Shallura week day 7: Legacy/revelations

A Polaroid of the loveliest family in the entire known universe.

I got Kaiya’s name straight off of @Teslatricity’s fic “Our Pursuit of a Path” (read it!) because it’s just so pretty and it seemed to fit.

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Dating Felix Would Include // Felix Headcanons

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a/n: loooolll I have so much Felix writing on my account

Request: A dating Felix (once upon a time) would include? :3

Felix x reader

  • Him getting jealous very easily, after all you were the only girl on Neverland
    • But having a trusting relationship nonetheless
      • Also you’re never one to turn down the jealous kiss he gives you when he sees another Lost Boy flirting with you
  • Pan being kinder to you than the other because he knows how much Felix cares about you
  • Felix giving you his cloak at night when you forget yours so you don’t get cold
    • You purposefully forgetting your cloak so you can wear his, it smells just like him
  • Him helping you train, even though you are equally as good as fighting as him, just so he can be around you more

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i have this hilarious headcanon (hilarious to me lol) that all the students at charles’ school ship him and erik, after xma. erik stayed for a few weeks, after all, and probably hung out around the place. so like i just imagine peter kinda accidentally starting this idea that erik and charles were a “thing” once (since he saw them at the pentagon and wasn’t that interesting) and suddenly everyone ships cherik. so they’ll be like walking down the hall well erik walking beside a wheelin charles and just chattin it up and the hallways will go way quieter than normal and they’ll look around like uh?? and everyone will push random thoughts into their heads like pizza or star wars (perhaps han and luke is the code for the charles and erik lmao) to throw charles off when he grazes over their minds to see what’s up. he doesn’t dig too deep so doesn’t notice anything and they just keep walking and continue talkin while the students just want to explode in laughter bc the husbands are back at it again

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Loooolll Bnha might be better than naruto in every single way but I can't shake off my love for the Naruto characters they're so likeable and loveable and honestly that's what's pulled me through 700 chapters of bullshit

I still love parts of Naruto and I will probably never let go so i get u, anon

Kubo: I want to make a world where people are not discriminated by their love or identity, so I did.

Some of y'all: Lol xD Nah. I want my disgusting sinful angsty gay babies to suffer and not be happy and healthy together Ever becuz that’s not Realistic™ :))))))) They will break up and no one will ever be happy because The Gays™ don’t deserve sanctuary even in fiction loooolll!!!1!! :^)))

I remember one time when I was like fifteen I made a post on this site where I was like “telling me I’m not like most girls isn’t a compliment because most girls fucking rule” and this white boy really into shitty emo bands and white rappers who id be mutualing got really mad and messaged me like “if you really think most girls rule you’re fucking deluded” and unfollowed me loooolll and this moment is what pushed me into feminism and this just goes to show how needlessly intimidated and offended shit boys get when they see girls supporting girls