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Hey Anyway how about Mc's class goes to a tropical island to see a movie being shot. Hunts the teacher in charge.... so one day Mc finds herself skinny dipping alone in the beach and hunt sees her. Hunt walks over to her not noticing her being naked

One of the few positive things about HWU’s astoundingly expensive tuition was the fact that the excursions were a lot more exotic than your average university. 

One short 5-and-a-half-hour-later flight and she was slipping off her delicate flats and digging her toes in the white sand of Hawaii’s endless beaches. A few exceptional students were chosen to shadow the producers of an upcoming blockbuster, filming in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The budget for the film was ridiculously large, casting some of the most well established and high profile actors, an enormous and talented stunt team, and some of the greatest conceptual minds that Hollywood could offer to edit mind blowing special effects. But, for her, that’s not why this trip was particularly exciting. Staring out into the deep blue, she zoned out, smiling to herself until she heard him call her name.

“Are you listening?”

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#14 Newt: Quite Literally Fancy Pants

Request: anon

Prompt: reader receives a strange package in the box containing some very unusual contents…

A/N: I’m not too sure if this is what my lovely anon wanted, but I’ve tried! I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it anyway! :)


It’s only midday and I’m extremely tired. The box has come up, as it does every week, and I’m helping some of the guys unload supplies. The weather seems to be a lot hotter than usual, which is probably why I’m exhausted. Plus, I’m starving.

“Hey, Alby.” I call over to him. He’s handing up boxes and crates to Jeff and I, one by one. “When’s Frypan serving lunch?”

“Soon I suspect. It’s getting on that time.” Alby replies, handing me another box labeled ‘medical’.

Every week, we get labeled supply boxes. It’s never anything special usually. The guys have said that the most special or unusual thing they’ve had come up in the box is me, as I’m the first girl. When they said this, I wasn’t too sure at first weather it’s a compliment or a negative. Most of the things that come up in the box weekly, apart from greenies once a month, are basic fruit and vegetable seeds, knives and utensils for the kitchen, gardening supplies, medical resources and spare clothes. Occasionally, a keeper will get a box labeled to them containing resources for they’re work. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I continue to work in silence for a little while longer, absorbing the scorching sun rays on my back. All I can say now is thank goodness I came up with shorts, a tank top and a hoodie in the glade. I’m not sure I would’ve coped with long trousers like most of the boys.

As I take another package out of Alby’s grasp when I feel two familiar arms wrap themselves gently around my waist. I laugh lightly, turning to see the face of the boy.

“Hello Newt.” I raise my eyebrows at the boys soft face. A smirk is tugging at his lips. “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Well, my favourite work partner is taking up another job today and work is pretty bloody boring.” Newt teases. His hands remain on my waist which leaves a bubble in the pit of my stomach, waiting to burst.

“Slacker.” I say playfully and spin back around to take another crate from Alby. Newt doesn’t leave right away, instead he places his head on my shoulder.

“JUST KISS ALREADY!” I hear Zart yell jokingly from the gardens not too far away. I immediately try to hide the blush making it’s way to my cheeks, as well as the smile.

It’s safe to say that the guys in the glade are constantly teasing Newt and I, saying that we should just “cut it out and get together”. I can’t blame them really, Newt and I flirt quite a lot. Of course, it’s all harmless and there’s nothing to it…well, for HIM there’s nothing to it, but let’s not go into too much detail. I may like him, I may think of him as more than a really good friend, which he is.

“Hey, uh, (y/n)?” Alby shouts, interrupting me from my thoughts. “This box is labeled for you…?”

“Huh?” I ask, breaking myself from Newt’s grasp so that I can see what Alby means. I only work in the gardens along side others, I’m not a keeper. I shouldn’t be receiving parcels.

Alby passes me up the box and indeed, it is addressed to me. After my name, it also says “we thought that these would come in handy”. What will come in “handy”?

“What d'ya reckon it is, love?” Newt asks, kneeling down next to me.

“Not sure…” I reply, ripping open the tape that secures the box together. “I mean they said it’s going to come in handy but…OH MY GOD!”

I stand up quickly and jump away from the box in a rush. What on earth…?

“What the bloody hell is this?” Newt tries to stifle a laugh as he holds up a very lacy, stringy red bra and underwear. I groan and close my eyes, my head in my hands. This can’t be good.

By this point, a few other gladers are gathering around and throwing around the pairs of, what I think is meant to me “sexy” underwear. It’s not just the one red pair though, oh no, there’s at least nine of them in all different colours. The guys are putting the bras on they’re head and the pants are being used as eye patches. I’m not sure what The Creator’s intentions are, but I’m not liking them too much so far.

“Hey (y/n)! What d'ya think?” Thomas chortles, waving a very revealing pair of lilac pants around his finger.

“Thomas for shucks sake put them down!” I sigh and shove him away. But he’s not the only one. Gally, Minho, Jeff, Zart, Winston and even Alby are enjoying this time to completely embarrass me.

“LUNCH!” Frypan hollers from his hut and it’s fair to say that I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast. I’m hungry, yes, but these boys are annoying as hell.

“So…what’ve you been up to?” Frypan asks awkwardly as I approach him with my bowl. He must have seen from the window what’s been going on.

“Save it Fry. I don’t need any more grief. Honestly, you’d think that I’ve ASKED for them!” I say in exasperation and snatch my bowl off of him.

“Who’s gonna be the lucky guy then, (y/n)? Not like we can’t already guess!” Gally yells and some boys laugh. I just shake him off and sit at a bench away from him. I’ll deal with their mocking and comments after I’ve eaten.

What Frypan’s cooked up today tastes really good, actually. After I’ve finished, I’ll continue to sort out the rest of the boxes and crates with Alby and Jeff and then I’ll probably go back to work in the gardens for a while. To be honest, I’m not too fussed at what the gladers want to assume. They can tease me all they want.

“That was bloody somethin’ there, love.” Newt sighs, sitting down next to me. He was the only one who didn’t come over to me with a bra on his head.

“It was, wasn’t it.” I mumble, continuing to spoon my lunch into my mouth.

“I’ll help you sort through it later, if ya want. I can’t imagine you wanting anyone else after that…” Newt says sweetly and it makes me melt inside. I can’t seem to fathom some words together to make a sentence, so I just nod a reply and lean my head on his shoulder.

Once we’ve both finished, Newt and I stack our bowls away and head over to the mess of fancy underwear.

“This is ridiculous.” I mutter, stopping in front of the mess as Newt wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“Well, these boys aren’t exactly mature.” He chuckles, stroking my hair from root to tip. “They’re probably just jealous that they’re not gonna get a chance to see you in it.”

“And you are?” I raise my eyebrows, spinning to face Newt as his cheeks redden.

“U-uh…n-no! I u-um…” Newt splutters and bites his lip. It’s in no way meant to be seductive or cheeky, but that’s how it ends up in my eyes.

“C'mon then.” I shake my head and grin at him. “Let’s get all this away and then we can go back to work!”

Newt nods and immediately begins picking up stranded underwear. I can’t help but watch him for a moment, his hair flopping in front of his eyes, his toned arms and lean posture reaching down. But then, he catches me and smirks deeply.

“Like what you see?” He asks and it’s his turn to raise his eyebrows. Once again he’s biting his lip, but this time it’s not to hide any embarrassment.

I shake my head and try my hardest not to look when Newt lurks closer to me, pants and bras looping over his forearms. I try not to react when he places his hands on my hips from behind and pulls me closer. I really, really try not to enjoy it as he places his lips to my neck just once, leaving the spot tingling afterwards.

“You sure you don’t like this, love?” He whispers in my ear, nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck now. I haven’t admitted this to anyone, but it’s a total turn-on when he calls me ‘love’.

It’s so hard to contain myself in this moment, it really is. It is now that I let out a light sigh and relax the muscles that I didn’t even realise were tensed.

“I thought so.” I can practically feel the smirk tugging at Newt’s lips as he slowly released me.

Instead of turning to face his grin, I hastily gather the rest of the underwear and throw it into the box. Newt does the same, but I can still feel the musky tension between us and the feel of his lips against my skin. Even if it was only that one time.

“Let’s put these in my room and we can get back to the gardens.” I swallow and begin walking briskly back to the homestead.

Newt doesn’t say a word the whole way back and neither do I.

Soon enough, we reach my room and I dump the box on the bed. I’m relieved that I have my own room, or I don’t think that I’d see this box again. It’s a small room, it only has a bed and a desk, but it’s perfect for me.

“Okay, well, we should-”

I’m cut off by Newt closing the door with his foot and leaning against it so that I can’t leave. Wonderful.

“Let’s chat.” He says cheerily. Accepting defeat, I sit on my desk.

“Sit down Newt shucking hell.” I groan. “I’m not exactly going anywhere am I?”

“Fair enough.” Newt says, looking amused as he sits down on my bed. I can’t deny how attractive he looks with his messy hair and glowing skin from the heat.

My eyes widen as Newt makes his next move, which is to fish around in the box of “sexy” underwear.

“I never got a chance to take a proper look at these…” He chuckles. “I didn’t want to embarrass you further. At the time.”

I breath in deeply and lean against the wall, still sitting on the desktop. It was bad enough earlier, but now it’s just us two. On our own.

Newt stands up and makes his way towards me with the red bra and underwear pair that he first found in tow.

“Now these are my favourite.” He says, stopping in front of me. Our current position: Newt is standing in between my legs. My breath hitches in my throat harshly.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I stammer, finding it hard to look him in the eye.

“What I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Before I can respond, his hands are on my hips and his mouth meets my lips and all I can say is that a firework display erupted all around.

My hands thread through his hair and we pull each other closer. This. This is the moment that I’ve anticipated for so long, but never thought would become a reality.

We break apart eventually and I sigh into Newt’s neck, letting the reality that I’ve just kissed Newt sink in.

“You’re really something, love, and I really like that.” Newt murmurs, placing his hands on my thighs. “I really like YOU.”

“I like you, too.” I grin and place a butterfly kiss on his nose.

We sit in silence for a while, a comfortable silence, just admiring one another. However, it doesn’t take Newt long to get back to his flirtatious attitude.

“So, love.” He says, looking straight at me, hints of lust creeping through his eyes. “Why don’t you try this underwear set on and I’ll give you my VERY personal and professional opinion? I think you’d look pretty good in these in particular.”

I smirk and kiss Newt on the lips, taking the garments from him. “You’re on.”


A/N: idk I just found this really fun to write! It’s not smut because I don’t and I can’t write smut Hahahahahah. Besides, I like to thing my blog is like a nice, happy, innocent place! But anyways, thanks to anyone who reads this! Message me feedback or requests or even if you just need advice/want to chat. I AM HERE FOR YOU ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL YOU ARE MY FRIENDS! I hope you liked this or whatever haha. See you, munchkins :)

touching you | highschool!skimmons

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Relationship: Skimmons (Skye x Simmons) 

Rating: M (sexual content)

Summary: “I want to have sex.” The words definitely grabbed Skye’s attention; she propelled forward in the bed, eyes wide and eyebrows raised high.

“With who?”

Notes: finally i have written something i kinda like.

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Request: Can you write a smut where youre with Luke and like they start slowly with kissing then this kick up and they end up having sex for the first time together

Thank you for being so patient with me~ I was having major writer’s block, and got a little busy with school. But I now have a long weekend and I’m prepared to get some stories out to you guys (: love you all x -h

Warning: sweet sexy time with lucas

— — —

You loved hanging out at Luke’s place. Together you’d try making dinner, end up ordering take out instead, then watch a movie until one of you drifted off to sleep. This time, you’d burned the hamburgers, and grumbled as you tossed them in the trash while Luke fanned a towel in front of the fire alarm. Luke laughed when it finally stopped, grabbing his phone from the counter and pulling up his contact list.

“Chinese, pizza, or should we just make popcorn?” He asked, and you leaned against the counter.

“Hmm, I vote pizza.” He clicked the number and placed the order while you wondered to the living room to get the movie ready. “Luke? What movie do you want to watch?” He peeked his head from the kitchen and pointed.

“I made a stack on the table, pick from that. And do you want breadsticks or no?”

“Yes please.” You smiled over at him, and he made sure to add it to the order. You picked the movie from the top of the stack and slipped it in, nestling in the blankets. Luke hopped over the back of  couch and slid down next to you, placing an arm over your shoulder and pulling you in tight. You sighed softly as you laid your head into the crook of his neck, looking up to place a soft kiss on his cheek. The movie started, the pizza came, and you happily ate it up, both of you starving. The box was empty in a matter of minutes, and you laid your head on Luke’s lap, looking back to the TV. The movie was nearing the end, and you were kind of bummed. The movie ending meant you going home soon.

“Hey, Y/N.” Luke whispered, and you rolled onto your back to look at him.

“What?” You whispered back. 

“You look really pretty right now.” He smiled, and you giggled quietly.

“Even after I consumed my weight in pizza?” You said, and Luke rolled his eyes.

“You’re pretty all the time. And why are we still whispering?” You shrugged and Luke grinned the grin that made your heart do somersaults. 

“You don’t look too bad either.” You tugged at the sleeve of your favorite shirt that he wore, and he took your hand in his, running his thumb softly over yours. You smiled, watching it move back and forth. You and Luke had been dating for a few months now, but you felt like you’d known him for so much longer. You sat up, and straddled his lap, wrapping your hands behind his neck and gazing into those crystals of eyes. “You’re really great.” You smiled, kissing him gently. You felt him smile against the kiss, and he placed his hands on your lower back. 

“You’re, so, great, too.” He said between kisses. You leaned back to look him in the eye, and you felt butterflies in your stomach. Except this time, it was different. “What?” He said quietly, reading the change in expression on your face. 

“You’re perfect.” You said, barely above a whisper. You took his face in your hands, studying every inch of his beautiful face. Your thumb absent-mindedly brushed over his lip ring, causing him to shudder a little bit. You pulled him into a kiss, a little more passionate than you had before. He gripped your waist tighter, and you moved together in perfect sync. 

“Y/N.” He breathed softly as you moved your lips down his jaw and to his neck. Even so, he tilted his head slightly to give you better access. You knew the sweet spots on his neck, but you wanted to know every spot that made him moan and shudder and bit his lip. Your hand tugged against his hair gently, and the moan in your ear made you roll your hips against his slowly. “Do you… are you sure… is it what you want?” He choked out, pushing you back to look you in the eye. You stood up, holding out a hand to him, nodding.

“Yes baby.” You smiled sweetly, and he took your hand, standing up so his body was pressed against yours. His hands moved up your body until they rested on your cheeks, kissing you carefully, like he was calculating making every one perfect. He started walking you back, maneuvering through the room until your back was pressed against his bedroom door. He fumbled with the door handle until you fell inside. Your legs hit the bed and you dropped backwards, Luke following you down so he was hovering over you.  

He kissed your neck, making sure to suck on the sweet spots softly before continuing down to your collarbones. He kissed across them while his fingers pushed up the bottom of your shirt. His lips only left you to pull your shirt over your head, but you missed them the instant they were gone. Once the shirt was gone, he kissed down your stomach, not noticing all the parts you’d always been a little self conscious about. His fingers worked the button and zipper to your jeans, pulling them down. You giggled when they got caught on your heels. He couldn’t get them off, his cheeks growing flushed. You sat up and pulled them off, tossing them to the side while Luke rolled his eyes.

“As you can see, I’m far from perfect. Can’t even get your jeans off…” He groaned, trying to suppress a smile. You grabbed behind his neck and smiled.

“I don’t care.” You said before pulling him into a kiss again, leaning back against the bed. The coolness of the sheets felt good on your bare back. Luke pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it on top of the growing pile next to you. Since the kiss had been broken, he scanned your body, biting his lip. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” He said quietly, kissing your collarbones again, muttering sweet nothings about how lucky he was to have you. Your fingers weaved in his hair, keeping him close. His hands slid under your back, unhooking your bra before looping a finger in the waistband of your panties. He pulled them down slowly, missing down your thighs the whole way down. He kissed back up the other side, his breath tickling the whole way up.

“Luke-” You begged. He caught your eye and gave sly grin. “Please.” 

“As you wish princess.” He muttered, and licked your slit quickly. You gripped the sheets in your fists, the new feeling and the touch of the lip ring every-so-often making your back arch. His hands held onto your hips, while he buried his face further into your heat. You felt the knot in your stomach forming, and you grabbed Luke’s hair.

“Luke, wait.” You breathed, slightly regretting it as the feeling left along with his tongue. He raised an eyebrow and sat back. You curled your finger to get him to come back up to you, and he crawled up until you could wrap your arms around his neck for another kiss. His tongue slid past and found yours. You reached down, unhooking his jeans and he sat back to pull them off. When his length sprung free, you wrapped your hand around it, pumping a few times while he unwrapped a condom. The movements caused him to moan, and you were instantly addicted to the sound. He moved until he was hovering over you, lining himself up with your entrance, and kissing you softly as he gently pushed into you. You moaned his name, ushering him to push further until you were a moaning mess beneath him.

Luke started to build a steady pace, growing faster as you began to moan louder and louder. The familiar knot began to form in your stomach, but this time was different. You were racing towards your high, and Luke could tell. Propping his elbows on either side of your head, he leaned down and sucked harshly on the sweet spot under your ear. “That’s it baby.” He muttered, and you moaned at the sound of his raspy voice. You back arched slightly, and he reached a hand down, rubbing fast circles on your clit. “F-fuck, Luke.” You choked out, and Luke’s tongue ran over the spot he’d just left a soft purple mark on. His lip ring brushing your skin sent you over the edge. Your eyes screwed shut and your fingers ran down his back as you pleasure coursed through you. 

With a few more thrusts and moans in your ear, Luke came too. He kissed your forehead down to your nose before rolling over next to you. He got rid of the condom before wrapping you up in his arms, brushing hair from your face behind your ear. “Remember earlier when I said you looked pretty?” Luke whispered, and you nodded. “Now you’re insanely gorgeous.” He said with a grin. 

“I love you Luke.” You whispered, biting your lip and avoiding Luke’s eye. You hadn’t meant to let that slip.

“I love you too.” He smiled before sweetly kissing you. “Stay tonight.” He asked, and you smiled.

“Of course.” You had a feeling you’d be spending a lot of nights here. 

Imagine: Just a Game (PG-13)
  • Reader Warning: Rated PG-13. Turn back now or face the consequences of sexiness. 

Zayn: “Y/N?” Zayn groaned. The room was quiet, and it seemed to be late morning. Zayn lifted himself to sit up, and grunted once he finally did. He muscles were so sore and his back stung like hell. But his back surprisingly wasn’t on fire; he walked over to the mirror, turning around and watching as another small trickle of blood began slowly trailing from his shoulder blade. “Fuckin ‘ell,” he gasped, smiling evilly with his slightly swollen lips. You walked through the bedroom to collect your phone charger and phone, finding Zayn bent over searching for a shirt. You gathered your things and went over to hand him a shirt from the end of the bed. “Thanks babe,” Zayn said with a wide smile, pulling his shoulders up to slip the shirt over his head with quite the effort. “No problem. I’ll call you…sometime,” you shrugged, heading for the door to go back down the stairs. “Y/N, wait,” a familiar whine sounded in your ear. You sighed. Here we go… “Zayn, I have work. I’m very bus-” “You always say that. Please, one day with just me and you wouldn’t hurt?” “I gotta go Zayn,” you said firmly, kissing him on the cheek before trotting out the door and down the stairs to your waiting bag and waiting taxi. For Zayn, a simple regular hookup wasn’t enough for him; of course, out of all the boy in England, you ended up with the hottest, most emotional one of all of them. “Where to miss?” the taxi driver asked. You gave your work address and the driver pulled away just in time for Zayn to open the front door to lean on the frame and watch you drive off. “Boyfriend of yours?” the driver asked. You sighed (you were very sick of such questions) and went to your phone to text your coworker before shrugging. “No, just a friend.”

Harry: “Oh come on, like you’ve never done it!” “No, I have not!” you said, laughing as you blushed madly. You and Harry were best friends, and had just gotten back from Niall’s birthday party. You both decided not to drink much, but you both ended up slightly tipsy. And now, in a game of truth or dare with just the two of you, Harry had asked if you’ve ever given head. Of course, the truth is no, but the question itself made you blush. “You’ve never sucked a guy’s—” “NO!” you said, steadying yourself with a hand on the floor while you laughed. You collected yourself to find Harry holding his laughter in, making him look like a frog. “Have you?” you asked him, making him go into a fit of giggles. “No Y/N, I haven’t. But you know…I’ve had plenty of lips around me,” he shrugs. “You’re point?” you said, tilting your chin to the side. It wasn’t out of place for Harry to be cheeky, you knew. “Well, if you want…I could give you a few pointers.” “You’re trying to trick me or something?” you giggled, a twinge of seriousness in your question. Harry’s eyes went wide and he shook his head. “No, I swear…just to teach you.” In honesty, you’d thought of this before. Might as well go through with it, and it wasn’t sex or anything, so nothing too big of a deal. “Okay.” He grinned and stood up, leaving you kneeling on the floor. “First the shirt goes.” “Harry,” you said skeptically. “I’m serious! You don’t wanna ruin your shirt,” he says. You believe him, lifting the fabric off your head as his belt clinks to the floor. “Is this going to be a step one step two thing?” you asked, making Harry smile as he reached for his jean’s zipper. You flipped your hair over to one shoulder, making him bite his lip. “Just…go at your own pace. And don’t be nervous, yeah?”

Louis: “No she’s just another dime piece mate. She’s a pro at…Louis? Are you even listening?” Niall pouted, leaning forward on his knees. The boys sat on the big couch in the middle of the living room, and although there was a lot of people at this party, it took Louis little to nothing to find you. He knew that body from the moment you walked into the kitchen earlier. He knew every curve and freckle on your body, how your legs looked when you walked, the way you’d occasionally twirl your wrist around just to do it. The night you spent together was wonderful, and you’d call Louis from time to time if ever he or you was feeling lonely. But all the sex and all the cuddles, they were out of human need. Not love, necessity. You were so special to him, so funny and free spirited, but he didn’t want a commitment, just like you. Lately, for some reason, it seemed Louis always ended up where you were. Just like at this party. It was strange and scary how that happened. You both didn’t believe in “fate” but it was certainly a coincidence how you unintentionally always ran into each other. “Hey,” you said, tapping Louis on the shoulder. He smiled calmly before nodding at you. “Hi love.” “This party is a drag,” you sighed, feeling the usual rush of warmth in your veins you’d get from seeing Louis. Just his smell alone set off your hormones, you were so used to him. You smiled at him teasingly before asking, “Wanna go back to mine?” And of course, Louis didn’t protest. This vicious cycle would be broken eventually, and he might as well make the best of it…

Niall: He was using you. You understood that. He didn’t have a girlfriend, certainly wasn’t looking for one. But he needed an outlet, and you were his favorite. “Niiiiiiall?” you said slowly, peaking your eyes over the door to find Niall texting on his phone with his back on the headboard. “Y/N, there you are!” he said happily, his smile twisting into a deep bite of the lip as you walked around the door. “Did you leave these just for me?” you teased, snapping the thong against your hip with a hooked finger. Niall’s eyes were rolling up and down, just taking in the image of you. An image he loved. “Come here love,” he cooed, tossing his phone to the side and sitting on the side of the bed. You walked over, your arms pinned behind you as you strode towards him oh so innocently. He wrapped his hands around you, pulling your thighs to bring you closer. His hands locked around your knees, bending them so you sat directly on his lap. Pelvis to pelvis, his jeans were uncomfortably rough against your exposed skin. But the way he licked and kissed your collarbones and the crook of your neck helped you not to mind the jeans very much. “Niall,” you whined, grabbing his hair and pulling it a little. He looked up at you and you eagerly started unbuttoning his shirt. “God you’re a greedy little slut aren’t you?” he teased. You bit your lip, continued your journey down his chest as each little button slipped through your fingers. Once you reached the last button you pressed on his chest, sending him falling back and lying down on the bed. “Am I really a slut?” you false pouted, tilting your head as your fingers slipped your hooks over their loops in your bra, dropping the cups. You flung the stringy thing away, making Niall groan underneath you. “Not a slut Y/N. My slut.”

Liam: He’s always said he was so confused as to what he wanted. After his last relationship, he really wasn’t sure. Partying and drinking, or cuddling and cooing? Both appealed to him, but after the heartbreak…he preferred the activity that let him blurry and unfeeling. But when he did want those lovey-dovey feelings back, that’s when he’d text you. Liam was your outlet; whenever you were under stress or needed some sort of release of power or an overwhelming emotion, you called Liam up or just showed up unexpected. You knew Liam didn’t have any other girl, and you both were so…unfazed by the lack of seriousness in your relationship. In honesty, you were beginning to see the feelings that rose in your chest when you saw him, but you preferred to keep the emotional drawer closed. Until he brought it up. “You ever get sick of the game?” he asked one day as you both laid there trying to catch your breath. “What?” you asked, slightly disoriented. That was number 5 of your night, and you were worn out. “The game? Do you ever get sick of it? Playing it, being…” “Used for sport?” you finished for him, sighing at the ceiling. “Yeah, I get sick of it. But then you just keep pressing on and keep screwing, and the feeling goes away.” “But, like, you never wanna…settle down? Have a relationship?” “Where are you going with this Payno?” you asked him genuinely. And that’s when he said it. When everything changed, and it was time to switch things up. “I like you Y/N. I like you too much not to be with you. Be with you, for real.” Everything in the emotional drawer you’d kept closed, exploded.