We’ve seen a lot of realistic and surreal artwork at Bored Panda, but Hirotoshi Ito’s bizarre and mind-bending stone sculptures really threw us for a loop. In his masterful hands, common rocks become strange, unsettling and humorous creations that will make you look twice. (Source)


Aviator Katherine “Air Queen” Stinson (1891-1977) in Tokyo, 1916.

On July 12, 1912, Katherine Stinson became the fourth American woman to earn a pilot’s license. As the “Flying Schoolgirl” she toured the country and thrilled thousands of viewers with her stunts at county and state fairs.

In a plane she had built herself, she became the first woman and fourth pilot in the United States to master the loop-the-loop, a stunt that was considered particularly dangerous. She was the first person of either sex to fly an airplane at night. Moreover, in 1915, in Los Angeles, California, she flew into the dark sky to spell out “CAL” with flares, thus becoming the first pilot to perform night skywriting. 

In 1916, the year Amelia Earhart graduated from high school, Stinson became the first woman to fly in the Orient. Fan clubs developed all over Japan to honor the “Air Queen.” Chinese leaders were granted a private exhibition, one of the thirty-two flights that Stinson made in that country. 

In 1917 she set a long-distance record of 610 miles by flying alone from San Diego to San Francisco, over the mountains of Southern California. When the United States Post Office started air-mail service, Stinson became the first woman to be commissioned as a mail pilot. She broke her flying record while carrying airmail with a 783-mile flight from Chicago to near New York City. When the United States became involved in World War I and the army asked for volunteer pilots, Stinson applied, but the military twice rejected her applications because she was a woman.

Katherine then volunteered as an ambulance driver in Europe. She was accepted, but brutal winter and wartime conditions took a toll on her health: she returned to the U.S. weak from tuberculosis. Settling in Santa Fe, she eventually became an award-winning designer of pueblo-style homes. Katherine never flew again, but her pioneering efforts lifted aviation to public awareness and acceptance. 

Musings on Gotham’s Endless Loop Theory

I was chatting with @gotham-ruaidh about the endless possibilities of her theory, because something jumped out at  me yesterday while listening to the book.

In the abbey when Claire prepares to heal Jamie, pg 803, she fills a basin with water to create the summoning pool, just as Gellis had done back in Crainsmuir in an effort to find out who Claire really is. Following on pg 806 Claire says, ‘I forced my mind to clear as Gellie had shown me.’ We know that Claire is highly intelligent and a quick study. Thought: what if Jamie died of his fever and illness the first time around because Claire didn’t know how to save him, so Raymond manages (in some way either overt or covert) to have Gellis show her the summoning, not really to find out who she is, but to teach Claire how to save Jamie? Raymond knows Claire won’t progress and come into her full power (whatever that proves to be) without him. Or something like that!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, ladies.

Jones: There’s only four wires, I can do this by multiple choice.

*Cuts wire*

Alarm: Invalid entry code. Access denied.

Stone: Some master thief..

*Cuts wire*

Alarm: Invalid entry code. Access denied.

Stone: Some master thief.

*Cuts wire*

Alarm: Invalid entry code. Access denied.

Stone: Some master thief!

*Cuts wire*

Alarm: Invalid entry code. Access denied.


So I’ve had this picture for a while and I honestly had no idea what to say about this picture other than “I hate this picture”.

I made myself look further and get over the fact that I don’t enjoy how I look here.

I saw the step ladder and toolbox in the background, would you like to know what that means?

We had just hung up the hooks in the ceiling so Master could loop the chains them tough to chain me up on them.

The rules are on the back wall, a reminder that I am a good girl and my ultimate goal was and should always be to please Master.

There’s a look of want and need so raw in my eyes it’s hard to avoid. In that moment he captured the want and need I had for him and now I am sharing it with y'all.

There were stockings in my mouth and tape all over it and I was unable to speak, but my eyes are saying a million words.

When I look at this picture that’s now what I see.