looove him!

  • william: i didn't think you could keep it a secret.
  • chris: what? i am an excellent secret-keeper. i have kept all of our secrets.
  • eva: what secrets?
  • chris: Oh, no no, eva. i am not going to tell you, because i am an excellent secret keeper.
  • eva (privately): psst. you'll tell me later?
  • chris: You already know.

                  “what do you think is your greatest c h a r m ?” 
                                                                                          my  e x i s t e n c e  itself”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Referencing the official swimsuit/beach wear art, in your opinion, who do you think had the best swimsuit? For me, it's Goro, because we just needed to see the precious pancake out of his suit for once.

Tbh I’m still so shook from seeing him in a swimsuit because I imagined him just swimming laps around the beach fully clothed with his shoes and peacoat and everything. LMAO But Haru’s swimsuit is definitely my favorite because it’s just SO CUTE and stylish and I love the hat!! *A*