My thoughts on Power Rangers

First off, you should know that this is all coming from a huge Power Rangers fan. I loved this series as a kid, so I was always going to get at least a little enjoyment out of this movie for nostalgia reasons. Is my opinion biased? Hell yeah it is because I love Power Rangers. Now let’s dig in. Spoilers ahoy!

I gotta give it up to Dacre Montgomery for actually getting me to like him. He was the one going in that I just didn’t care about. Jason was always my least favorite out of the group from the original series. But Dacre did a great job of getting me to feel bad for him. Sure, the “you are the leader” stuff was a little much, but I loved his relationship with everyone on the team and how he actually cared about them. He could have come across as just a jerk, but he didn’t. Props to him.

Now for my favorite thing about the movie. Billy. Oh my god, someone turn RJ Cyler into a superstar right now. I had heard he was great in this movie, but I didn’t know how great he’d be. He was just a scene stealer in every scene. I loooved the scene when he first morphed. I loved how he was the heart of the team. Everyone cared about him, even when they didn’t like each other, and it was heartbreaking when he “died.” It was great how they all came together because of him. That felt perfect.

The relationship between Billy and Jason was great. One of the strongest aspects of the movie, for sure. My favorite scene in the movie might have actually been when the two of them hugged when Billy came back to life. It was just sooo sweet and they both played it so well. Also, my new ship.

I loved all the characters, truly. Naomi Scott has just proved why she needs to be the next Hollywood leading lady. She was excellent in the movie. She really sold Billy’s death scene. A lot of that was on her. Becky G was adorable as Becky, and was able to sell herself as a nobody despite the fact that she’s gorgeous, which was impressive. I wish we could have scene more of this friendship, because they were great every time they were on screen together.

More Zack would have made the movie better too. I liked every scene he was in, but I could have used even more. Ludi did a really good job. I loved Zack’s friendship with Trini. That was really cute, and it was there without seeming forced. His relationship with his mom was also adorable.

As for the other characters. Elizabeth Banks as Rita was a lot of fun, and she actually felt menacing. Bryan Cranston was perfectly cast as Zordon. And Bill Hader was great as Alpha Five.


I won’t lie, the movie did drag a little bit in the middle. At some point, I was just ready to see them morph. But I did like the character building scenes of them getting to know each other. I also wish we had more time to see them fight in their suits before they went into their zords, but I get why that happened.

The entire final battle was just nonstop action fanservice and I loved every second of it. The “hold the line” scene was a little over the top but it still worked and I felt like we had gotten to know these characters enough to actually care about them so seeing them almost die was actually impactful.

The after credits scene! Tommy is coming!

But yeah, that’s just a ramble of my initial feelings about the movie. I’m sure I’ll post more about it. I had so much fun watching it, and I’m ready for the sequels.

The Making of "The Mummy Returns" (Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah)
The Making of the Mummy Returns -- © 2001 Universal Studios

here have another little behind-the-scenes type video ft. the cast being adorable :D


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Favorite Quotes from Answer Me 1988 (Part 1)

Episode 1 (Hand in Hand)

This day wasn’t that special of a day. The misery of being second daughter was always like this, after all. As it is for middle children all over the world, for the eldest, it was because they’re the eldest, and for the youngest, it was because they’re the youngest, that I had to always yield to them. Even so, I thought that my mom and dad were aware of how much I’d sacrificed. But that wasn’t the case. Perhaps, our own family is the most oblivious. – Sung Deok Sun

I cut myself while I was trying to shave. Mom… I’m fine. My friends said that they all cut themselves the first time. It’s not because of Dad. – Sun Woo

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