loose enough for dean to easily slide his hand up sam's thigh

Dream a Little Dream

Title: Dream a Little Dream
Link: AO3
Square filled: Spitroasting
Ship: Demon!Dean x Reader x Soulless!Sam (No Wincest)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: NSFW, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (male and female receiving), threesome, rough sex, unprotected sex
Summary: A threesome with you, Demon!Dean and Soulless!Sam. Need I say more?
Word Count: 1114
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret
Author’s Notes: Written for @spnkinkbingo. Also fulfills #67 Threesome on the 100 Kink List.

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Date Night (Part 9 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy.

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, and Adult Film 101.


Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: Thanks y’all. This series has seen so much love from you, and I appreciate every word. Several more parts to come! And I promise that the next kinks will be worth sticking around for.

You opened your eyes, and all you saw was green. Dean’s face was barely an inch from yours, and he was blinking sleepily, clearly having just opened his eyes as well. You stared at him for a moment, taking in that beautiful green, framed by long lashes, fine lines at the edges that turned into adorable crinkles when he smiled. Your gaze traveled to his freckles, gorgeous constellations across his skin. And his mouth…

Dean stared right back, and you wondered what he was seeing in your face. If he was seeing anything at all.

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CYOSTODA Part 6: Dean Tries to Pick Dare, But Sam Has Other Ideas

Title: CYOSTODA Part 6: Dean Trys to Pick Dare, But Sam Has Other Ideas

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.

Word Count: 14449

Summary:  Things have taken an interesting turn. Dean’s ready for his dare, but Sam has something else in mind. 

Warnings: drinking, sexual innuendo, lots of almost smut

Author’s Note:  I am wrapping up this strain of the game! :-)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s Master Mess

The road so far..

@littlegreenplasticsoldierPart 1

@gemini75eeyorePart 2

@deandoesthingstomePart 3

@rizlowwritessortof​  Part 4

@kayteonline Part 5

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86′ed Chapter 5

Summary: Set between seasons 5 and 6. Dean has lost everyone he cared about. You’re running from your own past and end up working in a diner, where he just happens to stumble in one day.


You dreaded the following week.

You jumped every time the bell above the door jingled.

At one point you saw a similar head of light brown hair and scurried to the kitchen, even though it turned out not to be Dean, and the guy hadn’t even come in. Ellen had laughed, and Frank just shook his head.

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Skin Walker (Dean x Reader pt. 1)

Request: Could you write an imagine where Dean has been in love with the reader from the moment he saw her, but she is seperated from the boys on a case, and a skin walker takes her. (Rest of request is spoilers shhh ;))

A/n: So this is gonna be a 2 part thing instead of just one part, and I have this scheduled and I’m leaving to the airport in 5 hours so I’m gonna sleep, and I’ll write the end of this once I’m home. Expect the rest of Alone also ❤

Words:  3558

Warnings: Blood, angst, fighting, fluff

*Gif credits go to the proper owner*

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anonymous asked:

Can you write weecest where dean has to go on a hunt with john and sam stays at the motel and dean is very worried then sam gets hurt badly then dean tells john he has to go check on sam and when they get there dean blames himself and fluffy sex happens? Thank you in advance!

“Salt? Holy water in your jacket pocket?” Sam questions as he lays on the bed.

“Yes and yes, bitch,” Dean sighs, checking his guns one more time on the motel table.

“Sam, stop questioning Dean. Dean stop calling your brother a bitch,” John says as he walks out the door with a duffel.

Dean finishes with his gun and tucks one into his waistband and puts the other three into his bag.

“Dean,” Sam’s small voice comes from the bed.

He turns around, bag in hand to see Sam sitting at the edge. He takes one look at the door before heading over.

“What’s wrong?” He murmurs, caressing Sam’s cheek.

His younger brother reaches up, kissing him softly. He moans, pressing harder and licking inside his mouth. His hands root themselves in that long, brown hair, pushing Sam’s head forward. His little brother whimpers and his hands wrap around his neck, sucking on Deans tongue.

“Alright, alright. Shit, I gotta go,” Dean breathes, backing up.

“Why the rush?” Sam pants, face red and hair a mess.
“Cause I don’t want to get caught with my tongue down your throat,” Dean responds, picking his duffel up again.

“Dean! Lets get a move on!” Dad yells from outside.

Sam rights himself, fixing his hair and sitting up right.

“Just be careful, Sam. Call if anything, please. I’ll come right back for you,” Dean pleads, kissing his lovers lips once more.

“I will, and you come back alive,” Sam nods.

Dean walks out the door, looking back once to see Sam standing alone.

It was suppose to be five ghouls.

“Dad, where’s the last one?” Dean shouts as he wrestles with the last one.

He shoves the woman to the floor and tries to cut her head off.

“You must be talking about my little girl,” the ghoul smiles.

Dean struggles to bring the machete downward.

“She’s with your son,” she snarls.

Dean cuts her head clean off. He doesn’t wait to get out his phone to call Sam.

“Dad, Dad!” He freaks when Sam doesn’t pick up the phone.

“Kinda busy here,” John grits as he circles the husband.
“The little girl, she’s with Sam, I gotta get Sam,” Dean breathes.

“Better hurry,” the husband laughs.

Dad throws him the keys without taking his eyes off the ghoul. Dean doesn’t look back as he leaves that house.

He skids into the parking lot and jumps out the car without turning it off.

“Sam!” He goes yelling into the hotel room, the door already open.

“Hey,” comes a weak reply, an arm raised from between the beds.

“God,” Dean huffs as he rushes over the body of the little girl at the door.

Sam lays between the space of the beds, a little pale.

“Think I broke my arm,” Sam chuckles as Dean kneels next to him.

He can easily tell its not, just dislocated.

“Dislocated it, baby. Can you sit up for me?” Dean asks softly.

Sam nods and Dean helps him, pulling him up slowly by his good arm.

“Fuck, you’re bleeding on your back,” Dean hisses.
“Can we fix my arm first?” Sam laughs softly, his head on Deans shoulder.

He pops Sam’s shoulder back into place and patches up his cut within an hour. The ghoul gets thrown into a nearby dumpster.

“Where’s Dad?” Sam asks as Dean walks him over to the bed.
“Probably getting a ride to Bobby’s. He said he was going over there after the hunt anyway,” Dean answers as Sam lays down.

His brother just nods, a hand trailing up and down his torso. His arm might be sore for awhile and the gash wasn’t too bad. He watches the blood spot on the floor near the door and thinks about what if he had come in to find Sam dead.

“Maybe we should finish what we started earlier,” Sam is in front of him now, kissing at his neck and hands roaming along his body softly.

“Sam, you’re still hurt,” Dean sighs, holding him by the hips.
“So,” he snorts, nipping along his collarbone and palming Deans growing erection.

Dean slides his hands under the loose, black shirt is wearing to feel soft skin, sighing again as Sam kisses him. He gets pulled onto the bed, on top of Sam, careful to put his weight on his elbows.

“Did you buy more lube?” Sam asks softly as Dean takes off his layers.
“No, but we still have enough left for tonight,” Dean smiles as he gets up to get it.

Sam takes off his shirt, wincing as it goes over his head. He gets his sweats off as Dean climbs back onto the bed.

“No underwear?” His brother growls, rubbing a thumb over Sam’s right nipple.

He responds with a soft moan, arching up. Soft lips press against his neck and chest as fingers pinch and pluck at his hardened nipples. His blood thrums steadily, cock twitching happily against his stomach.

“Dean,” he whispers, playing with the soft spikes of hair and squirming when a hot mouth closes around his nipple, tongue swirling slow around the sensitive nub.

Dean likes to suck and lick at them till Sam can’t take it, sometimes he cums just from that. He cries out and his hips jerk as Dean sucks and licks at the same time.

“So hot when you do that,” Dean smiles up at him as he coats two fingers in lube.
“Feels so good when you do that,” he murmurs.

He gasps as slick fingers press against his entrance. One pushes deep inside him and he clenches around it, reaching down to start tugging on his rigid cock.

“Fuck, keep going,” Sam shudders as he rubs right behind his balls.

He gets soft kisses on his thighs and another thick finger inside his hole.

“Dean,” he pants, turning his red face into the pillow and fucking into his tight fist.

“So beautiful when you beg, sweetie. So sexy,” Dean whispers, his green eyes wide as they watch Sam writhe and pant as his fingers pump quickly into him.

The two fingers fuck him open, scissoring him and rubbing against his prostate. He feels hot and good, he feels as sexy as Dean tells him he is.

“You’re going to make me cum,” Sam whines, pulling at Deans wrist.

His brother laughs and hovers above Sam on his elbows. Dean’s dick aches to be inside Sam, but he gives Sam fluttering kisses all over his face and it makes his brother giggle softly, smiling so sweetly.

Sam swats at him and spreads his legs wider.

“C'mon,” Sam snorts, a shy smile on his face.

Dean nuzzles his neck and reaches down to grip himself, the head of his cock slipping a few times against Sam’s slick entrance.

Sam chuckles in ear and reaches down to grip Dean, pushing his hand out the way. Deans breath hitches as his brother guides him, rubbing his tip teasingly against his hole, Deans hips bucking.

“So big,” Sam whispers and hooks a leg around Deans hip, pushing him inside.

Dean moans loud, eyes falling closed as he’s sheathed in wet heat. His dick throbs as he pulls out, Sam gasping.

Sam wraps his legs around his waist and long arms around his neck. Dean gives shallow, deep thrusts, Sam sucking him in and clenching when he pulls back out.

“Faster,” Sam whimpers in his ear, kissing his face.

Deans elbows bracket his face, putting them in their own little world. Their quick breaths mingle together, eyes on each other.

Sam’s eyes slam shut as Deans thrust speed up, pulling his brothers face into his neck. His legs begin to shake as he can feel his orgasm nearing, cock leaking against his smooth stomach.

He can’t help the way he tugs at Deans hair and sobs loudly when his brother wraps strong arms around his body, locking them tight together as he pounds into him.

“Come, Sammy,” Dean pants right in his ear.

Sam bites into his neck, shaking as he releases hard between their bellies. He sobs when his cock is rubbed raw.

“Dean,” he cries out, Deans hips still snapping forward.
“God, Sam–baby boy,” Dean snarls right against his ear as he finally comes, mouthing at Sam’s neck.

He slows to a stop, arms shaking as he rides out the aftershocks.

“You alright?” Sam breathes, fingers running up his spine.

“’M sleepy,” comes Deans murmur.
Sam laughs and pushes him on his side and hissing when he pulls out.

“Always fall asleep after an orgasm,” Sam mumbles, letting Dean pull him against his chest.

“Cause I’m tired,” Dean sighs.

I feel this was a mess and I apologize.