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ok, they’re still wearing the same (minus yuri’s shirt lol) as on this one

I imagine it going like this …

Yuuri drags drunk Viktor off to their bedroom.

Viktor (whining): Our little kotenok is growing uuuuuuup!!!
Yuuri (hushes him): They can still hear you, you know, Vitya
Viktor (whining even louder): But he’s in looooooooove!!!! So cuuuuute!!!!
Yuri (stomping into the room with an armful of pillows, looking ready to kill): Ok, that’s it! I’m gonna end you, old man! 

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Galaxy Putty 🌌 ⭐️ 

by hula_slime 

(the ‘stars’ are made by using holo glitter and holo stars)

omg… i was doing another comp placement match, and normally i’ve been doing just… stupidly good. like getting away with 4-5 man rez’s every time the enemy ults, even if my team loses in the end ya know i feel good about what i’ve done. (and i’ve gotten potg ¾ of the games i’ve played eheh). EXCEPT THIS LAST GAME. GOD. the enemy roadhog just… i would be hiding somehow and he would always know where i was and hook me even though i was running away from him and i would alwaaaays die as my team was down everyone and i was ready with rez. and it was SO FRUSTRATING but also incredibly impressive, i have no idea how he did it

so at the end of the game he sent me this

aaaand then promptly added me as a friend and sent me this

anonymous asked:

So, I have this idea in my head and because you're an amazing writer I wanted to see if you could write it. Harry and y/n become friends but they always had that spark ,and one night they kiss but she pretends like she doesn't remember. Time after that she has a boyfriend (that Harry hates) who will propose. Harry knows this so he confess his feelings. You can take it wherever you want, this is just and idea. Ps. I looooooooove you and your blog ❤️😘

Oh man talk about pressure. Okay, here we go.

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If it weren’t for you he would not be there.

He would be at home, wallowing in his self pity with a glass of wine and watch rom coms until he passed out like the loser he was. He would be a hermit, trying to lick the wounds he still had despite it been a while since that night happened.

But no, you begged him to go…and because he was a sucker for you you tagged along. Course you had to make him be the awkward third wheel.

You had been friends for a while, three years to be exact. You two met in New York, yes he was dating someone at the time but the second he saw you he was stuck. But he was cautious, he didn’t want to give himself so strongly like he had before…before had dim ruined and he swore he would be more careful. So you two stuck an friendship, and that was enough for you. You were his shoulder to lay on and him for you.

Whenever he had to tour you two would talk until the late hours of the night, even in time zones you tried to talk to each other. You would Skype watching movies, he praised your work as you were gung ho about his. Then the night of his birthday happened, and it all went to shit.

Alcohol was involved, that was the first mistake. You two were just standing at the kitchen just laughing and talking nonsense. You two were close, way too close. He had no idea what was said, just that you were laughing so hard. He loved your laugh…the way your face just lit even when you said you hated your laugh. Before he knew it, the alcohol getting to him he leaned in to kiss you on the lips. You just blushed and quickly changed the subject, acting as if it never happened. That stunk…worse when he called you the next day and you told him you had no idea what happened.

It was months later, when he was introduced to him. His name was Bronson, the dude was a douche…plain and simple. First of all he was a little younger then you, hell he was younger then him! He was some sort of 19 year old radio dj intern, you two just sort of met on Instagram and decided to date? What the hell was that?

He was way too vocal about his opinions that were so homophobic and misogynistic. Yet you stayed quiet, it made his blood boil. But he stayed quiet, if this Bronson made you happy…who was he to say? But the more the guy talked…the more he wanted to punch him in the face. And he hated violence, so that was saying something.

He stayed the supportive friend, when you and Bronson broke up at least twice because he blocked you and got super jealous over the stupidest things. He even broke up with you because of him, saying you two were too close for his liking. But somehow despite even that you took him back. And it became you hardly speaking to him just to keep things calm…he about had it.

He had to stand there, watching Bronson getting way too handsy on you. Having a death grip on his drink as his jaw clenched but he remained tight lipped.

Soon he watches you go to do something but Bronson comes walking to him…fuck.

“Hey bro having fun?” He asked, he would roll his eyes slightly.

“Yeah don’ alruight…” he replied.

“Hey, can you level with me? So…I’m gonna propose to YN tonight, you think she’ll like the ring?”

He looks at…that pathetic excuse of a ring and he wanted to bash his face with it with little damage it could do.

“S’alruight,” was all he could say.

“Thanks, figure I’ll make an honest girl out of her,” his smirk was so damn smug! He couldn’t take it, he had to find you and fast.

He leaves him, muttering he had to go take a wee or something. But he walks to find you, once he does he gently takes you somewhere where you could talk in peace.

“Harry are you okay?” You asked.

“He’s gonna propose,” was all he could say. Seeing your reaction with wide eyes.

“W-What?” You stumble but he kept going.

“I don’t wan’ yeh marrying him,” he spoke. “I kept my mouth shut, I truied being the gud friend buh I can’t…I can’t do this anymore. Yeh can’t marry him.”

“Harry I don’t think it’s your right…” you start but he stops you.

“No, it is muy right. It became muy ruight when he talked down about yeh being bi. That’s when it became my ruight, I have watched yeh cry and get hurt by that juhk and I will not just stand herea and see you say I do to a man you only have whah…one thing abouh?”

You don’t say anything, you just stand there as he keeps going.

“I’m tellin yeh ruight now, if yeh say yes to him we are done being fruiends,” he then threatened causing you to gasp.

“Harry you don’t mean that!”

“The hell I do mean it! YN do yeh have any idea how I feel about yeh?” There was a silence, he sohuld stop…but the cat was out of the bag now. He took a big gulp of his drink almost slamming it down on the counter.

“The second I saw yeh I fell in love with yeh. Yeh beautiful…smart…yeh view the world in such a beautiful way. I neva thought I would meet anotha pohson who captured me the way yeh did…yeh still do. Yeh have such a warm…and loving spirit…I kissed yeh at my birthday party, yes we were drunk buh I don’t regret it because that’s all I wanna do. I wanna kiss you every fookin’ day. I wanna see your sleeping next to me when I wake up. To make meals with yeh, to actually watch movies with you cuddled up togetha and take yeh on dates! Propah dates not a fookin’ bar like that arsehole!

And I saw that ring yeh deserve bettah, yeh deserve a big rock hell yeh deserve everything! I could give yeh that, I can give yeh everything you want and more if yeh would let me. It’s noh too late, we can walk out this party right now…figure something out. Buh I mean it, if you go in that room and get engaged that that cunt I am done.”

There was a heavy silence between the two of you, you just looked at him and he couldn’t read you. Expecting the worse he sighed, turning to walk out that room. He could not take another rejection.

“I know we kissed,” your voice made him stop to look at you. “I just…pretend I didn’t remember because I…I felt it too. I’ve felt a while but Harry you scare me! You are everything I could ever dream about but I’m scared if I…if I allow this to happen I will be so heartbroken…”

He closes the space between you, pulling you into a deep kiss on the lips. That all you two did, just pour everything you both had for each other into the deep kiss. He pulled away, smiling as he heard you whimper but he kisses you once again on the lips.

“Be ruight back,” he said and walked out. After a few minutes there was a noise, followed by people gasping before Harry bursts back through waving his hand as if he hit something.

“Come on,” he takes your hand and out the door, rushing to the car and speeding off.

God that felt so good, punching him in the face was more satisfying then he originally thought. Sure you were going to scowl at him but he didn’t care, it was worth it. Taking your hand and gave it a squeeze before bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

No rom com could write a happy ending like this in his opinion.