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              Welcome Home, Master! ”

Dang it, I was late for Maidens day, but only by a day! Have a cute maid Prompto inspired by my baes over at @owlteria and @letshareapapou! We all did cute maids this year so you should check out their awesome art! Prompto is ready to clean up your mess now!~
     Treat him nicely, okay!

i was cute today✨


Draw what you know, right? Mothman, the accounting intern who startles easily because he can’t hear you coming when he’s got headphones in and is concentrating very hard on his Excel worksheets.

I think Mothman was listening to this Smiths’ song but that’s just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe it’s a bad idea. Maybe…


Castiel whirls around, hands quickly hiding the construction paper valentine behind his back. It’s large and kind of lopsided, but his Gabriel said it was just perfect: green like Dean’s eyes, big like his heart.

…It’s even got that one mistake that resembles the hole where his friend’s front teeth should be.

“Cas, here, I got something for you!”

Dean practically jumps up and down in his excitement, gap-toothed grin widening as he reveals, with a flourish, what is behind his back. “See?!” he exclaims. “It’s for today! For Valentime’s!”

In his little fingers, Dean holds a red rose.

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It’s 1:26 PM, and I love OT7.

Tagged by @spring-jealousy to make a bias moodboard! Thanks, friendo! ❤️Unfortunately, however….I don’t have just one bias, hahaha.

I tag @seoulraindrops, @jinm1n, @myeorkandkookies, @piercedtae, @aestheticsbangtan, and anyone else interested! Do it only if you want! 😘

13 ways (seventeen)

13 drabbles about 13 different ways to say “I love you.” // based on this post

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anonymous asked:

To the boyfie and hubby nonnies, count me in! My bf's coming over the week of the movie release & he wants me to borrow the book from the library. He's gonna try to read it before the movie comes out. Which reminds me, you know what he said when he first saw (more like I sorta forced him) Sterek, Sticky? "Jeez, they're ready to eat each other out. Look at that hot biker eyefucking the pretty boy. Babe, pretty boy's lips is ready to wrap it around!" Still makes me laugh to this day! LOOOOL!!!