loopy rose


i just think rose’s ear loopies would be the perfect addition for the doctor’s new get-up (i can’t wait to see my new space mom/parent in action!!)

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4. Nine/Rose. Maybe Rose trying to soothe Nine after he's been drugged on a trip? The effects have kicked in after they've reached the TARDIS and he's a bit childlike. (Idk, first thing that sentence made me think of. I love vunerable Nine.)


The Doctor gets himself into trouble with a wizard in the marketplace and it’s up to Rose to undo the curse he was hit with. 

Part of the Everyday Magic ‘verse but can mostly be read separately.

Prompt: “Come here. Let me fix it.”


“Come on, Doctor,” Rose urged, leading him away from the console room so he’d stop trying to fiddle with the controls. She had no idea what most of those buttons and switches did and she didn’t want to find out anything nasty about them by accident. “We need to get you better.”

He leaned on her heavily, goofy smile stretched across his face as he looked down at her. “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to my room.”


“Because you’re sick and I need to get you somewhere safe so I can make sure you get better,” Rose explained patiently. They’d already had this conversation once.

“Shouldn’t I go to the medbay if I’m sick? I think I know the way.” He tried to disentangle himself from her to head down a corridor that definitely did not lead to the medbay.

“No, no, no, no,” Rose said, pulling him back to her. “You’re not that kind of sick.”

His confused expression was adorable. Rose knew she would enjoy it more if he wasn’t so vulnerable and not himself at this moment. “What kind of sick am I, then?”

“The kind that I can fix in my room. Remember, the TARDIS let me ward the walls of my room for safety so I need to get you there so I can de-spell you.”


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So tell me, why should I ship Tentoo and Rose more than Ten and Rose (yes technically they're the same, but prove to me what makes tentoo and rose a bit more..special)

Oh geez the pressure!!

Okie dokie, well if you’re someone who like plain hard facts, then they’re more special because they’ve been proven by canon to be a couple. That kiiissssss!!!

But let’s forget that for just a minute.

Tentoo is the Doctor. Not kinda the Doctor. Not sorta the Doctor. He doesn’t have a copy of the Doctor’s memories. He is the Doctor. Up until the moment he siphoned off that regeneration energy, Ten and Tentoo were the same man and had the same feelings for Rose Tyler.

The only different thing is that he is now in a human body. A human body that can match life spans with Rose Tyler. Really, that is all he ever wanted. He just wanted to be a normal bloke with a normal love, but he never could, because after 900+ years, he knows that everyone leaves him one way or another.

But now! Oh, now he finally can entertain the idea that he can actually keep Rose for his forever. If she wants him, that is.

That entire beach scene is so emotional. Tentoo is such a ball of nervous, anxious energy, and while he desperately wants Rose to pick him and stay with him, he’s not going to force her. He gives her the choice. Buy saying things like “if you want” and “together” are his way of begging without begging. He is more or less giving her the facts of this new him, and hoping it’ll be enough for her to want to stay.

And we can see it in Rose’s eyes that she is attracted to the idea of the Doctor having the same life span as her, because now there will be nothing holding him back anymore. The Doctor, for self-preservation reasons, could never give himself completely to Rose. He has a universe in his care, firstly, and secondly, he knows that he’ll only have a few short decades with her (if he’s lucky), before he’s alone once more. Even if he tries to love her completely, there will always be a piece of him that reminds him that his time with Rose is slowly winding down.

But Tentoo doesn’t have all of that. The universe can politely sod off, and he is free to love Rose completely and utterly.

Tentoo and Rose are so attractive to me because of the happy endings they both get. I am sad about how Ten’s ending goes, because I love him to bits as well, and Rose does too. But she gives him the option. I have no doubt that if Ten told her he loved her, that she would’ve figured out a way so that she and both of her Doctors could stay together. But he makes the decision for her, or he at least pushes her towards he option he deems better, and I think Rose is tired of his emotional whiplash that comes with loving the Time Lord.

The thing that attracts me the most towards Tentoo and Rose is the humanness of it. They’re both human now, and they both love each other desperately, and they’ve both had to make sacrifices to get where they are, but I don’t think they would change a thing. The Doctor can finally have his forever, and who is Rose to deny him anything but a perfectly happy human life with her, and she loves him just as desperately, even though she had to let go of the Time Lord Doctor.

I hope this train of thought makes sense? I just love these two so much :’)

come talk tentoo x rose with me!!

Best Song Ever

She was cute.

She wasn’t provocative or trying to be sexy like the other girls around her. She just was. And for some reason I couldn’t place, she got all of my attention.

She had been sitting by herself at the other end of the club, her lips wrapped around an orange straw as she silently sipped her drink, which looked to be some fruity concoction that I, personally, had no taste for. Her dark eyes were darting around the scene, presumably to catch a glance of one of her friends. I had seen when she walked in, her hips sashaying from side to side with her natural gait, her hair flowing effortlessly off her shoulders.

Every other girl around her was wearing tight dresses with colors and accessories that were harsh on the eye. That paired with their sky-high heels and pounds of makeup painted on their features…well, let’s just say it was easy for me overlook them.

I have to say, I was quite disappointed in the definition of standard beauty. I’m sure all of the women here would be just as beautiful had they been wearing something that they were confident and comfortable in. To be honest, many of them, though not all, looked to be a bit unnerved in their clothing choices.

But that girl. She was mesmerizing. The way she swirled her drink in her glass as if by doing so, her taste buds would find it more appealing, the way she scrunched up her nose when someone bumped into her chair, the way her eyes darted around, looking, searching. She was the only one I seemed to notice. And she wasn’t even trying.

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