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how to look like A Delicate Angel
  • wear light colors, like white or cream or dusty pinks and blues
  • thrift flowy skirts and dresses
  • sport small gold or rose gold jewelry 
  • wear pastel velvet chokers 
  • lounge in satin nighties even when you’re alone 
  • wear lace bralettes even when you’re alone 
  • leave your hair down and pin straight or loose curls
  • keep a natural hair color 
  • wear ankle socks with lace 
  • apply shimmery pale eyeshadows 
  • apply light colored lip glosses 
  • buy shimmery lipsticks 
  • use pink blush 
  • wear matte nail polishes
  • put small amounts of body glitter on collarbones 
  • spray airy perfumes on your neck and inner forearms 
  • apply floral scented lotions 
  • be yourself 🌟
please insert this somewhere into ootp for me

“So, Sirius and Professor Lupin,” said Ron, conversationally, “they seem pretty close. Must be nice, being reunited with one of your best mates like that.”

Harry and Hermione exchanged a look. Ron’s expression grew puzzled.

“What? What is it this time?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, in her very familiar way, and said, “They’re married, Ronald.”

“They’re what?” Ron gawped, looking between Hermione and Harry like they’d been keeping some great secret from him. “Did you know that, Harry?”

“Yeah,” Harry nodded at him slowly, clearly taken aback by his ignorance, “it’s been months, Ron. I thought it was obvious.”

First Ron’s gaze, then all three, shifted to the room across the hall, where the men in question stood together just inside the doorway. The pair stood very close, heads bowed as they murmured to each other so that their foreheads almost touched. As they spoke Remus unfolded his arms and laid a hand tenderly on Sirius’ forearm, his thumb dipping under the cuff of his rolled-up sleeve. A brief glint of light bounced off the modest gold band which adorned his fourth finger, comfortably, like it belonged there. And there was something in the way they looked at each other; a kind of intensity, almost a fierceness, that was always present when they looked at each other, but never at anyone else.

Suddenly, Remus’ speech cut off mid sentence, and as if he sensed the three pair of eyes now intruding on his conversation he looked up. For just a moment he seemed to colour slightly, before he sent the door closed with a quick wave of his hand.

“Blimey,” said Ron, who had the decency to look somewhat shamefaced, at least.

Harry leant over and nudged him in the ribs.

“I hope you can learn the difference between best mates and married,” he told him, with as much severity as he could muster while trying not to laugh. “Or we might have a bit of a problem here.”

In the room across the hall, with the sound of laughter on the other side of the door, Sirius and Remus quietly kissed one another goodnight.

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It's really helpful that you made a trait tutorial but your theme makes it really hard to read for me. Do you think you'd mind making a copy of it without the read more? So I can reblog it to mine and be able to read it better?

Hello! Yes, yes, I agree my theme makes this post, and every other post for that matter, pretty hard to read. I plan on changing it very soon! If you are having problems seeing the images, I don’t know what to say. Hopefully this will make them show up a bit bigger, but since this isn’t a normal post their is no way for you to enlarge them. Maybe try zooming in and hopefully the image won’t be too blurred out that you can’t see. :(

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any more questions, just ask!!

Trait Tutorial

Make sure you are using the latest mod constructor by @zerbu. You can download that Here.

After downloading

I suggest making a folder to put the downloaded WinRAR ZIP file into. Once you unzip the file, look for the Constructor2 Application.

Making the Trait

Open the application. Enter your creator name and your mod name. When you finish, press “Create Mod”.

On the top bar, click “Create Resource”. Select, “Buff/Trait” and click “!!Create Trait”. Then enter a resource name and press “Create Resource”.

Once the new resource comes up it should look like this. Make sure the “Create Trait” box is checked. Set the “Trait Simdata” to personality (only if you are making a personality trait, but for now I’m sure that is what you want to do). Add a “Trait Name”, “Trait Icon”, and “Trait Description”. Change the “Trait Category” to whatever of the four options you would like, based on what it does (Emotional, Hobbies, Lifestyle, or Social).

Adding Whims

If you would like to have whims that correlate to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Whims” subcategory. Next to “Trait Whims”, click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be categories where you can find pre-existing whims. On the right, you can select as many whims as you would like (and you can always add more). These whims will randomly appear ever once-in-a-while. You can click the “Select” button when you have all the whims you would like. In the “Reason” category type, “(From Trait Name)”.

Adding Special Effects

If you would like to add special effect to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Special” subcategory. You can check any of the four options (Immortal, never aging, etc.) and you can also add an effect that changes the way your sims will talk if they have this trait. There are also four options for this (Normal, alien, reaper, and ghost).

Changing how a sim’s needs will increase or decrease.

If you would like to change how quickly a sim’s need will decays or how quickly they will increase when using your trait, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Needs” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Needs” tab. You can select “Need Decay Rates” or “Need Increase Rates”. “Need Decay Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will decay. “Need Increase Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will increase. For example, under “Need Decay Rates”, a trait about never being bored could have the “Fun” slider almost at zero, that way their fun would go down much slower than other sims’.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples below. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim’s skills will be effected.

If you would like to change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a skill, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Skills” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Skills” tab. You can select “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”. Under the “Skill Gain” tab you can change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a new skill. Under the “Effective Skill” tab you can change the effect of actions related to a skill. For example, increasing the cooking effective skill level will result in better quality food. Under each of these tabs there is a third set of seven subcategories that have every type of skill in the sims 4. Change the slider to effect the “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples above. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim acts by themselves

If you would like to change how a sims acts autonomously, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Autonomy” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Autonomy” tab.

Commodities (Pictured above)

This option allows you use autonomy settings from other traits and buffs. For example, if you use the Active trait, sims will autonomously preform actions that an Active sim would normally do, such as doing push-ups or working out. Next to the “Commodities” box click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be three categories for you to choose from (”Traits”, “Emotions”, and “Needs”). On the right you can select the pieces you want your trait to showcase. Once you have done this you can press the “Select” button.


“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of a need using this option. For example, setting the hunger slider to a higher value should cause Sims to autonomously eat more.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount. 

Trait Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will preform interactions related to a particular trait here. If the trait’s commodity is not added in “Commodities”, it will only take effect if the Sim ALSO has that trait, or another custom trait that does add it.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Emotion Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of an emotion using the option.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Changing how Sims will increase or decrease relationships

If you would like to change how a sim’s relationship will be increased or how it will decrease, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Relationships” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Relationships” tab. You can select “Relationship Increase” or “Relationship Decrease”. “Relationship Increase” effects how good sims are at making relationships (”Friendly”, “Romantic”, or “Mischief”). “Relationship Decrease” effects how quickly a sims will be disliked if the preform mean interactions. This does not change how quickly a sim will loose their relationships naturally. You can move the slider to your preferred amount.

Using the “Loots”, “Broadcasters”, and “Proximity” tabs for making buffs

These tabs allow you to add buffs that make your sims feel a certain way. For example, when using the Goofball trait, your sims can randomly become playful. Check below for a wonderful tutorial by Zerbu.

How to export traits and put them in your game

Once you have finished making your trait and adding all the parts you want, you will need to export your trait. Navigate to the “Export Package” button in the top left corner. Export the trait to your desired location. Then, move it into the sims 4 mods folder. It should the appear in game. You should always test your mods, in case you find any problems.

For some extra help, try looking at these tutorials.

I hope I could help, and if you still have any questions, Ask!!


yesterday, i was out at this waterfall with my best friend, Liz, and I was telling her about this book I’m reading because it’s been helping me apply my yoga practice off the mat and into daily situations through peaceful actions. (Of course, Im not a violent person, never have been.) And we also sat down and meditated right next to this waterfall, where the sound of the crashing water helped me lose my sense of “self” and connected me to just being in the Here and Now. I felt like my personal Light blended with the waterfall, and the ground I was sitting which brought me to a new level of connection with Nature. I felt at home just as I feel at home when Im in my lover’s arms. And I’m excited to get back on track with my spiritual practice and start to let loose again.

Fantasy is not the opposite of reality: it is what plugs the void in our being so that the set of fictions we call reality are able to emerge. The Real is rather the primordial wound we incurred by our fall from the pre-Oedipal Eden, the gash in our being where we were torn loose from Nature, and from which desire flows unstaunchably. Though we repress this trauma, it persists within us as the hard core of the self. Something is missing inside us which makes us what we are, a muteness which resists being signified but which shows up negatively as the outer limit of our discourse, the point at which our representations crumble and fail. Lacan’s infamous ‘transcendental signifier’ is just the signifier which represents this failure of representation, rather as the phallus for psychoanalysis represents the fact that it can always be cut off. The Real is what cannot be included within any of our symbolic systems, but whose very absence skews them out of shape, as a kind of vortex around which they are bent out of true. It is the factor which ensures that as human subjects we never quite add up, which throws us subtly out of kilter so that we can never be identical with ourselves. It is a version of Kant’s unknowable thing-in-itself, and what is ultimately unknowable is Man himself. The Real is desire, but for Lacan, so Zizek argues, more specifically jouissance or ‘obscene enjoyment’. This enjoyment, which sounds rather less suburban in French, is a sublimely terrifying affair. It is the lethal pleasure of what Freud calls primary masochism, in which we reap delight from the way that the Law or superego unleashes its demented sadism on us. Enjoyment, Lacan maintains, is the only substance which psychoanalysis recognises, and it is also Zizek’s unwavering obsession. Like Schopenhauer’s Will, it is a brute, self-serving affair, as devoid of meaning as the American waiter’s mechanical injunction:‘Enjoy!’ Like the waiter, the Law instructs us to enjoy, but does so in curiously intransitive mood: we are just to reap gratification for its own sake from the superego’s crazed, pointless dictats. In The Sublime Object of Ideology, Zizek sees ideological power as resting finally on the libidinal rather than the conceptual, on the way we hug our chains rather than the way we entertain beliefs. At the root of meaning, for both Freud and Lacan, there is always a sustaining residue of non-sense.
—  Terry Eagleton — Enjoy! - Vol. 19 No. 23 · 27 November 1997.

:) - @cleverdame

Lord, George… that tongue?! Color me inspired.

“We gettin’ drunk tonight?” You shed your - well, Sam’s - flannel and pulled your hair up into a messy bun before toeing off your boots.

“Oh. Um, sure.” Sam shrugged.

“What’s the matter, Sammy? Don’t wanna get me drunk? Afraid I might do something stupid?” You smirked as you shimmied out of your skinny jeans.

Sam averted his eyes from you, coughing and clearing his throat when he saw your light pink panties. Why the hell did you do this to him? More often than not, you literally forced him to look at your half-naked body. And when you weren’t stripping in front of him, you were wearing his clothes. He didn’t know which was worse.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower. You think on it, ‘kay?” You winked and turned on the shower without shutting the door all the way. 

Sam tried with all his might not to watch you through that little opening in the door, but damn if he didn’t want to see you bare in front of him. His eyes took you in as you reached back and unhooked your bra, then let it fall to the floor in front of you. Your thumbs hooked into your waistband and dragged the pink lace down your legs. Stepping out of them, you pushed back the shower curtain and stepped under the hot spray.

“Meet you at the bar!” Sam called, not really caring if you heard him.

Once he got outside, he sent you a text letting you know where he’d gone just in case you didn’t hear him. His long legs carried him to the closest bar. He got inside and sank down into a stool at the end of the bar, making sure to save the one next to him for you. 

“Whiskey please.” He gave the bartender a closed-mouth smile.

As soon as the glass was in front of him, he tossed it back and ordered another. You walked in as his second glass was put in front of him. Your hair was still wet, cascading around your shoulders in loose, natural waves. You had no makeup on. In fact, the makeup you’d had on before you shower was smudged under your eyes, but damn if you were the most beautiful woman in that bar to Sam. 

“Hey,” you said casually, sitting on the stool next to him.

“Yeah, hey.” He grunted.

“What’s wrong?” You slid your hand around his glass and took a tiny sip.

Sam didn’t miss how your lips wrapped around the rim of the glass.

“Fuck. Nothing.” He shook his head, trying to ignore the twitch in his pants.

Once you set his glass back down, he picked it up, pressed his tongue against it, sealed his perfect pink lips around the edge, and threw his head back, swallowing down the rest of the whiskey.

“C’mon Sammy, talk to me.” You laid your hand on his knee.

He jumped at the contact.

“Jesus! Why do you do that?” He pushed your hand away.

“Do what, Sam?” You pulled back, surprised at his angry tone.

“You get undressed in front of me, you touch me when you don’t need to, you wear my clothes.” He tugged on the sleeve of the flannel you’d stolen from his duffel bag back in the room.

“It’s about time you asked. Jeez, took you long enough.” You huffed, gripping his knee again, spinning him to you as you stood and stepped between his thighs.

He looked at you with a look of pure shock on his face. You pushed yourself up, holding your entire body weight on his thighs, stretching up and kissing him deeply. His hands held your sides, lifting you into his lap.

“Not here.” You spoke against his soft lips.

Sam dug in his back pocket and tossed some cash on the bar before literally dragging you out of the bar and back to the motel room. That was the night you’d both secretly been waiting for, the night that Sam fucked you into oblivion before slowing down and making love to you more slowly and passionately than any man ever had, the night that acted as the beginning of the rest of your lives.

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does anyone ever just randomly imagine what the vampire chronicles would be like with everyone as the opposite sex

literally there wouldn’t be much difference cause sex means nothing to vampires, so they’d probably all have the same mindsets—bUT AESTHETICALLY, IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME. (not to mention the societal issues that would have to be confronted but lol let’s not right now, im tired)

You would have two beauteous, lovely ladies capable of slaying my already meaningless existence. One with curled, ink-like hair just above the ears—because she had shorn it off, haphazardly and in grief, with a set of rusty scissors in the aftermath of her sibling’s “suicide.” Her eyes that implore always, green as green never was, green so dark it’s almost black*, add and finalize the nonconventional beauty of her countenance and form.

And the other woman—from her lofty height she peers, eyes a hue unseen, that could pass for blue, gray, and even violet. Her hair is long, and she is proud of it; it makes up for the shorter woman’s lack of tresses. It is also a mass, curled loosely by nature, and bounces with every stride taken. It is golden, and were it not for the woman’s ghastly white visage, it would be reminiscent of home and mothers and warmth and security and perfection and love. She would be what Claudia could have been, had she been allowed to age. What with her Rapunzel-hair, white-lashed and wide eyes, button nose and full lips, she is the goddess in all those classic, oil paintings.

Between these two ladies so diametrical of face and mind, is the bond that ties them. A little boy, hair like his mother’s; golden and free and bouncing. His cheeks are round and red from so much blood—same as his rounded limbs and belly. He is dressed like a small gentlemen, is the ideal, well-behaved son all ladies wish their sons to be. He never shouts or squirms, and is an absolute delight in his small splendor.

*In “Merrick,” Merrick is described as having light green eyes by David; in contrast, Louis’s eyes were a much darker variant of the color.

and yeah there’s more but im lazy and of course i wanna draw it but don’t have time

9.06:  I failed at being an angel. Everything I ever attempted came out wrong. But here … at least I have a shot at getting things right.

(technically I’ve come back around to a point near where I started this rewatch project a few months ago, but of course things in s12 have also come a long way… I don’t even recall when I started making formal rewatch notes, but I know I only started TAGGING these post when it looped back to s1… so here you go, have some wild comparisons to where we stand after 12.21…)

CASTIEL: It’s a fever, Ephraim. It will pass.
EPHRAIM: You remember my name? I was just a nobody when we met, but you – you were a legend. You’ve been here before. This is my first time, and it’s … intense.
CASTIEL: You know, there’s a lot you don’t understand about humanity at first. If you would just stop—
EPHRAIM: Stop? I won’t stop … until I wash the planet clean of all suffering.

It struck me that Ephraim had a very similar ideology to the nephilim, with far less power to influence people.  Ephraim’s solution to end suffering was to end the person’s life, while the nephilim’s is to remove the source of their suffering…

Ephraim had come to fix Cas’s soul-deep EMOTIONAL SUFFERING in 9.06, just as he’d “cured” the other humans who’d been suffering from emotional pain in that episode (interestingly enough all were emotional wounds caused by broken hearts, failed love, the pain of loneliness.

DEAN: Yeah, but this last victim was not suffering. She was just a normal, moody kid.
CASTIEL: But he just got here. The ebb and flow of human emotion – Dean, I’ve been on earth for a few years, and I’ve only begun to grasp it. To him, pain is pain.

Meanwhile we also learn that Abaddon is playing fast and loose with the natural order, collecting human souls before their contracts with Hell have come due. From where we are in s12, I think it’s more of a problem than just Crowley’s “business ethic” that keeps him from breaking deals and just taking human souls to fuel Hell’s power with. Everything in due course, you know? Otherwise MAKING a deal in the first place would upset the natural order. The balance is in the fulfillment of the terms of the deal itself.

CASTIEL: Do you really think you’re doing Heaven’s work down here?
EPHRAIM: I know I am.
CASTIEL: Well, you’re wrong. Earth can be a hard place. But these humans, they can get better. They’re just doing the best they can.
EPHRAIM: Is that what you think you’re doing, Castiel – the best you can? Well, I’m sorry. But if this is the best that the famed Castiel can do, you’re a more urgent case than I thought. I used to admire you. You failed more often than you succeeded. But at least you played big.

Thing is, the nephilim is powerful. It doesn’t need to kill people in order to take away their suffering. But it also doesn’t understand that not all suffering is bad. It serves a purpose. And despite his current suffering, Cas would ALWAYS choose to live:

EPHRAIM: Shh-shh-shhh. It’ll be over soon. I’ll take the pain away.
CASTIEL: I want to live.
EPHRAIM: But as what, Castiel? As an angel? or a man?

and there we have the origin of my Cas vs humanity tag…

But he’s been learning this FOR YEARS at this point, Ephraim is “new” to this lesson. Remember 4.22 (and heck I have made this comparison so many times now):

DEAN: Destiny? Don’t give me that “holy” crap. Destiny, God’s plan… It’s all a bunch of lies, you poor, stupid son of a bitch! It’s just a way for your bosses to keep me and keep you in line! You know what’s real? People, families – that’s real. And you’re gonna watch them all burn?
CASTIEL: What is so worth saving? I see nothing but pain here. I see inside you. I see your guilt, your anger, confusion. In paradise, all is forgiven. You’ll be at peace. Even with Sam.
DEAN: You can take your peace… and shove it up your lily-white ass. ‘Cause I’ll take the pain and the guilt. I’ll even take Sam as is. It’s a lot better than being some Stepford bitch in paradise. This is simple, Cas! No more crap about being a good soldier. There is a right and there is a wrong here, and you know it.


So I say again, in what universe would Cas EVER turn his back on this? In what universe would Cas EVER surrender to destiny as easily and completely as he did to whatever vision of the future the nephilim showed him?


He was willing to DIE in 4.22 for this (and he did). He was willing to stand up to Ephraim for it in 9.06. But he still felt responsible for helping Heaven. Or at least helping his fellow angels… even if he was struggling with his identity at that point. And honestly he’s STILL struggling with his identity even now.

He loves the Winchesters, and feels more a part of their family than Heaven, but even so, he still has a sense of duty to his chosen family rather than a sense of true belonging. It’s a fine line of difference, but it’s still there…

EPHRAIM: You say you want to live. But you can’t see what I see. By choosing a human life, you’ve already given up. You … chose … death.

But is choosing a human life really choosing death? It was for Ephraim, who couldn’t understand humanity.

Any time people start fervently talking about a single being as Kelly and eventually Cas began talking about what the nephilim could do for humanity (lift it to its feet!), it rings every alarm bell I have for CULTISH FANATICISM. And I worry…

Again, I’ll say it. NOTHING about how Cas is behaving now at the end of s12 leads me to believe that he is in possession of his free will. Including the fact that he healed Dean. Because that’s how cult leaders make converts. They go after hearts and minds.

Zuho As A Boyfriend

-literally you are so lucky he is a hunk of a boyfriend.

 -meaning he is the type to be very protective in a way where it’s almost kind of sexy and appealing

-for example, his deep but sensual voice just simply saying ‘come here’ when your cold and placing his hands on your waist to bring you to sit on his lap and embrace you, keeping you cozy. Honestly he doesn’t know how attractive that is, but don’t hesitate to show him later in the bedroom.

 -Very dominant in the relationship but loves it when you take charge as well. 

-Very strong headed when it comes to your health. Won’t let you have your way in things like starving yourself, etc. “Baby, you’re going to have 3 regular meals a day, no excuses with me.” 

-is still a child and a dork at heart though. Enjoys going to the arcade or amusement park with you and letting loose. It comes naturally when you’re together. 

-the type to have a lot of face expressions, and even when he’s a dork himself, he will literally tease and act like he is so done with you for doing something extra.

 -However, inside-seeing that dorky part of you just makes him love you even more because you, the love of his life is happy and laughing- and to know that your happy and laughing because of him just makes him so content with everything, he probably couldn’t even describe it into words himself how it makes him feel . 💕 

-whenever he is jealous, he will become a soft giant on the inside, but on the outside he still embodies this sort of naturally protective and sexy attitude/character where he will make sure you know he doesn’t like whatever you did that made him jealous. It never comes off as aggressive or angry though. 

 -goodness, he’s good at making love to you. Doesn’t even try or have to force himself to try new things. He’s just so attracted and in love with you that when the mood is there, he just does what he wants- every-single-time, it’s always euphoric for the both of you.

 -does things for you without you even asking or even thinking of asking and will always place you first before himself. 

 -his ass could be running a marathon with you TIRED AF and if you twisted your leg, he would still be trying to get to the finish line with you on his back. 

-and if he was away somewhere else and gets a call that you were in an emergency situation, he will drop whatever he was doing-idc it was dinner with his mom, he will excuse himself to go to you. (Of course explaining to his mom why is he leaving though, he’s a good son).

 -most likely to cook you breakfast almost everyday, like its just part of his routine, it isn’t even a chore, and most likely to make your bed and clean the house if you were running late and made a mess. Doesn’t even get mad, just nags a bit but still cleans everything up himself.

 -probably the only time he will get mad at you is if you cheated on him or disrespected his family. But thats very unlikely (i hope). 

 -Anyways very husband material. Please never take him for granted because even though he is very patient and just overall wonderful, i don’t think he will settle to be in a toxic/abusive relationship. 

 -Being with him, you will have a wonderful life.

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After a warm shower and a fresh set of underwear, there was no one else around so it didn’t matter, the boys weren’t going to be back for another couple of days, you set about making some food for lunch. Switching one of the old record players you had found in the bucker you danced through the library and into the kitchen and decided that a homemade carbonara and then a good slice of cake would do the job. So on turning the music up you set about your work. 

The music was so loud that two hours later, you hair having dried naturally in loose curls, you didn’t hear the door open as the three boys walked in to see you dancing around the kitchen a contented smile playing on your lips as you did so. “I don’t-” Cas began but Dean, who’s jaw had dropped to hit the floor shook his head and began backing out of the room slowly taking the two others with him. “But-” Cas protested 

“Shh-” Dean muttered pulling them out and letting you live in your own world for once. Being a hunter meant that you didn’t get to be yourself often, and they were not going to ruin the moment. 

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Oh my god please write a drabble for ssh Oikawa in a dress if you have time it would be amazing

Okay, just a quick drabble! because I can’t resist this prompt
Also used @artsytigersol12​’s Oikawa dress design as reference because it’s perfect and I’m obsessed with it - hope you don’t mind! (´ ♡ `)ノ

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