug him, I just said that to bother you” Reggie said as Betty, Veronica and Jughead made their way out of the school.

“That’s your cue, bye (Y/N)” Reggie waved.


Later on you met with Jughead at Pops.

“How you doing?” you sled on Jughead’s side of the booth.

“I’m okay, wasn’t the first time you know” Jug kept his eyes on his laptop.

“Sorry about it, Reggie can be difficult” you gave him a smile.

“How’d you do it?” Jughead asked glancing your way.

“Do what?”

“You know, hung around him for so long”

“oh uh- he’s not what he shows the world, he’s actually very sweet, just he lets other ruin him I guess, I really am sorry about him, I’ll try to talk to him” you answered hoping that one day you would be able to fix your differences with Reggie.

“It’s alright”

“No it’s not Jug, you don’t deserve this” you retorted facing him as he grabbed you by the hand.

“I’m the guy, I’m the one who’s supposed to protect you” Jughead proclaimed and you smiled.

“Oh Jug, it’s the 21st century, I think it’s at least fair you let me speak to Reggie and then we can protect each other” he nodded the proximity between you guys becoming very closed until he cupped your check and planted a kiss your lips.

The butterflies in your stomach came to a halt, suddenly everything went dark and it felt like it was just you and Jughead and no one else to bother you. It was the moment you had been waiting for, your lips in sync with his and you were surprised but ecstatic that Jughead returned the way you felt about him.

“How about I just stick with you and you stick with me against the hierarchy that is Riverdale High, what do you say (Y/N) want to stick with me?” Jughead encouraged as he placed his arm around your shoulders.

“I’ll stick with you Jug” you answered placing a quick kiss on his cheeks.

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GOT7 ~ Your Parents Don’t Approve at First

armyimslovakia said: Hi ! I just want to know . Can you make a Got7 reacts to meets their S/O´s parents , and the dad or mom dont really like him for the first time.(Sorry for my anglish!) Hope you can understand . Loev you posts REALLY MUCH !!

A/N: I AM SO SORRY FOR THE WAIT! I really enjoyed this one and please don’t worry about your english, it’s really not a problem! Also!! I use parents loosely bc I know not everyone was mums and/or dads❤

Im Jaebum

 Jae would be so upset set about it and feel like he had to do anything to make them like him. At first he’d try not to let the lack of eye contact and the subtle rudeness get to him but after a little while he’d be straight up and ask them what he’s done wrong and how he can fix it.

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“Please, I love her so much and I want you to see that I’ll never hurt her.” 

Mark Tuan

 Honestly, your parents would probably think that he doesn’t like them bc of how quiet he can be and maybe avoid direct conversation which would then lead to Mark thinking that they don’t like him. He’d want you to ask them if he did something wrong and then be surprised when you told him that your parents assumed the same thing that he had.

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“I wasn’t trying to be that quiet, I was just nervous.”

Jackson Wang

 Oh my lord! This precious human being would be so upset about this and just generally be sad. But I mean, let’s be honest, after meeting him for the second time your family would see how much he cares about you and would fall in love with him.

Originally posted by jypnior

“I just, I don’t know what I did or how to fix it.” 

Park Jinyoung

 First off, wHAT ACTUAL PARENTS WOULDN’T LOVE HIM?! He his that type of guy everyone wants their kid to marry. He’s is a fucking Wine Mom, okAy?

 Anyway, Let’s just say FOR INSTANCE that he wasn’t liked by your caregiver(s). Jinyoung would be hella confused and frustrated. He would ask you things that your parents liked so that he could try and bound with them. Obviously they’d see why you love him so much and be like, PERFECTION

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“I knew they’d come around.”

Choi Youngjae 

 Guys, Youngjae probably just thinks that they don’t like him. Honestly, He would  get so worked up and finally ask you if he did something wrong. When you told him that your parents didn’t have a problem with him and enjoyed him, he’d be so relieved and happy.

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“Oh thank god, I don’t know what I’d do if your parents didn’t like me.”


 Bambi would be disappointed and upset but I don’t know how quick he’d be to ask what he can do to change their minds. I feel like bambam would want them to see his love for you on their own, without anything influencing how they feel.

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“I want them to like me but if they don’t then okay. It won’t change how I feel about you.”

Kim Yugyeom

He’d be so self conscious!! Yugy would probably be more upset about the possibility of you leaving him due to your parents’ thoughts. You would have to tell him all the time that you’d never leave him and so on. Seeing this would probably make your parents realize how much Yugy cares for you and they’d get over whatever they disliked.

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“I- I just, please… Please don’t leave.”

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

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Tiny Yurio, Uncle Viktor & Teacher Yuuri - drabble

“Where’s granpapa..?” Yurio asks, arms up as his nanny places his backpack on him.

“He… is busy today so he asked your uncle Viktor to take you!” She lies, knowing his grandpa is sick.

Yurio wants to cry and give a good tantrum but resolutes himself to pout and glare as he is taken to Viktor’s car parked outside, knowing his grandpa wouldn’t approve of such behavior if he heard about it.

“Hey! Yurio~ !!” Viktor waves excitedly standing in front of his car. Yurio’s brows furrow more, annoyed at his uncle’s excited demeanor that contrasted heavily to his own unhappiness. He ignored Viktor’s cheery attempts and waits to be buckled in.

Yurio’s arms are crossed through the entire way they drive to school, eyes fixed out at the passing view through the window, and Viktor stares worriedly at him from time to time through the rearview mirror. Little Yurio already had such a hard time after loosing his parents…

Viktor gives up after the fourth attempt to cheer up the little one and simply drives quietly, exhaling in relief when they arrive.

Viktor unbuckles Yurio from his chair and holding his hand, which Yurio allowed begrudgingly, they makes their way inside. Yurio’s teacher is there greeting the little ones as they arrive and ushering them inside their classroom. Viktor notices surprised then, when Yurio’s face brightens up at the sight of his teacher. He watches as the teacher bends down to give Yurio a hug and a pat in the back.

“Good morning Yurio!” The teacher says brightly and Viktor is taken aback as Yurio smiles before marching into the classroom. “Ah..!” The teacher notices Viktor standing there. “Hello!” He smiles at Viktor, standing up. “I’m Yurio’s teacher. I’m not sure we’ve met before..?” He asks, stepping closer.

Viktor stares for a second as he notices how cute the man is before smiling back and reaching to clasp the younger man’s hand and shaking it. “I’m Yurio’s uncle, Viktor. I’m stepping in for his grandpa, he isn’t too well right now..”

Concern flashes through Yuuri’s face. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know how dear he is to him.” Viktor nods solemnly. “If there’s anything I can do, let me know.“ Yuuri adds kindly.

“I’m just glad he has such a nice teacher.” Viktor smiles remembering the way they greeted each other. Yuuri nods, blushing softly, before excusing himself to attend to his classroom. They mutter goodbyes and Viktor leaves to go to work. He calls the nanny and assures her he can pick up little Yurio today.

Hopefully he will be able to see the teacher again.

Evfra De Tershaav (family)

So in the game both codex Evfra’s codex entry and Evfra himself confirm that he lost his whole family. When talking to Evfra he says the last time he had any contact with any of his family was 10 years ago.

So I gotta ask this: Has anyone else considered that Evfra didn’t just loose brothers, sisters, parents, cousins etc?

Has anyone else ever thought that maybe, just maybe, Evfra had a mate and children that were taken with the rest of the Tershaav family?

I mean, he’s very vague about it. I haven’t yet seen anything in the game that detailed who all he lost aside from, well, everyone. This guy is already tragic enough when you start to look closer at him, but toss in the possibility that he could have lost a lover and children to the kett and it gets even worse.

It would certainly explain further why it is that Evfra refuses to let people in close to him. According to Jaal (via the codex entry for our sad commander) Evfra is isolated by design. He doesn’t let himself have close personal ties with people. I’m fairly certain he does this because he never again wants to feel the pain of losing someone near and dear to his heart. So he blocked off his heart and turned his pain into armor. He single-mindedly leads the resistance and focuses all his attention on that. He strives to turn himself into less of a person and more of a symbol by making everyone around him either fear or respect him. Or both.

He’s constantly bland and uninterested sounding when talking to the Pathfinder, because like everyone else, he needs to keep them at arm’s length so he can protect himself and keep his mind focused on the task at hand.

I like to think that, perhaps one day when the kett are no longer such an immediate threat to the survival of the angara that Evfra will let himself open back up. That he’ll remove his armor and allow himself to feel the comfort of another. Because if anyone in Helius needs comfort, it’s Evfra.

Having a Polyamorous relationship with Cheryl and Veronica

Originally posted by freckles-fries-and-fandoms

  • Being in love with both Veronica and Cheryl equally

  • You and Veronica agreeing to have a Poly relationship as long as Cheryl’s okay with it

  • Cheryl trying to figure out if she really wants a 3-way relationship

  • Cheryl agreeing because she loves you both and doesn’t want to loose either of you

  • Cheryl's parents freaking out

  • Comforting her

  • It taking a little while for Veronicas mom to be comfortable with it

  • Hermione loving the relationship once she sees how happy you make each other

  • You friends being shocked but accepting

  • Cheryl and Veronica being possessive and overprotective

  • Always making up after a fight

  • Watching them when they kiss (Cheronica asf)

  • Having some jealousy problems pop up in the relationship

  • Helping them both with their family issues

  • Veronica taking you on fancy dates

  • Cheryl taking you on picnics

  • All three of you going on relaxing long walks

  • Road trips

  • Veronica secretly checking you and Cheryl out

  • Nicknames galore

  • Defending each other no matter what 

  • Having their lipstick all over your lips

  • Hickeys


  • Both of them wanting your first time to be sentimental

  • Your pleasure always comes first to them

  • Sexual or not

  • You all love each other dearly

  • Ruling the school

  • No matter what you guys always have each others back

  • Not caring what other people think

Originally posted by offensivebagel

A/N: To the person that requested this I’m not sure if you meant as a 3-way relationship or separate one so I just went with what I thought you meant.Also I don’t know much about poly relationships so sorry if I didn’t portray it right💕

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For the time travelers wife au was there a point where a young Jyn (before or shortly after she looses her parents) met an older (maybe 20 or older) Cassian?

(The AU in question: 1 | 2 )

When Jyn is eight her mother is dead and her father disappeared into the Imperial machine. Saw Gerrera finds her in the basalt cave with a fading lamp in her hands on Lah’mu and whisks her away to Onderon where he teaches her not only to survive but to bring vengeance. 

But before that, it’s Cassian who helps her to mourn. 

Jyn time jumps in the night when the rest of the Partisans are asleep or on patrol. No one knows that she’s missing. But even if they were looking, they wouldn’t have noticed. Who amongst them would have noticed then an orphan girl with big teeth and no skills yet for destruction? 

She appears before him on Jenoport, and he’s twenty-three, the oldest she’s ever seen him. But she knows his face anywhere and walks up to him, white flowers in her hand. His head is bowed and he is, for the time alone. 

“You’re crying,” she says, kneeling before him when he looks up, wonder in his face.

“Jyn!” he says, hastily wiping his face with the back of his hand. There’s a blaster in his hand. He puts it aside.

“I’m here.”

“You’re crying, too,” he says, answering her question and not.

“I am?” and she touches her face, feels the wet tracks of tears that have wandered across her skin. She had been too afraid to cry since Saw had found her, afraid to appear weak and expendable. Among his cadre of war-hardened soldiers, there was no room or patience for people who cried like children, even if they, like her, still were. And she wanted to make her place. She wanted to be welcome. She had wanted a home again.

“What’s wrong?” Cassian reaches out to her and pats her head, his fingers running down her left braid that’s been coming apart since her mother had last hummed a song while she had plaited it. And Jyn, who is only eight, breaks down in the circle of his arms and cries and tells him about her mother and her father. 

He exhales like he already knows. He just hadn’t known that this would be the time. “It’s okay to cry, Jyn,” he tells her, and she sobs until she stops.

“If he is still alive,” Cassian says when she is no longer shaking, “I will help you find your father.”

“You promise?” she says.

“I promise,” he replies.

“Why were you crying?” she asks him now, rubbing her face raw with her hands, exhaustion overtaking her little body.

He huffs a laugh and tucks in his chin. “For a moment I had forgotten why I was doing all of this,” he says, though Jyn won’t exactly understand what he means until later. “Why I fight.”

“Do you remember now?” she asks in the way of children, and Cassian nods, putting gentle hands on her cheeks and smiling at her.


“Good,” she says, yawning. “I’m so tired, Cassian.”

“Sleep a little then, I’ll keep you safe until you have to go again.”

“Do you promise?” she says.

“I do,” he replies. “I promise.”

Marks on the Door

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from A Mosquito Bite

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

As always, let me know what you think.

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what's your experience having venus in 1st? Is it really like what astrologers say based off their posts?

that i’m charming as hell and attracts a ton of people? sometimes lol, people tend to like me or my first impressions are pretty likable. i can find someone to date, fuck, whatever no problem lmao. i am very aware of how i look and i will try to make myself look better if i can, i am very vain but having a bit of a neptune emphasis. i do listen to people quite a bit and it squares my venus so it’ll probably be a bottomless pit of “i need to look better” 

the way my father looked terrified me beyond belief, I couldn’t bare the pain of loosing another parent. I must help him.
as I go to leave and find help for my father, gaston; a beast of a man in his own rights towered above me. he told me my father was spouting crazy notions of mystical objects and sorcery and he was to be sent to the asylum.
unless I agreed to marry him.
I scoffed, I would never marry a man who saw me as nothing more than an object to sit pretty at home. then an idea struck, the beast sent me away with the magic mirror; “show me the beast” I said and there he was, my solemn melancholy love. I showed gaston, who’s mouth turned up into a hungry hunter’s smile. another animal for his wall is all he sees him as.

he locks my father and I in our house, and just when hope seems lost, I realise that I can pick the lock with the hairpin that’s holding my unruly tresses back. I pick the lock, leave my father and off I go to save the man I love.

I run straight through the blackened hallways, up winding staircases and I see him. I go to shout over to him but my voice is caught in my throats when I see gaston, sneaking up behind him armed with a dagger. the beast doesn’t even acknowledge him, it’s as though he’s got nothing left to fight for.
“gaston, no!” I shout, and he looks up, his face softens, a smile tugs at his cheeks. I start to run towards him.

she came back for me, I clamber clumsily to my feet and push gaston away from me. he strikes me in the arm and I hold him out over the side of the castle walls, he pleads to let him go and the old me wrestles with the new me I’ve found since belle came into my life.
when I saw her angelic face at the door, I knew what I must do. I set him down and ran to belle. I lifted her up and entangled my claws in her hair, right here with her is where I want to be always; as a beast or as my rightful self it doesn’t matter anymore.

gaston plunges me in the back with a sword, searing pain rips through my body like a wildfire. the villain loses his balance and falls to his death.

I hold him in my arms, the sparkles in his eyes were slowly dimming, the life oozing out of his pores. “you came back” he says, “well of course I came back” I said, stroking his face, that wonderful beautiful face. there’s something beautiful about seeing the good in someone when they don’t even see it in themselves yet.

“at least I got to see you one last time” he said as he closes his eyes. no, no, no. I never got to say those three words. I love you.

and with that the final petal fell, and a teardrop rolled from belle’s eyelashes and landed on the beast’s cheek. and with that the heavens open and sparks flew and before my eyes he transformed into his human self. when he turned around those striking ocean eyes washed over me.
it was him, and he was just as beautiful now as he was as a beast.

—  beauty and the beast part 3/3 🥀 // h.w //

Old friends Au:

Lil street Bean headcannons 

Even though her parents left her behind; she can’t help but miss them (She’s ten. Ten year olds miss there mums) 

She spends a lot of time debating whether or not to tell Ezra the truth about his parents (Yea she doesn’t until FAR in the future where someone tells him for her…)

She carries around a storm trooper blaster which she straps to her back; she hardly ever uses it in a fight though; she just likes to look like some what of a threat.

She doesn’t trust anyone and get’s really annoyed when Ezra does.

Over the course of knowing Ezra she obviously noticed that he had impeccable skills in acrobatics (And other force skills things). She actually grew a little jealous of it since she couldn’t make the high jumps and leaps that he could.

She’s insanely protective over Ezra; even though she can’t do much. She tries all she can to get him out of trouble when he gets into it.

She’s not that great at pick-pocketing. She’s actually been caught a few times before she managed to get herself out of it in some weird way.


I’ve been messing around with a Marvel/Avengers/X-Men au where all the main heros get their starts as kids with designs mixed from the movie and comic canon. I’m mostly using it to some quick color,expression and age practice but it’s pretty fun at this point so I might do something with it. I have all the Avengers sketched out so I just need to clean up the sketchs and slap on some color.

Wade Wilson- (Pre-Cancer, Post-powers) Lives as a ‘student’ at Xaviers but mostly just sticks to his little treehouse hes made his home in the forest area around the school and just eats their food. He’s a rough and tumble kid with no friends to to speak of besides some kid named Bob he’ll push around every once and a while, a kid named Weasel who no one ever really sees besides him and some twenty year old woman he talks about named Al. He talks to himself mostly and even though he doesn’t need them, wears a ton of band aids every time he gets hurt so he can feel a little bit more normal. he wears his mask as a hat when he’s not in costume, and the day he asks that really cute kid at the park to hang out is the day he’ll stop making his legal guardian Logan take him to the park every day.

Peter Parker- After loosing his parents the year before and his Uncle a few months ago, he spends most of his time with the Avengers and buying disposable cameras to take pictures of himself in costume to anonymously send to the bugle in an attempt to give his Aunt some extra cash. Needing to grow up a bit faster than a normal kid due to circumstances, his friends have grown a little distant and he spends a bit portion of his time in costume. Gwen Stacy, who was with Peter when Harry dared him to sneak into one of his fathers labs, is the only one who knows Peter’s secret and takes the fall a lot when they need excuses for Peter to miss class or dinner. She’s become his sort of make-shift nurse after nights out and is his closest friend. Peter still has no idea who the weird shaggy haired kid at the park is who follows him around, but he’s been too shy to ask his name as of yet.


Late-Night Apologies

Summary: Your boyfriend Jughead got into a fight with his dad and needed someone to talk him out of his rage.

Length: 1,684

Note: Slightly nsfw?

“All was well,” you read before closing the final Harry Potter book. You sighed and put it on your nightstand before sinking back into bed.

Friday night and you were home alone. Even your parents went out for a date night. But your boyfriend was going to have dinner with his father, who’s not really that active in his life. You definitely understood why he wanted to meet with him so you encouraged him to go. You just wished that you had made other plans instead of staying home alone, stewing in your loneliness. Normally you’re out at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, at the library, or just wandering around town. But because Jason’s killer was still on the loose, your parents strongly objected to your late-night walks.

You got out of bed and checked your phone for a message from Jughead. Nothing. Bored, you scrolled through your old messages with him and laughed when you came across a photo of him sleeping with a Snapchat filter on his face. This time he was wearing the flower crown but you had plenty others of him with different, more feminine filters. He teased you about it when he woke up and saw the evidence but you told him if he stopped falling asleep while you were watching movies, he wouldn’t end up with his face on a meerkat.

A smile spread across your lips but your stomach sank a little. You’ve only been without him for a few hours but you already missed him. Is this normal for a high school senior to feel this way about a boy? Isn’t that kind of feeling supposed to be for adults, who are ready to spend the rest of their lives with one person?

Just as you turned on your David Bowie playlist with plans of curling back up in bed, you heard a tapping on your window. You looked over and saw Jughead, looking angry and disheveled.

“Jughead?” You asked, surprised to see him. Quickly you opened the window and made way for him to climb in your bedroom. One of the great perks about having a first floor bedroom is having first floor windows so your boyfriend could sneak in easily. No ladders involved.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

He wouldn’t look at you. His hands were in his pockets, his head was bowed down. “I’m so sick of him,” he replied.

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For @hufflepuff221b, ColdFlash Sabrina the Teenage Witch AU.

Hope you like it!


By his 16th birthday, Barry Allen has experienced a lot. Probably more than anyone should have to in any lifetime. Loosing both his parents at 11 after his father is wrongly sent to prison for killing his mother Barry now lives with a family friend and his daughter Joe and Iris.

It takes a while but Barry finds love and happiness with the West family who are quirky to say the least, if the cauldron under the kitchen sink they think he doesn’t know about is anything to go by or the fact that Joe disappears into the linen closet all the time. He is welcomed and more importantly not ridiculed for his version of events for the night his mother died. After all it’s hard to believe a boy that swears his mother was murdered by a man wearing a long yellow robe and brandishing what looked like a wand.

He is made to feel especially welcomed by the family cat Leonard (see quirky) though everyone calls him Len and is a attention hungry feline that Barry adores. Sleek, grey and with haunting blue eyes he’s the most beautiful cats ever seen and a nice foot warmer as he sleeps at the bottom of Barry’s bed every night.

Of course his short lived peace ends on his 16th birthday when Joe and Iris tell him out of the blue that he’s a warlock.

That his dad is a warlock. 

That he’s in mortal danger from another warlock who is also the one that killed his mom.

Oh and the best news, his cat isn’t a cat at all but another warlock named Leonard Snart who is living out a hundred year sentence as a cat for attempted world domination.

What the hell is his life?

me when i was a kid watching aosth: Yeah, Sonic’s so cool and independant!! He’s a hero, he can do anything he wants!!

me now watching aosth: who let this fucking gremlin loose? where are your PARENTS??

Yo, I is Not Dead!

Okay, so I’ve heard people have been doing this thing where they change up Ninjago and make it perfect for them. So let’s begin!

1. Give Cyrus Borg a little more screen time. Beauty such as him must be shared with the universe! Also, give my son some development. Where’s he from, what’d he do before the Overlord was defeated?

2. Get some friggin females who Do Not have a love interest or aren’t made only yo be a love interest of someone. I’m almost done with that at this point.

3. Scrap Kailor. That was doomed from the beginning.

4. Know what, just get rid of Skylor. I mean like at LEAST give her a likable personality and a half realistic element.

5. Make sure Nya is Samurai X again. Because as far as I am concerned, yes samurai x CAN do spinjistzu and can use water.

6. Get rid of Misako or give her a decent arc. Honestly, Lloyd’s story could have gone on and been great without her. But to keep her means a lot of personality changes. She could have been awesome but she isn’t…

6. If Wu dies, he stays dead! I’m done with characters coming back to life! I vote the same for Garmadon.

7. We need an awesome freaking female villain that is the leader. I don’t mean like Makia. I want a real female antagonist!

8. I want the Ninja to have specific talents and real weaknesses. Yes progress has been made since the first season, but as a writer, I live for development.

9. I want a character that doesn’t want to be in a relationship! I don’t mean for example: Lloyd is gay and he’s ashamed so he doesn’t look for anyone. No. I want someone whose main concern is his/her duty and life.

10. Please, dear God don’t make Ninjago ‘progressive’. The thing is, Ninjago doesn’t NEED a homosexual relationship. It is perfect and beautiful, mostly, the way it is.


12. Give Ninjago more cultural difference and variety.

13. Teach us how elements work genetically and physically. When exactly do the parents loose the ability to use their elements?

14. Give Morro a better backstory! Heck I love him, but he needs a little fixing!

WARNINGS: Details of abuse, suicide, slight torture, reader injured/kidnapped

“Can I please have a hint as to what you ‘announcement’ is?” He begged for the hundredth time

“I am literally around the corner okay?” You smiled “you will find out over dinner like everyone else”

“Okay fine baby girl, everyone’s here now, so you better have a lot to eat”

You laughed “Have you ever known me to be under prepared”

“That is very true babygirl, love you”

“I love you too” you smiled as you turned down the last corner, you felt one of the handles on the bag snap “crap” you whispered

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Junkrat’s Parents

( Super loose HC below so shit might change lol. )

I imagine that his mom was a soldier (private gunner), who went awol when she saw what was becoming of her homeland and refused to follow orders to prevent rebels from attacking the plant. During this time she began to give artillery to members of ALF to help them combat the corporate facilities. His father on the other hand was a mechanic and owned a small local repair shop that was favored among citizens in the area. He also extended his knowledge and support to members of ALF.

After the plant’s explosion: both of Junkrat’s parents became jaded and started using drugs and alcohol in excess causing constant fighting in their home. While his mother was the most physically and verbally abusive towards him and his father, Junkrat’s father was more or less negligent in raising his son or wanting to provide for his family, both of whom he largely avoided and spent little time with.

Both of Junkrat’s parents were constantly in and out of jail and prison for theft and drug use. Although they both committed murder, neither were ever caught for it. They inevitably lost custody of their son who was handed over to the state.

Junkrat remembers very little, but does recall vague instances before the plant’s explosion where both of his parents were loving and respected members within his community.

Junkrat’s Childhood

Loosing a parent is like..

As children we think of our parents as invincible, as a constant. There isn’t a moment that we truly think of our lives without them, holding our hand, a few steps behind, ready to guide us in the right direction.
It doesn’t matter how old we get, how much older they get. You are never ready for your parents to be your ghosts. You’re never ready for the phone call, the diagnosis, the permanence. Suddenly you are six again, lost in a department store, searching every aisle and calling out their name. Strangers offer to help, but you don’t know these voices or these faces. You just want the warm reassurance of your parent’s hand cupping your tiny fist assuring you that everything is okay, that they would never just leave you. But you don’t get that this time, there are no guarantees, life is unpredictable and cruel and you’re alone again. Lost in that big department store and this time there is no reassurance, this time you don’t get the firm grip of your parents hand, this time there is only you in a sea of aisles and the harsh fluorescent lights glaring off the floor, you have to choose the next move, there is no hand to guide you now. Just a spirit, the universe and yourself. Be brave enough to take the leap to the unknown, believe in the good things coming.

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high school sweethearts

“Is there a reason you two need to get married?” Hakoda asks, leveling a steely gaze at the two teenagers sitting before him, taking in the shiny new ring on Katara’s finger.

Katara opens her mouth to assure her dad that no, there are not any grandchildren on the way, but Zuko speaks first and his emphatic “Yes!” makes her wonder how much of a death wish he has, actually.

“Really?” her father asks, and Katara’s pretty sure they’re doomed until Zuko blurts out, “We do!  Because I love her!”

And her father’s eyes crinkle with a smile despite the hesitation that Katara can see lingering there—they are only just out of high school, after all—and her heart melts a little bit more toward the big dork she fell in love with.

Later, after they’ve secured her father’s permission and they’re sitting on the swing on her front porch, watching the stars come out, she asks, “You do know you made my dad think I was pregnant there for a minute, right?”, Zuko’s groan tells her that no, he hadn’t thought that through and her peals of laughter echo off the weathered planks before she kisses him.