loooool yes

shut up & die
Sakata Gintoki

When someone mentions gintama’s ending, Gintoki’s past, Shouyo, Hajime-nii, THIS arc, how THIS arc changed every word said by every character in gintama, Takasugi, someone’s dying, Oboro, Tendoshou, Naraku, little jouis, Zura making onigiris, Gintoki’s crying, Takasugi’s crying, Takasugi repeating “why, you of all people, you promised me, why”, me making this post, Otose, promises, Yorozuya, bonds, copyrights

Imagine VIXX throw a big Christmas party and BtoB and EXO all come to it and they all have a great time until they realize that some members of their groups have been under the mistletoe for a little too long.