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ok, they’re still wearing the same (minus yuri’s shirt lol) as on this one

I imagine it going like this …

Yuuri drags drunk Viktor off to their bedroom.

Viktor (whining): Our little kotenok is growing uuuuuuup!!!
Yuuri (hushes him): They can still hear you, you know, Vitya
Viktor (whining even louder): But he’s in looooooooove!!!! So cuuuuute!!!!
Yuri (stomping into the room with an armful of pillows, looking ready to kill): Ok, that’s it! I’m gonna end you, old man! 

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I looOoOoOoove ur blog omg!!! Can u pls do a reaction where their gf scratches their back during sex thx!! >///<


It would be in the middle of hardcore intense sex where he was pounding mercilessly into you. You were underneath him, legs wrapped around his waist and arms tight around his shoulders. His deep grunts near your ear filled you with delight and you couldn’t help yourself with the boisterous noises you were making. It was when he re-positioned himself in order to reach your sweet spot did you squeal. Your arms stretched down the length of his back and your nails dug into his sweaty copper skin; racking upwards as you were racing towards your high. Feeling the shot of pain did not deter Joon as it only fueled his need to fuck you right. He growled loudly, his hips bucking faster until they began to stutter due to reaching the near end of his rope.

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Jin was slowly fucking you, pulling long slow strokes each time. You were whimpering and whining, wishing for him to move faster. Your hands were desperately trying to find some sort of purchase but they flailed around helplessly as you cried for Jin to take you harder. Jin was enjoying the sight of you struggling underneath him. He often did this to you, and not that you would ever admit it but you definitely enjoyed it every single time no matter how frustrated you got with him. Eventually, though, the need for him became too great and you cried out loudly to let him know. Your hands again looking for a purchase and then finally settling at his back, nails clawing at his skin. Jin’s brow furrowed as his nerves tried to process what exactly he was feeling, not sure if it would be painful. After processing this, his mouth slacked as a breathy moan left him. The slight burning that the scratches you left sizzled and morphed into a harder type of pleasure which finally lead him to move at a harder, faster pace.

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Kinky, dominant Yoongi had you beneath him. His eyes were fiercely piercing into your skin as you were falling apart at the seems. He had his strong arms tightly wrapped around your waist, pulling you upwards closely against his waist. He was pounding into you, grunting and spitting sinful words to you that caused you to blush shyly. Your face tilting away, your eyes squeezed tightly shut as you were sure you wouldn’t be able to handle the pleasure he gave you much longer.

Fuck, your pussy is sucking me back in all on its own. Is it because you love my cock that much? You just can’t get enough can you? I’m going to drill you all night long, baby girl.

You screamed and trembled as he reached your sweet spot, his hand going down to abuse your clit. Your own hands scrambled around his shoulders as you tried to control yourself, but found it to be impossible now. Your nails clawed his back, leaving red marks behind on his pretty pale skin. An animalistic growl rumbled somewhere down in his chest, sending waves of ecstasy through your veins. The pain you shot through him morphed into red hot pleasure; adding to his promise to drill you all night long.

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Hobi has you situated on his lap in the middle of his livingroom. You were happily bouncing along his cock while he praised you with bites along the collar bone and tight squeezes of your ass. It was when you began to feel a little tired did he begin to help you, lifting you up and down his length easily, his hips bucking up to meet you with force. A long string of moans left you as he picked up the pace, giving you immense pleasure with him being deep inside of you. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders, your hands scratching at his skin as your muscles tensed from feeling the coil deep in your stomach begin to tighten. His teeth clenched, feeling the prickle of his skin after your nails racked against it. He groaned deeply, as he leaned forward, laying you on your back do that he could move freely.

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It’s been a long night already of constant love making. You both were overly sensitive so every little twitch of your pussy had him crying out, or the slightest touch of your clit or special spot had you shaking and screaming. You both couldn’t get enough. When Jimin had worked up a quick pace again you were being driven out of sanity. Your hands clawed at his back as another climax stormed violently through your body. Jimin’s head was thrown backwards, his back arching to the pleasurable pain that shot up his spine. He moaned loudly, whimpers following. He just couldn’t get enough. 

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Like Jimin, it’s probably been a long night of going at it. Both of you super sensitive and desperate to feel more of each other. He had slowed down by now. Instead pumping long hard strokes into you that sent you back with force each time. You whimpered, your hands clawing at his skin the longer he went. He whined, his back arching slightly at the feeling of your nails against his skin. His head tucked into your neck afterwards, his teeth finding the sensitive skin there and bit down causing you to react more or less the same way. It was more of a give and receive relationship between the two of you.

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Jungkook had you in his strong arms. He carried you with ease, having you pushed up against the wall of your bedroom where thrusted up into you. Your legs squeezed tight around his hips. You weren’t afraid of him dropping you as he on more than one occasion proved his strength. His mouth was attacking your neck, and one of his hands assaulted your little clit. One of your hands gripped his sweat drenched hair and the other racked up the length of his back. You cried out in complete ecstasy, not noticing what your hands were occupied with. Jungkook on the other hand was more than affected by this. His chest pressed closer to you as a long satisfied moan left his mouth. The pain not registering at all and instead displaying itself as pleasure.

Please do that again, baby.

He whispered against your skin, more than happy with you at this point.

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Reblog with the song/lyrics currently stuck in your head

today’s rep song to appreciate: ‘Delicate’ because the song feels like the name, so soft and fragile. the chorus……..THE CHORUS!!! you can hear her stuttering out of the anxiety of putting her thoughts out there like that??? even the verses themselves sometimes are in pieces with hesitation and caution, like she’s vocally walking on thin ice. looooooooove Delicate.