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Hi! I wonder if you can help me with a little something. Few months ago i read a ML fanfic where Marinette see her soulmate through her mirror. Adrien is working in a "cat coffee shop" and she ending up working for him in the shop and i can not remember the name of it, i really want to find it because i loooved it! So if ANYONE have an idea of who or even where i can find it, it would be amazing because my brain hurt a lot trying to find the title of it. Thank you! <3

I’ve read that one, but I don’t remember the name either! I’m sure someone will know though!

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Dude, why do some trainers gove u shit for letting horses rub their faces against u??? My mare rubs her head against me after a ride or when I remove the bridle and I don't really mind. She loves it and I rub her whole face after that and she was really head shy before that. She itchy, I make a good pole. So why do some people see it as some vile evil plot???

It can b dangerous if a bridle catches on a button or something and your horse freaks out, but a horse rubbing its head on you is itchy, nothing more. People just looove to claim that ordinary behavior is somehow related to a horse’s sinister internal machinations. I do try and discourage it with mine bc i’m small and will get knocked over, basically just by figuring out where the itchy spot is and tackling it with my fingers, so they don’t feel the next to rub their heads on me.


Love is not something we wind up, something we set or control. Love is just like art. A force that comes into our lives without any rules, expectations, or limitations. And every time I hear that line, I am reminded that love, like art must always be free.