loooved it!

also! it was such an interesting contrast how, on one side, you had sara and vilde hugging each other, and from the outside, it would look like they were such loving friends, but as isak pointed out, it was all fake fake fake, because they do not like each other, and then you had isak and sana, who don’t go around trying to show the world that they’re such good friends, and no one would really suspect that they were unless they were actively paying attention to them, but they are actually truly friends who care about each other a lot

while sara and vilde’s friendship is “fake fake fake”, sana and isak’s is the complete opposite of that, they have never once pretended to be friends, and while sara and vilde’s “friendship” is basically a show for the others to, sana and isak’s friendship is just for the two of them

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What are some of your favorite films set in the Midwest? What about the Pacific North West?

Hi I’m so sorry this is late!

Have you watched anything by Kelly Reichardt? I think all of her films (except River of Grass) are set in the midwest. I’ve actually only seen Certain Women but it was one of my favorite films last year. 

Twin Peaks, of course! (technically not a movie but 100% worth watching) 

Some other films I looove: Election, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fargo, The Music Man, Wild, The Wizard of Oz, Brokeback Mountain, The Goonies (!!!), Stand By Me, Captain Fantastic, Say Anything, 10 Things I Hate About You

(SEMI) related but I also found this article that’s a list of 50 great American films (1 for each state). It’s a cool lil overview of ~American Cinema~ and had quite a few films that I’ve never heard of

elli loooves to lay her whole body on my arm she just purrs and purrs and i dont want to move her but shes chubby so my arm starts to go numb

ross geller from “friends”

“friends” is a nice sitcom (although quite a bit problematic if you watch it now), we like almost everyone from the main cast. almost. ross geller (played by david schwimmer) just ruins everything. he’s beyond annoying in every single episode, his childish behavior is completely insufferable. he just loooves whining. he hurts people around him while pretending to be their friend. we genuinely wished every character we liked to never be „loved” by ross geller. he’s extremely jealous, even if the person isn’t even in a relationship with him. he tried to destroy his ex-wife’s  relationship with her girlfirend susan and sabotage every single relationship rachel had with another man. he demonstrates his homophobia and sexism on every occasion he gets. remember when he got mad at rachel for hiring a male nanny? yeah. super cringe-y. in carol’s (his ex-wife) case, he tried to prove he would be a better partner and parent for their kid just because he’s a man and he just loves humiliating both carol and susan for their sexual orientation. he’s possessive when it comes to women. he also genuinely believes he’s better than everyone else, and he loves showing that to other characters. everything has to be about him, and if it’s not – don’t worry, he’ll make it be! the worst part is that he always thinks he’s the innocent one and blames other people for all of his failures. he claimes rachel was the love of his life, but he actually made a pros and cons list of being with her, and wrote her weakness was the fact that she was a waitress, or that she cared about her looks. what the hell, ross? go be a bastard somewhere else.

Naruto Ships Tag

Thank you @shiroiraiha​ for the tag (*hugs*!)

Rule: List your top 10 favorite Naruto ships in order and tag 10 people you’re curious about!

1. MinaKushi
2. ShikaTema
3. SNS
4. YahiKonan
5-9. All the Kakashi ships lmao (Rin, Yamato, Iruka, Guy)
10. JiraTsu

There are many others I low-key ship, in general I’m not crazy about most of the canon pairings besides the few mentioned above. But I will protect my OTPs with my life ~sorrynotsorry~

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this little moment these two shared when they noticed the rest of the girl squad and the pepsi max girls laughing together was awesome. how sana stopped walking when she noticed them and how noora immediately did as well, and how they turned to face each other and agreed in silence. this was them asking: let’s do this? to each other and then saying okay, let’s do this together. their non verbal communication was lovely to see. and during this clip we are made to feel like this isn’t simply sana vs the rest of them, like we’ve got noora on our side, because she is on sana’s side