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Margarita Navarro Gomez working on her backstrap loom in Santo Tomas Jalieza, Oaxaca

Meet the Avengers

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Author’s Note: eh. Definitely not my best, but it’s as good as it’s going to get.

Summary: Based on the Disney movie ‘Meet the Robinsons’. Part of @sincerelysaraahh‘s A Month of Fairytales.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Words: 2700+

Shadows traveled down the hallway walls, heading straight towards the orphanage’s nursery. A hand was placed on the doorknob and slowly twisted it open. The figure slowly opened the door, letting the hallway lights beam through the small crack of the door. The old hinges creaked as the door continued to open, the light showcasing the sleeping babies in their crib. The dark figure carefully entered the nursery as to not wake up the sleeping children.

A baby was coddled in a blanket burrito, sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her lips. The figure loomed over the baby’s crib and gently picks the baby up, holding her to their chest. The baby cooed at the new position but stayed asleep. The figure looked left and right to ensure the room was clear before fleeing the room with the baby in stow. The figure carefully left the orphanage, leaving no traces behind.

A car was parked across the street with its lights off. The figure entered the car, and the car drove away into the night.

“You have her?” the driver asked lowly.

The figure moved the baby away from their chest to get a good look at her. “The mission is complete. We have Y/N,” he stated before looking at the driver.

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I think when all is said and done and we look back at the current run of Godzilla movies, its defining aspects will be mainstream acknowledgment and modernization and that absolutely stems from the fact that there are two concurrent series bouncing off of each other, not just in terms of production schedules, but stylistically. Shin Godzilla looks more visually similar to G2014 than it does any of the millennium movies, while having a style all its own. Meanwhile, Legendary has the benefit of Toho keeping the brand fresh and vibrant while they get their next movie together.

I think the Heisei era was kind of built around the idea that something like this might happen, with Toho making movies for local audiences while the specter of a Hollywood version that would play internationally loomed - but this scenario of two studios producing internationally-received flicks is a total pipe-dream. What a time to be alive.

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"It was supposed to be us that ended up together. How did we end up like this?" With Luke? Thank you

Usually, you enjoyed a good wedding.

The cheery smiles and giddy laughter always made you feel relaxed, always comfortable in an environment where happiness and love were the main focus. Where people could dance and drink and maybe even sing without feeling like they were going to get judged, the wedding seemingly providing a safe haven.

Except this wedding had a guest who had once taken that away from you.

He’d kept his distance most of the night, although it wasn’t like he was easy to ignore. Luke stood out in whatever crowd he was in, no matter the occasion. His tall frame loomed over others and his broad shoulders created a barrier if you were behind him. And try as you might, you hadn’t been able to stop your eyes from wandering over to where your once happily-ever-after was sitting on a table across the room.

You were at the bar when he finally approached you.

“I’ll get it.” He keeps his voice low, clearly attempting to avoid unwanted attention from those around you.

“Luke, you don’t have to, it’s fi-“

“I’ll get it.”

You nod, murmuring a thank you and accepting the drink quietly. You turn to have you back against the bar, eyes landing on where the happy couple were slowly dancing around the floor. Luke’s presence beside you burns the skin of your arm, but you don’t notice the pain until he speaks.

It was supposed to be us that ended up together.” It’s the same crack in his voice that was there when you broke up, the same wave of emotion rendering him speechless. “How did we end up like this?

“Sometimes things just don’t work out.” It’s a poor excuse and you know it, and unfortunately so does he.

“Was it easy, giving up on us?” He asks, and you have to bite your lip to prevent the choked sob that wants to come out. “Because honestly, I’m finding it pretty impossible.”

“I’ll let you know when I manage it.” Your admission has him looking at you in hope, and for the first time all evening you look at him properly, and realise his eyes are still your favourite shade of blue. “Because I haven’t figured out it all out yet.”

“Maybe you don’t have to.” It’s a shot in the dark and he knows it, but there’s something about the way you’re looking at him that makes him think he still has a chance at his happy ending after all. “Maybe you can just come back, stop trying to give up.”

And maybe, you think, this wedding wasn’t going to be quite as bad as you thought it was.

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These stunning knitted portraits are made of yarn and generated by an algorithm

A project from new media artist Petros Vrellis modifies the art of knitting by using nontraditional methods to create beautiful knitted images with a single strand of thread. The project called “A new way to knit,” transforms photographs into tactile pieces of art. 
Vrellis designed an algorithm using creative coding tool openFrameworks that accepts a photograph as an input and outputs a knitting pattern. A computer tells him where to place the thread as he positions it on anchor pegs along the edge of a circular loom; the darker the image is on the photo, the more times the thread must cross over a particular element on the loom. He creates these staggering pieces using a single strand of black thread running 1,500 meters (or about 5,000 feet).

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!!!!! i really love that comparison of genos thinking of saitama vs saitama thinking abt genos. the former has saitama drawn in soft, round shapes and an easy smile, with the image of saitama being smaller than genos, while the latter is all sharp lines and genos with a stern expression and much larger than saitama. genos is thinking of saitama as an inspiration, someone who gives him hope; meanwhile, saitama is thinking of genos as unachievable, something that's out of his reach

i,,,, i never asked for this kind of pain tbh,,,,,,

im not sure its unachievable as much as like… a looming feeling of inadequacy?,, like. fear of disappointing him? sai seemed to genuinely worry about not having much to teach genos. he /does/ take his teaching position seriously. i mean, he’s still saitama, but he cares

Cereal (Mood) Killer

For @marianasphan:

Imagine pocket-sized you climbing on a paper towel dispenser so you could jump onto a cereal box. You were feeling helpful so you decided were going to help the sleepy Namjoon open up his cereal for him. At the same moment you pried the cardboard tab away from the slit, you saw the shadow of Namjoon’s hand looming over you. He flicked the cardboard open and you fell into the cereal. You yelped, but he didn’t hear you as you tumbled in the box, but tumbled out just as quickly into the bowl. You scrambled your way up from the sea of cereal, only to be splashed by a wave of milk.

You figured Namjoon meant to pull away the carton when you heard him gasp in surprise to see you in his bowl, but his uncoordinated body told him the opposite and he tipped the carton more, turning the milk wave into a tsunami and the bowl overflowed. You climbed out of the bowl as he reached over for a paper towel but the cereal box was in his way and it quickly tipped over and spilled over the dining table.

He apologized profusely as he finally grabbed a paper towel to fold it up and cloak it over you like a towel. You hurled the cereal on the top of your head at his nose. That was the last time you helped him open a cereal box.

She woke from the nightmare, disorientated, the shadows of demons looming in her mind, limbs tense, her breathing shallow. The darkness of the room seemed complete, unrelenting. Like the prison she had been relegated to for those lonely months.

Then a warm arm wrapped around her, drawing her close, a deep voice rumbled; “I’m here, Lieutenant.” Gentle fingers brushed her hair back from her damp skin.

And suddenly there was light in the world, her world, again.

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I finally returned to wifi and civilization so here's the new MTL dangerous list: #1 Seokjin (if irl Jin is a princess then ur american reality one is the queen), #2 Taehyung (I feel like he's really chaotic neutral tho??), #3 Jungkook damn, #4 Hoseok ofc, #5 Yoongi (now that I think about it, he's kind of a chaotic neutral too??) #6 Namjoon (my boy made it!!!!), #7 oh Jimin. also, idk why but I feel like Tae and Hoseok have a conflict looming to determine who's the best rival to Jin bc wow yes

I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE ALIVE!!! WELCOME BACK!! :’) i missed ur ranks fam. also i know how painful life is without wifi, but u made it!! 

LOL @ JIN ALWAYS BEIN #1. but damn, u rite fam, hoseoks been taking a back seat and needs to have a comeback. also tae is def chaotic netural lmao 

and yoongi literally just whispers death threats at his members so i agree he’s #5. BUT NAMJOON > JIMIN LMAO omg poor jimin. his thumb comment didnt even count. Jimin the bottom, forever.  my poor jiminnie. maybe he’ll make a comeback but he’s so pure, such a smol pure cinnamon roll can he even handle being savage

I just spent an hour looming in the marina Joyce tag. I don’t know who she is, but I’m praying for her. I know what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship and she shows all the signs of someone who is hurt and terrified and very much in trouble. I will be keeping an eye on what it going in. To any of my baby prats that know what is going on; please do not go to this meet up that she supposedly tweeted about. Stay home, stay safe.

Sneak Peak of McHanzo AU!Mafia Chapter One!

I was inspired by @arcanebarrage​ to create this! Hopefully, I will not bore from this and actually finish it. :p
Also I can’t think of a name. Right now it’s Blind Shot, but please if you have a better suggestion lmk. ;-;


It was a whisper of a sound, but he knew exactly what from and from whence it came. In the dark pillars that surrounded him in a void, the hissing of vicious, scaled creatures loomed. Hanzo was frightened. He knew that these were his dragons, however he felt unruly about their presence, as if he no longer held command over the beasts. Shimadas can control them… He thought to himself, lying for comfort.

He turned, facing pillar after pillar only to catch glimpses of the astral blue scales passing in the black. He stood as if to keep his head down from sudden attack. This feeling made him uneasy, as he felt a sense of hunter becoming the hunted. Not in a physical sense, but as a shiver up his spine- a looming thought in the back of his head that would not abstain from it’s presence.

The serpents let forth a foul hiss, letting their full presence be known to their master. They twisted between one another, approaching majestically, scaling far beyond the height of Hanzo. They looked down upon him; a sense of dread and humbleness and guilt weighed heavy in his mind. The man has failed his beasts. Whispered his own voice without a conscious thought to spoken word. It came from everywhere, and nowhere, chilling him to the bone.

The dragons released a wailing roar, of what Hanzo interpreted as sadness and anger- both showing the differing emotion. In a fluster of unsteady helplessness, Hanzo drew back Stormbow and knocked an arrow, but as he did, the bow faltered and wavered until it shattered into a million splinters in his hands. The dragons loomed, swooping down through his person. He felt whole, and empty all at once. I am not their target. The thought rushed to the forefront of his mind. He just knew somehow. He turned the directions rushed to. Horrified, a second glow joined that of the blue astral beasts, clashing against one another.


“So… what exactly am I looking at here?” Peridot questioned grouchily to the blue gem beside her.

“This is the sunset,” Lapis replied as she simply smiled and gazed upward, a lulling comfort looming over her, “Every night I fly up here to look at it.”

Silence, followed by the grumblings of an impatient, green gem that crosed her arms and pouted.

“I’m sorry, Lazuli, but I don’t exactly see the point of observing the sun’s orbit across the Earth’s stratosphere,” Peridot complained, still frustrated and confused.

“It’s not just the sun going down, Peridot,” Lapis said, taking her eyes off of the sun and turning to Peridot to give her a warm smile, “Just wait. It gets better.”

Minutes– twenty long and grueling minutes– passed by as the sun went down just a little bit more to reveal arrays of orange and pink reflecting off of the light and the clouds and onto the observers.

“Huh. Never really considered the palette of the stratosphere before…” Peridot mumbled as she tilted her head and took in (well, attempted to take in) the full atmosphere of the sunset.

“Yeah,” Lapis said as she leaned back onto the silo, “it’s absolutely beautiful.”

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(Cropped) Derpibra and Flame Burst entered the restaurant at the loom of night time. The establishment smelled of hayburgers and cooked vegetables, and the air was filled with lively chatter from patrons across the eatery. "Doesn't this place feel welcoming Flame? C'mon, I'll order us something to calm that loud stomach of yers."

He sighs. “Alright…” he goes and sits down at a table, he looks over at him and signaals him over.

Speculation on pattern and shallan

So obviously pattern and shallan are about to have their relationship put to the test in book 3 and beyond and this post is just here to illustrate some of what the plot consequences of that strain may be.

One of the most important questions we need to consider, to start speculating is: who is pattern? Based on what we know of shadesmar, the spren have a civilization of their own, and are fully fledged people without the presence of bonded humans.

If one considers the timeline for the return of the spren to roshar, it seems that pattern was possibly the first, returning years before other spren, like syl and glys. Why?

I believe that pattern came to understand the looming threat of odium that would require humanity to be protected by the knights radiant, which led him to go to roshar, where he lost all his memories and completely forgot whatever he had gone there to prevent. Who better to see the signs of coming doom, after all, than a spren who specializes in seeing patterns?

I believe pattern holds a key piece of information in the war against odium, one that is locked within his lost memories. This is why it is so important that shallan not fulfill her promise at the end of words of radiance, when she promised to kill pattern.

The order of lightweavers has no oaths beyond the first. Their nahel bond is strengthened through admitting powerful truths. The loghtweaver must come to accept in themself that which they had originally found so unacceptable as to purposefully hide from themselves. These are the pies that serve to attract cryptics.

When shallan pledges to kill pattern, she is not making a pledge of honesty. She is pledging to deny everything about herself with which she is uncomfortable. In case you hadn’t picked up on it: this is bad.

As to what the events around which this conflict will take place, I have only an inkling. If any of you are paying attention to the relationship dynamic between kaladin and shallan, it is quickly becoming apparent that kaladin has feelings for shallan. If shallan finds herself feeling the same way, the lies she may have to tell to adolin and herself may be enough to strain her bond with pattern. It seems that for the first time in the history of all culture, art, and literature, we are going to have a plot relevant love triangle. What a time to be alive.

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so i saw the tags on that mountain picture and now i'm curious, why the hate for mt. rainier? 😂

imghfdgnfhg i hve a love-hate relationship w that mountain and its all from when i visited @sizzlebutt for ECCC freshman year and we spent three days in seattle and each day i was like “aw these mountains are all so pretty but not much bigger than what i’m used to in the green mountain state” until the vERy last day when the clouds cleared enough that i saw thiS FUCKING. HUGE ASS MONSTER MOUNTAIN. SIX TIMES THE SIZE OF ALL THE OTHER MOUNTAINS AROUND IT. AND IM LIKE. WHAT THE FUCK. WHY IS IT SO BIG. HAS THAT BEEN THERE THE ENTIRE TIME????? LOOMING OVER ME????? WHAT IF I’D LEFT NOT KNOWING????? FFUCKGING PISSED ME OFF THiS HUGE FUCKGIN MOUNTAIN SO UNNECESSARILY LARGE THINKIN IT COULD SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT. FUCK YOU. 

The pressure of football,I know absolutely nothing about football,so it was interesting to pick up a last minute shoot for Nike in China.I got to shoot Manchester City players on the Great Wall for their new kit launch and China trip.
10 minute shoot with all the pressure that comes with the handling of star players and massive downpour looming….we just managed to pull it off before the torrential rain sent us running.

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Fan & Limited Edition Bundles Revealed

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Fan & Limited Edition Bundles Revealed

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With the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon looming over the horizon (that’s Novemer 18th in North America, Australia and New Zealand; November 23rd in Europe) Nintendo has announced their plans for limited and fan editions of the game. On top of the reveal of what will be included in these special editions, we’ve got quite a number of bundles to choose from, depending on where in the world you live,…

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