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For the people spreading LIES saying Lili Reinhart is a homophobe/ homophobic. What the actual fuck??
You people just looovveee making up stories and spreading lies!!!

All you have to do is take a look at Lili’s instagram to SEE that she is clearly not homophobic! It’s basically a shrine to gay rights!!!

Now shut the hell up!!!

Scars - Chapter 11

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,961

Chapters: 10 , 12


“(Y/N), PLEASE! Just let me see her”, Yoongi begged, trapping his for between the door as i tried to close it, “no-”, “sweetie let him in”, my mother said as she walked up to me, “i know he’s done you wrong, but he has every right to see his child”. I stared at my mother, my father was also in view, he was shaking his head.

“(y/n)…”, I listened to my mother and let go off the door, “thank you”, Yoongi said as he entered the house, “mum, can you take him to the living room”, she nodded and turned to Yoongi smiling as she led him to the room. I walked into the kitchen, knowing exactly what was coming, “are you stupid?!”, my dad raised his voice, i just went to pick up Kaia who was getting excited, “after what he’s done and put you through you’re just going to let him walk in an-”, “dad, could you just…just please…”, my voice broke at the end. It was already enough seeing Yoongi, i did not need my dad screaming at me either. My father stopped and sighed, before pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead. Once he let go, he left to go upstairs, as i walked, Jungkook followed me to the living room, incase he was needed.

My mother was sat down with Yoongi on the sofa, talking to him as she waited for us, dad would get angry if he saw her, but i couldn’t, it was just natural for my mother. “Ah, there they are”, she said once she saw us, standing up to leave, “Jungkook…”, she said signaling for him to leave, he was going to say something, but i nodded my head and with that both of them left. I sat down where my mother previously was and handed Kaia over to Yoongi, “hey princess”, he said as he held her up, she made her baby noises in response, “i missed you so, so, so much”, he began placing kissed all over Kaia tiny face, she began squealing and holding his face. It was a heartwarming sight, but at the same time i wanted to stop the moment. I would end up walking straight back into his arms after everything and i couldn’t do that.

“I’ll take her back now”, i reached over to get Kaia, but he moved her away, “(y/n)…”, his eyes were soft, “i can’t do this anymore, i can’t stand being away from you two”, “Yoon-”, he interrupted me, “no (y/n), listen it fucking kills me knowing that you two aren’t at home, not knowing where you are, if you’re safe. I’m not telling you to forgive me, i-i just want you to come home, so i know you’re safe”. “We are safe here, with my parents”, he sighed loudly, “just please (y/n), at least think about it”, after a few seconds of contemplating i slowly nodded.

“Here”, he carefully passed Kaia to me, she was falling asleep, “night Kaia”, he whispered, kissing her forehead, he then moved and kissed mine, “i love you”, he whispered against my forehead, “i-i love you too”, i knew Yoongi was slightly surprised that i said it back, but it was one thing i could never deny.

Yoongi soon left after, the second i closed the door my dad came rushing down the stairs, “what did he want?”, he questioned, “he just wanted to see Kaia”, i walked passed him into the living room to put a now sleeping Kaia down, as i walked i quietly told him what else he wanted.

“He what?!”, he practically shouted, “dad hush, Kaia…”, he instantly apologised for being too loud, but soon continued with what he was going to say, “so he wanted you and Kaia to go back to him?”, “well yeah, to live with him again…and before you start making your comments, i am thinking about it”. It took a while for my dad to comprehend what i said, he didn’t speak till my mother came back in the room, “that daughter of yours…”, he said and laughed emotionlessly, before leaving the room.

I did understand why my dad was annoyed, but i have to think about what’s best for Kaia rather than myself. My mother took me and Kaia to the kitchen, i sat down as she made the two of us tea and warmed up Kaias bottle. She sat down once she was done, “sweetie, are you going to go?”, I sighed, “mum, i honestly have no idea, please help me”, my eyes began watering, “(y/n), i would go”, i stared at her, my brows furrowed. “I know it may seem stupid, but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? I know that the two of you love each other, so much. That’s the reason i forgave your father, many times, although if he’s cheated that many times, I’m sure the love is one sided”, my mother began to laugh a little, but i could tell she was hurt, “(y/n), this man is willing to do so much just to have you back, your father never said he would change and i can’t let you lose the man you love. I know from experience that it is one of the hardest things to get through and i can’t let my baby girl go through it”. My mother was now on the verge of tears, she was squeezing my free hand with her own, “l-let’s get you to bed”, I smiled and nodded, I could be fifty and she would treat me like the little girl i once was.

The next morning i woke at the sound of Kaia screaming, due to hunger. I fed her and then got her ready as today we were going on a little family outing, it was my mums idea, she wanted things to be like they were before i left.

“My beautiful granddaughter”, dad announced as he entered the kitchen, giving Kaia a kiss on her forehead, he then gave me one, but didn’t say anything, he was still angry at me, “right, i need you three, to eat quickly and get out the house, otherwise we won’t find a nice spot near the lake”, me and my father just hummed, whereas my mother rolled her eyes.

Soon we left the house and made our way to the park. I have to say it got better from when me and Jungkook to come here, they planted flowers and made images out of them and they also cleaned the lake. We found a spot near the lake, it was under a tree so we had some shade. Jungkook helped my mum put down a few blankets before we sat down on them, Kaia was laying on her back reaching out and grabbing the air and squealing at nothing. A few seconds later we managed to turn onto her stomach and just began staring at me. “Hi baby”, i said brushing her hair, she replied with inaudible sounds and had a huge smile on her face, “awww Kaia, i know your mummy’s face is so funny….looking”, I slapped Jungkook on his arm as he and my parents chuckled, “I’m only joking”, he then engulfed me in a really tight hug, “you know i looovveee you”. I eventually pushed him off and we both went back to Kaia.

After some time my mum decided it was time to eat, but just as i was about to have my first bite of the pasta my mum made, “(y/n), i think someone needs changing”, i looked at Kaia who looked quite happy with herself, whereas I just groaned, Jungkook laughed as he looked between the two of us, “ugh…i left her things in the car”. I grabbed the keys and headed to car, which was quite far.

I sat down in the front seat for a bit, trying to calm my breath, before grabbing the nappy bag and heading back, but as i locked the doors and turned i ran into someone, “Yoongi…”, “hey”, he gave me a small smile, “i thought you went home”, “i couldn’t, so i stayed in a nearby hotel…have you made up your mind”, i shook my head and began walking, he walked with me, “i haven’t really, and my dad honestly isn’t making my decision any easier”, “oh….”, “yeah”, “what are you doing here?”, I wondered how he knew where i was, “your mum invited me, i don’t think your dad will be happy to see me”, I nodded as well, my dad wasn’t a big fan of him. After the talk we stayed silent, but continued to walk.

We were quite close to where the others were, but Yoongi broke the silence,“(y/n)”, i hummed and looked at him, “i miss you, i want us to be together again”, i was about to speak, but he cut me off, “just please, hear me out”, he held my hands and turned me to fully face him, “i love you and Kaia, i get that I completely fucked up, but  promise you if you give me another chance, i will spend practically all my time with the two of you, I’ll be a better father and husband”.

It took me a few seconds to fully comprehend what he said. Husband?

“H-husband?”, “yes husband, (y/n), i-”, he was interrupted by a rather loud greeting and I could tell by the voice it was my father. I turned to see him hugging another man, he was a lot younger and fitter, but i couldn’t see his face.

My father scanned the park and once his eyes landed on me he called me over with a smile on his face, which was soon replaced with a pissed frown once he saw Yoongi.

I still walked over, Yoongi trailing behind, the man still hadn’t turned, “sweetheart, look who i invited, I’m sure you missed him”, the man turned once my father had stopped speaking. I now couldn’t speak.

“Hi beautiful, i sure did miss you”, Jinyoung said with a smirk spread across his face. He knew no-one aside from the two of us, knew about what he did to me. “(y/n), say hi don’t be rude”, my father seemed happy as he saw that Yoongi was very, very vexed, “h-hi Jinyoung”, “ah (y/n), who’s that behind you?”, he asked nodding his head towards Yoongi.

I turned and looked at Yoongi, giving him a small smile, “my fiancé”, i saw Yoongi’s face change in an instant, that pissed façade now gone and instead​ i saw his cute boyish smile. I turned back around to see that Yoongi had passed his face onto my father, “what do you mean, fiancé?! (y/n) he cheated on you, what’s wrong with you?!”, he was raising his voice, thankfully music was playing around, so people couldn’t really hear us.

“Nothing’s wrong with me, i was told by a special someone that everyone deserves a second chance, so that’s what I’m giving”, i saw my mother and Jungkook behind my dad, they both had smiles on their faces, i was surprised Jungkook did. “Well…whoever told you is stupid and wrong”, i rolled my eyes at my father, he knew exactly who told me.

“Well if you are done, I’d like to spend sometime with both my daughter and fiancé”, i grabbed Yoongi’s hand and took him to where i was sat before.

Yoongi P.O.V

He was (y/n)’s ex. The ex that abused her. The ex that gave her those fucking scars. The ex that i have been doing business with when i started all of this.

Thank you for reading bibs, i know its not the best. but still thank yew :)


Please imagine Amanda singing Katy Perry’s “E.T.” to a very embarrassed and confused Sarek.

Amanda: “You’re from a whooolleee other wooooorrllllllddd–”

Sarek: “AMANDA.”

Amanda: “A differeeentt dimenssiiiioooonnnn–”


Amanda: “Infect me with your looovveee and fill me with your pooooiisoooonnnnn–”

Sarek: “I… I do not possess any poison. In any case, why would I–”

Amanda: “SHHH– it’s a reference to–” *whispers indistinctly*

Sarek: O__________________O;;

Amanda: *giggles*

Sarek: “……..OH.”

VIXX - Ravi - As A Boyfriend

A/N: Let me begin this by saying that I’m not the expert on Kim Wonshik. That is @i-wontaek-your-shit and you should really target some scenario questions to her because she is GOOD. But anyway, moving on.

Originally posted by vvonsik

  • If you know this rapper you know very well that he has immense amount of capability to spit fire on stage, but in reality, he is a cute fluff ball. I wish I could be wrong, but I know I’m not.
  • I imagine you meeting Wonshik mostly because you have to work with him (backstage, on a photoshoot or wherever, let your imagination run wild) and that’s the first encounter you have. Naturally, he doesn’t register you as out of the ordinary and it takes him time to notice you’re not part of HIS team and that only happens when he gets a breather backstage for like a few minutes and everything is happening so fast around him and the world seems to be on accelerate

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