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Heya, that message was from Toriel pretending to be Sans (you can tell because the sentence is capitalised). The soriel thing is that Sans practically tackled her for control of the phone (hence the gibberish)



soriel is not that so-real X’’DD

thank u~


LOOOOLLL i died.

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if i'm understanding correctly it's like. a youtuber (or maybe youtubers idk) and like they think they own the idea of having a reaction to a Thing and that someone who had a reaction to something needs to give them credit for the idea??? i think,

loooolll men r so petty bye (ty for telling me)

My friend sent me pics of necklaces and was like “my bf is getting me one of those for Vday”…. LOOOOLLL except she financially supports both of them and it would be with her money anyway.

*Correction, “I’m buying myself one of those for Vday.” She’s literally going to hand him her credit card and let him order. hahahaahha

He has never worked a day in his life…