loose denim

Signs aesthetics based on people I know

Aries: black ripped jeans, silver necklaces and rings, drivning a modern car in the middle of the night

Taurus: picnic on green grass a beautiful sunny day, chocolate bars

Gemini: plants, a room with white walls, glossy hair

Cancer: the ocean, people holding hands, soft ice cream

Leo: lipsticks with strong colours, many pillows in the bed, Netflix

Virgio: independent, sassy and sweethearts at the same time, eyeliner wings

Libra: glitter on the cheeks, oversized denim jackets, bubblegum

Scorpio: Late nights, hoodies, the moon, candles, messy hair

Sagittarius: The forest, bus travel, lollipops, big cozy scarf, coffee

Capricorn: tv shows, gym bags from expensive brands, t-shirts over long sleeves

Aquarius: baseball caps, planets, big eyes

Pisces: loose denim pants, cats, flowers

BTS Fashion: Favorite outfits for you

What outfits would BTS like on you? (credit for photos: all photos can be found on pinterest! Just search “korean fashion” or “korean fashion aesthetic”)

Jin - classy, loose and comfortable. Oversized, button downs, classic/basic skirts and jeans. Pastel and light colors (not necessarily pink)

Yoongi/Suga - chic, edgy and cool. Blacks and dark or basic colors, jackets and accessories, screams “badass” or “swag”

Hoseok/J-Hope - simple and classic, but still fashionable and stylish. Blouses, florals and fitted jeans, socks visible

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Any way you could do a camp counseers bugead au? Thanks! 💖💖💖💕💕💕

This ones so cute, oh my goodness!

Betty Cooper, without a doubt the most beautiful female to grace MapleOak, summer camp for the neglected and abused, was currently standing beside him, practically bouncing with excitement. Her best friend Veronica lodge, looked severely out of place, strands of pearls hanging over a bright red tank top and tight jeans. Betty on the other hand looked like she belonged here, A loose fitting, soft denim button up rolled at the sleeves, khaki shorts and tiny white sneakers.

She was a vision.

Everyone knew about the two best friends, they were fairly popular amongst the counselor circuit, the campers loved Betty more than any other counselor and there was talk parents paid extra money to have their children placed in her group. Veronica lodge was popular amongst the prepubescent teens at maple oak and serious rival of Cheryl blossom, the other scantily clad camp counselor with fiery red hair.

Speaking of red hair, he slapped his best friend Archie Andrews on the shoulder, catching him staring at Veronica.

“Dude really?”

Archie shrugged sheepishly

“I’ve wanted her since we started counseling here three years ago, give me a break”

As soon as their leader called break and told them to head off and get their group assignments, Jughead spun around, bumping forehead to forehead with none other than betty cooper.

Placing his hand to his forehead and rubbing, he looked up and caught the most beautiful green eyes he’d ever seen.

“Ouch” she giggled.

“Shit” he said shaking himself out of his thoughts “I mean … shoot. I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking.”

She shook her head laughing
“No harm no foul, Jughead, Jughead jones right?” She stuck her hand out “Elizabeth Cooper, but you can call me Betty.”

She knew his name?

“I know who you are, it’s kind of hard to not know who you are, miss counselor of the year.”

She blushed “oh jeez, that’s all talk, I just love the kids.”

He nodded, dazed. Did her hair always look so silky?

“Sure, yeah me too.”

“Did you get your group assignment yet?” She asked politely.

Shaking his head

“No, I’m headed over there now.”

She smiled brightly taking him by the arm.

“Oh Great! Me too, I could use an escort!”
Suddenly he was being dragged to the table and she was shifting through the paper work.

“Aha!” She smiled holding two pieces of paper in the air “Elizabeth Cooper & Forsythe Jones, forsythe?” He blushed looking down “its cute, I like it.” Her eyes scanned her paperwork quickly smiling, “not bad! I’ve got a good crew this year! What about you?”

Jughead looked his paper over, he’d had all these kids before it was gonna be good to see how they were growing up, make sure they were okay.

“Oh!” Betty smiled peeking over his shoulder, “were bunk buddies, how cool is that! I’ve always only had Kevin! It’s like fate right juggie?”

He smiled softly, he’d never heard that nickname before, it sounded good coming from her. Sending a quick thank you to god for not pairing him up with Ethel again, he nodded as enthusiastically as a moody, angst filled boy could.
“ it’ll be cool, I’m warning you, I snore.”

She giggled, “well lucky for you I fall asleep to music anyway”

“I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS.” They both drew their eyes over to Cheryl blossom, who seemed to be throwing a temper tantrum regarding her group.

Suddenly Veronica and Archie were by their sides, Veronica rolling her eyes

“Here we go, drama queen alert.”

Cheryl was ranting and throwing her paper on to the table “I am not taking this brat! You people put me with him last year and he tried to steal all of my clothes. It’s not happening. It’s me or him.” Before he knew it Betty had left his side and was speaking to the camp leader

“I can take him. There’s always an extra visitors bunk, and I don’t mind having an extra camper.” She shrugged her shoulders , the camp leader looked about ready to kiss her feet.
“Thank you ms.cooper, Cheryl I don’t want to hear another word about your group or you’ll be gone, understood?”

The redhead nodded, throwing Betty a smirk

“It’s your funeral.”

Rolling her eyes, Betty moved back to his side.

“I’m so sorry I did that, I wasn’t thinking. Is it okay that we added another camper to our bunk, I’m sure I can talk to..”

He cut her off squeezing her shoulder

“It’s fine bets, what’s one more?”

She smiled gently, squeezing his hand


Suddenly the whistle was blown and it was time to meet the campers.

Veronica grabbed Betty and turned to the boys

“Ready for one crazy summer?”

Jughead met Betty’s eyes and smiled

Archie laughed

“I’m so ready.”

Under The Stars (M)

word count: 8k 

genre: smut + a tiny bit of fluff at the end; domestic AU 

pairing: reader/doyoung

summary: you’re forced to go to the equivalent of bible camp, out in the forest. unfortunately, you’re also forced to share a tent with a resident goody-two-shoes and you decide to have a little fun messing with him. turns out, it brings him to his limit and pushes him over the edge.

requested by: an anon who wanted a camping smut with doyoung from nct 127


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

a/n: just a disclaimer that none of the religion talk was supposed to be rude or offensive, it was simply a them i chose so please don’t take anything said to heart. also i apologize if the characterization is off, doyoung is one of my lesser known members i’ve gotten to learn in nct so i tried my best ;;;;;

The weather was balmy, clammy even. It made your loose t-shirt stick to you in ways you could only verbalize as gross. Another heavy sigh left your mouth as you shrugged your duffle bag to your other shoulder, both of them already sore from the constant switching of the weight as you trudged along the trail.

Your mother made you go on this trip, a so-called “annual camping cleanse” that your local church would host to the local youth. The age limit was technically at 18 but the pastor more often than not let others go regardless of age, wanting whomever who wanted to experience the healing powers of nature come along. So long as they followed the rules.

They are as stated:

1.      Absolutely no intermingling between the males and females of the group inside tents

2.      Clean up after yourself, including campfires and dishes.

3.      Respect everyone

4.      Know what you’re there for: to learn the beauty God has graced onto this earth.

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“Lana Del Rey made a fashion blunder. The 27-year-old New Yorker is no doubt already ruing her decisions to step out in an unflattering ensemble. However it is far from the biggest blunder in the showbiz career of the self-styled ‘Lolita lost in the hood,’ who describes her music as the comically pretentious 'Hollywood sadcore.’

“Lana Del Rey missed the mark in a double denim ensemble on Saturday
The star paired her loose fitting denim shirt with
amazingly short cut-offs. Lana  wasn’t shy about showing off her legs in a pair of drastically short cut-offs.”

“Lana Del Rey badly matches a lacy mini dress with dirty Converse trainers. Adding insult to injury, Lana’s make up choices proved equally garish, wearing mint green eyeshadow, that paled her skin under her long black hair.”

I actually hate DailyMail. I can’t believe they pay people to write this absolutely sexist trash.

'It’s important to have a good relationship with yourself when you become well known,’ she said. 'People will say a lot of things, and you’ll start to wonder if they’re true. But then you have to go back to all of those little truths and kernels you found along the way that remind you: You are where you’re supposed to be.’ - She talks about that frequently: craving a peaceful life in an artistic community, away from the glare of a media that “always puts an adjective in front of my name, and never a good one.” - Lana

DIY - Fencing

A series of oneshots involving Owen and Amelia redecorating their house. Set 12x23 onwards. Find the other in my masterpost.

Inspired by a particularly sunny weekend the UK is having…

WARNING: smut. Happy Smut Sunday everybody!

“Can you hold this here, and then that there please?” he asked of Amelia as he tried to work out which piece of wood went in the various holes on offer.

“But it’s so hot Owen,” she moaned. “Can’t we just sunbathe and do this another day?”

“Well… it might be hot another day and then we’d forever be putting off the fence, wouldn’t we?”

“It’s not like we need the fence up immediately. I’d rather you sort out the shelves in the study before this to be honest,” she pointed out.

“OK, let’s go inside then,” he tested her.

“No, I want to be outside- it’s too sunny to be indoors,” she insisted.

“I tell you what, if you help me get the fence done, we’ll talk about getting a dog,” he bargained.

“Ooooh ok!” she said, clapping her hands like an excited child.

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“Makeup Tips” Jimin BTS Fic~

Anonymous asked:  -Heyy I want to request a fic/drabble (totally up to you! I can’t really decide the length, sorry T.T) of Jimin crushing on a make-up artist so whenever he go into the waiting room to get everything done, he’ll immediately look for her/him and be very pouty if she/he is not there. But if they meet again, Jimin will be very attention-seeking by asking lots of things about make-up. It ends up with them agreeing to go out for a date someday XD (sorry if it’s too complicated/long. Thank you! <3)

A/N: YAAAS JIMINIE CRUSHING, i’m so happy for this request!! Insp based on the gif,i wanted to do a drabble but i was so immersed in trying to show cute and fluffy awkward chims that things got a little out of hand D:. Orz . Hope you like it Nonnie!! <3 I’m sorry for taking so long >3<

Genre: FLUFF
Word Count: 2259
Pairing: JiminXReader


Jimin was on the elevator.
First floor.
Second floor.
His heart racing as fast as ever, his hand pushing his chest back trying to control it at no avail. He had done this a thousand times, get up, dress, go to the company to get the schedule for him and the members, whine secretly, warm up a bit by dancing, dress properly for the work day ahead of him, make up, and take off. Ever since 2013 this was the typical routine for the day, with some minor exceptions. But around 3 months prior, his routine was crushed. His head was no longer his, it was no longer in control, now his heart stepped on the way every time he arrived at the Big Hit building. His routine was crushed…by you.
It happened fast and without warning, a former stylist left the makeup crew of the boys to dedicate to other goals.Immediately you arrived as the replacement, one day the other stylist was gone and you appeared. Jimin’s chest was struck by a powerful ( metaphorical ) lighting and whenever he saw you he would do anything to have something to talk with you, ANYTHING.
And so, he started to engage in conversation with you, he would ask you “tips” about makeup claiming he would probably need them for when they go to the airport or when they go out and you can’t be there to help him or the others, he would comment “Oh! That’s a nice eyeliner you got today!, ¿How you managed to do it so perfectly?” and you humbly would reply to him, thinking he had an honest intrigue about the things you asked, and he actually was, but that probably wasn’t the whole reason why he did it. He enjoyed watching as you carefully explained in detail to him what techniques he could use that would be easy to do his and others makeup in case they needed (a question of course asked by him), he was mesmerized by your hands using the tools with so much delicacy, he saw you as if you were a painter drawing over a canvas painting a masterpiece, you nose would sometimes scrunch when the lightest touch of your pencil was required. He would just stare infinitely at your when you weren’t looking, and the other members would shake him back to reality.
“Are you listening?” “Yah, brat, pay attention!” “Jimin where are our contacts…Jimin?…Jimin?? Heeellooo~?” “The mochi is out of the building”.
“Why don’t you ask her out?”

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michael is bringing back the old days with the scruffy dark hair and the loose denim jackets and with each passing second of this Look™ a piece of my soul leaves my body

signs aesthetics based on people i know
  • aries: red lipstick, leather jackets & combat boots
  • taurus: loose denim pants, sunflowers & converse
  • gemini: bubblegum, high waisted shorts & plants
  • cancer: messy hair, the ocean & clean bedsheets
  • leo: hot pink, high heels & glossy hair
  • virgo: cats, smudged mascara & live performances
  • libra: pink lipgloss, cotton candy & blush
  • scorpio: lace, cigarettes & stargazing
  • sagittarius: long hair, road trips & mountains
  • capricorn: black coffee, matte lipstick & straight hair
  • aquarius: baseball caps, glitter & planets
  • pisces: dreamcatchers, light hair & big eyes

Moon. Hair. // Messenger w/o hat | Kustom9
[ kunst ] - Reed bracelet  | Kustom9
.04 [ kunst ] - Bracelet #1/ studs  | Arcade June 2017
NYU - Loose Denim Jumper | FaMESHed
NYU - Loose ShortSleeve Tee  | FaMESHed
:::ChicChica::: Lena Necklace

Scene Details-
%Percent - Qie Sofa (multi) *MESH* | Home Expo 
%Percent - Qie Chair (multi) *MESH*
%Percent -  Bernada Mirror (light) *MESH*
%Percent - Orbit Hanging Lamp (multi) *MESH*
%Percent - Orbit Standing Lamp (multi) *MESH*
%Percent (Hunt) - Cuppertini Chandelier (Tiff&Orange/CL) *MESH*
~aKa~City wall art 
~aKa~Outline Micro Cabin w Fireplace
[ Cabal ] Dead Orchard Decor / Oak - A
.::velvetena::. Artist Loft - Triptych - Chevrons
.::velvetena::. Artist Loft - Rug - Kaleidoscope
[Lemon Chilliz] Wheeled Table
Blackwood Furniture : Hopeful Throw Pillows : Best Day
ROIRO - Tsutsuji vase for RFL

10 *YS&YS* Memories Plant 03
08 *YS&YS* Memories Plant 01

Angels Can’t Die, Can They?

Summary: Next installment in my Angel and Demon series, based on this reader request: I was wondering if the angel could become kidnapped and tortured for Dean’s whereabout and since they are “ connected ”, Dean could hear and feel her pain and actually tries to find and save her. You will need to read the series to understand this part.

Angel and Demon Series:  The Angel and the Demon, The Demon, Interlude with an Angel, The Angel

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader (an angel)

Word Count: 2997

Warnings:  Blood, mentions of torture, fighting, killing, language

Author’s Note: Second to last installment of my Angel and Demon series. Viewpoint switches between Dean’s and the reader’s.

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sorry to bother you!!! but i see you talking about kingsman sometimes and do you have some favorite fics to rec?

Hi Nonny! You’re not bothering me at all–you’re actually prompting me to finally publish a post that has been sitting in my drafts since May 24th, 2015, when I thought it’d be fun to make a rec list and then forget all about it. Under the cut: 14 fic recs, organized by word count, all Hartwin, all finished, mostly posted in the early days of the fandom. Enjoy!

(If you read and enjoy any of these fics, please remember to leave a comment. Kudos are fantastic, but even something as simple as “I loved this” can make an author’s day.)

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How The Signs Would Dress (use sun or rising sign)

Aries: upfront and visible with bright, dramatic colors such as red and black. Would put style over comfort.

Taurus: strong, earthy colors like broand popular fabrics for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Gemini: very quirky taste, usually tends to be fashionable, favoring symmetry and patterns. Favors yellows and pinks.

Cancer: loves comfortable clothing, usually flowing dresses or loose flannel shirts. Likes denim, and big, comfortable hoodies.

Leo: love to be fashionable, with expensive, bold clothing. Tends to wear golden rings, chains, necklaces etc.

Virgo: neat and tidy, with simple, stylish clothing and coordinating colors. Likes the use of gray.

Libra: never out of style, no clashing clothing. Likes expensive clothing with lots of color coordination. Doesn’t like accessories.

Scorpio: loves dramatic colors like black, and likes leather. Likes to dress like they are always being secretive, like they aren’t telling you something about themselves.

Sagittarius: enjoys sporty, casual clothing because of the constant need for action and moving around. Sometimes their clothing may clash or look thrown on.

Capricorn: likes basic colors like black, white, brown, gray and navy blue. Their clothing tends to be professional put stylish.

Aquarius: spontaneous, outrageous styles and colors that change depending on their mood. Loves patterns and neon colors, or just black. Love to be individual.

Pisces: loves the use of royal purple, dark blue and black. They dont care much for fashion, they tend to like comfort. Have a “romantic” and “desirable” taste, attracting many people.

Beautiful Distraction

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chapter o8.  Epilogue

“Happy first wedding anniversary, my love,” your husband said, removing his hands from your eyes.

Smiling widely, your eyes twinkled from the sparkler candles in front of you.  On the table was a gigantic heart-shaped red velvet cake.  Decorated on the cake were the words, “Tao & ________”.  But just like before, your husband had replaced the “&” with a heart shape cake topper so it read “Tao ♥ ________”.  Giggling, you rotated the topper so that it read “________♥ Tao”.  Your husband wrapped his arms around you from behind.  You spun your head around and his lips landed onto top of yours.

“Happy wedding anniversary, my hubby,” you spoke, nuzzling your nose against his chiseled one. 

Lacing your fingers into his, he pulled you to sit down and then he walked around and sat down across from you.  Closing your eyes, you prayed for two…three…four…fifty more wedding anniversaries with this man.  Maybe by then you both wouldn’t be able to stuff your faces with red velvet cake but as long as he was here with you, nothing else mattered. 

Opening your eyes, you blew out the sparkler candles.  Still grinning like a fool, Tao cut up the cake and placed five slices in front of you. 

“Honey…why are you giving me so many slices?” you laughed. 

“Because you kept saying that I ate all the cake last time,” he reasoned with a smirk. 

You rolled your eyes but didn’t complain.  From under the table, Tao took out a bottle of wine and poured it into two glasses.  He clunked his glass against yours and sipped on the alcohol while you placed yours back onto the table and opted to sip your orange juice. 

“Babe, are you sure you don’t want a little bit?” he asked.

Shaking your head you replied, “Nope.  I don’t need it because I have you”.

Your husband looked at you with so much pride in his eyes. 

“And I can’t anyway…” you mumbled. 

“What?” your hubby asked but you shook your head and smiled.

“I’ll tell you later,” you teased. 

He raised his eyebrow at you suspiciously but didn’t push you.  From under the table, he took a medium sized gift box out.  Giving him a look of amusement, you bent over and lifted the tablecloth to examine how many things he had hidden under there.  He chuckled and slid the box over to you. 

“What is it?” you asked, shaking it.

Tao simply threw you his signature smirk.  Eagerly, you tore the giftwrap and opened the lid.  Inside was a hand casting kit.  You looked up to Tao questionably.  He walked around and curled his arms around your waist from behind.  So together, you two mixed the powder and solution together.  You watched as the two completely different substance combined together into one entity.  Sighing contently, your fingers laced into the valleys of Tao’s and submerged into the container of mold. 

“So how long do we wait?” you asked, blowing a stray strand of hair from your face.

With his free hand, Tao expertly secured the loose strand behind your ear and replied, “Probably an hour”.

“An hour?!” you half complained with a pout. 

Your husband leaned in and pecked you on the lips then said, “I can spend a lifetime with you though”. 

You bent your head back in defeat and melted into his chest at his sweet talk.  So like that, you two stayed still for a whole hour…well not really still because half the time you guys were making out and half the time you two were bickering and exchanging sweet nothings. 

“How long has it been?  I need to pee…” you said shyly. 

“I think it’s done…but I wouldn’t mind joining you in the bathroom…” your hubby teased.  You crinkled your nose and slapped him on the chest. 

The hand sculpture came out perfectly.  It was almost the shape of a heart.  Sighing in contentment, you placed it onto the bedroom vanity. 

“So…where’s my present?” Tao asked at the doorway.

“Hubby, let’s go to the zoo!” you suggested.  Tao’s face instantly lit up.

Dressed in a loose t-shirt, denim shorts, and a usagi headband, you skipped hand in hand with your handsome lover.  Ultimately, you two ended up at the panda exhibit again.  They were such adorable creatures, climbing on trees, eating bamboo, and lying lazily around without a care in the world. 

“That one looks like you!” you pointed at a fluffy giant panda who was scratching its butt. 

Tao turned to you with a deadpanned expression.  You giggled and he tickled you, causing you to squirm around in his arm. 

“Well, that one looks like you!” he exclaimed, pointing to a panda who was munching on its ninth bamboo stick. 

“Huang Zitao, are you calling me fat?” you pouted. 

“Uh…no…” he said nervously so you laughed to make sure he knew you were joking. 

With a wide grin, you dragged him along to the baby panda nursery.  There were so many of them running around in circles chasing each other.  A few were sleeping in their cribs and then there were a few rocking back and forth on toy horses. 

“Aren’t they just adorable?” you asked Tao. 

You turned around to see him with a sad expression on.  His hand trembled so you squeezed it.  He must be remembering the time I fainted. 

“Zitao…” you called. 

He turned around, feigned a smile, and threw his arm over your shoulder.  You wrapped your arms around his waist. 

“Aren’t the babies adorable?” he questioned to loosen the tension. 

“Mhmm…but…our baby will be even cuter,” you casually quipped.

“Hey…is someone agreeing to have my children?” Tao asked excitedly.

“Mm…maybe…” you teased. 

Your husband kissed you on the cheek and said, “But it doesn’t have to be now.  I enjoy life as a newlywed”.

“But Daddy…I want to come see the baby pandas too.  When I grow up, will you bring me here?” you said in a baby’s voice while patting your tummy. 

Your husband’s body stiffened.  With a gentle smile, you reached into your purse and took out a small box.

“Happy wedding anniversary, Zitao,” you shyly held the box out to him. 

Still a bit flustered and puzzled, he took the box out of your hands.  Hesitantly, he opened it.  As soon as he did, a teardrop landed onto the photo.  Inside was a sonogram of Tao and your little baby.  Under it were the words, “Hi Daddy.  I’m currently 2.5 months old and in mummy’s tummy.  I can’t wait to meet you”.  Soft sobs sounded from the grown man.  Laughing and crying yourself, you cupped your husband’s face into your hands and wiped his tears away with your thumbs.  He leaned in and placed his lips on top of yours. 

In his kiss you could sense an emotion so strong, so genuine…In his eyes, you saw glistening stars, so vibrant, so bright.  And in his heart, you felt a love so resilient…so real something far from just a distraction…





a/n: Yay!!  A happy ending for these two :3 bwahhaha.  Hope you guys enjoyed this series!!  The next series will be The Lucky One sequel but it won’t be out for at least another week because I’m still trying to finish so beginning tomorrow, I will be on a brief hiatus for chapter stories.

There will be three oneshots being released starting tomorrow.  The first two are prequel and sequels, respectively, to Beautiful Distraction.  The third one is a Chanyeol drabble. 

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