looooove them !

my favorite thing about damen & laurent is that they are both really powerful and intimidating in their own ways, but inside they are both sappy, sentimental, hopeless romantics who are completely weak at the knees for each other. they probably count the days they’re apart and write love letters and sign them all with something sweet like “always yours” and then keep every letter they receive for sentiment. they are each others’ first true equal counterparts and they can just be thoroughly, completely themselves together, and deeply, unapologetically in love. seeing them separated is nothing like seeing them together; their untouchable, ethereal, and powerful presence fades ever so slightly when they’re together because they smile a little bit more and laugh a little bit easier

OTP Challenge

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Rules: List 5 OTPs from different fandoms and tag 10 people.

1. Royai (duhhhh)

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2. Viktuuri from Yuri on Ice

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3. Zenyuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime // Snow White with the Red Hair

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4. Kazubisha from Noragami (I’VE ONLY SEEN SEASON 1 SO SHHHHH)

I’m not gonna look for a gif or picture because I don’t wanna get spoiled xD

5. Daisuga from Haikyuu

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name: gabriel!!

nickname: gabe, gabey baby, angel boy,…. gibby…………… gabey boy…………. :0/

gender: ha! uuuh i’m fine with being called a boy

starsign: capricorn

height: idk?? 5’ 5" i think

sexual orientation: pansexual but with a preference for boys/masc rn

hogwarts house: slytherin

favorite color: baby pink and cosmic latte

favorite color to paint on the walls:?? a nice dusty rose or pale mint green

favorite color of lipstick: i don’t wear it anymore but when i did, purple or maroon

favorite animal: bunnies!! i really am liking bunnies rn

time right now: 6:30 p.m

cat or dog person: both!! both equally for different reasons

favorite fictional character: dipper, pidge, bill, bee, starfire……prince humphrey

number of blankets you sleep with: threeeee i’m a cold boy :0(

favorite singer/band: oooh um. nicole dollanganger mostly. also studio killers and kids of 88

dream trip: IM GOING TO OKLAHOMA TO SEE OLLIE THIS SUMMER AND IM SO EXCITED SICJSJCJS but also i would love to go to s p a c e

dream job: english teacher, psychiatrist, or a baker

when was this blog created: uuuh like november or december 2015 i think

what made you decide to get a tumblr: uuuh well i got my first one because of…. superwholock…….

why did you pick your url: honestly?? i tried to pick an edgy but pretty one to match my blog type and it worked out

last movie you watched: the new beauty and the beast!

last song you listened to: oya by ibeyi

last book you read: to kill a mockingbird lol

what time would you like to travel to: as long as i could get back, any time before human civilization was a thing so i could breath in super fresh air. or the 2000’s so i could see an early my chem show lmao

what fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day: this is super hard ugh ummm…. i’d love to hang out with bee and puppy cat and go on a temp job with them

i tag: literally anybody who wants to do this, say i tagged you PLEASE go for it


Olicity 💘 in every Christmas (Holiday!) episodes 🎄 (first compliment, first hug, first “I love you”, proposal)


“Every woman I truly love dies.”
“All the more reason to stay away from the Queen.”

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Do you ship Kane+Panarin like TOGETHER together or do you just find their friendship really cute? It's fine either way haha, I'm just curious

Both?! I’m not going to say that their girlfriends are fake and they’re in a secret relationship or anything cause I don’t believe that kinda stuff. That aint me! I’m just saying THAT IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN.. their relationship was kinda destined. The chemistry has been beautiful since the very beginning, especially because I always look at things from Panarins side, what did Teeks say about Kaner? “He’s the only one.” COME ON!

I just think they’re good for one another. Artemi brings out the softer and more cheeky side of Kaner..The dimples come out! You can tell that Kaner always wants to be around that. And then Artemi would do ANYTHING for Patrick and Peeksy fucking eats it up. All of that is real and I looooove them together.

OUR WORLD IS LOOKING SO BRIGHT; a sweet and fluffy playlist for chelsey and paige, for lovely little femslash week.

come with me - echosmith / you r in love - taylor swift / we are in love - cider sky / past lives - kesha / easier than breathing - alexander fairchild / you get me - michelle branch / tenerife sea - ed sheeran / xo - john mayor / sea of love - cat power / can’t help falling in love - haley reinhart / a thousand years pt. 2 - christina perri / mirrors - justin timberlake / cold coffee - ed sheeran / pieces - cider sky

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Lipstick or chapstick: Definitely chopstick. I have the world’s worst chapped lips I swear.

Last song you listened to: Lapis’ tower from the Steven Universe soundtrack!

Top 3 shows: This is difficult!!!!!! Hmmm well, I love the Danganronpa series, even though it’s mostly games. I really love Steven universe and I guess the third would be Supernatural!!

Top 3 characters: FUYUHIKO KUZURYUU FROM DANGANRONPA 2 MY SWEET PEACH!!!!!! He’s so amaZing!!! My baby gangsta omg. Also from Danganronpa 1, Chihiro Fujisaki is my lovely programmer nerd LOOOOOVE THEM SO MUCH. The third would be… Lapis Lazuli from Steven universe!!!

Top 3 ships: Victuuri from Yuri on Ice!!, SoniaxGundam from Danganronpa 2 and actually Komaru x Toko from Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls ❤❤❤

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