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VIXX Hongbin  'Visceral'

anonymous asked: could you maybe write “you bring lunch for vixx” with bean?

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

The plastic loops from the bags were hurting your hands but you didn’t care. You’d bought plenty of food because it was your life’s mission to see these boys eat. It’s funny, you didn’t realize when you started seeing Hongbin you’d get five brothers in the bargain but here you were.

The door to the practice room was slightly ajar and music was pouring out. Bean had told you about what time they usually broke for lunch so you hoped you weren’t intruding. Hands full you gently nudged the door open with your toe and peeked in. All of them were sweaty and tired. It always surprised you how serious they looked at their work when they weren’t smiling for the cameras.  

The song came to an end with all of them frozen in different poses, chests heaving from the dancing. Idly you wondered how many times they’d done a run through of that number in the last few hours. You heard one of them mention eating so you figured that was your cue.

“Hello! I brought lunch.”

They all turned towards the door but you had eyes on your boyfriend. He had the most adorable expressions and you didn’t want to miss it. Hongbin didn’t disappoint you. Eyebrows up, eyes wide, and mouth slightly agape, he was obviously surprised. Which totally made the cramping in your fingers worthwhile.

There were a few exclamations of delight and appreciation. Your boyfriend had gathered himself and came to help you with the bags. Taking them from you he exclaimed, “This is so sweet! Why didn’t you tell me you were going to do this?”

“And miss your cute ‘surprised’ face? I don’t think so.”

With your hands free you took advantage and stood on your tiptoes to give him a quick peck on the lips. Then you wrapped your arms around him and gave him a hug. You felt him tense under you and he let out a noise of protest. Bean hated being hugged when he was all sweaty. It made him feel gross and self-conscious. But it amused you to no end to poke at your prim and proper boyfriend on occasion.

You backed away and he gave you a frustrated look which you answered with a smug grin. Silently you reminded him of the food he was carrying by nodding toward the bags he now carried. With a parting glance he went to the center of the room and plopped himself down.

Everybody joined in, making a circle and the guys left you a spot next to Hongbin. Probably more from a desire to see him squirm than to be considerate.

He was sifting through the bags but you knew what was inside so you reached right in. Your hand landed on a package and you brought it out with a smile. “Hakyeon?”

N was in the middle of thanking you and reaching for the container when all of a sudden your hand was empty. Caught off guard you looked to your boyfriend who had snatched the food. Hongbin looked from the lunch he was holding to you, seeming nearly as confused as everyone else.

Blushing slightly and flustered he handed Hakyeon his meal. Then he turned to you and said, “I can pass them out.”

Baffled at his behavior you pulled out the next box. A quick glance told you who it went to. “This one goes to Ravi.” Wordlessly he handed it to his friend but avoided eye contact with you.

Well this was an unexpected turn of events. You were about to call him on it when you saw an impatient hand creeping in from the side. Swiftly Hongbin gave the hand a slap. “Wait your turn and don’t be rude.”

You side eyed your boyfriend. It wasn’t like he was really angry, in fact he seemed embarrassed more than anything. After all the food had been distributed Bean seemed mollified when he received the biggest box.

Taking Hongbin’s hand you mentioned wanting a word with him. As you walked away you turned and indicated to Leo that you were watching him. He was what you politely referred to as an ‘opportunist’.

As soon as the door clicked shut you asked, “So what’s going on? Why are you being weird?”

Clearly uncomfortable he hesitantly replied, “I just don’t like seeing you take care of them.”

Frankly you couldn’t be more surprised. “Wait…are you actually jealous of the other members? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is?”

He grimaced. “I know! And I’m not jealous.”

Skeptical, you raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue.

“It’s just, I don’t know. It caught me off guard too. I’ve never been jealous of you being around them. Not once. And I know none of you would betray me like that. But seeing you taking care of them…it bothered me a little.” Breaking eye contact once more he became fascinated with a crack in the linoleum. His foot lightly scuffed at the line while he seemed to be considering something. “I won’t become a jealous idiot, I promise. It’s just…I’ve never felt so strong about anyone before. I want to be the only one you see and care about.”

It was hard for Hongbin to bare his feelings like this, very hard, and you felt touched he’d made the effort. Cupping his jawline, you gently raised his head. “I’m always going to look after others, that’s just who I am. But you are my favorite person on this planet. You’ll always come first, you massive dork.”

You weren’t sure if it was the sentiment or your teasing, but his eyes sparkled. “Really?” You nodded. Hongbin leaned in and kissed your forehead.

“Come on, Binnie. Your food is going to get cold.”

Back in the room you were glad to see the others munching away and that Leo had kept his chopsticks to himself. Returning to your places, Hongbin sat closer to you than he normally would. Sitting tall and proud, he was beaming. He ignored his members' muffled chuckles but you rolled your eyes.

To show him your feelings you fussed over him a tiny bit, not much. Just little considerations. Anything more in front of the others would mortify him. But you made sure he had sauce, chopsticks, and napkins. He looked so content, so happy that your heart fluttered deep in your chest.

Hongbin was right you reflected. Sometimes you just couldn’t help your reactions when you were in love.  

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