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Jungkook Scenario: We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Request: Hello,i hope its not to late to do a request.I really like all of the songfic that you guys did(my favorite is roman holiday) but there arent many songfic that you guys have written,so i would like to request a songfic based on charlie puth’s we dont talk anymore with jungkook.Thanks❣️

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Jungkook looked at the group of people who were at the party, he spotted your usual group of friends and couldn’t stop himself from looking for you amongst them even though he already knew you weren’t there, you wouldn’t go to the same places as him as you were obviously avoiding him.
He couldn’t really blame you as he sometimes did the same. Seeing you was hard so he supposed you felt the same.

Jungkook saw Hoseok coming to him, maybe his friend felt bad for him since he was literally standing in a corner without doing anything.

-Jungkookie! What’s up man? What are you doing here standing alone like a weirdo?-

Jungkook shrugged. -I don’t know, I’m just standing-

-Come on, why are you sulking?-

-I’m not sulking- Jungkook denied even if he was technically sulking.

Hoseok stood closer to him. -It seems like it, you aren’t talking to anyone even if you know almost everyone- Jungkook didn’t answer so Hoseok push it a little bit further. -Is it because Y/N isn’t here?-

Jungkook tensed at the mention of your name and turned his eyes to Hoseok, not wanting to glare at his friend but seriously, he had to bring you up. -I didn’t come here because of her-

-No? It seems like it though, if she was here you’d be talking with everyone, making jokes and all that-

-I’m just not in the mood, it’s not about her- he insisted, but he knew his friend was right. 

-I thought… since now she has a boyfriend and all that-

Jungkook snapped his head to his friend and now he couldn’t simulate he wasn’t affected, at least he couldn’t say that after hearing those news he didn’t feel a bit angry. -Who?-

Hoseok was surprised. -You didn’t know?-

-You know what, I don’t care- he snapped, although he did. 

-I thought you knew, sorry Kook, I wouldn’t have mentioned it-

-It’s cool- Jungkook answered not wanting Hoseok to feel uncomfortable. -I haven’t heard anything about her in a long time, we don’t really talk anymore-

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love, love, love

a three part post winter sound ficlet in which the styles family expands and olive and harry’s hearts are so full

“Olive Clarke is Pregnant- See the Bump Pictures

Olive Clarke’s pregnancy has been confirmed! The singer and her husband, Harry Styles, were spotted out at a cafe in Surrey, eating lunch and sweetly cuddling the baby bump. Clarke, 32, is pictured in a loose-fitting black blouse and skinny jeans. A hand placed on the top of her belly accentuated the growing bump.

The couple has been married since December 2025, after meeting at an awards show in 2021. This is Clarke’s first pregnancy, but her second child with Styles, 34.

-Reporting by Amanda Kissinger for The Sun”

read part one HERE (parts two and three coming soon)

find me in the backyard//winter sound

love The way You lie

Reader X Yoongi [Angst]

A/N: It’s been a long time huh? This goes off of the first ending…enjoy..

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*Credit to the original owner*

   “Min Yoongi, your session starts in five minutes.”

   Yoongi lifts his head, the pencil that had been running across his notepad pausing, his eyes taking in the tall figure. With a small nod of his head, the figure disappears once more, as if it didn’t always stand in front of his room door, watching him. 

   Yoongi stands, slowly stretching his body that had been curled in his small chair, the words that had been flowing through him fading to a dull buzz in the depths of his heart. His hands set down the notepad and pencil he was accepted to have, his fingertips running over the silver metal of his desk. It was cold, though slightly warmer than how he felt, his body having become frozen from the inside out. 

   He straightens out, his eyes scanning the still unfamiliar room, the fresh smell of bleach and clorox suffocating his nose, the slight hint of lavender air-freshener blending in. He hated how white everything was. Acting as if it was the purest, most safest place to be. His walls, his curtains, his bedsheets. The only thing that stood out differently was the metal desk shoved in the corner of his room, shining when the little bit of sun made it through his window. 

   Where he had been condemned to be was not pure, nor safe. It was his daily reminder that you were gone, that he hadn’t mentally been able to handle it, and that he would never have you again. 

   I can’t tell you what it really is…

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Upon request, I am posting meeting Hayley Atwell this past Friday at Planet Comicon, here in Kansas City. The 3rd image has no relevance to the story, but it kind of fits so I thought why not post this drawing I did now.

This is long as hell and I can’t post undercut cause I’m on my iPad.

Hayley was only here one day, which was Friday. It wasn’t announced until the 9th (or round about) that she was coming. I was on my way home from work when I saw it. I had already got the tickets for the con, so when I got home I got purchased the photo op.

Now, last year I went as Agent Carter and was originally planning on going as her on Friday… Until I found out she was only going to be there Friday. I knew it was going to be saturated with Agent Carter’s and didn’t want to be “one of many”. I decided to go as her on Sunday instead (which is the 2nd picture, but more on that later).

When I got to the Hall I was so excited and nervous. Mind you, I have a sprained ankle and 3 damaged nerves. I can only walk on my ankle for like 15 minutes a day. I had to be in a wheelchair the whole con otherwise there was 0% chance I was going to be able to make it all 3 days. I was really worried that if I tried to stand for the photo op of falling, or worse taking her down with me.

2:30 came around we started queueing up for the photo op, and I met a lot of really cool people. Including a group of girls who all dressed up as characters from Agent Carter (if you guys are on here and for some reason reading this, I’d love to see that picture). And they kept announcing the photo op over the intercom. And then 3 hit…

I guess when you’re in a chair, you automatically get fast pass for the ops. They came up to me and wheeled me into the front, right at the end of the fast pass line (which I was not prepared for at all). I wheeled into the back where the photos were and the camera man was yelling “Step up! *click* Next! Done!” Hardly giving any time to pose or really even react. If you look at most of the pictures of her at the con she looks kind of rigid and mechanical, that is why. I was still debating to stand or sit.

It got up to me, and I instantly started blushing like crazy. I know a lot of my followers probably know that I have the biggest crush on her. I wheeled up beside her. Hayley was, as you can see, wearing this loose black blouse. You can’t really see it, but she was wearing a black lace bra that peaked out. Weeeelllll, she tried bending down to take the picture and I’m like “this photo is about to be boobs palooza” and she accidentally rolled me back. I threw up my hands and “I am just gonna stand”. So my mum, who was waiting over to the side, came over and locked my wheels and walked back over.

Hayley was so sweet. She helped me out of the chair! I hit my bad foot on the foot rest thing, but played it off. She was worried, I grabbed her side, and she caught me! We had to hold onto each other pretty damn hard so I didn’t fall. I was surprised I didn’t hurt her side how tightly I was grabbing her. I kept apologizing and she kept saying that it was okay. The photographer was getting antsy so we took the photo. She didn’t let go until she knew I was safely seated. She made sure I was okay, which I actually wasn’t the pain from it is just now starting to feel better. We shook hands and I said that it was a pleasure to meet her. And I wheeled off.

Now, onto part two. I wasn’t going to get it signed but pretty much decided “fuck it.” I got into the booth line, which was just me and another person in front of me and a few fast pass people who had already been through the line. When she got back to the booth it was FULL of people. Mind you she was only here 1 day so anyone who wanted to see her only had one day to do it.

The guy before me got the Agent Carter Behind the Scenes book signed, which she flipped through because she hadn’t seen it, and she looked kind of happy and really sad at the same time. The person taking the money gave her a “wrap it up” and I was next. I choose just to get the picture I took with her signed as opposed to a promo photo of her.

As I rolled up to her, this time 100% by myself. I was absolutely gritty. According to my mother I kept twirling my hair, which I do when I am nervous. A guy with a bag full of pop figures walked up, and handed them to her. We talked about how cute they were. I told her the only ones I have are Captain America and Agent Carter. She asked why, to which I simply replied “If I got more, I wouldn’t stop.” I, also, told her how the Agent Carter had Minnie Mouse ears on it.

I apologized again for gripping her so tightly. I explained that I was worried about falling and taking her down with me. She laughed.

Hayley: “That’s okay, I am really strong.”

Me: “Even in those heels?” (She was wearing 4-5" heels)

Hayley: “Especially in these heels” *winky face*

I asked her if she had an unpopular opinion… She had no clue what that meant. I explained to her that it was just an opinion that goes against some of the popular opinions. She smiled, getting it, and then sat for a second. She explained that because she withdrew from social media, to keep her private life separate, she didn’t know any of the popular or unpopular opinions anymore, especially from this season. She said she didn’t really have one and that she liked it all. She even said she was “on board for Cartinelli and loved that ship”, which she didn’t realize answered my question kind of. I made a joke about not having Angie this season and how a lot “us lesbians started shipping Dottie and Peggy because they took Angie away because we were shipping them.” She did not know that apparently… Whoops. But she laughed and was pleasantly surprised. She said that she was glad. We then, again, got the “wrap it up” I thanked her again, and she said it was nice to meet me to which I replied as well. And had to wheel away to my mother and step-dad making fun of me because of how much I was flirting with her.

Annnnddd part three… The kind of awkward part. I posted on online the first picture and both people on here and people at the con who had seen it and ESPECIALLY on the third day when I went as Agent Carter again, I kept OVER AND OVER again how much I look like her. Which is a little weird cause of how much I like her. I heard it last year, and I was all “Yea kind of, I guess.” But after that and seeing us side by side, it made things weird.

Also, on a really cool side, I found the Agent Carter comic right before I left yesterday. To bad I didn’t get that signed :/

But all in all, it was a great experience and she was so amazing. I don’t regret a single moment of it… Well maybe the fact that I kept blushing and saying sorry… And had to restrain from saying “You’re so beautiful and awesome and amazing” the whole time…

Also, why not post the third pic now. Which is a comic Hayley wearing a Cap shirt I drew a while ago and never posted.

Dddaaammmn that was long. Sorry.

Harry Styles reunites with Cindy Crawford during double date in Malibu
The 22-year-old English singer reunited with Cindy Crawford during a double lunch date on Thursday in Malibu, California.

Harry Styles reunited with Cindy Crawford during a double lunch date on Thursday in Malibu, California.

The 22-year-old English singer and 50-year-old supermodel have been friends for several years.

Harry brought a girlfriend while Cindy was with her 54-year-old husband Rande Gerber.

The couples lunched in the upscale beach community at Cafe Habana, which Rande also owns.

Harry kept it casual for the lunch outing with a blue Hawaiian-style shirt over a white T-shirt along with black distressed skinny jeans.

The One Direction star had white sunglasses perched atop his head and completed his out fit with tan boots.

Cindy also kept it comfortable with a loose black blouse and faded blue skinny jeans.

Rande also went casual with a grey T-shirt and jeans.

Harry has been close with Cindy and her family for several years and cooked pizzas with the family in September 2013.

The singer during the cooking session shared some of the valuable expertise he picked up when he worked in a bakery before becoming a pop star.

Cindy also revealed in June 2014 that her daughter Kaia, who was then aged 12, had a crush on the English singer.

Harry also had lunch with Cindy and her family in March at Cafe Habana shortly after he arrived in the US.

Cindy and Harry also caught up in April when they went out for a group dinner in Malibu.

(Harry is once again dating Ben Winston’s wife, Meredith. Tragic.)

anonymous asked:

what are some cute tops/blouses/sweaters etc?


1. Red Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Knit Sweater
2. White Long Sleeve Striped Knit Sweater
3. Red Long Sleeve Deer Print Knit Sweater
4. Black Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Sweater
5. Black Lapel Long Sleeve Ouch Cardigan Sweater

6. Black High Neck Long Sleeve Vintage Knit Sweater


1. Turquoise Collarless Dipped Hem Long Sleeve Blouse with Front Pocket

2. White Off The Shoulder Lace Blouse

3. White Contrast Lace Long Sleeve Loose Blouse


. Black Long Sleeve Zipper Split Slim Blouse

5. White Short Sleeve Hearts Print Chiffon Blouse

6. Red Long Sleeve Color Block Blouse

7. Green Gradients Lapel Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse


1. Grey Short Sleeve GEEK Print Crop T-Shirt
2. White Short Sleeve Beedo Print Loose T-Shirt
3. Blue Short Sleeve Watermelon Print T-Shirt
4.Grey Short Sleeve Cartoon Dinosaur Print T-Shirt
5. Paris je t’aime print Shirt

6. Parental advisory explicit content Shirt

Hope I was able to help a bit xx

Chapter 4, it’s a longer one... Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a little comment as your comments make my day! xx


Rae avoided the gang for the week. She even ignored Chloe’s continuous texts about whether Rae was still coming on Saturday. Of course she would still be going as she would feel rude not turning up to her new friend’s birthday; she had even bought her a card. Before she could grasp the week; Saturday rolled around. She decided that she wasn’t going to swim and instead mix with the people who weren’t; taking different kind of spirits as nobody questioned you if you bought free booze. She decided to dress nice, for a change. A white loose blouse with black, tight fitting jeans and some nice flats. Of course it wouldn’t be a Rae outfit without her leather jacket and back pack. She even curled her hair and threw on a little mascara and lip gloss.

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