Commission - Wile E Coyote

Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale. While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made. Thank you for your understanding.

About : This was SUCH a blast to work on! I love classic cartoons and the Coyote was always one of my favorites as a kid (probably second only to Taz).  Exaggerated poses are the best!

Since this was a pretty new style for me, I took a lot of progress photos along the way, overlaying the concept art in Photoshop to make corrections as needed. I have a pretty cool progress compilation to share later on as a result.

The main structure is largely made of Apoxie Sculpt, for stability. The hands and head are my Sculpey Firm/Super Sculpey mix.

Pose Reference Image

Materials : Apoxie Sculpt, Sculpey Firm, Super Sculpey, Wire Armature, Wood Base, Cel Vinyl Paints

Dimensions : 6.25" Tall on a 5x7" Base

Time Taken : 19 hours

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To read my commission policy, pricing, and information on how to get a slot, go here.


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