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Victor, Yuuri, and Yurio are looking at colleges when Victor sees a sign for a marathon and decides to join it with Yurio. Yuuri is holding a sign labeled 'kiss me i'm a skater' on the sidelines and Victor gets very distracted during the race.

Viktor Nikiforov, retired 5-time consecutive World Champion of Men’s Figure Skating, has recently announced that he will be participating in the 2018 St Lidwina Marathon on April 16. Nikiforov reportedly has taken up long-distance running as a hobby alongside coaching his husband, 2017 World Champion and Grand Prix Winner Yuuri Katsuki as well as 2016 Grand Prix Winner Yuri Plisetsky. Plisetsky is also running the marathon alongside Nikiforov, while Katsuki will be cheering at the halfway mark on the St Lidwina University campus. [MORE]

The screaming at the St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is, for lack of a better word, thunderous. 

Yurio had been looking at the university as a prospective applicant, and they’d lined up the visit so that they could get a campus tour and attend an admissions info session alongside participating in the marathon the next day. They were even staying at a small Airbnb just off-campus, tucked above a cosy little cafe called Charlotte’s Corner. St Lidwina was a sweet little New England college town already beginning to be warmed by spring, and Yurio had loved it.

Well, at least, he was scowling a lot less than usual. Puberty had hit Yurio like a truck, and as a consequence he liked to act extra surly to compensate for his sudden lack of grace on the ice. But when the blond had looked up at the red-brick and marble-pillar majesty that was Founders Hall, the admissions and administrative building of the liberal arts college at the university, none of that surliness had been on his face.

That had been yesterday. Today, a different sort of energy hums in the air. Yuuri is convinced most of the students piled up on the metal barriers by the main road are already well on their way to drunk if not already there. Their screams are deafening, and the bright colours of their signs flash wildly in the mid-morning sun.

Viktor and Yurio would be coming by in one of the middle groups, Yuuri knows, so they’ll be here sooner or later. He elbows his way into the crowds gathered at the barrier until he’s managed to squeeze himself up against the metal, between a girl holding a sign that says “Live Long and Prosper” and a boy with a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m from Texas”. 

Yuuri has his own sign, of course, and he has it up just as another wave of runners begin to appear around the bend.

The screaming gets louder

Yuuri almost drops his sign in an attempt to cover his ears. Had he ever been this loud while at Wayne State? Maybe he should have had something to drink before coming out here. The girl next to him is jumping up and down now, offering high-fives to the marathon runners as they go by. Someone has come by and planted a solid smooch on the cheek of the boy from Texas. 

Yuuri himself offers a couple high-fives to passing runners who recognise him. He shouts some encouragement to them as they go past, but his voice feels oddly drowned out in the overwhelming sound.

And then he sees them both rounding the bend, and his heart picks up a little at the sight.

Yuri is wearing a loose black tank and short leopard-print shorts, his hair tied up and his expression determined. He high-fives a couple people, and offers a quick peck to a girl waving a sign that says “Kiss Me, I’m a Cat Person”. But for the most part he’s focused on the road ahead.

Viktor, on the other hand, is craning his head every which way for a sign of Yuuri. And he’s running shirtless, the white t-shirt he’d started with now uselessly draped over his shoulders. His hair is clipped out of his face and he seems to be covered in sweat, but there’s an intoxicating flush in his cheeks that has a lot of people surrounding Yuuri clamouring for him to come over and kiss them.

And Yuuri’s not about to let that happen.

Viktor!” he shouts, waving his sign. Viktor looks over, his expression lighting up at the sight as he jogs by. 

“Yuuri!” he breathes. He looks like he wants to say more, but is too exhausted to do anything else other than grab Yuuri by the back of his head and bring him in for the hottest, sweatiest, and most disgusting kiss they’ve ever shared in their life. The world falls away all the same, all the noise and screaming around them narrowing into a tunnel of sound surrounding the two of them.

Viktor’s shirt tugs a little. Yurio is dragging him away. Yuuri is dimly aware that he’s now halfway over the barrier. His sign has dropped away somewhere.

“You should go,” he breathes absently against Viktor’s lips.

“Don’t wanna,” mutters Viktor.

“You need to finish the race,” Yuuri says. “We can pick this up later.”

“Promise?” asks Viktor.

Yuuri nods. His fingers linger a moment longer on Viktor’s cheek after he’s pulled back, and then his husband is racing away, sunlight glinting off his ring. Just before he fades from view, Viktor turns back and blows him a kiss, and Yuuri catches it with a grin.

“Wow.” He hears it just to his left, and turns to see the girl staring at him, wide-eyed. He can feel the eyes of everyone nearby on him, now, striking a match to the fire spreading rapidly across his cheeks. 

“That was adorable,” someone remarks. “Can’t wait to see it break the internet.”

And then they return to the screaming, and Yuuri hopes (in vain, he knows) that Phichit won’t find any videos of him and Viktor by the end of the hour.

Rick Martin for BuzzFeed

Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki continue to be #relationshipgoals as Katsuki was spotted giving out some, ahem, encouragement as a spectator of the St Lidwina Marathon this past Monday.

The St Lidwina University Thunder Tunnel is a longstanding tradition of the Marathon, being located at the halfway point on the route. It offers runners a significant milestone as well as encouragement to continue the route. Katsuki was spotted at the Thunder Tunnel at around 11:30AM holding a sign that says ‘Kiss Me, I’m a Figure Skater’ and offering high-fives and encouragement to the runners that passed by.

Well, until his husband, retired five-time consecutive World Champion Viktor Nikiforov showed up with their son (in all but name) Yuri Plisetsky.

Nikiforov clearly read Katsuki’s sign and decided to take him up on the offer.

Very enthusiastically.

And of course Katsuki was very enthusiastically reciprocating.

I mean, can we blame them? Nikiforov was running shirtless by that point in the race. #thethirstisrealfolks

Eventually Plisetsky pulled Nikiforov back to the marathon at hand, and the two managed to complete with the rest of the runners.

Nikiforov repeatedly beat his personal best time by six minutes despite having been distracted by his husband along the way.

We’re sure they celebrated this little victory in their own little way afterwards. 

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Can you pls write about Candy going to sleep in her boyfriend house for the first time(can be nsfw and fluffy if you want...)??

That moment when you were going to post your finished work but then DELETED IT AND WANTED TO KYS-//shot

yeah so I accidentally deleted my first headcanons? AND GDI I MISS THEM ?? these are my second headcanons ?? And I forgot half of what I wrote - especially on Lysander’s part. Who knows, maybe they’ll be just as good ? Not super NSFW, actually ?? kinda like hints so - not under the cut. Anyways, enjoy.


  • Tries his best NOT to remember the first time Candy came over to his “house”.
  • Honestly,, Nath isn’t very ready to sleep with Candy ? coming over, sure but sleeping,, 
  • Babies Candy a lot like; “Do you need help” or  "Would you like for me to get this for you?“ 
  • White often follows along, don’t let her be the third wheel.
  • Majority of the time spent is in the living room
  • Cleans up after activities, regardless if Candy wants to help or not, he can’t stand when his house is dirty.
  • Binge watches movies and some crime documentaries, honestly he can stay up very long.
  • Good at making popcorn for their movies tbh
  • Doesn’t initiate the makeout sessions, not intentionally at least-
  • All calls are going to voicemail.
  • Gives very loving kisses, especially surprise ones.
  • Tolerates the window being cracked at night, other than that - no.
  • White cuddles on Candy’s lap a lot, Nath has given some “playful” glares.
  • If Candy’s scared of White, he’d try to assure her she doesn’t scratch and she’s well-trained. 
  • Makeouts are usually in his room, on his bed, for “more space”
  • So many damn pillows, all full of feathers.
  • The windows are NEVER open during spring,, he will honestly DIE if they’re opened
  • Tbh if Candy falls asleep on him, he tries his best not to move and interrupt her - he’s kinda shy to it.
  • Would nearly fall back if Candy wore that nightie, tries to maintain himself. “Y-You’re going to wear that to bed..? Not like it’s a bad thing j-just more of a question…" 
  • Unlike last time with his boxers he’d wear some pajama pants and some white tank top.
  • Holds Candy very close to him, he’s just loves feeling her warmth and her close to him.
  • Goes to sleep about a half hour later, kinda has trouble sleeping.


  • Might be canon that Castiel lives near Candy, possibly a few blocks away. 
  • Doesn’t feel awkward being around Candy, what’s there to be awkward about.
  • Prays that his parents don’t call or even go NEAR the home, he will HONESTLY pull an Episode 32 on Candy-
  • Demon is super playful with Candy, he’ll pounce on her when she comes walking in.
  • Actually cuddles a lot more than Candy expected ?? He’ll have his arms around her waist, just towards him while watching their movie.
  • Not answering his phone because it’s "dead”. 
  • Plays with Demon in the backyard, gets Candy in on it too.
  • Has no shame in telling her some kinky jokes about her pajamas, no pajama is safe.
  • His place is decently cleaned ?? Might be some clothes here and there, but the majority of it is clean.
  • Can’t binge watch movies, he can’t make it through without falling asleep
  • Plays his guitar for her sometimes, but gets embarrassed if Candy catches him singing in that low voice of his–
  • Smacks Candy’s butt occasionally, lmao what’s gonna stop him?
  • Orders take out, he can cook but he’s just lazy so - take out it is.
  • Demon sleeps a lot though, Castiel usually plays with him minutes after he wakes up cause he’ll be asleep for the rest of the day.
  • Makeouts are usually on the couch - he doesn’t care where, as long as it’s happening.
  • Wears his ponytail up, he’s that kinda guy that gets hot easily.
  • Always kicks the blanket off, Candy doesn’t need to battle for it.
  • Hopes that she didn’t pack her bag, wants her to wear his clothes.
  • If Candy was wearing that nightie, Castiel would actually be impressed with it, not red at all. Just a smirk as he says; “…Oh my, such a bad girl…whatever happened to that little girl, Candy?" 
  • Wears his red boxers to sleep and some black tanktop. Cassy looks sexy af with that ponytail too.
  • Candy would have to sleep on his arm while his body is sprawled out, they’d have some good sleep on that big bed of his.
  • Sleeps in mere minutes, he’s just "poof” - gone.


  • Possibly lives with Leigh? 
  • Leigh left by himself (his own choice), to leave Lysander and Candy alone.
  • Probably answers the phone, probably doesn’t.
  • Flustered thinking about sleeping with Candy, figures he shouldn’t worry so much about it.
  • Is pretty nervous about her being over in general, this isn’t just some sleepover with Castiel.
  • Thinks of this as “the most precious, beautiful, amazing person in my life sleeping in my home with me”.
  • Often asks Candy what she’d like to do, doesn’t have many ideas for the ideal date at home.
  • Honestly would rather LEAVE home on a date, feels a little trapped being alone with Candy in such a casual area.
  • Talks about his childhood a lot though,, brings it up in one of those deep conversations
  • Doesn’t mind if Candy walks in on him singing in his room, thinks she should knock though.
  • Would probably offer going to the movies and some dinner date - he can’t stay at home like this,,
  • Likes seeing Candy hang out with Cuddles, he has a picture or two
  • Such a dad to Cuddles even alone with Candy, checks on Cuddles often just as much as he checks on her.
  • Very bold, actually. He starts the makeout sessions
  • That type of guy that would wear some long sleeves and shorts not to be too hot or too cold.
  • Let’s be real his house, like himself, smells heavenly too. 
  • If Candy wore the nightie to bed, Lysander would be a little red but smile. “…Seems as if you’re always beautiful, Candy.”
  • Can’t really cook, but has some microwavable things to make.
  • Feels better a few hours later, doesn’t feel nervous as much as he did before.
  • Cuddles is gonna be in his lap if they’re watching movies, no buts - Cuddles makes the choices here. 
  • Would wear an un-buttoned long-sleeved shirt and some shorts, similar to what he wore at the beach. But sexier for some reason.
  • Candy would probably sleep on his chest and Lysander would have an arm around her, just comfortable.
  • Sleeps in about five minutes, doesn’t take too long.


  • Probably asked his parents and Alexy to leave somewhere, just anywhere but home at that time. 
  • His mom honestly made a kinky remark about Candy spending the night and he nearly died inside.
  • Isn’t very nervous but his first thought was “Where’s Candy gonna sleep?”
  • Didn’t even think about her pajamas, whatever she’s wearing he’s sure she’ll look good in it.
  • It’s always gonna be fun at his place, there’s no awkwardness what so ever.
  • A lot more fun with him than it is intimate, he’s super chill with this.
  • Had a nerf battle and gave Candy a darth vader helmet for protection. He didn’t wear one because he’s a rebel ™
  • Didn’t realize he was gonna actually SLEEP with HIM until she told him…then he got embarrassed.
  • Plays video games with her and watches comedies and some horror movies. 
  • If Candy beats him, he doesn’t really care. He’ll get over it…the next hour.
  • Makeout sessions usually happen on the bed, he doesn’t care where it is - as long as they’re fine with it.
  • Can’t really watch a romantic without wanting to barf tbh, please don’t.
  • Favorite thing to do is hold Candy from behind and attack her cheek with kisses.
  • Y'all already know this boy will have tickle fights to the point where her eyes water, he’s probably tickled her sides when they played games to win.
  • Shows Candy some tricks he taught Rocket.
  • Honestly, his house is nicely decorated - his mother being an interior designer. 
  • Actually has a lit room ?? A desk, laptop, nice bed, some action figures (like the ones you get from buying video games), and posters. 
  • If she was wearing that nightie, he’d stop in his tracks. He’d be very red but try to throw some kinky comment in there; “…You must not think that’s dangerous to wear around me, Sweetness."  hOT DAMN
  • Wears some black starwars t-shirt and black boxers.
  • The most intimate it’s going to get is him having Candy sleep on his chest and him being sprawled out in some awkward position, he gets too hot during the night.
  • Out like a lightbulb, super tired.


  • Is actually ready for this, he’s been wanting to take this relationship to the next level gdi.
  • Cleaned the whole house before she came, not like it wasn’t very clean before - he’s gotta do it.
  • Gave himself a victory fist when she accepted, half of him hopes she understands he wants to sleep with her.
  • So happy, probably hugged and kissed her when he let her in. 
  • Cookie would be excited to see her, probably would try to pounce on her a bit.
  • Makeout sessions are usually in his room, he starts them off of a complement he’s given her.
  • A lot more submissive than he is dominant, no lie.
  • Cleans everything after they’re done. Doesn’t matter if she wants to help, regardless, he just does it to do it.
  • Would honestly leave the house, probably go on a walk with her and Cookie - probably to a nearby park to play at.
  • Tries to bake with Candy. If Candy can’t bake, he’d try to teach her how to bake with him. 
  • Is such a proud mom when she bakes something. Even if she fails, he’ll be proud she tried.
  • Would be ontop of Candy if they’re cuddling, he’d rest his head on her chest and she’d pet him. Just silence, really.
  • Would honestly give Candy too many sweets, especially cupcakes.
  • Takes some pictures of Candy and Cookie together, it’s like one of the cutest things to him.
  • Plays video games with her that Armin gave her, mainly fighting games. Lets Candy win sometimes.
  • Gives her a lot of kisses, gdi he’s been waiting for a day just to hang out with her.
  • Will ignore the phone as if it doesn’t exist, better to text him. 
  • Has a calm colored rooms, consists of light brown and green colors. Has one of those neoclassical desks, a pretty big bed, and loads of pillows on it. He’s got his own stuffed bear.
  • If Candy wore that nightie in front of her ?? Good god, he’d be very red, actually. Y-You’re gonna…G-Goodness…you’re just…so beautiful,“ 
  • Honestly, he’d wear a loose black tank top and some green boxers. He looks no different but he still looks adorable.
  • He’d have his arms firmly around her and she’d probably have herself pressed against him, her arms would probably be loose around him.
Austin Nights

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: 2700

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly.

Warnings: Language

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

Again, this is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors.


You had initially moved to Austin for college. You were so thrilled when you learned you were accepted into The University of Texas. Your parents, not so much, they thought it was a smarter choice to stay in state to save on money. But your wild heart couldn’t be contained craving adventure and independence.

Your internship paved a way to a job opportunity so after graduation you decided to stick around. You landed a position of a school guidance counselor and loved working with the kids. Some of your college roommates stayed around too. Angie had become your best friend. As much as you were shy and reserved, Angie was outgoing and contagiously bubbly. She was very much a ‘Keep Austin Weird’ type with a different color hair dye every month. She satisfied your adventurous side, always finding new and crazy things to do or get involved with.

Today her hair could best be described as an emerald green. In the living room of your apartment you found her lying on her back with her feet up against the wall scanning her phone to find some type of trouble to get into. Afterall it was a Friday night. You tried to sneak to the kitchen without her noticing and wash your dishes but she started to bombard you with plans and ideas.

“Let’s go get a tattoo!” She exclaimed.

“I’m still recovering from the last one, there’s only so many more spots I can get one before the kids start noticing.” You tried to reason.

“Ah, they don’t mind, the professional world is changing anyways.” She rationed.

“Remember when we streaked my hair blue, and the principal freaked out, my profession is taking a while to catch up.” You stated joining her in the living room on the couch flipping through a Bon Appetit magazine.

“Hmm, what about a rattlesnake cock fight?” She suggested scrolling through facebook with a grin on her face.

“Even I know you are joking on that one.” You denied her wish of you going into a panic or starting a lecture on the topic.

“What if we go to the graffiti park?” You suggested trying to satisfy her need to do something outrageous but still stay within your comfort zone. “I have a new idea I want to try out.”

“Ugh, we were just there last week.” She moaned. “Hey this looks kinda fun!”

“What?” You hesitantly asked.

“This guy I used to know from class has a party out by Hippie Hollow.” She said excitedly.

“Listen, the last thing I am doing is going to some nude beach…” You started.

“No, it’s not actually at the beach, kinda in the woods around there.” Angie explained.

You sighed but gave in “Fine,” knowing she would go anyways. You wanted to keep an eye on her and make sure she would get home safely.

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Editing (Grayson)


You watch your boyfriend Grayson huff in frustration as he sat seated at his iMac. His brows were furrowed in anger as he let out a loud ‘Fuck!’ followed by rapid clicking while he struggled to get a clip right on the video he was editing. It was technically Ethan’s turn to edit but Ethan had whined and complained insisting Grayson finished because he was simply ‘not in the mood.’ Grayson reluctantly agreed, hoping to avoid a fight. Ethan had been on edge lately and he didn’t want to cause any rifts between them while they had such a strict video schedule.

You admire Grayson from afar, taking in every little detail of his body. Even after a year of dating you still found him breathtaking. His hair was all over the place probably from his fingers running through it repeatedly. You were likely wrong for it, but you found him so sexy when he was angry. He was dressed in a loose fitting black tank and some basketball shorts. He looked absolutely delicious and you smiled devilishly as an idea popped into your mind.

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Kitten Kitten || M

►Character: GOT7′s Jinyoung || You {Female Reader}

►Summary: You stare at him, pushing your bust forward with your ass perked back, performing a perfect curve. Bringing your fist upward, you swipe your arm across your face, mimicking the action of a cat, a kitten. Jinyoung’s favourite nickname for you.

►Genre: Smut; Wolf!au

►Word Count: 2 172

Sorry I took so long, and I hope you enjoy this @smalliemichelle99 (You’re one of my loyal followers, I hearteu you! <333)

Smooth, sultry beats echoed through the spacious room. Jinyoung glided softly on the shiny wood paneled floor, his body flowing with the music creeping from the stereo in the studio. His loose tank top soaked with his sweat as his eyes fixed on his own movement, reflected in the mirrors that lined along every wall of the studio. His moves were sharp and precise, in beat with the flowing music. Too absorbed in his own world with his brows furrowed together, he didn’t even notice you were standing by the door frame. Biting back a grin, you watched as his hip moves along with the beat, making your inside clench with building desire. Jinyoung froze when he caught a whiff of your scent, his eyes snapped towards you who were biting your lower lips, obviously enjoying the show he had given. He chuckled. “Wow, there’s a creeper here. I thought my house’s security is at the top.” You scoffed at him for calling you a creep. The dance studio both of you currently in is Jinyoung’s private studio at the back of his enormous house. His parents are rich which didn’t surprise you at all. In addition, the reason you’re dating this rich, hot as hell Park Jinyoung is that he’s a werewolf and you’re his soulmate. You met him when he was having his morning run in the forest outside of the city, which you also decided to take a walk in. In addition, it was also the mating season, to simply put it, he jumped on you the moment his eyes landed on you.

Back to the present, Jinyoung beckoned you to come closer to him which you gladly complied. He observes you, from your ruffled curls that cascaded down your back, your face that could easily fit in both of his hands down to your clothing, your loose black tank top, and black legging, accentuating every of your curves perfectly. He smirked, his heart was too swollen in his chest with pride that you only belong to him, only he could touch you. “Wanna dance with me, baby?”

You gasped softly when Jinyoung pulled you flush against his body. You could feel his body heat against your skin, his strong arm wrapped around your waist, perfectly fit in the crook of his arm. You smirked. Grazing your fingertips on his chest, your eyes flickered to his, lips parted before you slowly looked towards the mirror on your right, making him mimicking your action meeting your eyes through the reflection. You let the music absorb into your conscience, soaking your mind with the sensual beat. Rolling your hip, you dip slowly, perking your ass before abruptly turning around so that your back was flat against his leg. Reaching backward, you grabbed on his shin, sitting on the ball of your feet, you bounced slowly, up and down against his legs, the back of your head flat against his thick thigh while your eyes never left his.

Jinyoung clenched his jaw as you bounced on his leg, your ass grazing against his shin. He could feel heat started to pool towards his lower body. Slowly, you stand only to bend your body forward, grinding your curves against his bulge. Before he could reach for your body, you were faster to retreat away from him making Jinyoung growl. The sound vibrated down your spine, enough to excite you even more. Turning around to face him, you smirked. Mimicking his motion for you earlier, you curled your fingers at him. ‘Come hither’. Jinyoung’s eyes burned with desires, you could literally feel them burning your body, gradually becoming hotter by seconds. Capturing your lower lips between your teeth, you placed both of your hands on your crotch, slowly dipping your hip before rolling them, one action that makes Jinyoung going mad.

Back to your earlier position, you balanced yourself on the ball of your feet, your hands on your knees before prying them open for his view, turning your body sideways. You stare at him, pushing your bust forward with your ass perked back, performing a perfect curve. Bringing your fist upward, you swipe your arm across your face, mimicking the action of a cat, a kitten. Jinyoung’s favorite nickname for you. You bite on your thumb, trying to look innocent enough to lure him towards you, which you had successfully accomplished. Jinyoung took a long stride towards you making you smirk triumphantly. Flopping yourself down on your butt, you slide backward with every step he took, but he was quicker. With a smirk, he kneels down, crawling towards you making your smirk falter. He looked so feral; his eyes were dark, deep with desire. You felt your stomach flip, a sudden heat started to pool between your thighs. A startled gasp spilled from your lips when Jinyoung captured your ankle with his calloused, strong grip to pull you sliding down towards him. You’re now flat on your back with Jinyoung’s menacing frame hovering above you. Your breath caught in your lung when you looked up. His eyes were so dark, the pupils had dilated, almost swallowing the warmness of his eyes that it sends shiver down your spine. He looks more like a predator than a human now, which he is. He is a predator. You shuddered.

“Where did you learn that, sweetheart?” Although not professionally, you love dancing to fill your spare time. Jinyoung slid his knee between your legs to brush the top of his thigh against your core. Your breath hitched when you feel his bulge brushed against your thigh. “See what you’ve done to me? Gosh, you turn me on real bad.” He gritted his teeth, his free hand glided from your hip bone down to your thigh, caressing your inner thigh through the stretchy material of your legging. You shiver once again, feeling his fingers brushed on the smooth skin of your waist that was bare due to your top sliding up a bit because of your position. Jinyoung leans down to catch your earlobe between his teeth, his canines aches to sink down into your shoulder. You wanna play, then he’ll play now. “Take off your top, kitten.” Your pupils dilated, deep and dark with lust.  There he is, your possessive wolf, your Jinyoung. Biting your lips, you meddle with the hem of your tank, before pulling them off to reveal your dark blue bra. Your hair ruffled, gasping when Jinyoung’s huge hands grope your breast through the lacy material. He pushed away your hair before attacking your neck, swiping his hot tongue on the pinkish mark on the crook of your shoulder, sending a ripple of shiver down your spine.

He smirked at your reaction, the one that he was expecting. Hooking his fingers on your legging, Jinyoung slowly pushes the material down your legs, revealing your soft skin inch by inch to his hungry eyes. The dark color of your lingerie compliments your velvety skin perfectly. Swiftly, he slipped his hand around you to unhook your bra, revealing your taut nipples to the cold air of the studio. Jinyoung sunk the tip of his canine into the flesh of your shoulder, drawing droplets of blood from the wound, the same place where his mark was engraved making you hiss at the sting. He swiped his tongue on the throbbing mark before descending downward to capture one of your nipples before sucking and flicking his tongue on the sensitive nub. Jinyoung pulled away and bit his lower lips, his lustful eyes rake over your almost naked figure; his hand possessively caressing your waist, feeling the soft skin underneath his palms. “On your hands and knees, kitten.” You obeyed, when you looked up though, you swallowed. On the mirrors, you could see your reflection, your messed up looks and, oh god, Jinyoung, who was kneeling behind you, his eyes met yours through the mirror. His hands caressed your back, tracing the dent of your spine up until the back of your neck, forcing you to lower your upper body, your harden nipples coming in contact with the cold wooden floor sending jolts of shiver through your frame.

You let out a tiny whimper, feeling vulnerable at the state you’re currently in. Your fingers balled into a tight fist as your arms folded underneath you to stabilize yourself as Jinyoung’s firm hands splayed on your lower back. The scents of your wetness are thick in the air, almost suffocating Jinyoung but he didn’t mind it. He lives for it. He just loves it when you were drenched because of him. Teasingly, he traces the elastic of your panties, watching at how the skin broke into goose bumps. Without warning, Jinyoung gripped the thin black fabric before tugging it in his fist, ripping the fabric off your smooth skin earning a surprised gasp from you. Your sweet scent becomes thicker as he nudged your thighs apart. Pushing his sweatpants down, hastily taking it off, his thumbs finding their way to your throbbing clit, gently pressing on the sensitive nub making you yelp and buck your hip. He chuckled. “My kitten is so sensitive.” Your eyes flickered towards his reflection in the mirror, his lips curled into a mischievous smirk and his lustful eyes bore into yours, making you shiver again, part of it because of his thumb-drawing circle on your clit. “Tell me kitten, do you want my cock? Do you want me inside of you, hmm?” You frantically nodded. “Please, Jinyoung.”

Your desperate pleas stirred his beast inside, making a growl vibrate in his chest. Swiftly, he aligned his rigid member against your wet opening before sliding in with a single thrust. You whimpered, your back arched slightly as you throw your head back in pleasure and heat filled your body. You push your hip back against his, wanting to feel him more which he happily granted with another hard thrust. His hip slapped against yours as his thick, hard member slides in and out of you, eliciting a sloshing sound due to your pooling wetness. Your body jolted forward with every of his thrust but his hands keep a firm grip on either side of your hip to keep you in place. Waves of pleasure clouding your mind, burning you with lust when you felt Jinyoung’s fingers tangled into your hair. A firm tug on your strands makes you look up, your head pulled back as another hand circled around your waist to pull your body up, bowing away from the floor. Jinyoung sits back, pulling you align making you sit on his lap. Your hands automatically landed on his thighs. His throbbing member still buried deep inside of you, his heaving chest meets your back, your breast jutted outwards due to your new position. He released your hair only to circle his fingers around your neck, pressing a firm grip just to make sure you’ll be in the same position, making your head laying on his shoulder.

Thrusting his hip up, he continued his hard pace without any words, seeing, as you understand his dominance through the firm but not fatal grip on your neck. You looked up to meet his eyes, who was watching every of your expressions, his jaw tense as his pace started to become faster and sharper. Your lips parted to let out tiny moans with every of his thrust. Your fingers gripped his wrist, your claws digging into his flesh but the lust eats away the pain, leaving only a sheer lust clouding his sense. He pushed you down before letting go of your neck, but his thrusts never stopped, chasing his high along with you. “Come on kitten. Come for me.” You shrieked when his fingers started to roll your throbbing clit, making you scream his name, your orgasm hit you hard that your back arches into his chest, your fingers gripped on his arm, the other one tangled into his fingers that he managed to slip in between to avoid you from fisting too hard and hurt yourself. With a loud groan and growl, Jinyoung reaches his peak too, thrusting deep inside of you, painting your inner walls white with his seed. You could feel his length jerking inside of you. He groaned again, burying his face in your shoulder, his fingers gripping yours tightly that you could feel it getting numb. His other hands gripped on your inner thigh to keep you from closing them as he’s still buried deep inside of you.

You lean on his shoulder, waiting for him to come down from his high as you still trying to regulate your breathing. “Kitten…” You hummed back at him, starting to feel tired as your eyes started to droop. “We’re not done yet.” Your eyes fly open to meet his in the mirror, who was smirking at you. “It’s gonna be a long night for you, so you better be a good kitten for me, okay?” You swallowed. Well, it’s just the start of mating season.

Hello, Neighbour (Jun x Reader)

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A/N: Here’s a neighbour!Jun because I have a huge love for my man’s singing. Definitely check out the songs I used in this scenario, the link is down below. Anyhow, I’m really running out of prompts to write about so go send me some in the request box! (^ヮ^)・゚✧

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your apartment walls are really thin and wow does your new neighbour has a wonderful voice.

You opened your eyes, absently staring at your ceiling for a couple of minutes. The past week has been filled with nonstop assignments and unnecessary meetings at work and it’s draining you, both physically and emotionally. Sighing, you sat up and tied up your hair into a bun before walking to your small kitchen to make yourself tea. Once you finally pulled yourself together, you started hearing the soft singing coming from the opposite end of your thin apartment wall.

The singing gradually got louder and you unconsciously just stood there by the wall listening to it. You smiled listening to the other person sang, he even gave an attempt to rap but failed miserably before continuing belting out the last refrain.

I’m officially missing you~” *

When the song ended, it came to you that yesterday the landlord actually notified you that someone new would be moving into the empty apartment next to yours. Meaning that the owner of this beautiful voice you’ve been listening to all morning is your new neighbour. You quickly finished your tea and go shower when the singing from the other side of the wall stopped.

You were about to dry your hair when your friend texted you, saying that she’ll be over in an hour and she wants you to cook for her since she ‘haven’t eaten anything since two days ago’ and is ‘dying’.

You just shook your head and sighed, relieved that you did your grocery shopping not so long ago so you still had tons of food stocked up in your fridge. After running through the ingredients, you decided to make pasta for two. While waiting for the water to boil, you heard the boy sing again and you just quietly hummed along to his singing.

He went from a really sad ballad all the way to NCT’s Cherry Bomb and sometimes you could even hear him dancing to his singing and more than once stumbled something down. One second he was hollering and banging his pots to a Block B song and the next thing, he’s all quiet, singing wholeheartedly to a Chinese lullaby.  

甜蜜蜜, 你 笑 得 甜蜜蜜..
好像 花儿 开 在 春风 里..
” **

You grabbed the spaghetti sauce jar, opening the lid while still smiling from your neighbour’s singing. But then you realised that the lid was stuck. Actually focusing on opening the jar, you tried everything you could think of that time. Turning it the other way, trying to open it gently, shaking the jar and giving your entire strength into it, even tried opening it with the help of a towel. It still wouldn’t budge.

Groaning, you took the frozen jar and went outside to the apartment across you. It was a two-in-one apartment owned by a couple and their 2 adorable kids. The dad would be at work during these times but the mom usually stays at home cleaning and preparing food. You knocked once, then again, but no one responded after a few times knocking. So you gave up and turned around, heading back to your apartment with the unopened jar still in hand.

“I can help you with that,” Suddenly someone said.

You looked to your left, clearly recognising his voice. It was your new neighbour and that moment, you knew that his voice is not the only thing beautiful about him. He was so tall and lean, and his hazel hair was still a little wet and messy. Somehow this guy still managed to look good in a loose black tank and basketball pants. You felt your heart beat a little harder when you handed him the jar. You watch your attractive new neighbour opened it without having to try twice.

He smiled widely as he returned it to you, “There you go!”

“T-Thank you..” You smiled back, “Was I banging at the other neighbour’s door too loud?”

He simply shook his head and shrugged, “Well, you stopped humming along with me and went outside so I figured I’d go out too and see why.”

“I-I wasn’t humming..”

“You were so loud I could hear you from my side of the room.”

“It wasn’t that loud, okay!” You argued, feeling blood rush to your cheeks.

He chuckled, “You know the walls are thin.”

“The walls are definitely too thin.” You grumbled and he laughed.

“Anyway,” He said, “Nice to meet you neighbour, I’m Jun.”

“Nice to meet you Jun, I’m neighbour- Wait, no no no!”

The tall boy in front of you was already a laughing mess. You winced, wondering why is it that you always embarrass yourself in the worst ways.

You took a deep breath and croaked, “M-My name is _____.”

“That’s a very nice name. Well _____, if you ever need help opening jars again, remember I’m just a thin wall away.”

* SEVENTEEN (Jun, The8, Vernon) Cover - Officially Missing You 

** Tian Mi Mi - Luhan

Spy Universe - Hoshi

Anon asked for the Hoshi part of the Spy Universe. So here’s the start of the story of the combat expert meeting the reader.

There’s a guy at your gym you can’t help but notice. 

The whole “going to the gym” thing had never been your idea in the first place, but your friend dragged you along with her, and despite yourself, you kept on returning. Maybe it was partly because of the guy that you kept on returning.

You still remember the first time you saw him. Right at the end of a long workout, when wisps of your hair were curled by sweat around your face, your cheeks were pink, and your plain tee felt like it was clinging to your back. You followed your friend away from the equipment, panting more than talking, on your way to get smoothies.

And then he appeared, walking in as you walked out. He hadn’t started his work out yet. There was a towel swung loose across his shoulders, nicely muscled arms under a loose black tank top, and a determined look in his dark eyes.

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Follow my Lead

A/N: I’m not sure if there will be a part two or not. I have a lot of things on my list to write. If there is it will not appear for a while. Sorry it took so long to get this posted. Sick Parents and no life.

Word Count: 1,243

Request: Maybe a Julian Albert imagine based on the song “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran?

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We’re going out tonight. Get dressed. I’ll be there in 20.

I rolled my eyes as I stared at the text my friend had just sent. She always wanted to go out. She just dumped her last boyfriend and was on the prowl… again. 

Normally I would have objected; I would have come up with a half-assed excuse to avoid the drunken disaster she would become. But this week had been an utter shit fest. The CEO had come in from New York and was on my back about the new media proposal and my coworkers were less than helpful. Not to mention that Chase, one of the media consultants had been relentlessly asking me for a date; about one step short of sexual harassment. And had he not been a complete arrogant asshole I might have said yes. 

I slipped on my loose spaghetti strap black tank and favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans before throwing my long hair up into messy top-knot bun. Before long Hannah was knocking down my door, “Open up! Come on let’s go!”

I swung the door open and stepped out into the hallway, locking the door behind me, “Hey Hannah. Where are we going? Dom’s or Eclipse?”

“Actually this guy I work with recommended another place. The Lighthouse Tavern. It’s kind of low key compared to our usual places but it should be fun,” she squealed before we scurried downstairs and climbed into a cab.

When she said low key she wasn’t kidding. Hannah usually preferred dance clubs with raging music and sweaty men but this was something else entirely. We walked in and it was extremely chill. There was music playing from a juke box and a couple pool tables in the back as well as darts. Not at all Hannah’s speed, but surprisingly, I was really enjoying the ambiance. 

Hannah leaned over the bar showing herself off to the bartender, “I’ll have a vodka cranberry,” she smiled and played with her hair. The bartender not-so subtly glanced down her shirt before turning to me.

“Gin and Tonic,” I forced a smile then straddled the stool next to Hannah, “So who recommended this place again?” Hannah worked as the assistant to the Captain of the CCPD but from the looks of this place it wasn’t a police bar.

“His last name’s Albert. I don’t know him very well,” she took a sip from her glass, “ He just started at CCPD a few months ago, works in the crime lab.”

I nodded before taking a large swig of my drink, “Want to shoot some pool?” 

“No,” she smiled eyeing a man sitting at the other end of the bar, “I think I’m good,” she grabbed her drink and her clutch, “I’ll catch you later.”

I watched her walk off to the tall, shaggy haired man sitting there with a crooked grin. “Yeah, bye,” I whispered to myself before turning back to my drink, no longer in the mood to shoot pool.

“Excuse me. Sir,” a blonde man leaned against the bar next to me, trying to get the bartender’s attention in that irresistible British accent. “Sir,” he waved at the man who obviously didn’t care about his customers needs. The blonde let out a huff and I stepped in.

“Hey,” I let out a little louder than intended but it clearly pulled the man from his daze, “I’ll have another, and my friend…” I motioned to the stranger who looked a little confused but responded quickly.

“Oh yes, a pint on tap,” he gave a small smile and then joined me sitting on the stool where my friend had just been. He leaned in and gave a heartwarming smile, “Thank you.”

“Oh, not a problem,” I replied casually as the bartender handed both of us our drinks. I ran my finger down the side of the glass, the condensation collecting on my skin.

“I’m Julian,” he held out his hand, a quite formal introduction for where we were. But there was no denying it. He was holy hell attractive. The blonde hair, blue eyes, and that jawline.

“Y/n,” I shook his hand and sipped my drink admiring his name. What was he doing here with me? An extremely attractive man with a British accent chose to spend his evening talking to me. Maybe my week was turning around after all.

“I haven’t seen you around here before,” he leaned against the bar casually, as if he had used this line hundreds of times.

“Are you a regular?” I brushed my hair from my face and let a small smile play at my lips.

“I wouldn’t say regular, on occasion,” he took a drink, his glass hiding his face.

“My friend suggested it,” I also took another drink hoping that my night would continue to turn out better than expected.

“You must thank your friend for me.” I felt myself blush and tried to hide the redness that was obviously flooding my cheeks, “Would you like to dance, Y/n?” he offered his hand and with a smile I accepted.

He popped a few quarters in the jukebox and selected a song. The music began to ring through the air. 

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow

Ed Sheeran’s new song about two strangers meeting in a bar… well it sure was accurate. Julian had his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His eyes were blown wide with lust. There was no denying the attraction between us.

You come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop
Put Van The Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance
And now I’m singing like

I ran my fingers up around his neck and began to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. I bit my lip thinking about where this might lead.

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

His right hand cupped my cheek and he brushed my lips with his thumb, his eyes burning into me. I licked my lips and he leaned in closer. My breath hitched as his lips grazed mine.

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I’m in love with your body

His lips were soft, warm. His lips moved expertly against my own. We worked together in perfect synchrony. He pulled back slightly and intertwined his fingers with my own, “You want to get out of here?” a shy smile played at his slightly swollen lips.

Resisting the urge to yell hell yes, I whispered, “Yes.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and began to guide me from the bar, the song still playing in the background.

And last night you were in my room
And now my bedsheets smell like you
Every day discovering something brand new
I’m in love with your body

Ever so accurate.

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Across the sea, in a faraway place, you are there
I go and go but I can’t see you
But it’s a bit too far to go back

  • The next time Eunwoo meets Bin Bin is 17 and Eunwoo is 18 
    • It’s the first time he’s going back to the seaside in 6 years and Eunwoo’s been excited for ages 
    • The past six school holidays flying by with projects and competitions and soccer matches and Eunwoo getting prizes and trophies left and right and being elected class president but Eunwoo also really missing his grandpa 
    • And he hasn’t had his grandma’s stew in forever!! 
    • Eunwoo also trying to ignore the fact that Bin lives there and that he might run into him 
    • And so when Eunwoo steps out of the car and allows his mum to lead him into the shop to choose the first bead he’s gotten since he was 12, he’s a little hesitant 
    • Eunwoo remembers tinkly windchimes and odd-shaped mirrors and he walks now into the store with hands too high to wander over soft cushions and old silver boxes
    • But the fan’s still spinning lazily overhead and he’s still surrounded a musty wood-lacquer smell and a stronger, overriding smell of the sea 
    • And then he sees him, bare arms sprawled out on the counter with his face squished against the glass, asleep 
    • Eunwoo stopping in his tracks and time doing the same 
    • Because Bin looks exactly the same as Eunwoo remembers, but different
    • Bin’s eyes are closed and smudged with black and his hair’s a lighter shade of brown, as messy and unruly as it used to be 
    • His eyelashes are just as long and Eunwoo watches the rise and fall of his back as Bin sleeps
    • And he looks so peaceful, the same way he looked all those years ago when they fell asleep in Bin’s bed 
    • But all too soon Bin’s mum appears from a back room and gently raps her son on the head 
    • And Bin’s blinking in the bright light and pouting and stretching, limbs flying in all directions until he realises there’s someone in his store 
    • His top lip disappearing in a pout as he sniffles and bows and mumbles a greeting 
    • Until he straightens and he sees Eunwoo, cautiously peeking at Bin 
    • Bin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • Because he hasn’t seen this boy in forever when they used to be best friends 
  • Bin’s mum chasing them out of the store to go grab lunch and catch up while Eunwoo’s mum selects beads for their family 
    • And so they do, silently wandering into the nearest food place and ordering their food 
    • And as Bin places his order before him Eunwoo can’t help but stare at Bin’s back profile
    • The small 11 year old, all flailing limbs and high pitched squeaks, now a filled out 17 year old, lean with dancing and shoulders broader than the ocean 
    • Eunwoo watches as Bin reaches back to pull his wallet out of his back pocket and his back and arm muscles ripple clearly under his loose black tank top 
    • Eunwoo swallows hard; he knows Bin grew up, but into someone Eunwoo would find insanely attractive? He’s not sure he predicted that
    • He notes one, two, three piercings in the shell of Bin’s left ear and a helix on the right and a small box in Bin’s left back pocket - cigarettes? 
    • And as they quietly sit down with their bowls of soup (Bin with an extra bowl of rice, Eunwoo could laugh at how Bin that is), Eunwoo looks at the way Bin’s eyeliner looks perfectly smudged, almost as if he applied it before going to sleep and rubbed his eyes when he woke up 
    • Since when…? 
    • Bin, with a mouthful of food: “been busy, city boy?" 
    • Eunwoo chuckling awkwardly and nodding 
    • Bin: "must have been pretty busy not to come down to see your friend anymore, huh" 
    • And Eunwoo winces because even though Bin was the first one to leave, Eunwoo was also the one who skipped out on six whole years of coming down to the seaside
    • Eunwoo: "yeah, competitions and matches and student council all that." 
    • Bin, looking up at Eunwoo and eyes slightly softening because of course he would 
    • Of course Eunwoo would be high achieving and be student council president and go on competitions and be the captain of whatever 
    • Bin, coughing to cover it and humming: "sounds interesting enough to skip out on visiting for." 
    • And they finish their meal in silence, awkwardness thick between them, nothing like the smooth rivers of conversation that used to flow before 
  • Bin standing up at the end of it and indicating for Eunwoo to follow him out of the restaurant 
    • Bin leading the way to a small alleyway facing the ocean but not quite in the sun and leaning against a wall and pulling out a pack of cigarettes 
    • Bin: "a smoke?" 
    • Eunwoo is stunned because he remember an entire week of biology lectures about genetic mutations and compounds in cigarettes and cancer 
    • And he’s trying to match that with this boy standing in front of him, in ripped jeans and piercings, still young, still fresh to the world 
    • Eunwoo, hesitantly: "no thanks?" 
    • Bin, snorting and looking away: "thought you guys from the city smoked more than we did." 
    • Eunwoo, about to spill something about the harmful effects of smoking when he notices Bin side-eyeing him 
    • And there’s something hard in Bin’s gaze as he lights his cigarette without looking at it, almost challenging and daring him to say something about the habit, something so fierce and angry and desperate all at once that Eunwoo swallows his words and nods mutely 
    • Bin looks away 
    • A moment of silence, and then -
    • Eunwoo, trying again: "so how’s SuA?" 
    • Bin, snorting again: "she’s leaving for a dance academy in the city next semester” and they fall into a sort of silence, tinged with something bitter and somewhat yearning 
    • Bin taking a drag and tugging at his earrings 
    • Eunwoo, trying again: “when did you get those piercings?”
    • Bin telling him about each time he went to get a piercing and the reason behind each one 
    • Eunwoo seeing his eyes light up as he talks, almost like the way they used to light up when Bin rambled on about the superheroes he liked 
    • But it’s different, he knows it’s different 
    • Bin isn’t Binnie and Eunwoo isn’t Eu Noo anymore 
    • There’s no reason why after six years of being apart the rift between them should be able to heal
    • But there’s also no reason, a small voice in Eunwoo’s head says, that it shouldn’t be able to either 
    • Eunwoo isn’t sure why he wants Bin to like him again - he doesn’t know why he’s craving Bin’s acceptance, Bin’s easy smile, Bin laughing as bright as the sun 
    • Bin’s changed, he tells himself, when he slips under the covers that night 
    • He doesn’t need Bin’s approval to be here, he thinks to himself, he has every right to roam the seaside with his grandparents and his brother 
  • But somehow the next morning when he gets up, he finds himself in sunglasses and a tank top and shorts, stumbling onto the wooden boardwalk with two ice cream cones to hand to a surprised and surly Bin 
    • Bin: “ice cream in the morning?”
    • Eunwoo, smiling slightly: “you never used to have a problem with that.”
    • Bin, eyes clouding over: “yeah.”
    • Eunwoo coughs slightly and removes his flip flops - his legs dangle over the side of the boardwalk and where they used to skim the surface, now half his feet are submerged in the water
    • He doesn’t want it to be awkward, he really doesn’t
    • Eunwoo: “so uh”
    • Eunwoo: “when did you start smoking?”
    • Bin laughs and Eunwoo can’t help but think that no matter how much Bin smokes, his voice somehow seems still feels silky, free of the rumble and grit most smokers have
    • Bin: “a month ago, same time I got my helix done.”
    • And before Eunwoo can open his mouth, Bin adds, “why not?”
    • Eunwoo, closing his mouth sheepishly because Bin’s probably had these kinds of questions before 
    • Bin, chasing a stray drop of ice cream running down his cone with his tongue: “got a motorbike too.”
    • And immediately Eunwoo’s ears perk up because dammit, awkward or not, he wants to see this motorbike immediately 
    • His mum never let him near motorbikes, said they were too dangerous and Eunwoo is a good child so he never really went near one but damn he wants to see Bin’s 
    • Bin peering over at Eunwoo and grinning slightly at his evident excitement because damn the awkwardness, he’s proud of the bike he’s worked to save up for: “wanna see?”
  • Eunwoo staring at this heavy, heavy helmet in his hand 
    • Is he supposed to wear this?
    • Already Bin is fitting his helmet over his head, tugging the strap across his chin 
    • Eunwoo staring 
    • Bin sighing, “so much for the city boy slick,” and fixing the helmet on Eunwoo’s head for him
    • And suddenly Bin is really close, hands on either side of Eunwoo’s head and Eunwoo has to gulp and look down at his feet before his mind latches on to things he doesn’t want to think about 
    • He’s never really considered it in detail before, but 
    • Bad boy Bin?
    • Is actually 
    • Kind of attractive
    • Like, highkey
    • And Eunwoo doesn’t know what to do with this information 
    • Bin squinting at Eunwoo’s blush and the way his eyelashes flutter when he looks down and Bin just adjusting the strap because there’s no reason why he should be flushing red - is the strap too tight?
    • Bin fussing over the strap for way too long, eyes trained on Eunwoo’s lashes more so than the strap until Eunwoo gently untangles Bin’s hands from his face with soft fingers and fixes the strap himself 
    • Bin suddenly feeling a twinge when Eunwoo lets go of his hand 
    • But all too fast Bin releases Eunwoo and swings his leg over the motorbike, motioning for Eunwoo to get on 
    • Eunwoo not being able to figure out where to put his hands 
    • Bin pointing to the handles below the seat
    • Bin watching Eunwoo dubiously prodding the handles 
    • Bin sighing and reaching back to grab Eunwoo’s hands
    • Eunwoo squeaking slightly and blushing and hoping Bin didn’t notice 
    • he totally did
    • Bin smirking and winding Eunwoo’s arms around his middle 
    • Eunwoo flushing because wow 
    • He knows Bin dances
    • He just didn’t know how much 
    • Or how fit Bin is 
    • But Bin doesn’t give him time to dwell over it because Eunwoo’s suddenly flying, wind blowing in his face and through his shirt 
    • And Eunwoo’s laughing, and his heart is racing and it’s a wild, wild feeling that leaves him breathless and giddy and exhilarated and all sorts of free 
    • And he only notices when Bin stops the motorbike outside Eunwoo’s grandpa’s house that his chest is flush against Bin’s back and his arms are wound right on Bin’s abs and his chin is tucked in the sweet dent between Bin’s neck and shoulder and that if Bin turned his head a little, just a little, he’d be able to kiss him 
    • Eunwoo swallowing hard and releasing Bin, leaning backwards and gently unbuckling his helmet
    • Bin watching Eunwoo look back once, wave, then disappear into the house and suddenly feeling something terribly missing from his middle, his shoulder, his heart
  • Bin lying on a rock in the shade, hands behind his head and thinking of Eunwoo 
    • How Eunwoo’s laughter in his ear sounds like moonlight bottled up and let loose among the wind-chimes Bin repairs in his free time 
    • How Eunwoo’s arms fit right into Bin’s sides even though Bin’s used to Rocky or Jinjin riding backseat
    • How Bin’s heart aches every time he sees Eunwoo glance his way with something akin to anxiety and discomfort in his eyes
    • He knows that it’s him causing the discomfort and it’s him lashing out from harboured feelings of betrayal and loneliness and he knows that this behaviour is something that shouldn’t be forgiven no matter how bitter he is 
    • But Eunwoo didn’t visit for six years 
    • Didn’t even send a message 
    • Didn’t even bother asking Bin’s mum how Bin was
    • And every time Eunwoo’s mum walked into Bin’s mum’s shop Bin sitting up like a shot, eyes searching for familiar, gentle smiles and soft hands 
    • And every time he’d let Eunwoo’s mum leave, hearing about Eunwoo’s latest competition or match or charity project without asking, what about me?
    • He’d let her leave without asking after Eunwoo’s number, Eunwoo’s SNS, Eunwoo’s contact information because if Eunwoo’s too busy to come down even for a week, who’s to say Eunwoo isn’t too busy for Bin
    • Bin swallowing his tongue and smiling bitterly after every visit because dammit, he was 10 and he looked at Eunwoo like Eunwoo hung the moon in his sky, but Eunwoo’s busy and Eunwoo doesn’t have time for someone like him 
    • He knows he promised, he promised Eunwoo, hands sticky with ice cream and looking out to the pull and crash of waves on rocks that no matter what happened, he’d always go to Eunwoo 
    • But now, even with Eunwoo laughing by his side, he isn’t sure if Eunwoo wants him to 

disclaimer i have never ridden a motorbike before i have no idea what it feels like lmao

My Scented Candle (Part 1/??) (trixya)- Maureen

AN: Hey guys! This took me 2 and a half days to write this, and I’m somewhat proud of it. I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading this! Constructive criticism is appreciated, too!

Summary: Trixie and Kim are going to there first session of a yoga class, and she seems more interested in the yoga teacher than she is with actually doing yoga.

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Wonho Scenario- Morning Sweetness 

Genre: Romance (Warning: Smut)

Your eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the rays of the sun. As your vision became clearer, so did the face that was soundly sleeping in front of you. “ How could such a perfect human being exist?” you thought to yourself as you absorbed all his facial features; his soft thick pink lips, sharp nose, perfectly shaped eyes and eyebrows, and adorable big ears. As you gazed at his peaceful state, a small smile began to form as your index finger grazed over top his luscious lips. You recalled the previous night, unable to forget how his large hands held you, the feeling of his tongue on your skin and the way he whispered your named into your ears.

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Make Me Yours

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: I love your blog so much and I have a request I’ve asked several blogs and no one has taken it and I’d love very much to read your take on it. A heavy smut set in season 2 at the farm; the reader is kind of a loner, has black hair and a few tats and piercings; she likes to sing and dance to herself a lot, she (along with being half Daryl’s age, mid-twenties) also has some daddy issues.. and over time he falls in love with her and all of her “quirks” ;). I realllllyy hope you consider this.

Summary: Set in season 2, on Hershel’s farm. Rick’s group is just starting to settle into an easier life on the farm when Daryl and Glenn come across a woman in the woods (reader) and bring her to the farm. They hit it off. Smut ensues… of course. The rest of the request will be in there too! I hope you like it! (I did not get to the daddy issues, but I did give her major man issues… ;) )


Rick looked around the farm and smiled to himself as he took in the view. His people were safe, finally. He smiled as he watched Carl run around with his mother in the sunset glow. The group had been at the farm only a week or so, but things were finally starting to become put together. They scavenged and used all the camping supplies they could find to build a mini-city outside Hershel’s farmhouse, a ways down the road.

Rick watched as T-Dog and Dale laughed about something, both standing across from the small bonfire they had constructed in the middle area of the city. Andrea sat on top of the R.V. that blocked the city from the road, the brim of her hat hung low, and her eyes stalked the area ahead of her seriously. She was probably one of the best watchmen he had. He smiled a little, looking down at Shane who also could never just relax. He sat at a small picnic table and feverishly cleaned his guns over and over, staring over at who knows what.

Rick focused on the sun setting behind the RV and closed his eyes, tilting his head back, and enjoying the last rays of the sun. He was so grateful to be able to be stationary for once, he was so tired of running. He had to find a way to convince Hershel to let them stay. Rick’s smile turned to frustration as he opened his eyes and searched the ground below him, as if it had answers. Rick stood lost in his own thoughts for a moment, when he suddenly heard Daryl and Glenn’s voices entering the background, calling his name.

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20 Questions - Adam McQuaid (#15)

Originally posted by pavszacha

Ok I loved this request idea!!! I think it turned out pretty cute so please let me know what you thought!! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1167

Warnings: just fluff!!

Request: “So like I really love Adam Mcquaid and I don’t want you to be annoyed so it’s up to u BUT IF U R UP FOR IT could u write another Adam one where you guys play 20 questions and then he confesses his love to u? Please and thank you” - @lemontreescreed


You woke up to the sound of your phone going off.  You glanced at the screen, saw it was 10:12am and immediately perked up when you saw it was your best friend Adam.  You picked up and put it on speakerphone, “Adam, hey!”

“Y/N!!” he said excitedly, “what are you doing in a couple hours? My morning skate got cancelled so I’m free all day!”

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Can you please do a vampire! Frank smut where he has a major blood kink and tries it on y/n? (When you have time though xD)


Oh man, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do a Vampire! Frank imagine! I mean I’ve done drabbles I believe but never a full on fic! Just felt like it was time tbh. Though admittedly i’m not entirely convinced about the ending of this one. 

Sorry for such a long wait with this bb! I hope you enjoy! :) xx And generally my apologies for how long it’s taken me to post a new full imagine in general. I promise I’ll try better to get more out soon!

Warnings: Bloodplay, bit of knifeplay, LOTS OF SMUT, and one hell of a seductive vampire.

From the moment he came home that night, you could tell something was up. Muting the TV, you peered down at your watch. Usually he came home much later in the evenings when it was this time of year and as you heard him rifling through the kitchen, the various cabinets slamming shut; you knew something had gone wrong. Slowly, you rose up from the couch, switching off the TV before quietly padding across the room. Leaning up against the doorframe, you saw him hunched over the sink, gripping the edge of the counter tightly.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a punk!Sombra head canon?


  • One day Sombra decided she wanted to try something new
  • Came down from her room and Widow almost spat out her latte she was drinking
  • Sombra had died her hair a platinum white, and wore ripped skinny jeans, a loose black tank shirt with a skull on it, and a open sweater with only one shoulder up
  • This was accompanied by thick mascara and dark ruby red lips.
  • “Um…are you okay, Sombra?” Widow had asked uncertainly, wondering if maybe the Spanish hacker had been a bit ill and….forgotten how to dress properly
  • “Perfectly fine,” Sombra said, her voice uninterested as she sat and slowly buttered a piece of toast, looking distant.
  • Silence ensued for five minutes, before Widow leaned over the table
  • “I usually wouldn’t offer this, Sombra,” she said, accent thick and there was a touch of concern..or panic. One or the other. “But…if you ever need to talk.”
  • Sombra shook her head, her platinum blonde tresses bouncing. 
    “I’m okay. I just realized what was missing from my life,” she said honestly.
  • Widowmaker stared at her and for a moment, she said nothing. Deciding to wait, she said nothing else.
  • Loud footfalls announced Reaper and he swung open the door.
  • “What are you to-What the fuck is wrong with you, Sombra?” Reaper said, staring at the girl at the table.
  • Blinking, she sneered slightly. “Bug off grandpa.”
  • Widow has never laughed harder.

anonymous asked:

How would Ten Taeyong and jaehyun react when you are play fighting and one of you gets hurt thank you

Hi there! Sorry for the long wait, hope you like the scenarios! 🌹💗


Listen: x

“Get back here!”

You giggled and ran after Ten as he headed into the bedroom and dived under the covers.

The two of you were making desserts together when he decided to start attacking you with marshmallows and strawberries.

Now the kitchen was a mess and what was supposed to be an ice cream sundae turned to mush.

He lay on the bed lazily as you walked over with your arms crossed.

“Ten! We’re supposed to make sundaes together!”

He peeked out from under the covers.

“But ____________, I’m tired…”

He whined as he lifted his arms in the air and asked you to join him.

However, the corners of your lips turned up mischievously as you pulled the covers off the bed and hit him lightly with a pillow.

“Yeah right!”

He laughed at your reaction and grabbed the pillow he was lying on.

“Okay, you asked for it!”

You jumped onto the bed as the two of you started to engage in a pillow fight.

It was all fun and games until Ten hit you a bit too hard and you lost your balance and fell off the bed.

“Oh my god, __________!”

Ten quickly scrambled off the bed, clumsily bumping his knee on the side table.

You hugged your knees and examined the bruise that was forming, blowing on it lightly.

Ten knelt beside you and worriedly eyed the bruise.

When you looked up and saw his worried expression you couldn’t help but giggle lightly.

His eyes soon locked with yours, a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“__________, are you okay? Did you bump your head too?”

He reached up to pat your head lightly as you erupted in full laughter, tears starting to reach your eyes.

He stayed silent during your outburst, scratching his head slightly out of confusion.

Once your laughter started to die down and you wiped your tears away you reached over to cup his cheeks, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise.

“You’re so silly, of course I’m okay, it’s just a bruise.”

He relaxed his eyes and sat down on the floor, heaving a sigh of relief.

“_______________! I was worried…what if you got seriously hurt.”

Ten pouted as you placed your palm on his cheek.

“Oh Ten, you cutie. Let me get us some ice.”

You stood up to head for the door but he held your wrist lightly.

“Ice? For us?”

You smiled and patted his head.

“It’s nice you care so much about me but take care of yourself too! You bumped your knee earlier, it’s bruising up worse than mine.”

Once you returned the two of you sat on the floor, facing one another, each icing one knee and exchanging giggles and glances.

Although you weren’t the type of girlfriend to express your feelings often, you felt touched that Ten frequently put himself before you.


Listen: x

Taeyong and you were lazing around on the couch like any other time on his day off. Sometimes you wished the two of you could go out like normal couples but of course it was difficult for him to do so.

Like usual the two of you took different ends of the couch, Taeyong using one arm rest and you using the other, your legs and feet sharing the middle of the couch.

Today Taeyong and you were catching up on the episodes that you missed of the drama you watched together.

It was already the third episode of the day and apart from the occasional laughter, the two of you haven’t really shared a word.

Taeyong was fully concentrated on the drama, eyes wide as he stared at the screen, hugging the pillow on the couch.

You were starting to get bored and decided to try to catch his attention.

“Taaaaaae Yoooong.”


He answered you but his eyes still stayed focused on the screen.

“Are you bored?”


You furrowed your eyebrows as he continued to laugh at the drama on TV.

You sighed and stayed quiet for about ten minutes, trying to get back into the show.

However, you soon found yourself staring at Taeyong again and you smiled as an idea popped into your head.

You nudged your foot on his leg once.

Then nudged him again and brought your legs in so that he couldn’t reach yours.

Taeyong smirked and easily stretched his leg to nudge yours once.

“You think I can’t reach you just because you pull your legs in? My legs are longer than that.”

You stuck your tongue out as you tried to nudge him again but he avoided it, pulling his legs in this time.

You smirked and moved further along the couch, closer to his side, this time nudging the pillow he was holding.

Before you could go back to your side he sat up straight and leaned over, reaching for your stomach area, proceeding to tickle you.

But once he started to tickle you, you squealed and your foot shot up, kicking him in the eye.

Taeyong backed down immediately and held onto his eye as your eyes widened.


You quickly sat up and leaned over to him.

He nodded his head but you could see he was in pain and you quickly ran into the kitchen grabbing an egg from the fridge and placing it in a plastic baggy before running back out.

You jumped onto the couch next to him and held his arm gently.

“Here, let me see.”

He reluctantly let his arm fall to his side.

Luckily his eye was okay but the cheekbone where your heel hit was swelling up.

You bit your lip as you leaned closer and rolled the egg on his cheekbone in a circular motion.

He winced at first but once you got the hang of it he relaxed.

His eyes stayed focused on you as your cheeks turned pink from his gaze.

“S-Sorry Taeyong. It was a reflex…I really didn’t mean it.”

He stayed quiet but continued to stare at you.

Despite you still icing his cheekbone, it continued to bruise.

Now your hands were starting to shake and you could feel your bottom lip tremble as you began to panic.

“T-Taeyong, what should we do? It doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better and you have a show next week, I shouldn’t have been so immature to get your attention-”

Before you could continue he wrapped his arms around you gently.

You were shocked. He was never the type to initiate such gentle skinship.


“You have it though.”

“Have what?”

“My attention.”

You couldn’t help but smile as you wrapped around your arms around him.

“I have a day off after my show next week…you want to go out?”


“Yeah…like a movie or something.”

You let go of him and excitedly stared at him.

“A movie? Could you really?”

He patted the back of his neck while nodding casually.

“I guess I could try and make it work.”

You squealed and proceeded to hug him again.

However, before you could get your arms around him he put his hands up in front of him.

“But first let’s get a big ice pack for my cheek. I feel like it’s going to swell up to three times the original size.”


Listen: x

It was a hot summer day when Jaehyun decided to go over to your place to help you with the gardening. The two of you had grown up next door to each other and had been childhood friends for a long time.

You were trying your best to get a nice landscape going on in your large backyard but clearly you weren’t very good at it. Jaehyun laughed at your last attempt when the flowers you planted ended up all dying.

“Okay Mr. Perfect, let’s see how good you are at gardening then!”

Jaehyun shrugged and accepted your challenge which is what brought the two of you together this morning.

The entire morning the two of you went to different shops choosing a variety of plants, flowers and herbs.

You proceeded to grab every pretty plant and flower you saw as Jaehyun shook his head and put them back.

As you complained he told you that you had to coordinate the flowers and plants to make the final landscape pretty or it’ll look like a mess.

You sighed but listened to Jaehyun as he chose carefully.

By late afternoon he had already finished landscaping your backyard while you worked on the small herb garden at the side.

You were in awe of the final outcome, it looked like a garden out of the movies.

A sweaty Jaehyun, now only wearing a loose black tank top and shorts made his way beside you.

“Told you I could do it.”

He ran a hand through his hair as he smiled at you.

You thought you felt your heart skip a beat. You were used to seeing perfect next door boy Jaehyun at school and even during the weekends but seeing the hardworking hands-on Jaehyun was new to you.

“T-Thanks Jaehyun.”


Suddenly the tone in his voice changed as he saw you sneak glances at him shyly.

“One thing though…since I helped you with your garden…what are you going to do for me?”

You felt your eyes widen as you tried to avoid his gaze.

“W-What do you mean…”

He laughed.

“How about you treat me out for dinner tonight?”

You felt your throat run dry. Was he asking you on a date?

You felt your cheeks redden but before he could notice you excused yourself.

“Quit playing around, I’m going to go grab drinks for us.”

You heard him chuckle as you hurried into the house.

Soon you carried out a pitcher of iced tea and two tall glasses with ice in it. He had his arms crossed as he admired his work when you walked over with the two glasses, offering him one.

The two of you drank in silence before he spoke out.

“So, do you like it?”

You smiled brightly as you looked at the garden.

“I love it.”

There was a pause before he spoke again.

“So, do you like me?”

You choked on your drink as he stared at you intently.

“Yah Jung Jaehyun! Stop teasing me!”

He broke into a grin and flicked your forehead lightly.

“Silly girl.”

You stuck your tongue out but got a better idea.

You finished your tea rapidly and walked behind Jaehyun.

“It’s so hot today isn’t it Jae?”

Before he could answer you lifted his collar from the back and poured down your cup of ice.

“YAH ___________!”

You laughed at his expression and ran away as he froze there for a moment, still shocked from the sudden cold.

“I. Will. Get. You.”

He grabbed the hose that was next to him as he sprayed it in your direction.


He smirked.

“I know.”

You squealed as the two of you ran around in your backyard as he aimed the sprinkles in your direction.

However, it wasn’t long before his long legs caught up with yours and the water from the hose got in your eye.

The water started to make your eyes watery and you bent down wiping them from your eyes.

Soon the water stopped spraying from the hose and you heard footsteps by your side.

“Hey, you okay?”

You knew from how close his voice was that he was crouching next to you now.

“The water is in my eyes, good job Jaehyun.”

You muttered sarcastically.

He didn’t respond but soon you felt his hand grab yours as you felt him place a wet cloth in your hands.

You muttered a ‘thanks’ and wiped your eyes with the cloth.

When you opened your eyes you saw him gazing at you worriedly…without a shirt on.

“Gosh Jaehyun what the heck? Where’s your shirt!”

He glanced down at your hands where you were holding a black cloth…which was his shirt rolled up.

“What the hell! Jae! I was wiping my eyes with your soaked sweaty shirt?!?”

He laughed.

“Well if it helps, part of it was water and part of it was sweat.”

You threw it at him as he laughed.

“You okay?”

“I was okay, but not anymore after finding out I just wiped my eyes with your sweat.”

“Well let me make it up to you then.”


“Let’s go out for dinner tonight…my treat?”

He looked up expectantly at your expression.

You bit your lip shyly before hitting his arm lightly. 

“Okay, but I get to choose!”

gif cr: chenderalla