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Harry potter question

So I’m in ravenclaw but what I don’t get about it is the password Is a riddle anyone could answer a riddle but with the other houses they have passwords which only they can have…

so how is that smart in any shape or form are we just so stuck up that our house thinks that no one else can solve a riddle really?

I some times wish I was a hufflepuff at least they have food

MBTI Reactions To...

Boredom (Requested)


Seven seconds of inactivity for an A.I. is excruciating. Seven seconds of inactivity is boring for me, seven minutes is nasty, seven hours is excruciating. -George


*daydreams* *spacing out*


“Boredom is like an itch – I prefer the busy schedule.”

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anonymous asked:

Let's say papa!2p!FRUK is having a family gathering (them, 2p!america/canada and their meme teenage daughter). They're waiting for her to come downstairs. After a few minutes they hear a battle cry and she jumps down the stairs. She's wearing a paw patrol backpack that's too small, ugly khakis, an ugly shirt with doge on it, an ugly khaki sunhat that droops in the back and a rollerSKATE on one foot and a rollerBLADE on the other. She clumsily makes hr way to the living room, stumbling (PART1/2)

Part 2: and even falls a lot along the way. Oh no. She has a bottle of glue in her hands. She stands up, screams “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” whilst downing the glue. Once she’s done (or Oliver tries to approach her) she lets out another battle cry before making an attempt to get away. How would the family act?

2p France:
“Can we get a new daughter this one’s broken.”

2p America:
Asking Oliver if his sister is going to the looney house.

2p Canada:
Wasn’t really paying attention because he was use to it at that point.

2p England:
Chasing after his daughter. “What the h*ck was that?”

This week’s crew profile is with storyboard artist Miguel Puga!

Miguel Puga - Storyboard Artist

  •  When did you become interested in animation and why?

I grew up in a rough neighborhood in East LA. I had a few cousins that grew up a couple of blocks from our house who joined gangs and got into a lot of trouble with the cops or other rival gangs. My parents didn’t want us to be running with the wrong crowd, so they bought a lot of VHS movies like Tom and Jerry, the Looney Tunes, Woody Wood Pecker, whatever they could find that would keep us inside. - And it worked. Then they realized the TV was raising us, so they signed me up at the local non-profit Music and Art after-school program. I took every art class they offered and one of them was an animation class, and it was taught by a 65 year-old UPA/WB animator. Watching him animate made me want to pursue a career in animation. I must have been 6 or 7 years old, but I knew I wanted to draw for the rest of my life.

  •  What was your first job in animation? 

Technically my first “job” was actually an internship back in ’06 at Oddbot Studios. They had me working on animation, storyboards, DVD covers and EFX. That’s where I met and sat next to Todd Oman - he’s one of our Character Designers on TLH.  But I got paid to do it. 

  •  If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why? 

Mickey Mouse because that was my nickname growing up, and he’s always so jolly. Oh boy!

  •  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

‘’ Wipe up, not down.“

  • If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick? 

A pizza wrapped around a burger with a fried egg and tater tots in it. I’m thinking of calling it “ The Dawn of BurgZZA” or “Pizza BURGER Tater Huevos!” Patent pending.

for yara. happy birthday!!

inspired by a convo i had with liv about how kate is basically clint’s babysitter. and then i had the image of clint as a small child watching brave with his favorite babysitter, whose name was kate. and then i wrote this. 

“Hi, Katie!”

The bandage is on his nose today, not his cheek like it was yesterday. Sometimes Kate thinks he puts the band-aids on himself. No one can possibly get injured that often.

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