sometimes love is hilarious like

there have been a lot of people during the Jonas storm having cardiac arrest from shoveling the snow

so my mom is only letting my dad shovel for 20 minute intervals because she “wants him around for a long time” obviously

and when he fights it and wants to do more, she literally screams and roars across the yard until he listens

anyone without context hearing “GET YOUR BUTT INSIDE RIGHT NOW” and him replying “SHUT UP DEB I KNOW WHAT IM DOIN” for five minutes might think they’re fighting but nope

love after 20 years looks so different lol

anonymous asked:

Opinions on the whole "spaghetti squash" and "zoodles" overload of pictures on the recovery/fitspo tag? (as if real pasta was unhealthy looooool brb eating some delicious real spaghetti with meatballs and tomatoes sauce mmmm or pesto or heavy cream, flying away from fitspo and quasi-recovery bullshit because i have the energy for doing it because i eat actual carbs bye) 👋

Here is the thing: spaghetti squash is great and veggies are great, but they are not fucking pasta. It is sad to see so many influential figures on this site promoting shit like that because it just further perpetuates diet culture. They do not understand the harm that they are doing (or they just don’t give a shit). 

My guess is that the people eating spaghetti squash/zoodles could not eat an actual plate of pasta without anxiety or guilt. Sucks for them. 

There will always be someone offended when you are just doing your best to give the love to Diabolik Lovers that Rejet itself doesn’t looooool xD

Not that I have ever said I do a better job than the new artist, but still my eye is sharp enough to tell that the quality is BULLSHIT. I’ve seen fanarts much much much better than the Lost Eden artist’s work.

Let me repeat myself: Rejet made a mistake choosing a cheaper artist, instead of looking for one that had enough dedication and talent to draw for Diabolik Lovers (The Dark Fate CG artist did a nice job for example, at least in CGs) or to at least pay Satoi to make the fucking new designs x’D because “character design” is Satoi’s but those uniforms are not hers loooool they’re too arsed to be hers.