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Remember that time Ray carried Fraser (who has to outweigh him by 20+ pounds) for miles through the woods, singing along gamely with his increasingly loopy friend?


         || Loopy fruits ||

Me and my friend have some awful golden typos. Discussed about how Seidou has an obsession over pineapples and how Juuzou would probably make fun of him for it. Knowing how random Juuzou can be, he’d actually try to surprise Seidou with a shitload of pineapples. He’ll be nonstop memeing his old former colleague. 
Oh and Cinnamon on top of grilled pineapple. A+, take me home. 

I was tagged by @sufferthesea and probably more people in the last month or so, but I keep forgetting to do these. I’m really sorry. I love you guys though and I do appreciate the tag. I’m just a terribly forgetful person.

Name: Mandi. Berry. Weirdo.

Gender: Female

Starsign: Taurus

Height: 5′6″

Sexuality: Kakashi-sexual

Wallpapers: This beautiful picture by nessasan

Ever had a crush on a teacher? Nope

Last person I texted/what it said: My friend who just started watching Naruto and wanted to ask me about the movies.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully adulting better than I am now

If you could be anywhere else rn where would you be: I’m at home right now, so I’m doing pretty good

Coolest Halloween costume? I had a pretty cool steampunk one I did a few years back.

Favorite 90′s show: Dragonball Z. Most of the cartoons were awesome, like the X-Men, Gargoyles, that sort of thing.

Last kiss: My husband, who told me I was beautiful before he left to get a haircut

Ever been stood up? Once, when I was 16

Favourite flavour of ice cream: Chocolate or caramel

Ever been to Las Vegas: Nope and I don’t really have a desire to go tbh. I’m not much of a gambler.

Favourite pair of shoes: If I didn’t have to wear shoes, I probably wouldn’t. 

Favourite fruit: Golden apples

Stupidest thing I’ve ever done: Pretty much everything I did between the ages of 13-17. I was a crazy troublemaker when I was a teen. I used to get mouthy with the cops in our neighborhood. 

Favourite book: “The Name of the Wind” Patrick Rothfuss. “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” Laini Taylor. The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. “1Q84″ Haruki Murakami.

What Loser: I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me

A thing

Caleb Prior

Mild stress, sillyness, mild flirt, light smut

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Could you do a (divergent) caleb smut/fluff when they’re in Amity and he is too loopy on the bread and an amity girl finds him talking to a tree so she takes him to his room and he wants her to stay? It would mean the world to me. I need Caleb in my life. Thanks so much for your time!”

Word count: 729

gif is not mine.

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If I Was Your Boyfriend

Summary: Phil has sprained his ankle and his medication has him acting very silly. What will Dan do when his loopy best friend tries to kiss him?

Word count: 783

Warnings: None (That I know of)

Genre: Fluff <3

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the justin bieber title. Let’s blame my sleep deprivation for my lack of better judgement.

“Phil, what are you staring at?” Dan asked his loopy friend. Phil was in a daze. He was always quite sensitive to medication. The pain pills he was prescribed for his newly sprained ankle were really taking a toll on his mental status. Phil had taken another tumble down the stairs. It really would have been quite a funny story if it hadn’t resulted in injury. They had just arrived back home from the hospital, and the pain killers were really starting to set in. Phil giggled relentlessly as Dan helped him up the stairs and into bed.

“Your lips, Dan.” Phil giggled, refusing to take his eyes of Dan’s mouth.

“What, have I got something on them?” Dan questioned, taking the back of his hand and wiping his mouth off. Phil just giggled even more.

“They’re so pink.” Phil said with a dorky, yet endearing smile.

“You obviously need rest.” Dan stated. He was sitting on the edge of Phil’s bed. Dan had successfully helped Phil into his pajamas and under the covers. However, Dan could not manage to get the older man to go to sleep. Phil sat up in his bed, resting his back on his pillows. His eyes were locked on Dan, and that didn’t look like it was going to be changing any time soon.

“No, you need rest” Phil laughed and tapped his finger onto Dan’s nose, making him smile despite his frustration. The two sat there in silence for several minutes. Dan was waiting on Phil to finally calm down and go to sleep. He didn’t trust him to be left alone in his loopy, medicine-induced state. Phil was fixated on Dan’s lips. His eyes weren’t moving.

“Why are you staring at my mouth? Do I have something in my teeth?” Dan asked. He couldn’t help but notice that Phil was nibbling at his own bottom lip.

“They look quite soft.” Phil giggled. “I want to touch them.”

Dan stared as Phil slowly brought his finger to Dan’s bottom lip, giving it a small poke. The whole scene was really very bizarre, and Dan didn’t quite know what to make of all of it. He couldn’t help but smile, because despite the awkwardness of the encounter, Dan found it to be very cute.

“What was that?” Dan asked, laughing the situation off.

“I want to kiss them.” Phil giggled. He leaned in and slowly brought his face closer and closer to Dan’s.

“Phil?” Dan questioned as he saw the space between them growing narrow. He was frozen. His stomach immediately filled with butterflies. Phil continued to move closer, their lips were seconds away from touching when Dan jerked away. “Stop, Phil. You don’t know what you are doing. You are going to regret it in the morning.”

Phil’s eyes met Dan’s. The ocean blue orbs were filled with hurt. “You don’t want to kiss me, do you?”

“Phil” Dan paused, knowing what he was about to say would change their friendship forever. “I do want to kiss you, but this isn’t the right time.”

“Why not?” Phil asked with dazed puppy dog eyes.

“Because you’re all looped out on your pain medicine, you just screwed up your ankle. I’m not going to take advantage of you like that.” Dan explained.

“I don’t think I’m as loopy as you think.” Phil said with some composure, but not nearly as much as he should have. Dan could tell Phil was coming to his senses, at least a little bit anyway. “I think it’s really sweet that you don’t want to take advantage of me, but nothing you could ever do would be taking advantage of me because I really really like you, Dan.” Phil only slurred his words a little bit. Dan remained silent. He was in utter shock, and truly at a loss for words. Phil continued, “The way you took care of me today, Dan, it was so sweet. The way you freaked out when I fell and how you carried me to the cab. The way you were yelling at the nurse to get me more pain medicine. I know the people at the hospital had to think we were a couple. I don’t know, today I just felt like I wasn’t your friend, but I was your boyfriend, and I just really liked that feeling.”

“Phil,” Dan took Phil’s hand and held it between both of his. “Maybe I could be your boyfriend, for real this time. ”

Phil leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Dan’s lips, “Of course, but only if I can be yours too”

First Kiss (2) Masterlist

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part one

At The End Of The Day - fiction-phan

Summary: Dan had been waiting for months to finally meet the person he had started considering his best friend. Skype conversations just weren’t enough anymore and he was craving the real thing. He just hoped that he hadn’t read Phil’s flirting in the wrong way.

Books And Adventure - washedoutgay

Summary: Dan takes an interest in a new boy who is always reading near him, and for some reason doesn’t wear shoes.

Communications - cafephan

Summary: Phil convinces Dan to investigate a haunted house with him on Halloween.

give me at shot at the night (ao3) - goldfishsunglasses

Summary: “and then you kissed me…”

If I Was Your Boyfriend - phan-panda

Summary: Phil has sprained his ankle and his medication has him acting very silly. What will Dan do when his loopy best friend tries to kiss him?

If Only You Saw What I Can See - cafephan

Summary: It’s Dan and Phil’s first night together, but things haven’t exactly gone to plan. Until the morning after.

New Demons - botanistlester

Summary: Punk!Phil is forced to go to a church youth group where he meets Pastel!Dan.

On A Rainy Day - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan finally admits his feelings to Phil but it doesn’t quite go as planned.

Thanks To Tyler - dilisinlove

Summary: Tyler finds out that Dan likes Phil and that Phil likes Dan. Tyler then plays matchmaker, kinda.

The Boy Who Was A Virgin And The Boy With The Snake Tattoo - xdesolation-rowx

Summary: “Listen, zodiacs are bullshit.” He says, as I shuffle the deck of cards in my trembling hands, passing a seven of hearts trough my bruised knuckles. “You say that ‘cause your a gemini. Cancers, geminis, scorpios and sagittarius tend to be skeptical” I argue. “Also, not my fault your trousers ripped.”

The Rooftop - jilliancares

Summary: Phil’s been best friends with Dan all his life, and it seems like every night they were up to another adventure. Just when did that platonic, best friend love, turn into something more?

Winter Wishes - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Christmas is without a doubt Phil’s favorite time of year, and he’s convinced there’s something purely magical about the season. His festive feelings are only amplified when a little bit of Christmas magic brings he and Dan a little closer.

Young Hearts - placingglaciers

Summary: In which it is the last day of the fair and Dan is alone and needs someone to go on rides with. What transpires does not go according to plan, but that’s alright as Dan doesn’t mind falling in love, even if it is just for one night.

Zapped! (ao3) - RebelAtHeart

Summary: Dan and Phil invite Louise, PJ and Chris over for a visit. While Dan is getting ready, his hair straightener gives him a painful shock, and another unexpected gift.

Party Time - C.H. AU

Request: I saw your post about requests and I have a weakness for bad boy/ frat boy cal and was thinking about a story about how they have a fight but y/n is a trainee nurse and goes to her work placement but cal gets in a fight and gets really hurt and goes to hospital and she rushes to his side?

Summary: Frat boy Calum gets a little frisky at a party, which ends up with serious consequences to face.

Pairing: Frat!Cal x Female Reader


- - - 

What started as the best frat party of the decade ended with the biggest nightmare of Calum’s life. He saw a beautiful girl at the party and decided to swoop in, making friendly conversation and dropping subtle hints that he was awfully interested in her and that his bedroom was just upstairs. The girl flirted back at him and took his hand, allowing him to lead her to his bedroom. What Calum didn’t know- and the girl left out- was that she was already taken. Not just by any guy, but by Travis, the leader of their rival fraternity, who thought it would be a good idea to crash their party. One of Travis’ meathead brothers thought it would be a good idea to bring a knife to the party. Their little rumble between the two fraternities turning into something much, much worse when Calum looked down and saw a knife protruding from his abdomen.

Now here he was, half-conscious and getting dragged by his fellow frat brothers down the quad with the same goddamn knife stuck inside of him. “Help!” They were screaming, moving as fast as they could in the direction of the campus medical facility. Lucky for them, Y/N was also on her way there to go to her nightly shift.

“What’s going on?” She asked urgently, kneeling down to examine Calum. She saw some bruises on the face, a split lip and marks on the neck. Looking down, she saw a slowly growing puddle of blood surrounding a switchblade. “We need to get to the medical facility,” One of Calum’s friends, Lucas, explained with a panicked tone. Y/N’s eyes were wide as she examined the wounds. “Forget the medical facility, you need to take him to the hospital!”

Y/N did the honors of speeding the five yelling boys to the hospital, dropping them off at the emergency room while she parked the car. She recognized the victim as Calum Hood, the frat boy who sat behind her in her psychology course. Calum could be an arrogant asshole sometimes, but he was the sweetest person she’s ever met. He didn’t deserve this.

Thankfully, the switchblade didn’t hit any vital organs or do any major damage to Calum. The doctors managed to stop the bleeding and stitch him up, but the pain medication they put him on to stop the edge- after all, he did get stabbed- made him a little loopy. Calum’s friends took an Uber home to shut down the party, leaving Y/N to drive the injured boy home. Calum was wheeled out in a wheelchair, shirtless with a bandage wrapped around his chest.

“He’s gonna be okay, just make sure he relaxes and has limited activity for a few days. He should be healed within two weeks,” The nurse smiled at Y/N before they both helped Calum out of the wheelchair, slinging his arm around Y/N’s shoulders. “Y/N!” Calum slurred with a cheeky grin, stumbling alongside Y/N as she lead him out of the hospital. “You’re looking extra gorgeous today! I’ve always liked you. Cutie pie.”

Y/N giggled and helped Calum into her car. “How are you feeling?” She asked, sliding into the driver’s seat and turning the car on. “I’m on top of the world, baby girl,” He smirked, trying to act smooth with her. No matter how much pain medication he was on, Calum was still the same.

In a matter of minutes, Y/N pulled up to the front curb of the trashed frat house, where Calum’s brothers were already waiting. “I will call you,” Calum told Y/N, pointing finger guns at her before he was dragged out of the car. “I will make you mine!”

Y/N shook her head with a small chuckle and switched the car back into drive, the frat house becoming a small speck in her rearview mirror as she left the area. 

gizkasparadise  asked:

finnrey: finn attempts poetry

“Hey, so, what rhymes with ‘hair loopies’?”

Poe eyes his friend carefully, taking a moment to figure out whether he’s pulling his leg. “Okay, you’re serious.”

Finn stares back. “Yeah.” It’s said in the tone (and vague rhyme) of duh. “It’s poetry. It’s romantic.”

There exists in the world any number of ways to respond to that. Poe presses his lips together very firmly, before nodding, clapping his hand on Finn’s back. “I don’t think anything rhymes with hair loopies, buddy.”

“Really? What about goop–”


BB-8, unsurprisingly, is no help at all.

“Wh - come on, why’re you rolling away? You said you’d help!”

At least, Finn’s pretty sure that’s what that series of beeps meant. Learning how to speak droid is a work in progress.

A hatch opens in the droid’s body. The lighter comes out.

Finn’s pretty sure it’s not a thumb’s up.

“…I’ve just returned from an extended trip on an island, by myself.” Luke Skywalker’s expression is carefully blank, but there’s something about the way his eyes crinkle at the corners. Finn’s pretty sure he’s being laughed at. “I may not be the best person to ask.”

“Come on, man.” Finn’s head thunks back against the wall he’s leaning against. “Don’t you at least have some kind of ancient Jedi saying or something that could help?”

“With dating?”


There’s definitely a smile tugging at the old man’s face now. Finn can tell, even as Luke turns his head to look contemplatively at the ceiling.

“Actually, it turns out the old Jedi Order was celibate.”

“You’re a bad man, Luke Skywalker.”

“Consider it a brief history lesson. You’ll learn more as your studies progress.”

It occurs to Finn, somewhere around the thirteenth draft, that Rey might not even like poetry.

He stares down at his datapad. The datapad, and a blinking cursor, stare back at him. Draft thirteen is actually just a blank page.

“You know what,” he tells it, turning the screen face down on the table. “This is funny. That’s what I’m going with. I’m gonna tell this story one day, and we’re all gonna look back, and we’re gonna laugh. Especially me.”

“Hey, uh, Rey?”

She looks up at him, and she’s already smiling. He never gets tired of that, the idea that there’s someone in the world who just needs to hear his voice to be pleased. “Hi, what’s up?” 

She grabs a rag hanging off one of BB-8′s arms, wiping the oil off her hands as she stands from whatever mechanical thing she’s been working on lately.

“I was just - I was wondering?”

Rey pauses for a second, like she’s waiting for him to say something else. when he doesn’t, a little furrow forms between her eyebrows, although the smile is still there. “Yes? Wondering what?”

Come on man, get it together.

“Right. Right.” Crap. He doesn’t want to do this, but the alternative to doing it is not doing it, and that’s worse. He rubs the back of his neck, taking a deep breath. “Did - did you want to get dinner, some time?” A beat. “As a date?”

Her lips had already been parting, probably to say yes to dinner. But he follows up with date, and her mouth snaps shut again, and he’s ruined it. He’s so, so sure he’s ruined it, and now it’s going to be awkward and she’s never going to want to speak to him again–


“Wait, what?”

A brilliant red colour has bloomed across her cheeks - her entire face, actually. It’s adorable. She’s adorable. “I said,” she enunciates clearly. “Yes. I would lo - I would like to go on a date with you, Finn. A lot.”

His own grin threatens to break his face in half. “Obviously you’d like to go on a date with me.”

They stand there for a good half minute more, smiling like idiots. Somewhere in the background, General Organa elbows her brother. 

He rolls his eyes at her, and hands over a small pile of credits.

@pixiestory i forgot the bandages-FORGIVEME!

@doctor-grumbletoon I love your artwork too! hope you like^^

@saltyspi-toon i had a ton of fun with bella! I think her and loopy would be good friends

@minglermail POM IS SUCH A CUTIE!-i want to hug him

@bunny-loving-heidi rosy was fun

@deputy-gulliver I hope i brought gul justice 0u0

@toon-artzy here you are

@seabunn​ heres your awesome broham

@toonscratch i had fun with Clyde more then i should-i love drawing bad dudes *COUGHCOUGH*baconnecksaresexy

@joey-ruined-my-life i really wanted to draw blur in that startrek hnnnn…

@capnmccrunchyy your request was a little difficult without a ref but hope you like regardless

If I Was Your Boyfriend

Summary: Phil has sprained his ankle and his medication has him acting very silly. What will Dan do when his loopy best friend tries to kiss him?

Word count: 783

Warnings: None (That I know of)

Genre: Fluff <3

A/N: I sincerely apologize for the justin bieber title. Let’s blame my sleep deprivation for my lack of better judgement.

Extra tags: Could you also tag drabble please? :)

So I may or may not be on pain meds which make me a little loopy/drowsy. Anyway enjoy!

Marinette might’ve been just a little bit loopy when her friends came to visit. Not that it was her fault, she just got home from getting her wisdom teeth removed and her pain meds made her drowsy but not sleepy. 

So when Alya, Nino, and Adrien came into her room, she might’ve not exactly known exactly what she was saying, or even remember it. So Imagine her surprise when when the next time she sees Adrien, he kinda pulls her aside

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  • Benedick: beatrice doesn't watch my videos, she really really doesn't. i tested it, i started talking to her about olives the other day and she looked at me liked i'd gone a bit loopy. i know my other friends have given up on my videos too. they said i talked enough in real life and they couldn't be bothered figuring out when i would post stuff. actually the only people who watch these videos who i know, are pedro, claud, and john.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *sound of heart slowly breaking*