loose eyeshadow powder

Dust Translucent Powder Under Your Eyes to Prevent Fallout

There’s nothing more annoying than creating an amazing eyeshadow look only to realize you have a whole heap of fallout on your cheeks so try this technique!

Step 1. Apply a large amount of loose powder underneath the eyes

Step 2. Apply your eye makeup as usual

Step 3. Allow the loose powder to catch any eyeshadow fallout

Step 4. Dust away the powder with a clean makeup brush

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omg the person who posted that custom made vanity is posting on makeupaddiction bc they don’t know how to apply LOOSE EYESHADOW POWDER and they also said they don’t even use primer for it?  like ???  you customized your house for a vanity that you can barely even use properly?


Givenchy’s Newer Releases: Prisme Libre Reformulation and Ombre Couture Shadows

Prisme Libre

Givenchy’s relaunched its distinctive quadrangled Prisme Libre loose powder in a newer formulation which is lighter, and more radiant than the previous. But what we love most about it is the fact that there are 4 corrective nude tones that you shake together as one.

However, besides the regular matte nude shades, there is also one special shade, a No 7 Voile Rosé shown above, which is more of an illuminating powder which comes in blush and mother-of-pearl tones to add radiance to the skin.

Aside from these, there’s also going to be a translucent Poudre Premiere, which is Givenchy’s answer to a universal HD powder

Ombre Couture

This isn’t quite as new, since it launched last month, but Ombre Couture is the latest addition to Givenchy’s color range. The shade range might differ from country to country, but in Singapore, there are 9 shades ranging from soft neutrals to deeper smoky tones. 

Of the 4 I received for review, I do have to recommend Blanc Satin and Brun Cachemire for their multi-tasking functionality.

  • Blanc Satin is pearl-white flecks suspended in a translucent base. You can use it as a base, on its own, or as a top coat to add sparkle to regular shadows. 
  • Brun Cachemire might look a bit more dull and boring, but it’s a nice rich chocolate brown that makes a beautiful base to enrich any neutral eye look, and a nice soft brown liner.

There’s also a shade I love wearing all on its own. 4 Bleu Soie is a drop-dead gorgeous sapphire blue with hints of violet. 

The textures are long-wearing, silky smooth and more like a lightweight version of MAC’s Paint Pots than the bouncy mousse-creams from Chanel and Dior.

Have you checked out the range yet?

ELF Studio Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches

ELF Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Innocent Ivory, Golden Goddess, Mystic Moss, Magical Maroon, Passionate Purple, Naughty Noire, Baked Brown, Naturally Nude, Tropical Teal, Breezy Blue

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anonymous asked:

what makeup products would you recommend for a concert, to stay all night !

- a primer
- setting spray (loreal 16 hour is good)
- laura mercier translucent loose powder
- cream eyeshadow bases 
- liquid lipsticks
- waterproof mascara/eyeliner

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could maybe share your method on covering your eyebrows/ making them white, like in your Nagisa cosplay. Thanks!

yup, it’s super easy~~ I use mascara primer (white or clear) and then a loose eyeshadow powder. That’s all I do =).

I also recommend using silvers. white can actually have a pretty hard time showing up in photos sometimes but the silver does the trick perfectly. Both my Mizuki and Kaworu cosplays I used the silver.

You can loose loose eyeshadow or pressed, I prefer loose just because i find it a heck of a lot easier. Just keep in mind there’s a huge price difference, i paid $40-47 for my case of pressed white eheshadow, but you can usually get a case of pressed eyeshadow for under 10 bucks.

NYX sells the most affordable loose eyeshadow I’ve seen so far. The eyeshadow brand I have is make-up for ever professional paris.

But to be honest I don’t regret spending a single penny on it because it works incredibly perfect, the pressed doesn’t work nearly as well or nice (not for my method anyway) But there’s a lot of great youtube tutorials on how to di it. There’s one that I found pretty awesome for different ways to colour your eyebrows =3.


As for COVERING eyebrows technique.  This guy gives two of my favorite options to go with:


Keep in mind these all take a lot of practice if you’ve never done it before. I usually go throguh about 5-7 make-up tests before I get something right or get the make-up to look how I want it too. Hope this helps~!