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hello my babies, hello my honeys, hello my ragtime pals !!  your resident Confirmed Mess red is here and ready to get crackin’ !!  i’m currently playing davey gudgeon ( kj apa fc, a sixth year best known for loosing an eye after a dare involving the whomping willow ), lochlin wood ( thomas doherty fc, furture Dad™ to everyone’s favorite quidditch nerd and much the same himself ), and fillian greyback ( herman tommeraas fc, adopted son of fenrir greyback, currently dealing with his life as an Angry Teenage Wolf )    !!    i’d absolutely love to plot with every single one of you, so smash that little heart and i’ll come scampering into your dms !!

So there’s a moment I’ve been wanting to talk about in Extra Game. There are five seconds left on the clock, Akashi is facing down Nash, and he doesn’t think he can make it.

When Kuroko pops out and steals the ball from behind Nash, thus saving the game:

This moment is interesting to me specifically because of Nash’s power, Demon Eye.

Demon Eye allows Nash to see the whole court and every player with the precision of Akashi’s Emperor Eye (it’s ridiculous and I love it). But what else do we know about Nash’s Demon Eye? Very little – Extra Game was very compressed, and didn’t waste much time explaining it. However, we do know about Akashi’s Emperor Eye.

Now, the showdowns between Akashi and Kuroko are little to none. Akashi doesn’t ankle break Kuroko, and Kuroko doesn’t attempt to use misdirection on him (personally, I always thought it was meant to imply their abilities didn’t work on each other, or weren’t useful). There is, however, one notable exception – the only time we ever see Kuroko steal a ball from Akashi. Kuroko’s Quasi Emperor Eye.

According to the rules established in-universe, the only way Kuroko can steal a ball from Akashi is using QEE; so, in order to do the same to Nash, he must use at least QEE to get the ball. And the only person he could have been using that ability with here was Akashi.

Hence: Kuroko has used Quasi Emperor Eye with two people only – once against Akashi, and once with Akashi. Kuroko is so in tune with Akashi in this moment he’s able to predict his movements faster than Akashi himself can. As the manga put it,

“It’s not something [Kuroko] can use on his opponents. He can only use this on his teammates, with whom he’s devoted so much time to building up trust with. However, it’s because he has that trust… that he can see into the future, an instant farther than even Akashi.”



Tom is your Tom problem.

an entry I did for lil-aptor’s (on steam/twitch) sfm contest! The theme is summer! Just before it’s about to end soon :’)

I really have not much to say, It was a last minute entry so had to hurry asap ;v;

crossing my fingers

Edit: I may need to add that Medic once again tried to put demos eye back…but he’s gonna loose it soon