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Voulez-vous Danser Avec Moi?

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed Unity
Pairings: Arno Dorian x Reader | Arno Dorian x Élise de la Serre | Axeman x Reader (slight)
Story rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mild blood, sexual content

Starting with this one because it’s something that definitely requires my attention after all this time. Please bare with me since I don’t speak French at all, only studied it at school like a looooooooooong time ago. If you are a French speaker and spot any mistake feel free to correct me! I want to be as precise as possible.

Chapter 1

Staring at your own image reflected into the big mirror in your room, you watch your uncommon attire with amazement and ewilderment. Such a bulky dress isn’t really part of your standard wardrobe, not when you are an Assassin and thus used to wear a pair of comfortable pants and shirts instead.

You’re about to act like a fine dame (lady) in disguise for a contract, however. Arno Victor Dorian being your partner for the night.
Your target is a Templar, noble man with a huge weakness for high class masquerades and showy celebrations. Arno arrived at your door with a fresh new dress for you to wear and an elegant uniform for himself, developing a plan and discussing for hours about the proper strategy to adopt in order to reach and end your victim in the most unobtrusive way.

The Assassin certainly has tastes for dresses, you’ll give him that; skin generously exposed for the large shoulders, sleeves falling down like gloves and covering your limbs from the upper arms to the back of your hands, the corset perfectly secured with a set of white intertwined laces which visibly outlines your front curves quite generously. The gown is long and heavy, but you’re still able to walk and stand without too many troubles. The fabric is soft, adorned with intricated patterns and elaborated stitchings.

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