looove this shoot

Kaitlin Olson by Buzzfeed

“We were blown away by how funny she was,” says Day. “I can’t think of an overall impression other than our general excitement that we found someone who was really right for this part.”

Oddly enough, it was McElhenney — to whom Olson is now married — who was less than convinced about her. During the audition, Olson accidentally left out a critical line in the script they’d given her, and McElhenney was nonplussed, to say the least.

“I left the room and Rob was like, How did she leave out the funniest line that was in there? and he didn’t want to cast me,” Olson says. “Rob, who I’ve now married, had to be talked into hiring me.”


The Hug™

Seriously, Root was so desperate. She didn’t see or hear from Shaw for more than 9 months. She never gave up hope. But a small doubt stayed in her heart. A fear. So, when she sees her again, she needs to be sure, she needs to feel Sameen close to her. She can’t believe it’s her … Her reason for existing, the love she lost. She close her eyes and gently grabs her head … then her back. It’s her. Finally. She’s home. They’re both home.


Got through Monday so far by thinking about new goodies I can use tonight! So White is potentially my greatest weakness, the apple scent is UNREAL & possibly my all time favorite Lush scent. Also looove HIWTK scents so Shoot For the Stars is another favorite bath bomb. And I upgraded to the largest size of Jersey Bounce I could order from the U.K., which means I am well-stocked with my fav shampoo also 🌞😍