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Okay, so you put the five copper in the corpse’s pocket so past you can take it in the future and complete the time loop. If you didn’t put the copper in the pocket then past you couldn’t have found it in the future, and nobody else has any copper on hand, so you’re the only possible source. And even if there was copper in the corpse’s pocket right now in the past, you wouldn’t be allowed to mess with it, because in your past/the copper’s future you already will and already have taken it, and the event is concrete in the timeline. You need to complete the loop to make this version of yourself stable, otherwise you run the risk of never having existed since the moment you saw the coins. Time paradoxes! Self-fulfilling destiny! Buy gold!
—  A DM explaining time travel to another DM’s 5e session with unmatched glee.

Enoch O’Connor Imagine (Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children)

Anon asked, “The reader is a peculiar at the home but gets killed by a hollow and it really hits Enoch hard (cause of what his peculiarly is)”

A/N: Yes…this sure is something. I wrote it in the car- ?!! And I was so proud! ?! because like- I was able to write out in the open instead of hiding in my room, so- yeah. I hope you like it though! (because i sure do :”D) Reader is Female btw.

Word count: 893

It’s been a week since your death and Enoch was still a mess. All the children had cried when you died, even Miss Peregrine teared up a little, but they knew that they couldn’t be upset for so long.

Enoch on the other hand hasn’t come out of his room except for dinner time and even then he would rush through it and go back to his room. Today he didn’t even bother to eat dinner, and Miss Peregrine sent Claire to see how he was. She knocked on the door and Enoch yelled for her to leave, so she did, but got the other children to try something.

Enoch got it the worst. He was in denial at first. Saying things like, “She can’t be dead! She can’t! She promised to not leave me!”. Then came anger. Wanting to kill all the hollows… he tried to accept the fact that you were no longer there, but he couldn’t.

All of the children tried something to get him to come out of his room, but nothing worked. Miss Peregrine went to attempt and he opened the door, but wouldn’t show his face. He laid back on his bed with the pillow covering his face. “Enoch… It has been a tragedy for us all, but you can not just live like this.” said Miss P. “I know you loved her the most out of all of us, but you need to accept it.”

He didn’t respond. Not even a nod or a thumbs up, or a shift of his body to show anything. “Enoch, I’m talking to you.” said Miss Peregrine. Enoch just mumbled something into his pillow and Miss Peregrine sighed. “She’s in the room where Victor is…” she said under her breath, but because of how quiet it was, Enoch heard her anyway.

He removed the pillow from his face, but still did not show Miss Peregrine how he looked. “What?” he asked confused. “You heard me Enoch O’Connor. Don’t act like you did not. Before you go and see her, clean yourself up child.” she answered and slowly got up, leaving the room.

Enoch slowly sat up sighing and running his fingers through his messy, unwashed hair. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He shook his head and rubbed his face a bit. He decided to go wash up like Miss Peregrine told him, since he hadn’t in a long while.

Once he got out of the shower he smiled to himself in the mirror. He was thinking about you. He was going to bring you back to life. To talk, to see you smile, to be happy.

He didn’t want the other children to see him going to the room you were in, so he was very sneaky about it, but got to your room. You were dressed in white with your hair let loose, falling on your shoulders. He smiled softly looking at you. He remembered to carry a few hearts in his overall pockets to try and bring you back to life.

Enoch made an attempt and it didn’t work. “Come on…” he muttered getting frustrated. He made a second attempt…nothing. “Please…” he begged starting to make a third attempt. Nothing. He only had one more heart. “Work, ya damn thing.” sighed Enoch.

He looked at you hoping to see something and your eyes fluttered open. “(Y/N)!” he said excitedly. You slowly looked at him and gave a soft smile. “Hi Enoch.” you said quietly.

When the hollow had killed you it didn’t totally slay you like crazy, it was a quick death that didn’t cause much pain, so now to you weren’t feeling much pain either.

“I missed you so much…” he said holding your hand that felt cold. “I know. I saw.” you said casually. “You did?” he asked and you nodded. “Enoch…you’re gonna have to let me go.” you sighed.

It surprised Enoch that those words had come out of your mouth. “What?… Why?” he asked. “You know why… You can’t keep bringing me back. I love you, and that means I want you to be happy. Just accept the fact that I’m gone. You can do this once in a while so we could talk, but you need to let go.” you responded.

He looked at the floor. “Everyone’s telling me to let go, but I can’t seem to. It’s hard.” he sighed. “I know. It’s gonna be hard, but if you love me, you’ll do that for me.” you said rubbing his hand softly with your thumb.

He looked back up at you and nodded. “I’ll try.” he replied. “Good.” you smiled. “I don’t think I have much time left.” you sighed. “No…please stay.” he said sadly. “Let go, Enoch.” you replied letting go of his hand.

You put your hands back together and closed your eyes to go back to your peaceful state. Enoch began to tear up and he kissed your forehead leaving tears on your face. He wiped them off. “For you? Anything.” he sniffled.

Enoch stood up and smiled (with tears still present) at both you and Victor, who was also in the room. He opened the door. “I love you.” he said mostly towards you, but he loved Victor too. He walked out and closed the door behind him, starting to slowly let go.


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