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Federal Loan Forgiveness?

Okay, weird question for the edchums. Because I’m not planning on losing weight, I thought a good goal for myself might be to get my finances in order. 

Looking into this federal student college loan forgiveness, I had planned on getting $17,500 in a few years (or up to.) But upon re-reading some of the information, I’m seeing that only science and math high school teachers can apply for an amount that large. It APPEARS to read if I’m not science or math or special education, I can only get a (relatively measly) $5000.

Anywho, long story short. Am I messed because I only teach Language Arts? Is my debt somehow not as large and looming because I work in the humanities? Have you gone through this before? Any advice? 

Edit: All of Chicago Public Schools is considered Title I, and that’s been my whole career thus far.

Thanks, edchums. Happy New Year.



Lafayette x Reader


You sat in my room, staring at the wall, your thoughts a jumbled mess. You couldn’t think straight.

School was getting to you recently, you weren’t able to keep up with everything that people were throwing on you.

Your room was just as messy as your head. Clothes were all over the floor, papers were covering your desk in clumps of work that loomed over you.

Your bed was a pile of blankets and the trash was overflowing the crumpled paper and tissues.

It was not a good situation.

There was no time to do anything fun either. No time for friends, or spending time with Lafayette, your best friend and crush.

But everything was looming over you so much that you had completely shut down.

There was nothing that you could do, you just sat there and stared at your wall.

Somewhere in your apartment there was a sound of a door opening, but you barely registered it.


Lafayette? What is he doing here?

“Y/N are you here?”

You didn’t respond.

“Mon dieu. Y/N what is going on!” He cried.

You sniffled.

A tear escaped your eye.

“Oh my Y/N. Come here.”

He scooped you up into his arms and carried you out into your living room.

“Y/N what is going on? Are you alright?”

You started crying and poured out your heart to him, all of your worries spilling from your lips.

He soothed you, holding you in his arms.

“I will help you my dear. But how about we start with a nice warm shower?”

You nodded and he helped you up, taking you to the bathroom. You took a long shower, taking your time to freshly clean yourself.

When you got out and entered your room you were shocked at the state of it. It had been cleaned.


Nobody answered, but you could hear humming coming from the kitchen. YOu wandered in, seeing Lafayette cooking you some soup.


He spun around, staring at you with a smile.

“Do you feel better?” he asked.

“Yes. Thank you very much for your help.”

He lead you over to the table with a bowl of soup, settling you down into a chair.

“Anything for you.”

11/01/2017, January Restart Challenge Day 3

Well, it’s the first post for me, but that’s because I spent both Monday and yesterday at uni/at my office (see the picture above), and never really managed to get online. 

It’s not the beginning of a new semester for me, but rather the middle of one - and it’s a nightmare. I wanted to work a little over Christmas, but that never happened (I blame hormones + SAD + general exhaustion from three jam-packed weeks right after coming back from Peru), and now I need to catch up on a lot of things. Bonus: I’m still confused about my priorities thanks to even more looming deadlines… 

Work-wise, there are a lot of work group meetings in the next couple of weeks, a paper deadline in early February, a three-day workshop the week before, a conference and the usual PhD work. And I also really, really need a couple of health checkups done, including mental health stuff because, frankly, those depressive and/or anxious episodes are getting annoying. 

Proof of how much I don’t have my schedule under control right now: it is now 7.45pm, I’ve had this post open for four hours, and I still haven’t written those emails. (I hate emails which are likely to produce even more appointments and follow-up tasks.)

Goals for today: 

  • make a plan! and schedule actual PhD work and not just urgent work-group stuff (high priority) (sort of. I didn’t schedule much actual PhD work for today…)
  • read 2-3 papers for my work group meeting next week (medium priority) (I managed one and a half pretty theory heavy, dense ones)
  • work emails: workshop, advisor, student assistants (high priority)
  • conference scheduling/tentative dates for archive work (medium priority) (not finished, but progess was made)
  • order thesis material at home (low priority) 
  • two loads of laundry (medium priority) 
  • look up doctors’ contacts (high priority) 
  • look up yoga classes + book tryout lesson (medium priority) 
  • file payslips, insurance info, etc (low priority)
  • three proper meals - and prepare breakfast for tomorrow (high priority) (this is still in progress)

I think I’ll put on an episode of Endeavour now and see how much progress I can still make with the paper mountains on my desk. 

Samurai Jack Week

Hey, this is @azarath-evo coming in with a post to let everybody know that after the somewhat modest response I got to the idea of Samurai Jack Week, I’ve decided to go ahead and make it a thing.

I liked the suggestion I got to make this happen on the week up to the finale to Season 5. That feels like a really appropriate time to go ahead and do it, and I hope it will be possible for that week in particular

As a reminder, the themes for the days will be:

Sunday: Favorite Character
Monday: The Scotsman
Tuesday: Favorite Moment
Wednesday: Aku
Thursday: Favorite episode
Friday: Jack
Saturday: Free Day

I hope these people don’t mind that I tag them, as I know they like Samurai Jack and can maybe help spread the word around: @neopuff @figglypuff @ask-me-about-loom

Hope this works out, and have fun!


Stone/Cassandra “Inches Apart” A Case Study Part 6: City of Light, Rule of Three and Loom of Fate

This concludes my study until season 2 provides us with more insight. 

Opium! Submission! Kismet! Lattice work, caravanserai fountains a sultan dancing on a tray! Maharajah, rajah a thousand-year-old-shah! Waving from minarets clogs made of mother-of-pearl; women with henna-stained noses working their looms with their feet. In the wind, green-turbaned imams calling the people to prayer. This is the Orient the French poet sees. […] Orient! The soil on which naked slaves die of hunger. The common property of everyone except those born on it. The land where hunger itself perishes with famine! But the silos are full to the brim, full of grain - only for Europe. - Nazim Hikmet

*The nadir for war-time India was the Bengal famine of 1943. In a year of good harvest, the cost imposed on India of supporting the massively increased military presence of wartime led to inflation of food prices and catastrophic famine. The London government opposed the provision of any famine relief. Churchill blocked the Canadian government and local commanders from providing food aid, proclaiming “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”. Even his underling Amery, Secretary for India, was moved to tell Churchill to his face that he had a “Hitler-like attitude”. The resulting, entirely man-made famine killed between 1.5 and 3.5 million Indians and should be ranked alongside Stalin’s Holodomor as an act of state murder on an unimaginable scale.

I Got You

“Hey love hope you having wonderful day thus far.” Bae been on my mind all damn day.
“Hey Papi” Jasmine said with a deep sigh.
“What’s wrong with my favorite lady? Are you ok?”
“I’m ok it’s just been one of those days and the work volume is through the roof.”
“I understand mama, just know I’m here for you whether you need to vent or just need my voice to break the monotone of the day.”
“Jason, you know I love you right. You’re always there for me.”
“Baby that’s my job but, I’m gonna let you get back to it I know you'r busy baby.”
I made up my mind in that moment that Bae was taken care of. I grinded for the next two hourd and got caught up on all my looming work. I was walking out office at around 2:45. I sent Jas a text “hey babe just thinking of you hope your day got better.” It was damn nice to be out before rush hour. What would normally take me a solid hour during rush hour was trending around 30 minutes.
I decided to hit the florist shop in Decatur on my way home, they typically had really good deals on the freshest roses. I ended up getting the a dozen pink and red roses, plus a carton of petals. Marching on I headed to next stop. I hit wally world grabbed a few nick nacks. Lastly I had to hit Publix. My Lady loved seafood so tonight I was gonna make her a feast. I grabbed all I need and I was headed out the door.
I got home just a hair before 4. I sat my groceries down and straightened up the little that needed to be maintained. I called my sweetie to make sure all was ok. She confirmed that it was and surprisingly she would be leaving out in about thirty minutes. I was glad I decided to take off early given the news. We ended the call with a kiss through the phone as we often did. I went into a bit of an over drive to get shit right. I put a pot on for my angel hair, and began to peel and de-vein the shrimp. Afterwards I took the carton of pedals and made my way upstairs. I began sprinkling the pedals from the base of the stairs all the way to the tub. I had brought a few other items but I was quite ready for those yet. I doubled back put a few candles down throughout my rose petal red carpet .
Back downstairs my angel hair was boiling , I turned it off and strained them. I put a pan to begin sautéing my shrimp and scallops in garlic and butter. It was at this time I began to prep the lobster tail. In the middle of the maddness I was able to text Jas “I can’t wait to lay eyes on your beautiful brown skin.” I proceeded to dress the table for dinner allowing the bouquet to be the center piece. I rushed back to mix up my shrimp and scallops which we’re just about done. Moving them to the back burner I pulled up another pan to steam up the two tails. I put a little more than half a cup of water in the pan and began to heat it up. Meanwhile it was time to make the sauce for my pasta.
All was going according to plan, I was feeling good and I knew Jas would soon be feeling better. My pasta was complete and the lobster tails were turning bright orange as I heard the keys fumbling about the door. I turned heat low on the tails and went to meet bae with a kiss for the ages. I planted my lips upon hers as though I had just come home from Iraq. I could tell by her reaction that she caught a little off gaurd. One thing I loved about Jasmine though was she knew how to go with the flow. We embraced for a solid minute before she interjected.
“Baby what the hell smells do good” she gave a puzzled look.
“Love, just know I got you.”
“What you done did” she questioned with her quirky little smile she often did. She had no clue it was one of the many little things I loved about her. I led her through the kitchen to the dinning room table. She said nothing but her smile was everything. I removed her coat a purse a pulled out her chair. She marveled at the roses before her, I loved how the little things brought so much joy to her, when big things come I know she will be floored.
“Relax babygirl I got you.” I kissed her forehead gently and walked back in the kitchen. I made her plate and poured her a glass of Moscato. “Enjoy mama” I said as I sat her plate before her along with he wine. I returned to the kitchen to fix my plate. When I came back to the table I noticed she hadn’t touched her plate. “What’s wrong baby?” I questioned.
“Nothing daddy, I was just waiting on you.” This woman really knew how to make me feel special, even when on a night where it was all about her. We ate and laughed and didn’t even bring up her workday, all by design. My motto is leave work at work, when you’re home you’re home. We were wrapping up and I blew out the candles and grabbed the dishes. As I grabbed herd, she grabbed me by my member pulling me downward, I went with the flow and she whispered in my ear “thank you so much” she caressed me through my pants.
I darted up to the bathroom after dropping the dishes in the sink. I had complete the final portion of my plan. I started the tub and put the liquid in for a bubble bath. I grabbed the other item I purchased which was a box of Calgon, it was the milk and honey one. That Calgon was gonna have her body feeling so smooth. After adding the Calgon and sprinkling a few rose petals on the forming bubbles; I lite the candles along my red carpet on my way out.
“Why did you run off, you scared of this pussy boy?” I was questioned soon as I came back downstairs.
“No ma'am, not tonight at least.” I grabbed Jas by her hand and led the way upstairs. I noticed her grip tighten when she saw the petals and candles about the floor. We made it to the bathroom and before I could begin to remove her clothing she looked at me deeply.
“Jason I love you with all my heart and soul.” I put my finger to her lips and to shush her. I replaced my finger with my lips. Gently I kissed her and ran my fingers through her naturally pressed hair.
“I know you do love, as I do you.” I began removing her clothes article by article. I had to marvel at how the glow of the candle light ratiated off of her beautiful brown skin. She looked so delectable, I couldn’t help but stare. I led her in to the water and watched her relax as she submerged herself. Once she settled , I took a few petals in hand and began to run my hands over her body, stroking her ever so delicately. I slid down to the bottom of the tub afterwards and massaged her feet as I watched her body grow heavy in my hands. We didn’t even talk much verbally, but her body told me all I needed to know.

After about 45 minutes she notioned she was ready to step out, I grabbed her towel and lifted her out of the tub all wrapped up like an infant. I turned on the shower so she could finish cleansing her body. She followed my actions by turning the shower right back off.
“Daddy it’s time for me to thank you” she said seductively.
“Baby tonight was about you.”
“No nigga, it’s always about us, now bring yo ass…. I GOT YOU.”

The world through rose colored glasses.

The way that Clarence sees things can be a lesson to us all. A couple of months ago I was struggling to finish up my part on the first Clarence graphic novel when my family suffered a sudden tragic loss. At that exact same time I fell ill with an awful virus. The blend of these things and the weight of my looming work deadlines drove me into a spiraling bout of depression. Winter came and it seemed like the sadness would never go away. I didn’t feel like myself. It’s taken a lot of rest and reflection and one or two imaginary conversations with this eternally optimistic kid named Clarence, but I’m finally starting to feel like me again. I’m drawing again! Clarence taught me that it’s okay to be silly and sincere and that life goes on even when we lose our parents or siblings or best friends or even rock gods. ♥ 


At first glance, it looks like Lala Abaddon is just another photographer making digital art. But she’s doing something far cooler, and more intricate. Each image is actually two photos cut into strips and carefully woven together on a loom. Working with a simple basket weave—over, under, over, under. She found the repetition of it soothing, and the result exciting.

Each project starts with two photos: a portrait (usually of herself or a friend), and something abstract, like a closeup of a painting or flower. Color is key; Abaddon likes bright colors best, and sometimes she’ll take photos of photos on her computer screen to ramp up the pixelation.

Check out more photos and read about Abaddon’s project.

Road Trip || Jason & Roslyn


It was nice to finally get away. Roslyn was devoted to her work, one of the things that had always come first in her life but with the way the last week had been she could use a break. So she finally took a full weekend off, and Monday too just in case she wanted to spend more time with Jason. Roslyn was excited for their first time away together as she packed. She placed her things in a small duffle bag since she knew they would be camping and only gone for a couple of days she was able to narrow down her packing significantly. While they typically both worked most of the weekend it was nice to spend more than just Sunday with Jason, knowing that they would not have the responsibility of going back to work looming over them. 

She zipped her duffle and brought it out to the mid-size SUV Jason had rented for the occasion. Roslyn smiled as she got in and waited for Jason to finish locking up the apartment. She watched him come down the stairs, his last bag in his hand, and walk over to the vehicle. It was nice that Jason understood how much she worked and did not nag her about it but sometimes she wished they could do things like this more often, just the two of them. She smiled at him as he got in on the drivers side, she enjoyed this excited and less stressed side of him. “Kiss before you start driving?” Roslyn asked with a sly smile. She leaned over the console towards him and gave him a quick kiss. She settled back in her seat and took his hand in hers, after he started driving the car, and placed their entwined hands on her lap.