loop college

“  Steak & Shake Date  “

I’m not even joking when I say I passed out and had a weird ass dream about steak&shake’s root beer float milkshake with Elvis. So- college 80′s Steak & Shake first murder boyfriend date was the result when I woke :d 

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Loop Ring Chop Drink, my graduation film from the Royal College of Art (2014), is now live on Vimeo. Enjoy!

The mundane story of a heartbroken man,
an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac
and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building.

anonymous asked:

the tumblr rp tags are dry asf. ppl aint even rping nowadays, doing that twitter crap. any recs?

bb i’m out of the rp loop bc of college i haven’t even been searching the tags lately. but everything i’ve been seeing that has potential has been a twitter rp :/ if anyone has any tumblr rp recs for this anon then reply to this post !!