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This is Halloween - Reaper’s Angel One-Shot

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“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Angel screeched as she ran from the backyard to the living room. Bobby jumped up from his seat and met her halfway. “What’s wrong? What happened? Where are you hurt!” He grabbed the child and spun her around, inspecting as much as he could to find any injury. “Daddy I know what I want us to be for halloween! I’ve been thinking ‘bout it for a loooong time!” Bobby stared at his daughter, his heart was still beating fast and he was trying to catch his breath.

“Angel, you can’t do that to me! I thought something bad had happened.” He shook his head and stood back up, running his hands down his face.

“I’m sorry Daddy but I got really excited! Halloween is almost here and we need to get our costumes!” Angel whined as she grabbed her father’s arm and shook it to make her point. “I want to be Dorothy! And you can be the Lion! Uncle Clay can be the Tin man! And-and-and Uncle Tiggy can be the Scarecrow and we can make Bambi Toto!! Daaaaddy, we need to get the costumes!”

Bobby laughed and guided Angel to the kitchen table, “Alright, what about everyone else? Jax? Opie? Gemma?” Angel took a seat and tapped her nose, Bobby couldn’t help but smile at his daughter’s “concentrating face”.

“Ohoh! Jax, Opie, and Tommy can be the lollipop munchkins or flying monkeys! Gemma can be the green witch, JT can be the Wizard! Oh-oh Auntie Luo can be Glinda ‘cuz she has the same hair color! A-a-and Otto can be one of the guards!” Angel’s laugh was infectious and soon Bobby was laughing along with her as he imagined all his friends dressed up. “Well if you can convince them to dress up, then we will dress up like that!”

Angel squealed as she jumped off her father’s lap and ran around the room. “This is gonnna be the best Halloween EVER! I need to find Ma and Mama to let them know!”

Bobby and Angel both froze at the names. “Who?” Bobby moved to kneel before his little girl, who cast her eyes to the ground, “I meant Aunt Gemma and Auntie Luo… I didn’t mean to call them that Daddy.” Bobby pulled his daughter into his arms and held her tight. “It’s ok pumpkin. They take care of you a lot. Hey now, no need to cry!” Angel held tightly to her father’s shirt and sniffled again, “Please don’t tell Mommy, she’ll get mad at me.”

Bobby sat on the floor, rocking his little girl back and forth. “It’s our secret pumpkin. Pinky promise. Now let’s go find your aunts and let them know of your plans for Halloween. If anyone can get your uncles to go along with your plan, it will be you and them!”

anonymous asked:

When that guy dusted Dyl's coat, was that a playful thing or kind of a passive aggressive form of bullying? I can't tell from the GIF, and it's hard to read Dylan's reaction.

It was a playful thing in his mind, the duster dude, but it was also kind of a thought-less jest which in Dylan’s own sensitive reactive mind, felt like an instant mockery of his form of dress by way of his duster trench coat which was his coveted armor and uniform while at Columbine. He was used to getting flack all the time at Columbine for wearing his duster trench. It gravely offended him that someone would take a feather duster to it, and they were clearly not a friend of his just some acquaintance that was part of the stage cast and/or crew. Since this wasn’t someone Dylan knew too well, he felt as though yet another person was harassing him and touching his personal space and so he was FED up with it. And this dude was doing it while someone else was watching - so it’s like he’s feeling ganged up on but not only that, to add insult to injury, that someone watching was a girl which probably peeved and humilated him all the more. If you watch the video closely, you can see his body language is very aggressively defensive in posture. Dylan goes bounding by without a care, minding his own business, and then suddenly stops super abruptly. He pivots his boots back and focuses on the guy and that asinine feather duster flicking on his personal being. And Dylan’s gaze is rather pointed and scathing. You don’t see Dylan laughing or smiling back or talking to that dude at all. Instead, he takes his hand and flicks downward at the duster cape as if to brush off the scum that tried to poke fun of him. He then stares loooong and hard back at the dude as if to say “better not fucking do that again if I were you.” It’s so uncomfortable in those seconds of him staring at the guy, that the girl looks nervously between Dylan and the dude as if she realizes how awkward the joke ended up being because it was clearly NO joke to Dylan. Then Dylan turns and stalks off the stage all ruffled and supremely business-like. Moral to the story: What one person might consider a light hearted joke isn’t necessarily how the other party is going to receive it most especially when the two are clearly not friends.