looove this years!

Shout outs

I don’t normally do these; I have a pathological fear of coming off as ridiculous. 

But I wanted to give a little New Year’s love to some of my favorite authors (and I hope I have the Tumblr names right) 

@i-am-thornqueen : writer of A Werecat in London. I know you’ve had a rough go of it later in 2016. I hope 2017 improves for you. Thanks for that most recent update, it was a wonderful surprise. Love the original characters and your posts about your headcannons for them. I should just re-read from the start again. Long live “I am so done with your shit” long suffering John Moon. 

@sadrien : writer of Tangled Ribbons. I re-read that thing from the start recently and fell in love with it all over again. Ugh. Love it. Looove it. (Also, many many years ago I was in ballet and tap. Ha ha ha!) 

@whitebear-ofthe-watertribe : writer of A Brand New Dawn. If I thought getting an update on AWIL was a surprise, getting the final chapter of this one was even more so. I always loved your ability to describe settings and colors in this story. I could just picture Marinette looking at the sunrise for dress inspiration so vividly. And the market when they went shopping! 

@ashesandhoney : writer of Sealed Away. I still think about our little chat about tarot cards a while back (under my non fandom blog). Sealed Away is one of my all time favorites. Based on posts you’ve made, I know that one sometimes gives you trouble for a couple of reasons. A virtual hug to you. Honestly, I really do think your writing is wonderful, even the “unplanned” parts! 

@freedom-shamrock : writer of Chat as Chat Can. The fluff. Oh the fluff, it was so very much needed of late with how crap the world has been. For that alone, thank you. 

@insanitysscribblings : writer of Back to Us. Omg. I didn’t think I would really like the “enemies” start to this fic and boy was I wrong. I’ve been reading this since maybe around the time chapter 6 came out? The whole story line keeps me on my toes and I love the character additions you’ve made. Always a treat to get an update notice. 

@geek-fashionista : writer of Lucky Us. This non magical version of our oblivious love catbugs is delightful. Also love the different take on Chloe and Adrien’s interactions. I find myself wanting to know more about why Chloe is the way she is. 

@xiueryn (not tagging properly?) : writer of Découvrir . Kinda got a Twelfth Night vibe to it. Can’t wait for the next chapter now that they finally know who’s who! 

@metawohoo : writer of A Witch’s Familiar . Man, I binge-read that thing when it was around 40 chapters. I was so tired the next - er - later that morning for work. Worth it. This is like THE Natalie-centric fic for me. 

@siderealscribblings : writer of Satisfaction Brought It Back . Wow. I knew about this one for a long while, but I resisted reading it. I blame the horror that is 50 Shades of Bullshit for making me resist this for so long. You involved a topic that has been written so, so poorly and abusively by others, but you did it so damn well AND made it clear that the sexiest thing of all is enthusiastic informed consent and communication. 

I FOUND A MOANA EASTER EGG?!?!?! Idk if it has already been found or not, but it’s the magic flower from Rapunzel! It comes up when her island is healed at the end. And the fact that it was restored with magic, ON AN ISLAND (a hop skip and a boat ride away). I’m dead, I never find stuff like this! *gross sobbing*

you know how this website makes up scenarios where you and a metaphorical bae would talk about memes after sex?

it happened to me

our pillow talk consisted of conversation about rare pepes and the ayyy lmao alien

tru romance<3