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First Mission (Scott/Reader)

requested by @marauding-loony-moony

it’s scott’s first mission with the avengers and he’s nervous so his crush, the reader helps him out



That’s what your alarm clock read when you heard the banging on your door.

Groaning, you stumbled out of your warm bed and towards the door to come face to face with Scott.

“What the hell are you doing at my door at four in the morning, Lang!?” You hissed as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes.

“I-I’m nervous about the upcoming mission..” He muttered.

You sighed, opening the door wider to let him in, “C’mon, i’ll make some tea and we can talk.”

Scott followed you in, making himself comfortable on your couch as you made the drinks.

“So what’s wrong?” You asked, handing him the steaming cup.

“Ooh okay that’s hot,” He muttered as began fidgeting.


You knew he was just trying to change the subject since he hated seeming vulnerable.

He sighed, “It’s my first mission as an actual avengers a-and I don’t know, I just don’t wanna screw anything up.”

“Listen, you won’t. I mean we’ve all seen what you can do and Cap wouldn’t take you out on this mission if he didn’t think you were ready for it.” You explained.

Scott nodded, “Okay, you’re right, but I still don’t think I can go back to bed after this.” He spoke sheepishly.

You rolled your eyes, a small smile on your lips, “Alright, well you can stay here, we can watch movies or something.”

You two were halfway through the first Harry Potter movie when Scott did the cliche yawning/stretching arm move. Of course you didn’t mind, you had a slight crush on the man ever since you guys were introduced.

Moving in closer to him, you rested your head against his shoulder and continued to watch the movie.


Three hard knocks on your door caused you to stir in Scott’s arms.

“What time is it?” Scott mumbled as he tightened his arms around you.

Turning, you looked at the clock on the wall which read two pm.

Scott groaned as you untangled his arms from around you, mumbling something about making whoevers the door go away.

“Steve?” Your brow furrowed as you took in the appearance of the clearly distraught super soldier.

“Sorry to bother you Y/N, but have you seen Lang? Nobody can seem to find him and I wanted to train before tonight’s mission?” He asked as he looked around the hall.

“Yeah about that, um he’s in here..” You mumbled, opening the door wider for Steve to see Scott sleeping on your couch.

“Oh,” He clearly looked uncomfortable, “Well just uh send him to the gym when he wakes, yeah?”

You nodded, “Of course and uh Steve? Go easy on him, he’s a little nervous about tonight.”

“It’s going to be an easy mission, but if it makes you feel better, he’s really good at what he does.” Steve smiled at you before walking away.

You were busy picking up the empty tea mugs from the coffee table when Scott spoke up, “Who was it?”

“Steve, apparently everybody was worried cause you weren’t in your room this morning.” You teased as you turned to face him.

“Oops, was he mad?”

You shook your head, “No, just worried. He told me to send you to the gym though, he wants to train a little before tonight.”

Scott groaned, “Better get going then, don’t wanna keep the cap waiting.”

Before he could walk out the door, you made sure to reach up and give him a chaste kiss.

His eyes widened, “What was tha-?”

“Just a little good luck kiss, come back from that mission in one piece and you’ll get more.” You smiled cheekily at the man in front of you.

Scott nodded frantically, “I’ll uh i’ll be back in one piece. Yup, yeah i’m just gonna-” He stuttered as he stumbled out of your room.

You shook your head as you giggled at his dorkiness.

You were more than excited about him coming back from the mission.

I absolutely adore the band “The Neighbourhood” and while I was listening to their song sweater weather I thought of wolfstar

okay a lot of things make me think of wolfstar but just hear me out:

-it’s late august

-the final year of school is fast approaching 

-sirius and his family are pretty wealthy right? so they have a beach house.

-they invite remus to spend a weekend there (because,  in this case the Black family isn’t comprised of complete asshats)

-they adore remus, i mean, who wouldn’t? he’s polite, intelligent and witty, and such a sweetheart. 

-so remus waits in the sunroom for sirius to pick him up, picking up a book.

-he arrives, of course looking completely and utterly attractive, the guy doesn’t even have to try and it kind of frustrates remus

-he just, flows, remus doesn’t know how to phrase it. every movement of his is fluid and graceful. Even as he gets off his bike, takes off his helmet, and places a hand on remus’ waist. it’s all an intricate pattern, like a dance of sorts.

-a few hours pass. it’s getting chilly by the water. remus was glad he had worn a longer jumper. 

-they had spent the afternoon walking in the sand, hands intertwined or open wide to let the wind blow through them

-remus had quite some fun arbitrarily pushing sirius into the water

-but then sirius gets back at him (and writes sappy things like loony for my moony in the sand) 

-but suddenly, they’re completely silent, letting the waves speak for them instead. the sun is setting and the sky is blushing pink

-and sirius, oh, poor little baby, he’s cold because someone is a complete arse and he’s all wet

-so remus just places his sweater paws on sirius’ cheeks, and whispers

-”are you happy now?”


-and they just stare at each other for a really long time. it doesn’t feel so cold anymore. In fact, they can’t feel anything else except each other’s eyes, reluctant to let go

-remus’ eyes are a golden brown and they feel safe. warm. sirius just wants to live in that gaze for eternity. 

-and remus can only see the sun behind sirius, casting a dark shadow over his face, making him look ethereal. not hot, not sexy, though he was those things. he was just so pretty

-and then remus realizes.

-the sun lies in sirius’ every pore. and it spills over every time his eyes crinkle, or his mouth forms a smile

-so remus kisses him. for a really, really, long time

-and sirius finds himself completely engulfed in the tide called remus lupin.

-he’s invaded his every sense, it’s nearly overwhelming.

-he’s not sure he ever wants to come up for air. 

Calling All Moon Knight Fans!

Often called obscure and frequently referred to as “Marvel’s crazy Batman,” Moon Knight is a complex anti-hero who’s been around for decades.  While it’s easy to assume that his fan base is small, I personally think there are more Moon Knight fans around than one would think.  I want to see just how many Loony Moony fans there are here on Tumblr!  Reblog if you’re a fan of Moon Knight, the Fist of Khonshu!