• shane: rules are made to be broken.
  • ryan: they were made to be followed. nothing is made to be broken.
  • eugene: uh, piñatas.
  • zach: glow sticks.
  • ned: karate boards.
  • keith: spaghetti when you have a small pot.
  • shane: rules.

Big sister knows what’s up Prompto.
You can’t keep secrets from the queen. In which our young Incubi Prompto is trying to hide is affections for a certain prince, but Luna knows better! Luna sees all…I wanted an excuse to draw horns last night, it started off with Luna solely, but then I added Prompto shortly after hahaha! Colorful horns are colorful! 

Have you guys followed the meltdown on r/freefolk after Emilia’s IG post

So kimilias folk lose their shit after Emila posted a pic of herself with Jason Momoa refering to him as his Sun and Star and “ALWAYS MOTHER OF DRAGONS MAIN MAN” (sic)


Let’s all agree it’s a joke, it’s harmless but naaah Kimilias jumped on this and said it was a response to Kit’s engagement, others accused Emilia of being a bitch for not fully supporting jonerys blabla. What the fucking hell?! Never in my life I’ve seen a fandom so crazy to the point of not being able to separate fiction with reality. These post just help you question their sanity. I’m fucking breathless


Holy shit why????????


so danneel posted a pic of her and jensen 2 days after and at the same restaurant the datenight happened and with the most awkward, cringy, OTT pic jensen has ever done that made me laugh incontrollably and feel such second hand embarassment at the same time