Artist: Rodrigo Bravo
Studio: Loopmedia Inc. 

Info from Loopmedia: “Rodrigo pitched this animated logo bumper internally to the sales team at Loopmedia. He developed it as a opening bumper for a sales tool. It’s colourful, sleek and eye-catching and is accompanied by quirky sound design.”

From Rodrigo Bravo: “I was trying to disect the letters of the Loopmedia logo, taking each of them and turning them inside out with geometry and colour, imploding to the beat of the track.”


How do you market yourself when most of the work you do is hush-hush and you need to showcase your services to a wide range of clients?

Our friends at Forrec, Ltd. partnered with LoopMedia to create a magnificent brand video that shows us just how to do that! With no voiceover or captions, the video features a rich mix of 3D animation, stop-motion and live action to showcase Forrec’s world class planning and design capabilities. 

LoopMedia adds “… the video shows the interaction between live action and animation, with each gesture evoking aspects of specific sectors. The spot travels from idea to idea, through the vision of different people working together and creating incredible results – the perfect summary of Forrec’s work.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

You can follow these great creatives @Forrecdesigns and @LoopmediaLtd


Artist: Craig Kirkman
Studio: Loopmedia Inc.
Client: The Score Television Network

Info from Loopmedia: “In 2012, Loopmedia created a pitch package for the requested brand re-design for The Score Television Network, a Canadian English-language cable television specialty channel providing primarily sports news, highlights, information and analysis programming along with live event sports coverage.”

"Loop Creative Director, Craig Kirkham, developed the pitch package. He worked with cutting edge imagery that conveyed a sleek and modern style for the network. Working with live action footage as a base, Kirkham developed animated typography that is dynamic and explosive."

"Loop was very pleased with the end result of this pitch package. Although the job was not awarded, it has been a valuable reference piece for the studio."