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I think you might've answered something like this before but I just want to make sure: I draw vld stuff a lot but I use ink and markers and when I use markers Lance and Hunk always end up being darker than they are in canon, is that okay?? I don't want to accidentally offend or anything because they do appear lighter in the show and I worry about stuff like this a lot :/ sorry if it's a dumb question

No it’s fine, I don’t mind questions like this.

It’s 100% okay to have them shades darker than they are in canon(from what I’ve seen dealing with art it’s pretty much preferred)

It’s lightning them that creates a problem.

Making them darker is fine just make sure it’s not 80′s cartoon racist caricature dark.


Let me explain….

I was inspired by @chibiirose ‘s Underfalls and decided to make one for fun, but with the crossover between Looney Tunes and Undertale, some of which are based on their personality, others are for fun.

I figured Tweety would be Asriel since I picked Granny to be Toriel, while Marvin is Asriel’s souless form (Flowey)

Buster and Babs are Tiny Toon characters BTW. I wanted Babs to be Frisk while Buster is Chara…or vise versa….either way.

I wanted Henery to be Burgerpants…..(Thinking that it should be Wile E but its too late….)

I wanted to add more but I gonna keep it at this limit, if that’s alright.