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Gajevy Lovefest is tomorrow!!!

Who the HELL is ready for all the steamy goodness? 

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Again, everything is going to be tagged NSFW if you really are squeamish about explicit content! 

That being said, let’s have a wonderful LoveFest! I can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions! 

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greg is so anti ddlg and everything but lainey is super close with binkie princess like the biggest ddlg/age player there is loooool

Yes, this. 

I’ve never really personally noticed that Greg was anti-DDLG. I thought he was playing along with Lainey being a little tbh.

Think I’m gonna leave pencil reqs/suggestions open indefinitely as of now- enough time not enough ideas, hehe… Open to just FE for now and my motivation is a fickle creature, so not all might be done, I might end up doing it later, I never know with me tbh

shut up & die
Sakata Gintoki

When someone mentions gintama’s ending, Gintoki’s past, Shouyo, Hajime-nii, THIS arc, how THIS arc changed every word said by every character in gintama, Takasugi, someone’s dying, Oboro, Tendoshou, Naraku, little jouis, Zura making onigiris, Gintoki’s crying, Takasugi’s crying, Takasugi repeating “why, you of all people, you promised me, why”, me making this post, Otose, promises, Yorozuya, bonds, copyrights

Imagine VIXX throw a big Christmas party and BtoB and EXO all come to it and they all have a great time until they realize that some members of their groups have been under the mistletoe for a little too long.

Writing Tag Meme

@belovedstill tagged me to do this c:

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress?

None that are actually progressing. I have 2 that I’ve written pieces of but have been lying around for awhile, 1 that if I ever post it will be under a different name, and a handful of plot bunnies that may eventually yield fruit.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?

loooool yes

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?

as far as actual published novels, the last one i read was a paper book. but i read much more fanfic than published works, and i would consider fanfics ebooks.

4) When did you start writing?

when i was about ten, i started writing with kingdom hearts OCs

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I’ll run it by my close friends if I’m concerned about editing, but I publish most of my work online so technically I’m sharing with the entire internet.

6) Where is your favorite place to write?

most of my fics on AO3 were written at my desk in my childhood bedroom. but I’ve also written a decent amount at the various dorms and apartments I’ve lived in over the past couple years. Anywhere where I have a) somewhere to sit b) a table c) a place I consider “mine” and I’m good to go. I have a lot of trouble writing somewhere that isn’t my quote unquote “safe space”

7) Favourite childhood book?

literally the only thing coming to mind is “The Baby Blue Cat Who Said No.” I read the shit out of that as a kid.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

i definitely thrive on attention and feedback, so I def err more towards publication. I’m always super quick to publish a fic once i finish, but i do write stuff i never ever intend to publish just for my own enjoyment.

9) Pen and paper or computer?

computer, though i did have a lot of success writing by hand during inktober.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

lol no.

11) What inspires you to write?


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