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If anyone asks me who J Hope from BTS is, I’ll show them this video


That moment when Tae pretended to have chest pains just to send a heart to this fan

I’m such a hermit lmao. So I have two of my close friends sleeping over my house for the second night in a row right? Like I’ve seen them throughout this entire week and even though I love them to death, I’m the type of person that needs space bc I’m introverted– So I get REALLY drained after hanging with people too much (unless it’s my bf). So for the past two weeks I’ve been surrounded by someone and I haven’t had any solid alone time in a while. Because it’s a Saturday night, one of my friends said she’s going to go out with her bf and then the other friend said she going to hang out with another friend. Instead of joining them, I just gave one of my friends my house keys and told the other one to text me when she comes back LMAO. I wanted to stay home to finish homework and take a nap instead haha.

Bts reaction to you using your boobs as a “table” for your food while watching Netflix.


He’d be a bit weirded out that your using your boobs as a placement for your food. so he’d offer for you to sit and eat on the dinner table instead. “Jagiya, why don’t you want to use an actual table to eat?” 

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Again, a bit confused, cause he’d think its weird but would brush cause he’s more of a “meh” type of person. But still be a bit concerned “Jagi, don’t you wanna eat on the table?” 

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He’d laugh, he’d its hilarious that your using your boobs as a “table for your food” he might try to imitate you by putting pillows under his shirt and put his plate ontop of his “boobs”. 

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He’d be chill about it, cause he’s used to you doing weird shit, although he’d be concerned if it’s painful for your chest. “Jagiya, doesn’t it hurt on your boobs though?”

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He’d laugh, no doubt. He’d think your cute but like Namjoon would be concerned if it hurts your chest. “Lool Jagiya your so cute, but doesn’t it hurt your boobs?”

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He wouldn’t find it weird at all. Actually, he would think it’s a genius idea. He would grab pillows and stuff them in his chest and bring his plate of food and eat with you on the sofa, although he’d still laugh, cause he found this situation funny. 

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He wouldn’t really have an opinion cause like Namjoon, he’s used to you doing weird shit, so he would just go along with it, although, he might tease you abt it. “Lol ok Y/N just don’t hurt your boobs” 

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Heyyyyo I'm a relatively new follower and I'm starting to get into b.a.p! I know you're dae stan but could you give me a little intro to youngjae or himchan? I think I know the least about them two lool. And also since you seem to love your mutuals (you guys are so cute) please tag a few so I can check them out 💕thank youuu

HEEELLOOOOOO WELCOME TO MY TRASH BLOG THAT I LOVE SO MUCH<3 and WELCOME TO BECOMING A NEW BABY!!!!!!! Youngjae and Himchan??? ofc I Can! (I love doing these okay bless)

Kim Himchan

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Stage name: Himchan
Full Name: Kim Him Chan
Position: Sub-Vocal, Rapper, Visual
Birthday: April 19, 1990
Zodiac sign:  Aries
Bunny: Pink
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Father, Mother, Older sister
Twitter: @BAP_Himchan
Instagram: @Chanchanieeeeee

Himchan is adorable soft amazing cute rude picky loud bunny teeth hard headed hard working mom of the group. He stepped up as leader when Bang Yongguk took a break during Noir/Skydive promotions, Has a major in music, Other members have admitted that he has perfect pitch, Plays SO MANY INSTRUMENTS TO GUITAR TO PIANO AND EVERYTHING INBETWEEN! 

He’s constantly fighting or gushing with the younger members(Fighting usually with Daehyun, loving mostly on Jongup) Vocal is deeper than others and REALLY shines in their harder songs. His personality is everywhere, He’s stunning with flawless looks and he knows it. Takes so many pictures of Babys it’s actually wonderful., He loves Babys so much. HYPE MAN ON STAGE!!!!! He’s a really soft kind man that is just full of so much love for everything. VARIETY SHOW KING!!!!!

Himchan stans are VERY protective of him (he’s been delt some shit in the past so I don’t blame them) They’re the quiet ones that will fight you over his mullet, Usually keep to themselves but will scream about Himchan 25/8. protect them. 

This video should helpful to get to know Himchan better (Plus the channel is super adorable and cute and I love their content please thank you)

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Stage name: Youngjae
Full Name: Yoo Young Jae 
Position: Lead Vocalist
Bunny: Yellow
Birthday: January 24, 1994
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Twitter: @BAP_Youngjae
Instagram: @yjaybaby

So fluffy, Sassy, loud, extra, super adorable, invented chokers and orange hair, squints his left eye while on stage for that smoldering look, Apple cheeks and heart lips that are so soft ;;, Has a promise with his mom to never reveal his body, once wore a see through sweater on stage and we saw his titties, Thats My Jam era was literally his Era, boy looked SO GOOD. Looks REALLY good in pink. Makes a cat face sometimes and I adore it personally. MEMES SO HARD ON STAGE IT’S ACTUALLY AMAZING. 

Bestfriends with Jung Daehyun, EXTRA LOUD when he’s around Zelo, Did a series with Jaebum from Got7 of Celebrity Bromance, Totally was hitting on Jaebum the entire time. (He was originally going to be in Got7 but left JYP to join TS) 

Youngjae stans are also p quiet, they’re the cutest humans I know tho, Always ready to fight for Youngjae, constantly yelling about him no matter whats going on, will spam you with profile shots of him if you mention it, They are lovely people ;;

Last year he did a special stage with Got7s Bambam, Monsta X’ Minhyuk, and BTOBs Minhyuk at the KBS end of the year Gayo and it’s actually the most important thing on this planet (also I like to remind Youngjae stans that this fancam exists every few months)

(He’s enjoying the shit out of himself and it’s actually so magical B Y E)

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NOW MY FAVE MUTUALS!?!?!?!? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?!?!?! THERES SO MANY!! I’ll name the few I gush over 25/9 okay? okay
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