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Little known fact about me: I really love Froot Loops. I was delighted to see that the dining hall I frequent most for breakfast, King/Scales, often offered Froot Loops! On the rough days I think I’m going to fall asleep in class, what I do is I take a disposable cup, fill it with Froot Loops, and much away during class since my mind can only concentrate on eating rather than sleeping. However, the last few weeks of the semester King/Scales stopped putting out Froot Loops… which my amazing sociology professor Marc Steinberg noted. And then, on one of the last days of class, he brought in a box of Froot Loops!!!!! Considering finals was nearing and I was incredibly tired, I was really emotional and touched. Here’s a shoutout to Marc, who is really cool and a great professor!


Loop Ring Chop Drink, my graduation film from the Royal College of Art (2014), is now live on Vimeo. Enjoy!

The mundane story of a heartbroken man,
an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac
and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building.


Designed by architect Christian A. Eckstorm, the building located at 1014 South Michigan Avenue was built in 1912. It was originally constructed as an office space for a shingle distributor, a lumber company, and an electrical parts manufacturer. In 1941, the building was purchased by the Sherwood Conservatory of Music, founded in 1895 by piano virtuoso, teacher and composer, William H. Sherwood. Sherwood owned the building until 1997, when it was sold to Columbia College to be used as the school’s Music Center, where it has remained a place for young musicians to go to learn, create, and share music with one another in a comfortable atmosphere.

Gemini, The Talkative Twins.

In this post, I’ll be going over the classic qualities of Gemini

Symbol: Twins.

Ruler: Mercury.

Element: Air.

Nature: Mutable.

Energy: Duality.

House Association: 3rd house of \communication, and Intellect.

Age Association: 14-21

Physiological Association: The Nervous system, hands, arms and lungs.

Gemini, The talkative Twins is a Mutable air sign bursting with the ecstatic, hectic,  intellectual energies of Mercury, the planet of communication, and intellect. Gemini are the third borns of the Zodiac, representing the time of being a young adult. Which is displayed quite evidently in their behavior, many Geminis seemed to be trapped in this eternal loop of college like behavior, they are wild, witty and quite emotional. upon initial greeting, they aren’t shy, though they are guarded, they choose to asses you before getting to know you. Once you pass the test, if you are appeasing to their eyes, they grow flirty, they are very bubbly, bright and have boundless energy.This energy courses through out their whole being, and in all that they do.They can make very good athletes due to this hyperactivity,, also Geminis have highly active minds, hence ruling the nervous system, thus are great thinkers, and are endowed with great intellectual proclivities. This intellectual inclination can lead them to pursuing many paths only a scholar could appreciate. Though their quick wit, and wonderful way with words also makes them wonderful candidates for musicians and politicians.But in a darker aspect, Geminis are more like politicians than they may like to be, Geminis do not hesitate to instantly switch teams, if one looks like they are doing better, this inclination to do this also leads them to gossip, even about those they are close to. Also due to all the excess energy, they easily grow board, and without provocation, will leave those they are close with out of boredom, they need to be mentally stimulated. Sexually, this sign also needs to be mentally stimulated as well. Role-play will be very commonplace, as will lots of dirty talk, copulation with the creative Gemini will be immersive and playful, for signs who like light playful sex, this is a boon, but for those who take sex seriously, it’s a no-no. Gemini embodies the conscious principle, a fusion of the Masculine and Feminine principle, able to take charge at the drop of a pen, and also able to become submissive and subservient if need be, this allows them to see the best answer, and action for what certain the best outcome the situations put in front of them.They are constantly changing themselves, thus are an enigma to some, though once you get down to it, it;s because the brain isn’t satisfied. If you can satisfy the mind. They will be satisfied with you. communication is Key for the mutable Sign of Gemini.

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