Uploading for loolhandcuke. 8x10s of your own pics are inexpensive (or sometimes free, if you join online saver clubs with drugstores that have photo departments). We had a magnolia tree in our old backyard, and I took this one with a point and shoot camera, edited it online and printed it for free at Walgreens.  It’s in a cheap frame in my living room. (I think I got 2 for $10 on sale at a hobby store, with the matting in it, but used frames at thrift shops are good too.  Look for the frame-not what’s in it.)   I am way behind in the decorating department, because I have my own issues, but photos are good. I also want to print up a couple of shots I took of a local building I like.  Nothing fancy, but homey.  

You can go on flickr.com and look at the creative commons photos which are usually available for you to download for personal use.   

Just a handful of you that keep me from my studies:

There are many, many more of you that also tempt me to stay here and laugh, instead of cracking open my books.  Thanks for the entertainment!