loose 10 pounds

Feed My Character:


Slim Jims: Character looses 10 pounds everytime a word is spoken
Red Hots: Character is now hot and bothered
Sour Patch Kids: Character reverts to a childlike form
Tequila: Character is now a party girl/guy
Nerds: Character is now obsessed with a nerdy thing of anons choice
Wax Lips: Character can’t help but kiss everyone who crosses their path
Taffy: Character is now super flexable
Mary Janes: Character is now all prim and propper
Milk Shake: Character now has an ample behind
Pixie Stick: Character has sprouted wings
Devil’s Food: Character is now evil

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'3 132lbs. 18 yrs old. Idk this has been worrying me a lot but do you think I'll get loose skin if I loose 10 pounds in one month. I'm planning on exercising a lot and eating around 300-500 calories a day.

I haven’t had an issue with loose skin but each person is different. It won’t be visible though, if anything just more stretchy when you pull at it

May 1st seems like any a good day to start weight loss again so here we go 👍

My starting weight is 247. This has been my weight zone for the last 5ish years so it’ll be good to see it go down!

For my current weight goal I’m going to try and loose 10 pounds by the end of May. I think looking at it in small numbers makes everything look better haha I’m going to keep doing my walks and stretches for my herniated disc but now I’m going to try some more strength exercises for my arms and core. Not lifting goats though fuck that. I talked to my parents about meal planning though about meal planning so thats happening too~

My end goal weight is probably going to be around ehhh 140-150. I’m tall so I have no idea how everything will balance out so we’ll seeeeeeee. Either way, a lot of weight will be off my spine so that’s good 🌼

kittycats-and-loosingfat submitted:

It been a while at my same weight but I went from over 200 to 150, I am 5'7 and I am currently trying to loose the last 10 pounds, My Body fat percentage is 21%! I mostly run and do cardio for the majority of my weight loss. I really got into smoothies for a while too! It is a quick easy, and healthy meal or snack! 

I have maintained 150 for a while, which makes me proud! But Its time to seriously focus on my diet! And hit the iron!

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