loon people

why stick to harmlessly bad opinions like shipping adlock when you could more comprehensively expose yourself as an unhinged loon by comparing people in fandom to the american fascist movement


There are stories you read that make you squee in delight, the ones you read and you know your grinning like a loon and people have to be staring but you can’t help it. There are stories you read that are like a bitter taste in your mouth: the ones you close out of with an anger, the ones that cause you to slam your screen down, and even the ones you mull over, probing at their taste in the back of your mouth before swallowing it down. There are the epics that carry you away, that leave you sleep-deprived and utterly consumed until you can think of nothing else. There are the ones you read and then step away from wondering what the actual fuck. There are the ones that pull on your heartstrings, the ones that leave you bereft or teary-eyed or laughing so hard you snort your drink out of your nose.

And there are the ones that fuck you up. Not stories that trigger you or squick you, not stories that you dislike but keep reading like a train wreck. Bu the ones that you read, caught in this half-suspended moment and step away from and you just know you’ve been royally fucked over.

It blankets over you like some unsettling inch crawling under your skin and you blink and your head feels thick and you just…


And you know it was good.

Because they got you, and you were so blindsided you didn’t even know until you reached the end and walked away in a daze like you’d been sucker punched.

So, just… Thank you. All of you. Who write and bleed and dream and spill out your passions into words.

Because, for someone, you blew out their world.