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I’d say most if not all PCOS support discourse I have heard has been advice on how PCOS people can reach traditional femininity. All I’ve found is how to loose weight, hide excess hair, and get rid of acne. I wish I could find some PCOS discourse that embraces queer and feminist theories by examining what traditional femininity is and how PCOS can resist it. I understand ladies with PCOS may feel less feminine bc god knows I do sometimes but I think it would be more powerful if we talked about how we can embrace ourselves as we are instead of constantly trying to attain traditional beauty. We should be promoting healthy living and loving ourselves not jumping through ridiculous hoops to attain a misogynistic and racist set of beauty ideals. 

Insecure ft. Dean

lite smut, %2 fluff

what had happened earlier caught you off guard. your day was doing just fine until you got on the subway.

you sat down in the nearest seat by the door of the subway. luckily, there was a seat for you. usually, there wasn’t and you would have to stand which killed your legs.

you plugged in your earbuds and sat back, hoping that you would get to your destination in a short amount of time.

about five minutes later, you felt a tap on your left shoulder. so of course you turned your head to see who tapped you and what they wanted. you put your music on pause and pulled out your earbuds, turning to face three korean girls. they were most likely your age.

“yes?” you asked.

one of them pointed to your thighs and they all giggled. “you’re so fat. you should loose some weight.”

“how are your legs so meaty like that?” one added on.

you chose not to say anything and ignore them because if you responded back to them, the outcome of it probably wouldn’t have been pretty.

you moved over to the right side of the subway and continued listening to music. while you sat there, you glanced over at the girls a few times. they were still giggling, and teasing you from a distance.

you had just about enough of them. no one likes to be pointed at and no one damn sure likes to be made fun of. especially someone different like you.

“the fuck are y'all looking at!?” you asked in a loud tone, making it obvious to everyone that you were talking to them.

the girls jumped, and turned their backs to you. as confusing as their reaction was, you were just happy that they stopped fucking with you for the rest of the ride.

you contacted hyuk about it immediately after you got home. when you texted him, you were crying. but thank god for him, he raised your spirits. he’s always the one to make you feel better about yourself in this fucked up world.


“baby!” you listened as hyuk threw his keys onto the kitchen table and hung up his coat.

“i’m in here.” you responded.

soon after your response, hyuk appeared in the doorframe. he leaned on it and eyed you. “you know you’re the most beautiful woman i know right?”

you let out a small laugh and blushed, not even hiding it. “if you say so hyuk.”

“no really.” he hummed lowly but loud enough for you to hear it. his eyes hovered down to your thighs, and the fact that you were wearing short shorts turned him on even more.

he bit his bottom lip. “come here.”

you climbed off of the couch and went over to him, you stood directly in front of him just waiting to see what he was about to do.

he kissed your forehead and grabbed your hand. you were guided into the room and told to sit on your shared bed.

“take those off.” he pointed at your shorts, you responded quickly. as you pulled them off, he watched you. you couldn’t deny that his glance was sexy.

literally as soon as your shorts hit the floor, hyuk climbed between your legs and began leaving those trails of wet kisses that you loved. you grabbed onto his shoulders as he went down lower. he hovered over your panties and kissed you through the cloth, earning him a moan from you.

then, he kissed your thighs. “don’t you ever talk about losing weight. you’re beautiful just like this.”

you nodded since you couldn’t say anything. his touch gave you chills, it gave you goosebumps, and most of all it gave you satisfaction.

“tell me when you want me to stop alright?” he said while he ‘slid your panties to the side.

before you could answer, he started moving his tongue in a motion that took you by surprise. usually when he did this, his tongue game was up to par. you didn’t think that he could get any better but boy were you wrong.

“you taste so good baby.” he gripped your thighs and spread your legs wide so that he could really enjoy his meal.

“baby…” you bit down on your lip and threw your head back. the amount of pleasure that he was giving you was unbearable. you found yourself slowly rolling your hips at the same rhythm as his tongue.

about ten minutes later, you made up your mind. you were too horny to go through with this any longer.

“hyuk…” you paused until he stopped and looked up at you. “i’m ready.”

“okay but before we..you know.” he paused and climbed on top of you. “promise me that you’ll stop being so insecure.”

“i promise.”

hyuk slowly entered you, inch by inch until there wasn’t any left.

“shit y/n you feel so good.” he grunted at how your walls wrapped around him.

his strokes were slow, steady, and full. his strokes were accurate to his grinding on stage, he was so passionate when it came to this.

his fingers ran across your skin, and his lips never left your neck. “you’re so sexy.” he softly grunted into your ear.

“i know…” you replied as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

he chuckled and sped up, causing you to moan aloud. he stuck his head in the crook of your neck, enabling you to hear his small grunts clearer. you stroked his hair with your fingers and repeatedly kissed his neck tattoo.

scratching his back was really really tempting. you chose now to tell him before your voice went hoarse. “i love you.”

“i love you too mocha.” he kissed your lips and pulled out of you, causing you to let out a small whimper at the sudden emptiness.

“turn around and lay on your tummy.” he told you which made you giggle.

“yes daddy.” you said in a cringey and seductive way, while doing as you were told.

hyuk laughed lightly while positioning himself in between your legs. “call me daddy again and i will fuck the shit out of you y/n.”

“i want you too…daddy.” you bit down on your lip to hide your grin.

unexpectedly, hyuk grabbed you by your waist and sat you up on your knees. he rammed himself into you with full force. the only thing that you were able to do was scream/moan.

“what happened to calling me daddy sweetheart?” he sarcastically said as he slowed down and ran his fingers along your thighs.

when you didn’t respond, hyuk became worried, “ba-”

once he saw your face, his whole attitude changed. you were basically drooling with your eyes closed.

“i’m that good?” he got cocky.

you hummed yes and rolled over on your back.  "come here.“

hyuk literally slid between your legs again and leveled his face with yours. he leaned into you skipping the soft kisses and went straight for your tongue. if your tongue and his tongue were to get into a fight, he’d win. he wasn’t playing any games with you any more and you could tell by his body language that he was close to his climax.

he pulled away from the kiss and and pulled you to the edge of the bed by your thighs. “ready?” he asked, while pushing his hair back, revealing his forehead. daddy look.

you nodded and prepared yourself, this was one of hyuk’s favorite positions so you knew that you’d be in for a ride. he loved this position because he could see you and your beautiful face. with every stroke he could see how it affected you, your facial expressions and moans were what drove him. he could see everything.

of course, he started off slow but eventually he sped up. the room filled up with the noise of hyuk’s skin slapping against yours and his grunts became louder as he chased his high.

“fuck y/n..” his climax was more than close. all that he needed for you to say that you were his and that all of you belonged to him.

“who’s pussy is this?” he asked you in between gritted teeth.

it was your favorite question. you always shouted his name the loudest you could. the new neighbors needed to know his name.


once the both of you were showered, you asked hyuk if he wanted to cuddle but he rejected your suggestion.

“what why?” you asked, feeling a little hurt.

“i have to go back to the studio, millic is there.” he held up his phone and showed you his nonifications. millic had called and texted him over 100 times.

“did you make up a lie just so you could come over here?” you giggled as you buttoned up a loose button on his shirt.

“yeah, i told him it was important business. but i mean, it kinda was.” he chuckled and kissed your forehead before grabbing his keys. “i love you mochaaa..!” he sung while he stood at the doorway, with his arms wide open waiting for your embrace.

you rolled your eyes at how petty he was and ran over to him. you hugged him as tight as you could. “thanks for always making me feel better baby.”

“i’m your man, it’s what im supposed to do.” he kissed your lips this time. “i’ll see you later okay?”

“okay.” you waved him off.

and with that, he left.


you were smiling brightly the rest of the day. melanin popping cause that sex glo yezz.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

There are 100s of diets out there and I’m going to let you in on a little secret. THEY ALL WORK, if you follow them. One reason people fail? Shit takes up too much time, requires a bunch of complicated calculations and measurements. It’s exhausting. People burn out. You all are very smart, intelligent people. Eating right isn’t hard. Trying to combat bad dietary choices with “exercise” is really hard. It’s impossible. I personally love to exercise. I like pushing my body to extremes. Want to know another secret? YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXERCISE TO LOSE WEIGHT! People loose weight all the time and never step foot into a gym to do traditional exercise. If you want to sculpt your body sure, find something to do you enjoy. It will accelerate the process! But you don’t have to. Just eat real food, all the time. ALL THE TIME! Drink water, coffee, and tea. Don’t skip meals. Avoid alcohol. Don’t skip meals. Eat your veggies. Dairy is literally the 😈. There is no such thing as “whole grain” unless you can see the “whole seed”. Please, just don’t make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be pretty or fancy. It’s doesn’t need to require a special trip to the grocery store. If you’re into that, go for it! If not, waste time. The most important thing to remember IMO is if you’re trying to lose weight. Do it. Get it over with. You have so much of your life to live don’t waste years battling your weight. Get your weight in check then move on. A “diet” is a temporary nutritional modification that has a goal, a beginning, and a finish line. Keep it simple, there aren’t any magic foods, and get it over with.


Tomorrow I will start a 14 day Detox Challenge. I only drink warm water with fresh lemon juice. It will clean my body from all bad and helps to loose weight in a short time. I hope that I could stay safe.

so today was my first day volunteering at this organization that goes to middle/high schools and is basically an after school program for girls

and the place they assigned me to is a middle school and i got there early to meet up with the head girl in charge and when school got out it was a jungle aaaa 93% of those kids where taller than me lmaooo :_____) but they were all babies!!! so young so scary

anonymous asked:

Did you loose all your cellulite after weight loss? Or did you get it removed? Please please tell the truth

No i still have a little bit if i look really close, idk how you would get it removed? lol Im probably the only person that can tell i have it tho so yeah its basically gone :)

anonymous asked:

How long did it take you to loose all that weight?! And how did you do it x

I started October of last year and the pounds dropped off pretty quickly at first with the initial changes. I cut out alcohol almost entirely (I was having basically 1-2 beers or malt beverages a day, so that added up to a lot) and started watching/cutting my calories.

So about five months to lose 35 pounds. But it wasn’t healthy weight loss and I wouldn’t recommend my methods to anyone. Except cutting back on alcohol if you drink a lot, that’s never a bad thing since its just a ton of empty calories.

anonymous asked:

I've been obese all my adult life so far & I've tried everything apart from pills & surgery & I don't think either would help me. I'm on the waiting list for talking therapies, but I'm at rock bottom. Could you or any of your followers help me? Thank you.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for loosing weight. If there was, so many of us would benefit from it, including me. That said- nobody, and I mean nobody is 100% happy with their bodies. Remember that scene from Mean Girls? 

I think it’s important that you are able to talk with a therapist or counselor about your feelings and frustrations. Our health care system is very faulty and getting faultier, so you may be better off using free resources.

Are you a college student? If you are, there’s an entire office at your school dedicated to helping students through their problems. They may not be experts in weight loss, but they will have resources that will help you. Make an appointment with one of these counselors for absolutely free (or just walk in), you can even make it a weekly appointment if you have to. 

If you’re not a college student, call a toll free hotline and speak to somebody ASAP. There are hundreds of these hotlines, there are volunteers out there waiting to pick up your phone call at this very moment. I can’t find any hotlines dedicated specifically to weight loss that aren’t part of an organization, so if anybody has any suggestions, please chime in. 

I personally do not have any experience with weight loss, so I encourage any of my followers to chime in with any advice or what worked for them.

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You may also want to join https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/OSSG/info

This is for myself but also works for a lot of other people.

Stop putting conditionals on your happiness. Stop saying, “I’ll be truly happy once I have this apartment fully cleaned up.” “I’ll be really happy when I loose all that weight.” “I’ll be happy once xyz…”

Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is what happens when you’re walking the trail of life and you’re wearing your pack of duties and you stop for a moment to appreciate the way the light shines through the trees, or the greenery of a meadow. Or appreciate the babbling of a stream.

Putting the analogy into practice, it’s those everyday moments that happen. that first sip of good coffee. The feeling of warmth after being cold outside. Or the first kiss of cold from water after a hot afternoon. The way coffee creamer creates fractals in your coffee. Or the sound of your favorite song. Those are what happiness is. Allow yourself to feel happiness.

Some days all I can think is:

Is it too much to ask for a normal body that doesn’t get rashes or chafe or get in the way of normal daily functions like getting dressed, showering, or just bending over????

I mean I love my body but damn, I can’t catch a break. It shouldn’t cost me $15,000 out of pocket just to have a god damn normal body.

And all I can think is, “well if I hadn’t gained all of that weight…” And people LOVE to remind me that I “put myself in this situation”

But no one seems to realize, and I quite often have to remind myself that my weight gain started when I was THREE years old. I was taught bad habits, given bad food, etc MY WHOLE LIFE. And even when I tried to go vegetarian and eat better in highschool, my parents ridiculed me and made it 100% difficult to the point where I was either forced to eat meat or starve.

So really, I didn’t do this to myself. Once I got out of my parents house and started to learn how to eat properly/exercise correctly and have a healthy relationship with food, it was already too late. At least I was still young. I’m only 23. But now I’m being punished for it for probably the rest of my life because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford the god damn skin removal surgery.

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What would gom, Kiyoshi, Imayoshi and Mitobe do if there girlfriend is insecure because she is chubby and they been made fun of because of it and there girlfriend don't know why there with them.

Similar scenario for the GOM is here: X and I had help from my favorite right here: X

Kiyoshi: He’s shocked that you’d think that you were beautiful, you were perfection in his eyes. “________-san, i don’t think you need to loose weight at all.” He told you “But, if you really want to, i can workout with you.” He offered. 

Imayoshi: “I honestly don’t know why you’re even with me.” You had been constantly bothered by your weight, you were always feeling like you weren’t beautiful enough for your boyfriend.“I guess your too chubby to do the study group with me."He responded, this only made you feel worse,"My weight has nothing to do with my brain!” You retorted but it didn’t matter, it didn’t make him stop,“I suppose your too chubby to continue to helping with the student council.”

“My weight does not effect my responsibilities!”

“I guess your too chubby to spend time with me this weekend like we promised.”

“Shoichi! My weight does not make me break any of my promises!!!” You belted, turning to him with an angry look
“Then why care if you think your a bit chubby? Your still intelligent, responsible and kind, some of the reasons I’m with you. I’m not here for how you look _______ I’m here for who you are.”

Mitobe: He turns his head in question when he sees you staring at your body in the mirror with an upset look across your features. “Mitobe, should I loose some weight? I don’t think i’m pretty enough for you.” His his eyes widen at your suggestion, he thought you were perfect, why would you ever want to change? He found his arms wrapped around you, shaking in head ‘no’ into your neck. 

Here's the thing..

A piece of cake, won’t make you fat.
A slice of pizza, won’t make you fat.
A few pieces of chocolate, won’t make you fat.
A scoop of ice cream, won’t make you fat
A glass of wine, won’t make you fat.

I have many people say “I wish I could eat cake without getting fat”, “I wish I could eat pizza without getting fat”.

You’re not going to get fat for enjoying something you like. Weight loss is not about depriving yourself. You’re human. You have to remember you’re allowed to indulge on occasion. Depriving yourself is only going to lead to you going crazy and wanting to stop the journey. It’s all in moderation. If you are all those things daily, sure, you may loose weight. Enjoy that glass of wine of a Friday night! Go out for a slice of pizza with a friend! Grab that scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day! But please, just remember, allow yourself to enjoy yourself. I can’t express that enough


Arm day was a FREKIN success. I tore shit up today. I told my self this morning that today was going to be the best day of my week. Went on the scale (unofficial since I use a Tanita body comp analyzer at my gym for my official weigh ins) saw that I’m SOOOOO CLOSE to my first goal of 300 lbs by August 24. I’ve lost 36 FREKIN pounds so far. I held a 35 lb plate today and walked around with it, that killed me. I can’t believe my body had to carry that shit. I’ve got a long way to go, but the is a marathon not a sprint. I’ll get there. I’ll gain weight, loose weight all along the journey but that’s ok because it’s lean muscle not fat! My arms are starting to show definition finally. They are on fire today lol!

Grab some motivation friends and DESTROY your workout today!

Look no further bbbenwilliamson and wearecrush here I come! You guys are my motivation today, i reread bens story again and if he can start from scratch and get what he wants, so can we!!!!

Persephone looked in the full length mirror, a frown on her face as she looked down the length of her body. Her agent had told her that she needed to lose weight and she could see Sarah had meant, now that she was looking in herself feeling like all her hard work into loosing weight and getting healthier hadn’t worked out. She let out a small sigh, “Gosh, I look disgusting,” She muttered before seeing a figure in the background. She turned to face them, “Um, hi?”