loony boy


Yarus and Loony Boy/-/Electro Dance


“Oi, Loony Lovegood, found any Nargles lately?”

You clenched your fists at your sides, face flushed with irritation as you faced the young Gryffindor who had spoken. “Shut up. Her name is Luna.”

The Gryffindor blinked in surprise, taken aback by the Ravenclaw student calling him out. “It’s just a joke,” he muttered, ears burning red.

“Well, it’s not funny,” you warned, crossing your arms. “Would you appreciate being called Loony?”

The boy shifted uncomfortably, admitting after a pause, “I guess not.”

“Then stop making fun of my friend. Hogwarts is meant to celebrate people’s differences and you should know better.”

Gif Credit: Luna