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You call Steve "punk". Have you ever slipped punk clothing into his closet? Does he wear it?

well, he absolutely refuses to wear combat boots. which i find personally offensive, because i wear steeltoe combats almost every day. but steve insists that having tromped across most of europe in steeltoes and only being saved from trenchfoot thanks to the miracle of old-timey science, he will no longer wear combat boots unless theyre the custom ones that go with his cap costume. sorry. uniform. and that since sneakers exist in the future and are, and i quote ‘like walking around with old mrs mckinneys angel cake for shoes, buck, its great’ he will not be wearing boots if he doesnt have to. 

the day we talked him into skinny jeans was pretty great. have you ever seen a dog doing that high-step when you put shoes on them?? he looked like that for the first half hour or so. and then he tried to ‘jog’ up the tower lobby steps, and split his pants open at the crotch. 

it was a good day for the ladies (and some of the gents. you know. the ones who didnt immediately grow inferiority complexes) in the lobby of stark tower. 

it was not a good day for steve rogers. 

putting steve in any kind of plaid just makes him look like a lumberjack, not a punk. so that doesnt work.

steve cant wear black without looking like a vampire, hes so pale. but one time he borrowed my dont-touch-me black leather motorcycle jacket and managed to make that look badass for a little while. and then he let a little girl in central park facepaint a sunflower on his left cheek, which pretty much spoiled and sort of badass look he might have been managing. which wasnt much, because he was still wearing khakis. 



How to loose lead walk your springer.


Position: ZIG ZAG


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@herebelife idk why it won’t let me tag you! Here’s an update on Lily’s heel! We’ve practiced A LOT just initial position and now I’m having trouble teaching her ‘front’ because her default is to automatically swing to my side 😂 she does NOT do anything normally so I had to incorporate a ‘touch’ to get her to be finally straight. She is immensely enthusiastic about this command, as seen by the literal punch!

Also she works for sausage links in this, can you tell?

He’s Taller Than You ♡ Preference

Daniel;  “You’re hot when you’re angry” Daniel chuckled from across the kitchen. You were trying to make yourself some breakfast, something easy and simple but you couldn’t get the bread. “You guys are all just so tall. Could you shrink?” You hissed, as you tried to jump and grab the bread. Daniel just laughed in response, taking a sip of whatever was in his mug. “Daniel James Seavey. If you don’t come over here and get this damn bread for me-” You threatened, as Jack walked into the room. “You better listen to her, she sounds pissed” Jack chimed in, as he put his plate in the sink. “Here You Go” He teased, holding the bread above his head. You folded your arms, just as Daniel finally gave in, and handed you the loaf of bread. “That’s all I asked for” You hummed as you stood on your tippy toes and quickly kissed his cheek before resuming your breakfast.

Jack;  You where finally moving into college with your 4 best friends, and you couldn’t be happier. The only problem being, you where all pretty short, so you had to call Jack in when you had to hang things. “Here?” Jack questioned as he moved the tapestry up higher a little. “Yes, that’s perfect” You beamed, as you handed him a push pin. “Thank’s so much, baby” You beamed as he got off your bed. “Anytime” He smiled as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, you slinging it off. You stood on your tippy toes, trying to reach his cheek, but never being tall enough. “Why do you gotta be so damn tall?” You grumbled, as you tried to walk away. By surprise, Jack grabbed your hand, making you turn around facing him again. “So I can do this,” Jack explained, as he picked you up, instantly connecting your lips when you where up to his level. “You’re such a romantic” You joked, as he set you back on the ground. “You know it” 

Corbyn;  “Is that my shirt” Corbyn questioned as you walked out of the bathroom, brushing your hair. “What?” You questioned, glancing down at the red and black Reckless shirt. “I guess so,” You chuckled as you walked back into the bathroom. You glanced in the mirror, seeing the sleeves go all the way down the your elbows. “I just love the smell, and the feel of your shirts. They’re way more comfortable them mine” You explained as Corbyn walked into to small bathroom you shared. “You don’t have to explain yourself, y/n. I love seeing you in my shirts” He smiled, as he bend down, kissing the top of your head. 

Jonah;  “I’ve been waiting to ride this all day” You smiled as you and Jonah got closer and closer to the ride. Today was your 5 month anniversary and Jonah wanted to do something special, so he requested the day off just to do anything you wanted. You intertwined your hand into his, yours being much smaller then his, but it was perfect to you. “You’ll need to stand against this,” The instructor commanded, as you handed Jonah your bag and stood against the height requirement. “Sorry, honey. You’re a few inches short” He apologized, as you instantly grew angry, hating being short. “Baby, Baby” Jonah called as he tried to catch up to you. “I can’t do anything because I’m to short. I hate it” You sniffled, on the verge of tears. “Baby.” Jonah whispered, as he sat down on a near by bench, and pulled you closer to him. “We can go do something else, we don’t have to stay here” He smiled, trying to cheer you up. “But you spent money for us to come here” You sniffled, as you sat next to Jonah on the bench. “Your happiness is worth more then anything I can buy with money” He gushed, as he pulled you into a hug.

Zach;  “Baby,” You pouted as you came out of the dressing room heels on your feet, and you where still shorter then Zach. Zach let out a loud laugh, as he walked towards you, “I think it’s cute. I love being taller then you.” He complimented, as you sat down and took off the heels. “I hate it. We’re going to the BBMA’s soon, and I don’t want to be that much shorter then you. The pictures are going to look awkward” You grumbled, as you yanked the heels off the ground, and walking back to the dressing room. Coming out minuets later in even taller heels, you loosing your balance every time you walked. “Woah, Woah.” Zach stammered, as he ran towards you, worried clear in his eyes. “Why are you trying on all these tall ass heels?” Zach questioned, as he helped you walk over to a chair. “I just want to be tall” You frowned, for what seemed like the millionth time that day. “I don’t know why, you’re perfect to me” Zach smiled, as he turned your hand over, placing a quick kiss on your hand. “I love you” You giggled, as you kicked the heels off.

a/n: this is my first ever preference, so feel free to tell me if you guys want more! just request, or leave feedback here , xoxo :)

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Headcannons regarding what gets Vanderwood all hot and bothered? Yeah. I'm trash...

Do I have to say how much I like the fact that you’re a trash?

It’s, surprisingly, not too nsfw. Only a little. How did I manage to do it not too nsfw? I don’t know really.


  • Cleaning your damn room
  • Wearing cheetah printed clothes. The thing is that the print on his coat was something quite accidental (the coat was just comfy?), but as he grew attached to it, he finds it something he kind of indentifies with. So wearing the pattern makes you as “his territory”.
  • Wearing really anything “mature”. Dresses perfectly fitting your figure or long, loose ones, high heels, shining earrings with diamonds, elegance itself. You can’t imagine how much it bothers him. Beware that the appropriate place for a dress is on the floor, next to his bed.
  • Touching him. Slightly. Smooth, accidental touches here and there, unnoticeable for anyone else. Even though he’s usually fully clothed, he can feel them. It’s kind of a message for him, so bonus points if you’re in public and you’re the onoly one who understands it. And if you somewhat manage to actually reach his skin… well, even more bonus points!
  • Also, whispering. Things only he can hear. Making him somewhat feel special, that he’s the only one you’re focused on. It’s not something he experiences often. So go for it.
  • Misbehaving. Throwing a can to the ground when he’s cleaning (as long as he’s in the mood, please don’t do it too often), trying to tease him or even dominate, bluntly staring at him when he’s doing something else… But beware, this man is a sadist. For him acting like this is a challenge - and his purpose is to make you submit. He may get violent, he may punish you in the most painful way (sometimes even not sexual). But in the end, you’ll obey him and finally clean your damn room
  • Making him jealous. He hates it, but it works. He doesn’t get jealous easily since he’s pretty considerate, but if you start to ignore him for someone else, he’s done. But guess what, it’s not the safest way to bother him either. So beware, this dog may bite.
  • Dancing. He will literally want to flip you over and do right away if you give him a teasing lap dance and swinging loosely while listening to some old Parov Stelar’s pieces will get him go nut. He really likes the aura of jazz night clubs. But what’s his guilty pleasure? Tango. He’s damn good at it too. It’s erotical, but not vulgar. It’s subtle. And he loves it. Because nothing drives him crazy more than letting his imagination flow~ He’s a damn James Bond in disguise
  • And cleaning your damn room for once
  • Please clean your room

Pairing: Sonny x Reader

Word Count: 932

NSFW! I was talking to @barbabangme the other day and this just kind of happened, so you know it’s smutty. Figured I would share. Enjoy!

You were sat in the back of an Uber with Sonny, on your way home from a fancy dinner party that you were forced to attend earlier in the night. It wasn’t the ideal way to spend your Saturday evening. But, you were looking on the bright side. The food was amazing, which was always a perk. The conversation flowed easily enough, which saved you a fair amount of anxiety that you were beyond thankful for. And not to mention, you both looked absolutely stunning, and you could hardly keep your hands off of each other. He, of course, was wearing a suit. His hair was coiffed to perfection, and you wanted nothing more than to run your hands through it and destroy it. You had never seen another human being look so close to perfection. 

But he thought the same of you. You were wearing a beautiful black dress that hugged your every curve perfectly, and made Sonny’s jaw drop at the sight of you. Your hair was hanging in loose curls, and the heels you has chosen for the night seemed to make your legs go on for days. He could not wait to get the dress off you. The heels, however, could stay.

The ride to your apartment was torture. Keeping your hands to yourself was proving to be beyond difficult. But nonetheless, you made it, and the minute the door to your apartment shut behind the both of you, his lips were on yours. His hands started to roam all over your body, and he was already moaning into your mouth. He was so desperate. He just wanted to be with you, in every way possible. You just looked so beautiful, all night long he couldn’t stop thinking about what he wanted to do to you once in the privacy of your own home. The blue eyed detective wanted you from the moment you stepped out of the bedroom in that damn black dress. But, in that moment, he thought it would look so much better on the floor.

He unzipped the dress, and you let the fabric slide down your torso. When he discovered that you weren’t wearing a bra, he licked his lips and lets out a short groan of satisfaction. You were going to be the death of him, but what a damn good way to go. Sonny pulled the material down and over your hips, and helped you step out of the garment. No panties, either. Fuck, you really were trying to kill him.

Without a word, you take a few steps backwards towards the bedroom. Carisi is frozen, staring after you with his mouth agape. But within a few seconds, he follows, practically running to catch up with you. 

He chases you into the bedroom, and you gently lay back onto the mattress, letting him see every inch of your beautiful body. He hovers over you, staring into your eyes for a moment before kissing you once again. His lips slowly start to trail down your body, nipping and sucking at your skin every so often. He’s just above your belly button, bringing a hand up to caress your breast. He’s being so gentle. He’s kissing lower and lower until he’s directly above your core. You can feel his breath wash over you, and it makes you shiver with delight. And the minute his tongue makes contact with your clit, you’re gone. 

You arch your back, tangling one of your hands in his hair and pulling gently. This only encourages him, causing his tongue to move faster. The detective looks up at you through his lashes, watching for your reaction. You’re already so close, but he pulls away, and you’re about to protest when he plants another needy kiss to your lips.

“Tell me how much you want me. Tell me I’m the only one who can make you feel this good.”

You knew the man had a praise kink, and it was something that you found so insanely attractive. “Dominick, fuck, you make me feel so good. Baby, fuck me, please just fuck me,” you moan, exaggerating each whine that leaves your lips.

He thrusts into you not a second later, keeping his pace slow, but hard and deliberate. There’s so much passion flowing between the two of you, he feels like he’s going to pass out. Every time your hips meet, you almost scream from the pleasure your lover is giving to you. Sonny buries his face into your neck, biting softly at your skin. You can hear little whimpers escape him, followed by louder moans every few seconds. His noises drive you crazy, and you’re so close to the edge. 

You drag your nails down his back, rolling your hips in synch with his thrusting. You’re writhing underneath of him, and you know that he’s close too. “Yes, Dominick, you feel so good inside of me. Oh fuck, I’m so close. Please make me come, please baby.”

That’s all it takes for Sonny to let go, moaning your name as he continues to rock into you through his release. He reaches down to rub your clit, and you’re reaching your high within seconds. He pulls his face from your neck to watch, paying attention to every expression that crosses your face. 

You lay on the bed, completely spent and out of breath. Sonny doesn’t move from on top of you, instead choosing to place his head back into the crook of your neck. You chuckle, running a hand through his disheveled hair as you both try to catch your breath.


#throwback to 7 month old Drewbert practicing loose leash walking (heeling) with his corgdad.

Notice when he looks up and gives his papa all the little glances? Working on that kind of attention and focus is paramount for not only loose leash walking but also if you ever need to redirect your dog away from something unwanted.

#Drewbert #Heelbert #corgi #tbt #throwbackthursday

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Their Dongsaeng
  • Paring: Min Yoongi X Reader
  • Genere: Fluff, Slight Angst (Maybe?)
  • Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Min Yoongi was the king of introverts. Sure, he met thousands of people daily, and sure, he had friends (although a very select few), but for the most part, he managed to stay mysterious; keeping to himself, and rarely letting people know what he was up to in the maze of his mind. 

So he had no place, let alone right, to judge you and your lack of a life.

The mind numbing sound of rain overwhelmed any other noises that lurked through the dark Tuesday night. 

And those noises included the soft, repetitive padding of your bare feet against the sopping concrete, your peach heels gripped loosely in the palm of your hand.

The rain which occupied the night wasn’t the worst to happen that day, in fact, it wasn’t even the cherry on top. The dress that clung to your skin - more than it had when you initially put it on - and your soaked hair that fell aimlessly down your shoulders could actually be called a gift. 

It wasn’t normal for you to find yourself in these situations: ones where you absolutely, whole heartedly regretted every decision you had made, but tonight was an exception. Tonight, you had put logic and common sense to the side, indulging your other senses - the ones you had oh-so-perfectly neglected the entirety of your life. 

You should have known that if Taehyung suggested it, it was probably a bad idea. 


You did know it was a bad idea, but you needed to,’ loosen up,’ and,’ get a life.’ 

At least, that was, according to Min Yoongi. 

A charitable laugh plucked itself from your lips, head gently falling forward as you noted how stupid you were for listening to him, of all people. 

Min Yoongi was the king of introverts. Sure, he met thousands of people daily, and sure, he had friends (although a very select few), but for the most part, he managed to stay mysterious; keeping to himself, and rarely letting people know what he was up to in the maze of his mind. 

So he had no place, let alone right, to judge you and your lack of a life.

But - as usual - if Min Yoongi said it, you took it to heart, and finding yourself in this position due to his words was nothing new. In fact, half the time that you found yourself regretting anything, it was him who had driven you to it.

You probably had no right to blame him though, considering you were in charge of your own actions, and the effect his words had on you landed on your shoulders alone. 

Yoongi couldn’t control the way you felt about him, nor could he predict your willingness to follow what he said like it was gospel.

But still….. he didn’t have to say anything in the first place.

With a heavy sigh, you lifted your gaze from the ground ahead of you, peering around desultorily at your surroundings. The high rising buildings and bright lights which illuminated the streets around you were familiar, more familiar than you’d care to admit. 

Halting your fervent pace, you paused and allowed your eyes to flicker around. Despite your foul mood, you didn’t fail to notice the tranquility encompassing you. Not a soul was out, leaving the sidewalks open for the plants to control, and save for the few cars parked along the side of the street, it was practically deserted.

The rain had slowed dramatically, but the scratch of your soaked dress against your body was becoming noticeably uncomfortable as your ferocity faded, and your feet ached like you had just finished a marathon.

A defeated sigh pulled from your parted lips, and you stalked forward once more. Once again, you found yourself ensnared in his grip, and your body knew where it wanted to go before you had even decided for yourself. 

The dorm complex which BTS lived in was only a few streets up, taking you less than five minutes to walk there before you were slamming your fist on the door impatiently. 

You knew Namjoon would have some clothes for you, and Hoseok would be more than willing to let you share a bed with him (that sweet, innocent angel).

A few seconds passed, the loud stomping which approached the opposite side of the door alerting you to Namjoon’s approach. As expected, the purple haired “God of Destruction” was quick to pull open the door, his sour expression quickly changing to one of surprise as his eyes met your gaze.

“Hey.” You offered meekly, awkwardly waving your hand at the older male. 

“O- Hey (Y/N),” He murmured, reaching his hand up to scratch the back of his neck,” I didn’t know you were coming over today. Tae didn’t-” 

“Yeah, I wasn’t planning on it,” You quickly explained, suddenly eager to get inside as the moist air around you quickly approached insufferable,” but I went out with some friends, and it kind of turned sour so… here I am.”

Namjoon pulled his lips down in a frown, his eyes conveying his sympathy as he stepped to the side,” Alright, get in here dongsaeng.” His voice had a light tease to it as he spoke while you hurried past him,” I’ll get one of my sweaters for you, and a pair of pajama bottoms. Just go wait in the living room, ‘k?” 

“Got it.” You called softly over your shoulder, already booking it towards the living room before you abruptly paused. 

“Joonie?” You asked, reeling around to look at him just as he started up the stairs,” who’s all up?” 

For some reason - the reason that you would take to your grave - your heart began to pick up, the rapid beating of it pounding in your ears while you waited anxiously for his response.

He stared at you for a moment, quirking his head to the side thoughtfully,” Tae, Jimin, Yoongi, and Jungkook. Jin and Hoseok already went to bed.” 

Guess I won’t be sleeping with Hobi then…

“Alright,” Relief edged in your voice as you spoke,” thanks, Joonie.” 

He nodded,”Of course dongsaeng, I’ll be right back.” 

With a soft sigh, you turned around and started down the hall once more, migrating to the right as the wall ended, revealing the living room. 

Jimin, Tae, and Jungkook were all seated on the gray, U-shaped couch that adorned the living room, its back facing towards you while the TV sat ahead of it, in a large, black entertainment center. Their feet were propped up on the coffee table just a few feet in front of the couch, with various snacks and drinks scattered along the expanse as well. 

Further to the left, on the part of the couch which shifted into a ‘U’ and pressed against the wall, sat Yoongi, who was flicking through his phone with disinterest written across his face.

The idol was wearing a black turtleneck sweater, his nose and chin nestled into the upper part of the shirt cozily, while he wore a pair of loose fitting gray joggers for his bottoms. Yoongi’s hair was disheveled, his bleached blonde locks sticking up haphazardly in places as though he had just woken up from a nap, yet the bags that clung under his eyes and the deepened frown he wore made it unlikely. 

You hated seeing him like that, so tired and worn.

Tearing your gaze from the male, you approached the boys, alerting them to your presence with the soft clearing of your throat. Jungkook was the first to jump up after seeing you, racing to your side,” Noona!” He cried, distressed at your current state. The boy’s concern made you smile slightly,” What happened?”

“Nothing,” You replied, nestling into Jungkook’s warmth as he tugged you into a hug,” I walked here, and it was raining.” 

“So… you’re not crying?”

It wasn’t until then that you had realized the state your makeup must be,” No. Kookie, can you grab me some makeup wipes or something? I must look like a disaster.” 

The younger boy nodded frantically, pulling away from you before racing towards the stairs which Namjoon had disappeared up. Two of the three boys left in the room eyed you, Jimin with a slight concern in his gaze while Tae was smirking,” You look like you had fun.” 

You offered a thin lipped smile, casting your friend the best ‘ I Hate You’ face that you could muster while maneuvering around the couch,” Oh yeah,” You quipped, your voice short as agitation brewed in you once more over the events of the night,” it was great. I went out with some friends, paid for our drinks - didn’t even get to drink mine, mind you - and got us into a club, only to get ditched.” 

“And?” Tae pressed, eyebrows furrowing. 

“Well, said friends were the ones with the car, so I walked to the closest place I could find. I would have called a taxi to take me home, but I left my purse in my friend’s car.” 

A charitable laugh flooded through Taehyung’s lips while he twisted himself back towards the TV, hunching over while clutching his stomach as if your plight was the funniest thing he had ever heard. 

You allow a soft shake your head while shifting your gaze away from the hysterical boy, rolling your eyes at his enjoyment of your struggle.

Even still, you were happy he acknowledged the issues which burdened you - unlike Yoongi who hadn’t spared you more than a glance the entirety of your stay. A mild part of you was concerned that maybe he was mad, but as you wracked your brain for things you could have possibly done, you came up empty.

Maybe he just doesn’t care…

A delicate, yet worn sigh fell from your lips, as you turn, glancing down the hall, towards the stairs,” What’s taking them so long?” 

“Don’t know,” Tae responded, disinterest suddenly drenching his words while you forced your stiff arms to coil around you, the cold of the rain finally registering through your frayed mind.

“Tae~” A pout washes across your face, and you look at the male behind you, whom already seems defeated as you cast him puppy eyes,” please go get me something to wear, or at least make them hurry up. I’m starting to get cold.”

After sparing a reluctant glance to Jimin, Tae heaved himself from the comfort of the couch, gesturing for the older (yet mentally younger) male to follow,” Please Hyung,” He begged, offering a slight whine with his statement,” help me, help our, dongsaeng.” 

You can’t help but shoot Tae a glare, despite the harmlessness of the nickname, while Jimin shuffled up from the couch, a high pitched moan of dispair falling from his lips as he trots behind Tae towards the stairs. 

And then it’s just you two. 

An awkward silence permeated throughout the living room, your eyes falling on the last figure in there as you struggle to find your words. 

“Yoongi,” You softly croaked, the male’s eyes breaking from his phone to meet your gaze,“… how are you?“ 


He offered a shrug but nothing more, flickering his eyes back to his phone as soon as a few moments pass. 

"Oppa,” You tried again, your voice wavering with distress and fatigue.

With a heaved sigh, Yoongi’s eyes crawl to your figure,“ What is it, dongsaeng?”

You flickered your gaze around the room, trying to find something to say before your eyes land on the blanket rested at Yoongi’s feet. 

“Can I use that blanket?" 

His gaze followed yours, falling on the same fuzzy red throw that you had found your salvation in,” Mm. I don’t care. It’s not gonna help you get warm though.“ 


Throwing his head back, Yoongi quirked an eyebrow at you, his eyes raking your figure,” You’re soaking wet, (Y/N), and that blanket it about an inch thick.“

Offering a shrug, you stalked forward, planting yourself at the end of the couch where Yoongi is rested before leaning over to pick up the blanket - only being stopped by a steel grip clamped around your wrist.

”(Y/N),“ Yoongi said, his voice still flushed with boredom,” just come up and lay with me. I’ll make you warmer than that blanket could, I promise.“ 

A wildfire ripped across your cheeks at his words, lava rising just under the surface of your skin as you nodded to Yoongi in affirmation, your words catching in your throat.

His hand - still curled around your wrist - tugged at you, guiding you up his reclined body until you meet the area where you can sit next to him. With a jerk of his wrist, you came crashing into his body, your face nestled into the warmth of his chest while your legs intertwined themselves with his. 

And he’s right, he makes you warmer than the blanket ever could.

(A/N: Really hoped you guys enjoyed. I’ve always wanted to write one-shots but I just never got around to it. Anyways, now that I’m making this purely devoted BTS blog, I’m gonna be writing a lot more. Requests are welcome, and feedback is appreciated as well!  Also, I know the summary doesn’t really fit the gyst of the story but I suck at summaries so WTF ever. Thanks, lovelies!)

I gave @okaynextcrisis a prompt, and can you believe? She sent it right back to me. So I’m writing in her AU which I love, and hoping to do it justice. Story is here. Prompt: Same time, next week?

She kept an eye on her watch throughout dinner, mindful that she was on borrowed time. Any minute now her phone would ring, and Richard would be asking just where in the hell she was while he was suffering through Delegate Umbriel’s reception alone. As alone as the president of the Twelve Colonies could be, anyway.

Well, she didn’t get paid enough for what she’d already gone through today, and she sure as hell didn’t get paid enough to deal with Richard trying to “sneak away for a private chat” during the reception. If he told Melinda to stay home so that he wouldn’t suffer through his wife’s company, that was his problem. If Laura wanted to take an hour to have some damn fine noodles with one of the Colonies’ finest, she was well within her rights to do so.

Besides, she’d been standing on her feet for a good six hours at that point, and she was starving. Even for a man as distinguished as Delegate Umbriel, the Colonial budget office wouldn’t spring for anything more substantial than wine, cheese and crackers at his memorial reception. If she was going to tolerate more pomp and circumstance, she needed actual food.

She wouldn’t say no to the company, either.

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that’s so not punk, scully | play | txf college au

“her eyes, ever in nothing but starlight, flashed that fine seventeen-year-old scorn. then she fixed the gleam on me…in a serious way that made her a funny mixture of a really grown up woman and a little girl play acting, probably with mother’s loose clip-clopping high-heeled shoes and a feather boa, a serious way that made her both older and younger than she was ” – rpw // atkm

/// a punk scully playlist ///

First Smile In A Long While - George Weasley Imagine (Requested)

Request: Imagine making George smile for the first time after the war.

((Enjoy it my lovely!))

h/n = House at Hogwarts


Forsaken joke boxes and deserted dreams absorbed the tiled flooring of the infamous “Weasley Wizard Weezes”. The numerous spiral staircases positioned in diagonal patterns along the shop, were painted multiple times with exorbitant colors varying form lime green to a rich cherry red, and each stair bar being coated over with another lavished color. The shop that was once, not too long ago, echoing with laughter and bright smiling faces, was now known for its sad and empty vibes since the tragic day the owner had lost his brother, his best friend the humor filled Fred Weasley.

When May passed, Weasley Wizard Weezes fell deep in a way mirroring the owner’s dark depression. George Weasley debated on putting in the effort to clean their beloved shop back up, trying to make something out of Fred’s death. But it didn’t feel right. Weasley Wizard Weezes was their dream. Theirs. Not George’s, not Fred’s, not Molly Weasley’s or Arthur Weasley, the dream of the joke shop and the shop itself was the twins. No one else’s. They worked for it day and night skipping homework sessions at school (not like either of them minded missing that) to perfect their special homemade trick and treats. Although a few were credited to George’s girlfriend, y/n. She was sorted into h/n her first year and grew insanely close to both the twins. Her fourth year she began to develop a deeper relationship with George and later that year they were as close as two peas in a pod, seeming as Fred had nearly forced George to ask the poor girl out.

After Fred passed away, George had asked y/n to help him and co own the shop which she of course took. Besides, she was already working with them the only difference was she never had an official title but they were grateful for her.

The thumping sound of rain splattering on the side walk entered the blank bland shop. y/n sat slouched over a table working her way through a pile of bills and paperwork an illuminating candle being her only source of lighting. The rain gave her comfort and despite the chilly breeze, she refused to shut the parted window. An exhausted and weary eyed George sat directly across from her hands deep in a stack of untested and failed experiments trying to calculate and figure out what went wrong. His face was long and dead beat and a bone dry coffee cup in front of him told y/n everything she needed to know. Silence filled the cracks between them and y/n took a break from the endless paperwork to study George’s features.

Things about him had changed… scratch that, everything about George Weasley had changed over the last three months. His usually permanent edged on goofy smile was replace with a strict straight line formed by his pale lips. His fiery hair also grew less vivid and his bones were more visible than ever before. The one aspect of his that didn’t alter was one of emotions rather than physical appearance and that was his burning love for y/n. Although he dramatically showed it less, which she understood, George still felt the same breath taking passion for her that he did the first day the two met. He was in love with the way she fought to stay by his side and how she could so easily pick him up from defeat. He adored her determination and respected her for all she had sacrificed in order for the couple to stay together. George was madly in love with y/f/n but he no longer had access to the energy her once owned with such arrogance. George no longer told her funny jokes; he didn’t make her breakfast in bed (quite frankly he had honestly forgotten how to crack an egg), he forgot the reason behind laughing, he dismissed the thought of kissing her because he was scared she’d no longer feel the spark and leave, but most importantly George Weasley had forgotten the simplicity of reminding the over worked girl just how much he loved and cared for her. George had forgotten but y/n hadn’t.

His smile was tattooed into her memory, his touch, his kiss, his loving words, his jokes, and his laughed they were all there in her mind but it had been forever since she witnessed them in person. Yes, y/n was greatly in love with the George but she missed the old George Weasley.

“y/n, darling. Can you go look in the box labeled ‘Taxes’ on my desk upstairs for a sheet of paper explaining all of our rights and ownership to the building. I believe the inspection unit is sopping by late afternoon tomorrow and I want to make sure things are somewhat organized…” George dull mumbled trailing off into oblivion, actually more like folders on top of folders. y/n jumped at his sudden voice joining into play. Astonished still at his request, she hastily nodded her head pushing away from the make do desktop she made for herself, standing up tall and maneuvering around the table.

In short timing, y/n skipped up the stairs then bounded back down with a folder tucked nicely under her arm, setting in front of a stressed George whom bided her a unspoken ‘thank you’ by shaking his head. But as y/n spun on her heel, her loose baby blue sweater George’s mother Molly had knitted for her two Christmas’ ago, caught hold of a mountain high stack of boxes that immediately came tumbling down. They hit the floor with a rough smack and all y/n could do was stumble backwards with her hand over her mouth. Papers scattered the floor and quills flew across the floorboard. Joke boxes popped open sending small frogs, butterflies, snails, and mice running away in opposite directions.

Before George had any time to react a tidal wave of apologies rushed out from y/n’s mouth.

“Oh my god, George! I am so sorry, I had no idea those were right there and if I did I certainly wouldn’t have knocked them over! That really wasn’t intentional and I hadn’t even noticed them earlier, because if they were there I-“But an unfamiliar sound cut her off. It was recognizable, a long time ago the sound would’ve been a natural feeling. This, this wasn’t normal it was out of the ordinary and in a way comforting. Like a warm welcome home after a long journey.

George Weasley sat hunched over his desk, yet this time his eyes weren’t glued onto a stupid sheet of paper, no. This time, tears were streaming from them but the good kind. These were tears from laughing too hard, these were the best kinds of tears, the kind people actually enjoyed letting out. George was doubled up in laughter and y/n wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Should she join in the laughing session or did she clean up the mess and see if he was okay. Wait, why would she see if he was okay? It was months since he last even cracked a smile so why ruin the moment. Without thinking and completely letting herself go, y/n joined in the fun and giggled along with her boyfriend like a manic. After a while, they settled down and sat in a peaceful tranquility. George was the first to break it as he gave y/n a side glanced,

“You’ve got a beautiful laugh and a perfect smile, my love.” y/n blushed at the statement ducking her head down low as George moved away from his desk and took a seat next to her on the floor.

“Shut up. Anyways it’s nothing compared to yours. It’s been far too long since you’ve given a real smile. I miss it some much, I miss you.” George sighed sadly. He had tried so hard to be happy around her. He wanted her to think he was okay, that everything was fine when in reality the world was collapsing around him and all he could do was stare blankly.

“y/n… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed you so far away. I just thought everything would work out better if I kept you out of it and acted alright.” He admitted mournfully and extremely guilty.

“Don’t be George! You acted the same way anyone else in your position would’ve and nothing was your fault. You’ve been so strong for far too long, love.” George’s hand reached up, brushing her cheek lightly. She was so delicate and breakable like a glass doll and he wasn’t about to let her break into a million tiny pieces.

Acting on emotions, George leaned forwards swiftly attaching their lips in passion. Y/n lost herself in the moment and pulled him closer to her by the collar of his shirt. They stayed connected for a few more seconds, and then pulled away resting their foreheads against each other, hands interlocked.

“I love you, princess. Thank you for everything.”


- Daizy xxx


Sol - Norse Goddess of the Sun

Sol and her brother came into this world radiant, glorious beings. So enamored with them, their father arrogantly named each after a sacred heavenly body, he for the moon and she, the sun. As they grew, each child proved their namesake. Mani, of the moon, was contemplative, obedient, calm. Sol, conversely, became willful, spirited, passionate. His children were everything a father could dream, but Odin and his ilk were not pleased. For their father’s hubris, Mani and Sol were punished.

To the sky, they were sent, each to lead the chariot that dragged the sun or the moon. At their heels were loosed the bloodthirsty sons of Fenrir. Hungry wolves, relentless in pursuit of their prey.

Resigned, Mani guided his steeds through the night, ever ahead of his hunter, but Sol did not accept her fate. Furious at the Gods, she taunts and challenges the wolf Sköll as she blazes across the sky, unleashing her spite on the only opponent she can reach.

Odin has never shown signs of regret for his decision, but now war is upon the land. His attentions are turned. Sol, normally confined to her chariot has found a way to send her flaming essence to the battlefield. To the casual observer, the combat, the bloodshed, may all seem just a game to Sol, but she is driven by an age old grudge and a desire to be free.

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smarty-paws  asked:

Idk if you're the right person to ask (maybe post this publicly so others can give their thoughts too) but I'm wondering how to go about teaching a dog to stay off counters and a default "leave-it." I feel like I've tried everything at this point and made little to no progress :/ (tips on heel/loose leash would be nice as well)

Well if you want help with loose-leash walking, I’m definitely the wrong person for that, lol. I can train many fancy things but when it comes to LLW I’m basically a trash trainer who kinda sucks at it.

As far as counter-surfing, first thing is definitely management. There cannot be anything available the dog wants to grab. Inconvenient probably, but the first step in changing a behavior is preventing it from being rewarded.

Default “leave it”, definitely Susan Garrett’s ItsYerChoice game. It is all about teaching the dog to choose (hence the name) to do what we want, rather than being told to do what we want. Because self-control is much more powerful than human-imposed control. Susan is in the middle of another advertising blitz for her Recallers course, so I think she has some free ItsYerChoice videos floating around.

There is also an online course at Fenzi Academy about impulse control coming up October 1 and looks like exactly what you’re looking for. And judging by the syllabus it is probably very similar if not the same as ItsYerChoice, and how to progress ItsYerChoice-style training beyond the initial games that Susan shows for free. Link to the course here.