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Can I request RFA reacting to MC proposing to them? c: Was thinking about that earlier today !! lol

I’ve read this HC before and I loooooovee ittttt sooo much I love this headcanon aaaaa I hope you guys like it as much as I do!! -Green


-honestly, it wasn’t planned at all. Kinda. You did have a whole plan for a date, very romantic and a night to remember for sure.

-but when you woke up and saw Yoosung right there, sleeping so peacefully, you just had to do it. God, you just had to marry this man. Right now .

-so you get out of bed as quietly as you can, and you whip him up a sweet cup of coffee that he taught you from his barista club, and some strawberry pancakes with whip cream 

-this boy loves sweet things so you write on the side of the plate with caramel ‘will you marry me, baby?’ 

-you did some basic latte art on his coffee, just a simple heart but you thought it was cute 

-you put it all on a small tray and brought it over to the bedroom, where Yoosung was still sleeping 

-you set the tray down on the nightstand, and sit right next to him, petting his hair and kissing his shoulders and cheeks to wake him up 

-his lil sleepy eyes are so cute that you wanna ask him right then and there but you SomeHow resist 

- “I brought you some breakfast in bed, honey” you give him the tray and he’s already surprised because !!! he loves your cooking, but what’s the occasion???

-first yoosung smiles at your cup art and drinks some of that, complimenting how cute you are and how good you are at making coffee!!! maybe even better than him?? ooo

-when he looks at the plate to see what you made, he almost misses the little words by the side. but he does see it

-at first he thinks it’s a joke. were you reinacting one of your books or something?? 

-but when he looks back at you to see you on one knee by the bed with a ring in your hand he actually screams

-without even thinking he totally throws the breakfast off the bed the coffee is safe on the nightstand thank god and jumps into your arms 

-making the two of you fall on the hard floor but he doesn’t care because “yeah!!!! yeah!! yeah, i wanna marry you!!” he doesn’t even say YES he just keeps saying YEAH. because. YEAH!!! we’re getting MARRIED! 


-saeyoung deserves the best of the best okay

-so you make a GAME out of it 

-you make him search for the ring and it’s so complex that you honestly forgot where you put the ring

-you hid it the other night and woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, waking up your soon to be fiance along with you 

-he’s cranky about it, but once he hears that you two are going on a scavenger hunt he’s BLASTING OUT THE ROOM 

-saeyoung please put on clothes we’re going outside 

-it’s really fuckin cold in the morning so you guys have to dress up warm, which to Saeyoung means 707 layers of jackets heheh

-the puzzle was made to be really challenging because you know how smart Saeyoung is, even if he pretends he isn’t 

-it’s kind of like his Valentines Date (DLC) except a lot less romantic ,, and more adventurous 

-one moment your in the bathroom until he breaks it apart to find a key, and the next moment you’re in the garage unlocking one of his babes. inside there you find a tub of ice cream, so you go to Saerans room! You find a bouquet of flowers, so now your suddenly at the supermarket! Just like that, and it goes on FOREVER  

-the last stop (where the wedding ring is) is at the top of the hill in a small dog park where the two of you had your first date. by the time you get there it’s the middle of the afternoon 

-Saeyoung isn’t even TIRED. he’s having so much fun!!!

-he has to climb one of the trees to find the ring, and you’re down on the ground and you kinda just go “o. that’s where i put it” because, again, you fucking FORGOT 

-he hangs from one of the branches and hands the ring to you, and you see the confusion on his face, but also the playfulness 

- “what could it mean??? i don’t remember a ring in our relationship. hmm… you truly are a master, because frankly, I’m stump-ed.” bu-dum cccchhhh 

-you join on in, observing the ring curiously even if you knew what it looked like.

-it was a beautiful ring. you didn’t want it too flashy, that didn’t really match his personality. it had a diamond in the middle, with two moonstones shaped in crescents to hug the diamond on each side. one reason because it was his birth stone, the other because. it was a moon stone. spaaaace

- “hmm, the only time I remember there being a ring in our relationship is when I proposed to you??” 

-Saeyoung laughs because it’s like lololol funny joke MC but then all the sudden your getting on one knee and he’s kinda just like. w h a t 

- “don’t tell me you’re going to say no and ruin the adventure already? we still have to go to the moon, you know.” You try to be cocky but your voice is trembling. you’re literally proposing to Saeyoung who is hanging upside down from a tree like a damn monkey 

-he falls off the tree 

- “OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAY??” you try to help him but he’s scrambling away from you. Your heart breaks a lil bc of that,,

-and then you see that your boyfriend is crying and he’s trying really really hard for you not to see and you don’t know if that’s a good sign or not 

- “are you crying because you love me or because you’re hurt because I’m really worried about both” a legitimate question you have to ask

-AAGAHHH it’s cause he loves you!!!! hell yeah he wants to marry you!!!

-that’s what he wants to say but he’s crying so much it comes out as a bunch of nonsense. “h yeh.. wa -nanabb… maaaarrRRYYyy-mmm y-yo-uugh-ouuu ehhhehHH!!!

-after you get him calmed down he kinda just bursts into tears at random times the rest of the day because he’s so overwhelmed with LOVE FOR YOU 


-you don’t even beat around the bush with this fuckin dork. You’ve TRIED. it DOESN’T WORK Y’ALL 

-if you don’t tell him outright about something, he’ll never know what you mean 

-you’re out at a very very fancy dinner. You don’t want to propose there because of paparazzi. you figure that the dinner will help the romantic mood though 

-after the dinner, you two go out to his private garden, and you spend the rest of your date there, walking and talking

-at one point you stop the two of you at a small little bench and request to sit down

-you continue talking while you make a flower crown for the both of you because he’s a very pretty boy and you can’t resist.

-also you need something to do with your hands because you’re so nervous and jittery 

-by the time you’re finished with them, you place one crown on your head and then offer him his 

- “would you like to be my prince, Jumin?” 

-he smiles at you, because gosh. u are… so cute. Of course he wants to be your fuckin prince !!!

- “forever. be my prince forever, okay?” 

- “okay, MC. I promise.” 

-you place the crown on his head, and without really thinking about it you place the ring on the top of his head too 

-Jumin is like “?????” 

-very confused

-when he picks it up, and sees it is an engagement ring, he almost laughs because when Jumin looks at you again you are struggling to get on one knee in the grass 

- “are you asking me to marry you, MC?” 


-Jumin full out just giggles. He’s got a little blush on his cheeks and everything. he looks damn beautiful. It’s like the guy is shining under the moonlight 

- “please god marry me Jumin Han” kinda just slips out of your mouth before you can think about it 

-he brings you up to him and gives you a very deep kiss before putting on the ring. 

- “MC, if you need me to, I’ll be your king.


-you had brought the whole RFA together at your apartment for a casual get together and game night

-and you planned to propose with everyone there 

-you just wanted it to be fun and memorable for the both of you, and to have your RFA family with you sounded amazing

-you were. v v nervous but you couldn’t tell anyone because literally everyone in the RFA would snitch without even thinking about it they’re terrible

-the party was finally at that calm, but fun air you wanted it to be. Yoosung and Saeyoung playing Just Dance on the TV, Jaehee and Zen chatting about their daily lives and his musicals while you were preparing food with Jumin.

-I think out of everyone in the RFA, Jumin is the happiest for you two, whether he say it or not

-and really…. he was the only one who wouldn’t snitch…. 

-so while you were pouring drinks for everyone, you told Jumin you planned to propose to Jaehee tonight but you weren’t sure when the best moment would be

-surprisingly he gave you a?? side hug??? 

-he was so proud of you guys aaaaa

-Jumin wasn’t the most romantic person, but he did give you good advice. Let it come naturally. Don’t think of her saying no, just think of her saying yes, because she will. Jaehee will say yes

-and that was such a relief to hear that you gave Jumin a big ol hug and a smooch on the cheek before bringing out the food 

-an hour goes by and you all are playing monopoly 

-Saeyoung and Jumin are getting all the expensive houses and constantly competing for each others cards. No one knows how Saeyoung got so much money. 

-Yoosung is making a little home with all the really cheap blocks and Zen is pulling his hair as he has to pay Jumin yet again

-then there’s you and Jaehee who watch the fire burn and maintain a normal board of moderately expensive houses. 

-and you just feel so good at the moment. You and Jaehee cuddled in a blanket with your friends all around you 

-so you turn around, kiss her on the forehead, bring out the ring and ask her to marry you


-the fighting IMMEDIATELY STOPS and everything is so quiet



- “DAMMIT JAEHEE IF YOU DON’T SAY YES, I WILL” Saeyoung SCREECHES at the top of his lungs and he looks like he’s gunna c r y 

-Jaehee does finally find her words and says yes, then the two of you kiss and everyone is standing up and cheering for the two of you 

-they force you to do a slow dance together and really you wouldn’t have it any other way 


-you don’t want to do it in public, because of paparazzi, but… Zen does love attention..

-so you decide to propose to him after one of his shoes back stage 

-you watch the whole performance with a nervous heart and shaking hands 

-the whole time you just stare at Zen and you watch how beautifully he sings and preforms. He’s amazing at what he does. You just… feel so proud of him

-you really, really hope he’ll say yes. You need him to. You don’t think you could ever get over it if Zen said no. 

-When the show is over, there’s usually a meet-and-greet with all the actors so you have to act quickly before he leaves for that and is too tired for a proposal 

-you greet him with a big hug and a kiss, which he appreciates a Whole Lot

- “hey, Zen, I was.. wondering something today.” 

- “yeah? what’s that?” 

- “would you ever… in the future.. would you ever like to get married?” 

-you catch him off guard and now he’s blushing like a FOOL 

-of course!! especially if it’s to you, and he winks. He’s just casually flirting but you’re just like THE TIME IS NOW 

-you slam down on your knee so hard that you actually start crying and Zen is just ????!!!!!! what h a p p e n e d 

-you explain in tears while bringing out the ring that you wanted to propose but you got too excited.. 


-Zen just laughs, picks you up and gives you a really big SMOOCH on the lips. pretend i didn’t say smooch because it was actually really romantic 

-he dips you, what a nerd 

-god, he loves you. he’s looking at you with such a sparkle in his eyes as he says ‘yes’ and putting on that ring, you forget all about your injury and go in for another kiss as he spins you around

-after he smugly shows all his fans the ring in pride

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How exactly did you feel about Hiccup's badass-ness this season? Especially him PUNCHING OUT SNOTLOUT WITH ONE HAMMER PUNCH OMG I'M STILL NOT OVER IT!

I loooooovee how Hiccup was depicted in Race to the Edge in terms of his skillset fighting. I know some people say his action scenes seem unreasonable. For me, I think it makes a whole lot of sense and fits in nicely with all we have seen in the DreamWorks Dragons universe. On top of that, it’s just fun to see - everything from him doing some cool action moves, to him knocking out three of Snotlout’s teeth with a single punch. As dorayaki-chan mentions so nicely, it is nice to see the small details of Hiccup growing from a wimpy little kid to a strong young man.

Growing Strength, Growing Fight Skills

Hiccup has been developing his strength and fighting skills for a long time. They have been growing naturally, slowly, almost undetectably at times, since the first movie. At the start of the first movie, Hiccup cannot pick up a single axe or sword without considerable effort. It is a humorous exaggeration, but it still proves the point that this little kid does not have a high muscle mass. Even though we see him holding an axe later on in the movie, it’s still nothing impressive that he can do.

We also see very clearly in the first movie that Hiccup does not know how to fight. He scrambles around haplessly during dragon training; he struggles to even hold an axe and shield at the same time. Therefore, what we see out of the first movie is that Hiccup does not have much strength, and he is not skilled as a warrior.

Riders of Berk demonstrates Hiccup with some physical improvements, but it still focuses on him being a wimpy kid. Alvin the Treacherous mocks Hiccup for his tiny size, and Hiccup feels down in “Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man” because he knows he is not the strong son Stoick wanted. When Hiccup spars with Astrid in “Gem of a Different Color,” he stands no chance; she disarms him immediately and pins him to the ground. Gobber seems to expect this will happen; he does not instruct Hiccup on how to fight back, but simply on how to handle this situation the best he can. He congratulates Hiccup for playing dead and Astrid for doing good form. When Hiccup tries to attack an Outcast guard with his peg leg in the season finale, it does not do that much damage. Hiccup still is not that physically strong and everyone knows it.

Note, however, Hiccup is subtly starting to pick up a few skills. He is considerably better at dragon riding. He is able to complete skills that he was practicing (and failing at) in Gift of the Night Fury. And, as you point out, riding dragons is physically demanding. The animators even point out in “The Art of How to Train Your Dragon” that they wanted to show it was demanding (I imagine it’s far more physically demanding for the core than the arms, though). Hiccup is becoming better at riding Toothless and doing tricks on the dragon; thus, we know he is gaining strength.

Even beyond that, look at “Thawfest”. It still pegs Hiccup as physically less strong than the others. Lugging sheep is easy for basically everyone except Hiccup, who can barely carry one woolly animal on his back. Everyone else can throw an axe fine, but Hiccup cannot get enough strength to hit the target. Notice, however, that even though he’s shown to fail, there is improvement. Hiccup could hardly lift an axe in the first movie. Now, he can throw it. He’s not as good as the others, but Hiccup has already improved from barely holding an axe, to holding it in the middle of HTTYD, to being able to somewhat throw it in ROB. His fight against the Outcasts in “Defiant One” also shows that he has become better at fighting.

His skills and strength grow even more in Defenders of Berk. I’ve jokingly called him “Captain Berk” for a reason because of his stunts with the shield, which is admittedly lighter than other Viking shields, but it’s still solid wood (I own a full wooden shield that I use for cosplaying Hiccup… it gets HEAVY after you carry it for some time). Hiccup even becomes increasingly better throughout the season with fighting and using the shield. By the end of the season, Hiccup is able to defend himself very well against Speed Stingers and Outcast warriors. Hiccup holds a sword with ease and is even able to throw his shield an impressively long distance. He has grown in strength, and his increasing experience fighting against enemies like Dagur and Alvin has made him a better fighter. I wholly imagine he’s receiving combat training from  warriors like Gobber, but his skills are taking off because of situations, too.

Then we get to Race to the Edge. By this time, Hiccup and his team have developed a lot of flight skills. They are very talented on their dragons and have exerted a lot of physical energy. Hiccup has received more combat training and he’s been through a number of harrowing situations with real enemies. He has been working in the shop with Gobber on his own projects, proving him strength to his arms. This kid is a blacksmith, a dragon rider, and quite the active adventurer. It’s no wonder that Hiccup, though skinny, has a lot of strong, lean muscle underneath his shirt sleeves.

I consequently love Hiccup’s “badassness” in the second RTTE season in terms of his strength, fighting moves, and physical strength. It’s depicted in a very fun way. It’s not unreasonable given the progression we’ve thus far seen. He’s slowly been growing stronger, and we have reasonable context and explanation for why he’s got muscle and some fighting skills. Hiccup does some fun, flashy moves, but it’s just one step beyond what we saw in Defenders of Berk. Hiccup is progressing steadily as we have seen him do. It connects the dots from HTTYD to HTTYD 2. By the time of HTTYD 2, Hiccup is a physically fit young man. If you watch the deleted scene between him and Eret, he’s actually not too bad off in a fight against someone who’s a dragon trapper and consequently has been in skirmishes himself. Let’s also not forget how well he handles himself during the Battle of the Bewilderbeast!

Hiccup’s Punch in “The Zippleback Experience”

I cannot say how much I LOooOOvE this moment. I could chat and laugh about it forever. Here, I’ll just comment on how it displays Hiccup’s expected strength, and whether or not Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s reaction was realistic given that they did not predict him to knock out Snotlout.

Hiccup’s companions have watched him grow in strength. At times, they probably still think back to him being the wimpy little kid who could barely hold an axe. It wasn’t too long ago, in some respects, that they first entered Dragon Training together. And since Hiccup has lean muscle that is not very visible, it might be easy to underestimate his strength. 

Ruffnut and Tuffnut should know that Hiccup could pack a punch. They know he’s a blacksmith. Snotlout, for that matter, should have some idea of Hiccup’s strength; they work together with Gobber. Still, I imagine that all three of them forgot when the twins staged the fight between Snotlout and his cousin. You’re right that no one knew Hiccup could do that, but they should not have forgotten he had some physical strength behind his skinny frame.

You’re right, senfree, that the reaction Ruffnut and Tuffnut display isn’t outwardly explosive. Maybe, in some ways, it seems underwhelming, and I really understand how that interpretation is seen. The twins don’t jump up and exclaim, “WHAT?!!” They moreso stare, looking at the scene, and ask one another, “Who knew he had it in him?” Then they go off and have a conversation at regular voices about what to do next, rather than even focusing on the fact Hiccup knocked Snotlout out. Even then, I suppose I don’t find the reaction fully underwhelming, even with that.

What I see the twins show is a bit of dumbfounded surprise and disappointment that their plan did not work. There are times people are surprised enough at an incident that they don’t know how to properly react. Ruffnut and Tuffnut are going through this sort of reaction; it’s hard for them to process what they have seen, therefore, they aren’t going to jump up and shout in loud, astonished voices right off the bat. Many people can be extremely surprised and yet only respond with widened eyes and staring at what is going on. I feel that is sort of what is going on with the twins here. They are surprised, eyes wide and staring at the event, but they’re surprised enough that they don’t exactly know how to verbally react. 

It catches them off-guard. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were gearing themselves up for a situation in which Snotlout got roasted by Barf and Belch, Hiccup being “saved” by the Zippleback in a humorous spectacle. They did not get what they anticipated. Because it was so far off from what they had been gearing themselves up to see, they didn’t know how to react. So their reactions were numbed, delayed, baffled. As I see it, the very fact that Ruffnut and Tuffnut didn’t shout out actually speaks to the fact they are surprised. 

All Ruffnut can say, in a somewhat soft, amazed voice, is, “That was incredible.” She doesn’t usually speak in that sort of a soft, wispy voice. She is legitimately astonished, so I suppose I don’t think that their reaction is underwhelming. I also think that the following conversation the twins having, sounding slightly subdued and sad, shows that they realize this event’s outcome means they’ve “lost their dragon for good.” That alone is going to put a damper on their emotions and their emotional reaction to Hiccup’s punch.

This scene is probably one of the greatest moments in How to Train Your Dragon history. It is hysterical. I *LOVE* Hiccup’s knock out punch. It surprises not only Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut, but it astonishes audiences as well. All things considering, we should have seen this coming. We should have known that Hiccup was strong, but we often think about him as the scrawny little kid, too. It’s a hysterical scenario, with beautiful dialogue, beautiful action, beautiful execution. I’ll never be able to get over this moment, either. I still laugh incredibly hard about Tuffnut’s comment, “Unfortunately, we weren’t expecting Thor’s mighty hammer to meet Snotlout’s paper jaw.”

You Weren't Supposed To Hear That

Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco all sat in the main room of S.T.A.R. Labs talking and laughing.
“So, Barry, you and Y/N…” Caitlin mentioned casually, trailing off at the end.
“Yeah? What about us?” Barry asked, unsure of what she was getting at.
“Oh come on, man. You’re totally in love with her.” Cisco scoffed.
“No I’m not, guys.” Barry denied, rolling his eyes, though he was smiling a little.
“Ohhh he definitely is!” Caitlin giggled.
“Oh totally!” Cisco agreed.
“Guys, come on. Stop it.”
“Barry is completely head over heels.” Cisco announced, acting like Barry wasn’t even in the room.
“Oh, I totally agree. Do you see how googly eyed he gets over her?” Caitlin added.
“Guys…” Barry complained.
“Oh, trust me, I have. And have you heard him talk about her? ‘Y/N is so funny. Oh wow, she’s so cute. I really like her. Y/N is so beautiful.’” Cisco mocked.
Caitlin and Cisco went back and forth teasing Barry and making comments and the two of you.
“Barry is just so in loooooovee with Y/N!” Cisco shouted as you walked into the room.
You immediately stopped walking.
“Oh. You weren’t…supposed to hear that…” Cisco mumbled.
You looked over to Barry.
“Well, is it true? Do you have feelings for me?” You asked.
“Well…yeah, I do.” He admitted.
“Good. Because I feelings for you, too.” You replied, smiling. You then went on with your business and walked away, acting as though nothing for had happened. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin all sat there, mouths wide open.
None of them had expected that response.

I hope that you enjoyed this, anon! Let me know what you think! Have an amazing day/night, lovelies!

EXO Reaction to the company not approving their relationship

Well here’s a sad reaction! I won’t be doing more today because I have to sleep early. Tomorrow I have a test for a certification :3 Love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: “Listen to me Y/N… I don’t care about what they say. I love you and that’s what matters”

Kris: “Do you really believe I would leave you because of them? Not even in another galaxy! Ignore them!”

Sehun: “I chose you my girl and nothing will change that! Ever!”

Tao: *Hates seeing you upset. It hurts him so much but he won’t let things continue this way. He will fight for you*

Kai: “What are you saying Y/N? That I will leave you? No way! No one controls my life!”

Xiumin: “Do you think I’m letting you go? Because that’s not happening!”

Baekhyun: *Bossy* “I don’t know what you are talking about jagi! You are my girlfriend, and you will stay with me, and tomorrow we will have a date! Now kiss me!”

Luhan: *Serious Luhan* “This doesn’t mean it’s over Y/N. I want you by my side and I won’t let them take you away!”

Chen: *He doesn’t care, he is a free spirit and does what he wants* “Lalala, I loooooovee youuuuu”

Kyungsoo: “C’mon Y/N! Don’t be upset! I love you and nothing will stop me! Fighting! We will stay together forever! *Boyfriend of the year*

Lay: *It hurts him seeing you sad because of it* “Don’t worry my love, we will solve this out!”

Suho: “This is ridiculous! I’m not going to break up with you! They will understand, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it!” *Daddy Suho can do everything*

Fucking loooooovee them and Taka’s English was just too damn cute XD
All 4 of them smiled at me and it was just crazzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~
Taka and I had a mini conversation its just…<3333 I can’t T_T ugh~


OK SO HERE’S ANOTHER JOSH WASHINGTON RAGE POST. Everyone keeps complaining that his prank was ‘cruel’ and just horrible in general and while i agree slightly, why do the youtube pranksters who pull off pranks just as bad if not worse get praise for their pranks. Josh just gets hate because he is not neurotypical, or so i think. I mean that famous youtuber fouseytube did a prank to almost the same level, he made his friend believe he was murdered and that the murderer was going to kill her too, and people just loooooovee that prank. Like I honestly dont get why people hate him so much. For christs sake theres a prank where a guy makes his wife think he killed their fucking child.. goddd. anyway josh gets an ugly reputation because he shows symptoms of psychosis and people are just being ableist lil fucks. 

poeticheroine  asked:

HEY AURORA I SAW THE WINTER SOLDIER YESTERDAY and cried in the theater lmaO anyways rec me your fave fics!!!!! buckysteve of course. or whatever you like. i don't care.

i cried too its ok and HELL YEAH BUCKYSTEVE 5EVA HERE WE GO 

no heart to recall“  – THIS IS PROB MY FAVE the post-catws bucky characterization is oN POINT and its v angsty and feely and its just amazing ok

If This Isn’t A Kingdom Then I Don’t Know What Is” – princess bride!au. enough said. 

the care and feeding of traumatized ex-assassins” – post catws bucky is basically like a stray cat and i just loooooovee it 

listen to your heart (but dont say goodbye to me)” – hades and persephone au DONT TALK tO  ME 

this city bleeds its aching heart” – god this was the first stevebucky fic i ever reads its v famous fake!married tropes are just BYE 

promise for a keeping (and miles to go)” – post-catws BUT girl!bucky au and lemme tell u it is just fab and i cried a bit

the second rise” – bakery!au where steve bakes to help him cope with the fact that bucky is an MIA military person and i just love it bc the whole cast of avengers and co is there and i just FEELINGS

only living boy in new york” – oh ym god i was considering not putting this fic on the list bc it is legit the saddest thing i have ever read prob and i cried but its sooooo well written i cant even explain the plot but just read it ok 

you got blood on your hands (and i know it’s mine)” – this is also super angsty post-catws basically steve and bucky BOTH angstily pining i love it 

the ties that bind” – this fic is FUCK ok its A/B/O verse (alpha beta omega) so if ur not into that just skip but if u are then its GREAT so well written like basically steve and bucky were married/mated pre-war and like steve thinks bucky is dead .. but u knwo … 

gravitation” – this is my fAVE pre-war fic soooo good 

sway through the crowd to an empty space” – aaaannnd here is a bit of fluff if u need a lil reprise from all the angst :)) 

hope this is a good starter list!!! if u get through these and u want some more check out my fic rec i have more there and i also update it whenever i find new stuff !! happy reading xxx