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DadGabe with Genji is so sweet. I can imagine when Genji's first brought in, Jack's thinking, that as long as Genji is alive and helping to take down the Shimada empire, that'll be enough for him to "recover". And Gabe of course goes, "nope, fuck that. He needs support and care and to be made to feel like people give a shit about him. His very family left us barely enough scraps to put him back together, he needs someone to tell him he's worth more than how well he can obey orders."

yesssss yes yes absolutely 

genji, functioning but not thriving, you know? he works with jack’s team openly, for awhile. (when the shimada issue is a public one, you know what i mean? for awhile it’s something the public is raving about “THOSE DAMN SHIMADAS STEALING OUR JOBS BURNING OUR CROPS SOILING EVERYTHING” and that’s when genji is helping with the golden overwatch team) and jack praises him in reports all the time for his “efficiency and dedication” 

which anyone else would call “obsessive perfectionism in demolishing every bit of his past and he hasn’t slept or stopped moving for five days” 

gabe figures it out after the bi-annual overwatch + blackwatch dinner. it’s their half-hearted attempt to keep the two branches amicable with each other. most only attend because they like to get a free, fancy meal with jack morrison footing the bill 

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